Cheryl St.John’s Secret Mob Affiliation Revealed

bejeweled1I finished a book yesterday! It’s a June Harlequin Historical for next year, and it’s tentatively titled Her Make-Believe Husband. I almost blogged about breweries in the 1800s, part of the research for my book, but then I decided to share how I celebrated last night. I bought five beachfront properties, a couple of mega casinos, fifty chain guns, a couple of getaway cruisers, and then I wiretapped the cops and robbed a couple of five-star hotels, putting them out of business. What a night.


scrabble-facebookI’m talking about a game, of course. Remember your first computer? If you can really stretch way back, you might remember when Apple came up with a few games on floppy disks and they were revolutionary! Schools even used Oregon Trail for the elementary kids.


And your first real computer, remember how it came with solitaire and minesweeper? Land o‘mercy, who could have anticipated the games that were to follow, and even online games?


I used to play hearts. And an occasional game of spider solitaire. And one of my computers came with a really addicting game where you lined up matching rocks to make them disappear – sort of like Bejeweled, but I liked it better. I was never able to find that game again. I do play Bejeweled occasionally.


spider-solitaireI’m not a big game player, but I do go through periods where I play something to unstress, and it’s most often late at night. I didn’t realize until I asked around, but Facebook has a lot of game applications, like Poker, Risk and others. I have a friend who is addicted to Fashion Solitaire. Most of the kids I know play some type of online game, like Tunetowns, Millsbury, and of course the online pets.


I was never really HOOKED until my daughter talked me into trying a My Space application called Mafia Wars. Oh, my goodness. It didn’t take me long to climb the ranks in the mob. Once you join, you need members for your mafia, and there are all kinds of people out there whacking each other with tommy guns and crow bars and robbing each other’s convenience stores who are more than willing to join your mafia.


world_of_warcraftYou start out as a street thug and earn your way up by doing jobs and fighting other gangs. You buy property and getaway vehicles and earn loot in heists. I own more bulletproof vests and body armor than I will ever use in a lifetime.  And, of course, you snuff the occasional bad guy. And every once in a while when someone beats the tar out of you, you add him to the hit list. Revenge is sweet.


There are other My Space applications, and my family has tried a lot of them, but this is our favorite. We played Fashion Wars for a while—too girly—and right now we’re also playing Pirates.


mafia-warsDo you have a secret—or not so secret—obsession with a game? Which ones test your skills? Do you play a few hands of solitaire before you go to bed? How about Word games like Scrabble?


If you confess a passion for a game today, I’ll add you to a drawing for an advance copy of my June book, The Preacher’s Wife. Come on, spill it!


Now, you’ll have to excuse me. I have an illegal poker game to run.

Oh, and if you play Mafia Wars, come find me. I’m Bad Bama. 🙂

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39 thoughts on “Cheryl St.John’s Secret Mob Affiliation Revealed”

  1. Actually, I still like a good game of Spider solitaire and play it fairly often. I have Zuma and have been fighting with the last few levels for months! I’ll get it, though. After all, it’s just a game ………..

  2. I had a friend who became so obsessed with Second Life it ruined his marriage (Of course there were a lot of underlying issues!) But the game was a big part of it.

    We have a “no violent game” rule with the kids, so there’s no way Mom can go wackin’ people on My Space! It does sound interesting though – and you have a great Mob name – Big Mama.

  3. I play yahoo gin. Mostly late at night and mostly with some of the most interesting people. I met a psychic once while playing and she gave me a reading. Lucky for me there were no spirits (either benevolent or evil) in my house that night. 🙂

    My mother got me addicted to Spider Solitaire during the Hurricane Katrina evacuation from Biloxi. We’d compete to see who could get the fewest moves. I got down to 40. She beat me. 🙁

    I don’t play many more computer games than those two. But darling husband plays them all the time!!!

    Have to check out that mafia game. I could do with some revenge!!

  4. Oh my gosh, I just finished confessing my love for Bejeweled on another blog. What saves me is that I play the “free” version which shuts off every five minutes, freeing me from the pretty colors and hypnotic music…or at least forces me to re-load the game again. 🙂

    Big congrats on finishing the book!

  5. LOL, Cheryl, you had me going there with what you were up to! Congratulations on finishing the book. What a great feeling. And now I bet your mind is working on all sorts of plot scenarios for your next one….

  6. I like to usually play adventure games. When I had windows 95 I would play Hugo’s House of Horrors. I don’t know if they have a version for the new windows or a game similiar to it, but I enjoyed playing it. I also use to play Break alot. Now I play solitiare, spider solitiare, freecell, Mahjong, and Chuzzles. I don’t play the computer games that often anymore, I read more than anything. I haven’t join Mafia Wars yet on Myspace.

  7. Hello Cheryl,

    I was addicted to Mahjonng. It’s a tile/memory game. I haven’t played it a while. I like it because you don’t have to play with anyone. Have a great day.

  8. That’s so much more fun than my meager trips into computer games. I worry about them honestly because I have a slight tendancy toward compulsive-ness that I now channel into reading and writing. We had Super Mario Brothers when the kids were growing up and I was pretty good at it, which relates to wasting time, at least the way I did it, it was.

    So I have a little Hangman game on my blog which I play a few rounds. For a while I was playing Scrabulous with two different people on Facebook, but someone law sued it off there and now there’s another version I think but I’ve never started up again.

    I know where to find Sudoku online but rarely go there.
    That’s pretty much it. Don’t get me STARTED!!!!!!

  9. No, no, Sherri, that’s Bad Bama, not Big Mama. LOL

    Very sad about your friend. I know there are obsessions when it comes to any gaming if it gets out of control. Sounds like he had issues and wasn’t exactly into a game of hearts for relaxation.

  10. Kate, I have a proposal for a Mother’s Day novella due shortly, so that’s my next project. You were thinking I could invite ya’ll to my beachfront property, were you? I would! LOL

  11. I’m supposed to be in lockdown but couldn’t resist your title on my bloglist:

    Who’da thought a little ol’ granny (hehe) would be a Mafia lord? Certainly not moi.

    I have a secret addiction to games like Tetris, Bejeweled, etc. They’re like chocolate… I can stay away if I don’t have one… I can ignore it sitting there and not touch it… but if I just have one, I want it all. Once I get started on the games mentioned above, I can’t stop because I know I can get better.

    This actually served a good purpose during my high risk pregnancies because I wasn’t allowed to move much. I basically had my hands wired and fingers glued to the TV and let all my energy roll out in that direction while allowing the child within me to grow. Have you ever felt the thrill of starting Dr. Mario with only one empty row across the top and then clearing the bottle? I have – many times – and still I wanted to get better…

  12. Hi Cheryl, what a fun blog! I was addicted to Tetris on a gameboy when my daughter played softball…sorry, the games were so snoozer. And I love Spider Solitaire and Freecell but haven’t played for a while because I don’t dare start up the addiction again. I have so much other stuff to do.

    I do get invited to Mafia stuff on myspace but so far have resisted because I didn’t exactly know what it was. Now I do!


    Congrats on finishing the book, Bad Bama!

  13. Hi Cheryl,
    Oh, I’m not a computer gamer, but we do play lots of board games at home! Now, my hubbie just got an Iphone and he plays on that thing all the time. There’s a Word Scramble game he plays with a countdown timer that he loves.

    Give me Catch Phrase, Phase Ten or Yahtzee and I’m there!

    Congrats on finishing the BOOK! You deserve a little down time.

  14. I love to play Mahjong but I’ve become addicted to puzzle games online where you have to find different hidden items in scenes.

  15. Cheryl, how did you know? Really! Computer games are my secret vice. I play them even when I know I should be working. I love Bejeweled and can play that hours on end. I also like Spider and several of the other card games. I wish you hadn’t told me about Mafia Wars. I’ll have to try it. I know I will. I can’t resist. I have the willpower of an overeater.

    Congrats on finishing your book! Yay! That’s wonderful.

  16. Hi Cheryl,
    Congratulatons on finishing your book. I don’t play too many computer games because once I start then I hate to stop. I like solitair, poker and slots.

  17. Hey Bad Bama, what a Mafia Mama you are! (BTW, my
    next to the youngest grandson called me Bama for a
    time, now he’s a Big Boy at 3 y/o and calls me
    Grandma like all the older grandkids.) I dabble in
    a game of hearts or gin and I absolutely Hate, Hate,
    Hate Spider Solitaire!

    Pat Cochran

  18. Thanks for posting about games today! Anita Mae, Theresa, Maureen and Pat, your names are all in the cowboy hat!

    Linda, how fun to know you have a little game vice.

    Charlene, Elijah plays brain age on his DS and I admit it’s fun! I have an account too.

    I think I enjoy Mafia Wars even more than Boom Blocks on the Wii – and Kristin and I can play that into the Wii hours of the morning. LOL

  19. For my computer, I love pinball… I enjoyed Warcraft, but have not tried the updated stuff… the graphics are amazing! 😀

  20. I really like Bejeweled. I also like Bookworm. My boys will watch me play and want me to let the fire tiles go to the bottom and catch the library on fire!

  21. Hi Cheryl! Congratulations on finishing the book! That’s such a good feeling.

    About games . . . Tetris is my favorite. I could play it for hours, days, probably months, but my hands would give out. I’ll never forget passing a bowling alley/arcade with my kids. Once I saw Tetris, no one had to twist my arm for quarters!

  22. I just love,love,love games and computer games are so addictive. Before bejeweled it was diamond mine. I bought it for my first computer and when it crashed I had to find it and buy it again. I found it at popcap in case they have the game you were talking about. I play it allllll the time lol. Of course I play other games too – word games are great and they say good for your mind (that’s how I justify playing all the time lol).

  23. Anybody remember the PC Junior? There was a text-based game on it called CIA. You’d say things like “Go Right” and “Enter room” to solve problems and get to the next level. No visuals at all. But a friend and I thought it was a blast. We’d get together and send our kids out to play. Eventually, we solved it.

    Right now, I’m into Chuzzle. When I need a break from writing, I stop and play Chuzzle. It makes me use a different part of my brain.

  24. Anybody remember the PC Junior? There was a text-based game on it called CIA. You’d say things like “Go Right” and “Enter room” to solve problems and get to the next level. No visuals at all. But a friend and I thought it was a blast. We’d get together and send our kids out to play. Eventually, we solved it.

    Right now, I’m into Chuzzle. When I need a break from writing, I stop and play Chuzzle. It makes me use a different part of my brain.

  25. O.K., I have to admit I don’t really play games, but will I still be eligible if I confess to an addiction to Chutes & Ladders and Candyland when I was a kid?!? 😉

    I can’t wait for your new book!

  26. Chiming in late, Cheryl. Not a gamer here, but you make it sound like so doggone much fun!
    Congrats on finishing your book. Still struggling with mine. Will probably celebrate by sleeping.

  27. awww come on Cheryl, you called me up before you wrote this post and asked me all of the games I’m hooked on. Doesn’t that already get me in the drawing??

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