(Cowboy) Christmas in August on P & P

I’d do a give away of my next release Cowboy Christmas except I don’t have the books yet. I’ll be back in two weeks and do one then.

Here’s how I see a perfect Christmas story. It needs to have what I think of as a ‘Linus Moment’
Remember, “It’s Christmas, Charlie Brown.” Poor Charlie Brown, the commercialization of Christmas, the uber decorated dog house, the pitiful little tree. And then, when Charlie Brown is at the end of his rope (as always) Linus comes out and we have that moment.
That wonderful moment when Linus tells Charlie Brown the real meaning of Christmas.
All great Christmas stories have that moment. They’re not all a reading of that classic passage from Luke Ch. 2 which says in part: And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judaea, unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem. And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered.  And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.
Have any of you watched The Best Christmas Pageant Ever?
With the Herdman’s, that awful family of troublemakers who hijacked the church’s Christmas program. One of the best Linus moments ever when Gladys Herdman cries. 
While You Were Sleeping has it in a non-religious fashion. Sandra Bullock objecting to her own wedding and telling her never-to-be husband that she’d fallen in love with his family. . .including his brother. Great moment.

A Christmas Carol has it in all it’s glory when Ebenezer Scrooge finds out he hasn’t missed Christmas and at the end of his joyful spree of love and generosity Tiny Tim says, “God bless us everyone.”
How the Grinch Stole Christmas, when the Grinch realizes he couldn’t stop Christmas from coming and his heart grew three sizes that day.
I’m a little weepy thinking about all these. No story, no holiday seems to have this capacity for joy, for richness that doesn’t come from things, all while we are surrounded with things. I think the reason I love stories like this is because I get as caught up in the commercial whirl as anyone. Movies and books with moments like these remind me what it’s all about.
So I wanted that in my Christmas book. A character who’s heart grew three sizes. A tiny voice saying, God bless us everyone. That moment when we all hope we’d be wise enough to abandon our sheep to the wolves and follow a star to where the Christ child lay.
I know, I know, it’s August. It’s 100 degrees outside. Doesn’t matter, like everything else about Christmas, things start early and Cowboy Christmas is releasing in September. So I’m talking about it in now.
A beautiful songstress hiding from danger. A heart-broken cowboy who hates secrets. An evil man obsessed with the wealth he can garner with the singer’s stunning voice.
The Rockies in winter.
A family who takes her in, despite their suspicions.
A sacrifice of pure bravery to save others.
One perfect chance for a man and woman to follow a star that will lead them to true love.
Cowboy Christmas
 Tell me about your favorite ‘Linus Moment’ in a movie or book. Or even in your own life, one of those moments when you remembered the true meaning of Christmas.
Click on the cover to buy on Amazon-but it won’t come for two weeks.
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23 thoughts on “(Cowboy) Christmas in August on P & P”

  1. Mary, I love Charlie Brown’s Christmas. And George C. Scott made the perfect Scrooge. I reread A Christmas Carol every year.But if I had to choose a favorite Christmas movie, I think it would be A Child’s Christmas in Wales. Beautiful.

  2. Your blog gave me a Christmas tingle, Mary. Your book sounds wonderful. My favorite Christmas movie, hands down, is “A Christmas Story.” No Charlie Brown moment here, but it’s so wise and funny. And I’m old enough to remember Christmases just like that one, when it was all about being a child.

    Sigh…wouldn’t you know it? Cowboy Christmas is also the title of the Harlequin anthology featuring stories by Pam Crooks, Carol Finch and yours truly. It’ll be out in October, so at least you got the jump on us. So we’ll be having lots of cowboys this Christmas.

  3. Well we can’t have too many books called Cowboy Christmas, right? 🙂

    I’ve never seen A Child’s Christmas in Wales. Do you think it’s ever on TV? Unless we join Netflix or something like that our options for movies are really limited.

  4. Janette Kenny has a book out in October called COWBOY CHRISTMAS, too!

    In fact, RT is going to do a feature on us because of the duplication of our titles. October issue, comin’ up!

    But Mary, you’ve got the jump on the rest of us with your COWBOY CHRISTMAS coming out first.

  5. I love the movies and books on Christmas. Funny but, Scrooge, has to one of my favorite old movies! My new book, Mulberry Lane, is a heartwarming story that takes place at Christmas! I wrote it gift-book size so all could enjoy!
    Can’t wait to check out Cowboy Christmas~

  6. I didn’t find your book until after I was interviewed, Mary. But I hurried up and asked them if you could be included, but she’d already turned the article in.

    But . . . she’s going to try to get something up on the RT Forums about all of us. Stay tuned!

  7. I have watched A Charlie Brown Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, back to back on TV since I was a kid. Of course now I watch their DVD’s back to back. I love Christmas stories and have my keepers separted from my other books so I can start rereading them after Thanksgiving.

  8. Those are the classics, Kathy. I had a three book anthology that I used to reread every so often, Jingle Bells, Wedding Bells. One was a Nora Roberts book All I Want for Christmas with impish twin sons who think the new music teacher is their gift from Santa, now they just have to convince their stubborn father.

    A Very Merry Step-Christmas by Barbara Boswell was my favorite…but they’re all good…about a father of four and a mother of four who fall in love. Very fun, with conniving children trying to get them together.

    One was called Jack’s Ornament by Myrna Temte, and the other called The Forever Gift by Elizabeth August are contemporary westerns (or close enough). Which might be a big part of the enduring appeal for me.

    Fun Christmas reads. All with their own great Linus moments.

  9. Hi Mary, I totally love Christmas books and antho’s. And I read Dickens’ Christmas Carol every single year. The George C. Scott movie is my favorite interpretation of that classic.

    For us Christmas is always special. On Christmas Eve in 1979 our baby daughter was deathly ill from meningitis. On that Eve, we got the news that she would recover completely and with no residual damages. I knew then that the Lord lives…and the Lord loves.

    That baby girl got married last Saturday in a beuatiful ceremony. oxoxoxox

  10. Hi Mary,
    Love your new cover! I do enjoy Christmas stories. Did you ever see Love Actually? It is my all time favorite modern day Christmas movie, because it ties in Christmas with all of the “ahh” moments in many people’s lives with six degrees of separation. Was very cleverly written and left you feeling good!

  11. Oh and OH MY GOSH I read a book called Sarah’s Song by Karen Kingsbury…part of her Red Gloves Collection, a love story set in a nursing home at Christmas with a lonely nurse whose marriage is failing. She bonds with a frail old woman with a magnificent spirit.

    I cried like a wet diapered baby. Absolutely beautiful and spectatular book.

  12. Mary,

    Love the blog. You got me thinking about Christmas. It is my favorite holiday.

    I done an interview with Linda Broday and I would like to take a moment and ask all fillies to contact me, navajotrust@yahoo.com I want to do an interview on all of the fillies and it will be posted on my website and also on Essential Writers, where I am a writer for.

    Linda’s is on there today, take a look http://essentialwriters.com/linda-broday-3308.htm

    Again great blog


  13. Oh,Christmas books are my fave!I used to have boxes an boxes of them,until we moved an I had to part with some of them,but I never get tired of reading all year long,my husband is a big Charlie Brown nut he has to watch all the shows every time they come on,I love the fact that even attached to his blanket he can make some sort of story be real,thanks for the memory

  14. I absolutly love everything Christmas. It has always been a very special time for all of my family and close friends.
    Our son did Little Theater in Your a good Man Charlie Brown in which he was Snoopy. It was so good and I loved the Christmas tree scenes in it.

  15. Every year I order new books for the children’s section of the library. There is usually one that catches my eye and becomes a favorite for one reason or another. These are three of them from the past few years.
    WINTER’S GIFT by Jane Monroe Donovan. A truly lovely book and story. A pregnant mare is struggling through the forest in a blizzard. An old man, alone in the world finds her. The illustrations are lovely.
    A COWBOY CHRISTMAS: THE MIRACLE AT LONE PINE RIDGE by Audrey Wood. The bond between a little boy and a hand on the ranch, a blizzard, and a Christmas miracle.
    WHEN MOTHER WAS ELEVEN-FOOT-FOUR: A CHRISTMAS MEMORY by Jerry Camery-Hoggatt. A story of what Christmas was for a family before they had problems and how they found the meaning of the season. Not a western book, but a nice story.
    These children’s books are a nice reminder of what the season is about.
    I look forward to reading COWBOY CHRISTMAS.

  16. Msry, A Child’s Christmas in Wales is shown every year on TV here in Canada, but I don’t know about elsewhere. It’s likely available on DVD as well – try Amazon. It’s wonderful holiday entertainment.

  17. Mary,
    At last!!! the Abbey called and let me know that they finally got ‘Montana Rose’ in. I will be picking it up tomorrow night! Can hardly wait to read it!!

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