Maureen Child–Westerns, Past and Future!

maureenwmaureen-child2First, a big thank you to the P&P ladies for inviting me here! I love a good western, so I lurk here often!


The first book I sold was a western. A wonderful story with a terrible title. I called it Shadow Dancer. My publisher changed that title to Run Wild My Heart. Yes, it was almost too embarrassing to tell people about, though I managed!  


I wrote westerns for several years, under several names—long story!—but as Maureen Child, Ann Carberry, Kathleen Kane and Sarah Hart, I indulged myself in the Old West. I wrote heroes I fell in love with and heroines who were just as stalwart and proud as the men who came to love them.


maureen3Mostly, I blame Louis L’Amour for my love of western writing. The man had a way with a good story. Sure, the romance part of his books always left a lot to be desired, but that wasn’t his point anyway. He was a writer who was trying to catalogue what the west was really like. He didn’t sugar coat anything and as he always claimed, if he wrote about a spring in the desert, that spring was actually there.


And then there were his books about the Sacketts. A family that was spread all over the country, but when one of them was in trouble, “they all maureen1come running”. I loved that sense of loyalty and let’s face it, when they made the TV movies of the Sackett brothers and Sam Elliot brought William Tell Sackett to life…well come on. It doesn’t get much better than that.maureen4



Even though now I mostly write contemporaries and paranormals, I do like to include a cowboy into the mix! This October, my Silhouette Desire, CLAIMING KING’S BABY, introduces Justice King, a modern day rancher who is every inch the cowboy. Strong, stoic, loyal and proud. He’s a man most comfortable alone, but without the woman he loves, he’ll never be complete.


So what do you love about a western? And who’s your favorite cowboy?

One name will be drawn, and the winner will receive a copy of my latest Silhouette book, along with a copy of one of my westerns!  


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84 thoughts on “Maureen Child–Westerns, Past and Future!”

  1. Hi Maureen, welcome to Wildflower Junction. I’m so glad you like cowboys, too. I love Westerns for the wide open spaces and historical ones for the facts. And my favorite cowboy of all is Sam Elliott. He does it best.

    I’m looking forward to your Desire. I hope Sil. starts to bring back more of the cowboy themes, maybe sheriffs etc again. I miss that.

  2. I grew up with TV cowboys:
    The Big Valley=The Barkleys
    Bonanza=The Cartrights
    Roy Rodgers & Dale Evans
    Rawhide etc
    I like the wide open spaces, the independent families facing tough odds together: weather, wild animals, Indians, bandits,…

    Family loyalty and honesty.

    Heath Barkley, the younger son who was always getting into trouble. But he protected his beautiful, headstrong sister, Audra (Linda Evans)I also thought that Lee Majors was cute.

  3. Hi Maureen, glad to see you here at the P&P!

    I also grew up watching TV cowboys, I still watch Bonanza sometimes now, also watched Gun Smoke. My father read westerns all the time. I always wondered why and now I love to read a good western. I have been on a western kick lately and have read a lot of them myself. I love me some cowboys!

  4. For some reason, I can’t stop thinking about that movie “The Cowboy Way”. Did you see it? It stars Woody Harrelson and Keifer Sutherland. When Woody’s character does that body shot off her…I was shouting “Yehaw!” LOL

    Who doesn’t love cowboys? They are just the epitome of all maleness. In my opinion, “save a horse, ride a cowboy” is one of the best ideas ever!

    Loved your post, Maureen!

  5. Hi Maureen! I don’t really have a favorite cowboy, I like them all. I grew up wathing the TV cowboys. I read a lot of Louis L’Amour’s books and Zane Grey’s books. Since Roy Rogers was a favorite of my mom’s, he was also a favorite of mine.

    I can’t wait for “Claiming King’s Baby” to come out.

  6. Hello Maureen, What I love about a western are the cowboys, the gun fights, the adventures, and the women who tame the cowboys. I guess you could say I just love westerns. My favorite cowboy in the movies would have to be Sam Elliott. When he opens his mouth and you hear that voice, you know exactly who he is.

    Thanks for the contest. Have a great day.

  7. Hello Maureen!

    I love cowboys! I cant name a favorite LOL-they are all my favorites……there’s just something about a man on a horse! I love anything with Robert Duvall in it onscreen-I think he makes a great cowboy! Sam Elliott also makes a great one! In a book-I love a good ole’ stubborn cowboy!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Hello Maureen,
    Cowboys have always been my heroes. I grew up watching Westerns since they were the popular shows at the time. I was hooked from then on. Wyatt Earp is my ultimate favorite and I loved Tombstone.

  9. First, a big THANK YOU for the welcome! I appreciate it, everybody!

    Tanya, I do love a cowboy and I too hope Silhouette brings them back more often. They’re iconic. America’s own. And let’s face it, there’s just something about a cowboy………

  10. Laurie,

    Oh, all of those shows and more. There was Rawhide, who can forget Rowdy Yates??? The Bounty Hunter, Cheyenne…so many great ones.

    I have to say though, my favorite TV cowboy when i was a kid, was Hoss Cartwright. There was just something about the Gentle Giant that appealed to me. Sure, he wasn’t the prettiest cowboy in the bunch…but his heart was pure and he stood up for everyone who needed help.

    In fact, my western SMALL TREASURES was dedicated to Dan Blocker, who played Hoss on Bonanza.

  11. Quilt Lady, hi! Nice to see you here, too!

    I do love westerns. A good western just can’t be beat. And I still pull out Louis L’Amour to reread when I need to touch base with the old west!

  12. Hi Becky, thank you!

    Gotta say, I really enjoyed writing CLAIMING KING’S BABY. The whole rancher, stoic, tight lipped cowboy thing just really appeals to me!

  13. Melissa, aren’t all cowboys stubborn? LOL… I think they’d have to be with the way their lives were lived. Constantly on the edge…… which is just another thing that makes them so fascinating!!

  14. Ruth!

    Oh, Tombstone was wonderful!! And in the movie, did Kurt Russel make a fabulous Wyatt Earp or not?? Plus, Sam was there too, which just made everything perfet.

    And Val Kilmer so got robbed of an Oscar that year!

  15. Hi Maureen,

    A big welcome to P&P! Wow, this is such a treat. I’ve read most of your Ann Carberry westerns and loved each one. I think my favorite was Maggie and the Gambler. There’s something about a sinful gambler hero who falls in love with a woman exactly opposite of him. If I remember she was a member of the Salvation Army. I could be mistaken on that though. I’ve read hundreds of westerns over the years. But I do remember that the book took place on the California coast. And what a hero! I fell head over heels in love with him on the first page.

    Another favorite book of yours was a contemporary called “A Crazy Kind of Love.” Mike Marconi was hilarious. She was the exact kind of woman for the serious Lucas Gallagher. That was such a great story. That scene where they went to pick out a bed at the furniture store cracked me up.

    I could go on and on. You have awesome talent. A reader can’t go wrong in picking up one of your books. You have the best sense of humor.

    I can’t wait for “Claiming King’s Baby.” I know it’ll be another fascinating read. I wish you lots of success with it.

  16. I’m with the “my heroes have always been cowboys” crowd.

    Years ago, when I was living in a tiny town in eastern Washington state, I was at the grocery store early, early on a Sunday morning. I turned the corner to go up an aisle and a cowboy in a worn leather duster was walking to down the same aisle. Hat, boots, the whole thing. The windows and morning sun were behind him, putting him in silhouette. I just pulled over to the side and watched the show.

    It was lovely!

  17. I love westerns too! I grew up watching Bonanza. I wrote three westerns myself, but was never able to get them published. I love the “cowboy code” and the way the heroine always brings the tough cowboy to his knees.

    Wasn’t there a TV show a while back called The Magnificent Seven? I’m vague on the title, but I loved the cowboys!

  18. Like the others, I grew up watching all those westerns. My dad had control of the tv and there were like only 3 channels lol. But I fell in love with them all. I think I still love westerns because of all those shows and back then men were men – strong and with a code of honor.

  19. HI Linda!

    WOW! Thank you so much! You just made my day!! =) Oh, those Avon westerns were so much fun! You’ve got the hero down in Maggie and the Gambler! Cutter was amazing, wasn’t he? But Maggie owned a rival saloon and eventually brought Cutter to his knees. Where we like all of our heroes to end up! =)

    And thanks for that on Mike Marconi, too. Wasn’t she a hoot! Poor Lucas never could keep up with her!

    I hope you like CLAIMING KING’S BABY!

  20. Hi Jen!

    Yes, I think that show was on not too long ago…and I really agree. The thing most appealing about a cowboy is that ‘code’. The honor that rode with them.

  21. Jeanne, LOL……I feel your pain! My dad too was King of the Remote! And before remotes, we kids were his channel changers! Thank heaven he loved a good western!

  22. Gotta love Westerns… But I love those rugged cowboys more! 😀 As for my fav, soooo many great choices in books and movies… I do not know if I could pick one! Each has their own appeal!

  23. Hi Maureen! Does BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID count? I absolutely loved those two men as cowboys. Well, okay, they were bank robbers, really. LOL. But they were so cute!

    Hoss Cartwright was also my fave on Bonanza. Like everyone else, I grew up watching westerns on TV and loved them. Gunsmoke, Maverick, Rifleman, Wyatt Earp, Rawhide …

    PS, I love your Kathleen Kane westerns! When the Halo Falls was so sweet, about the angel who loses her halo. I wish you would write more of those. 🙂

  24. Hey, Kate! Of course BUTCH AND SUNDANCE counts! LOL….and between them, I’ll take Butch. He looked like more fun!

    Oooh. Maverick! And Johnny Crawford on the Rifleman. Oh yeah. Good ones!

    Thanks for that on the Kathleen Kane books! Writing paranormal westerns was a very good time. And Halo was one of my favorites, too!

  25. Hi, Maureen!

    I just hate it when I have the perfect title and they want to change it. I had to change the second in my trilogy because it had to include the word Christmas. And Cowboy. Ended up with ONE COWBOY, ONE CHRISTMAS. Generic, but oh, well.

    Isn’t it funny how your favorite Cartwright says so much about personality. Sort of like your favorite Beatle. My hubby says there are Louis L’Amour people, and there are Zane Grey people. He’s a Zane Grey fan–although he liked Louis’s last few–the bigger books.

  26. Kathleen! Thanks for skipping on down to my part of today! =)

    Your oh so gorgeous cowboy/Indian/hero is so right! I’m not a Zane Grey person at all! But oh, I do love Louis!

    Isn’t the title thing annoying? LOL….though even though yours was generic, it still had the magic word ‘cowboy’ in it!

    Speaking of favorites, which one of the Cartwright boys did you go for? And which Beatle? I was a Paul girl all the way, LOL

  27. Hi Maureen,

    I grew up with Roy Rogers and The Lone Ranger and Bonanza. I think every girl I knew had a major crush on Little Joe!

    I wish Desire would bring back the cowboy again. And sheriffs of small towns. I miss them too. Though we can write the alpha wealthy landowner/oil man type of modern day cowboy.

    Love all your books!!
    And I didn’t know you wrote under all those other names too! I knew Karen Kane and Maureen Child. You learn something every day!

    Thanks for being a guest blogger at P and P today.

  28. My dad read westerns, so I grew up reading L’Amour
    and Grey. When TV came along, the family watched
    all the TV western shows. My favorite western
    heroes were Matt Dillon and Palladin. Thanks for
    visiting with us today!

    Pat Cochran

  29. Hi Charlene! Thanks for having me here! It’s been fun talking cowboys!

    I’m with you. I wish we could bring back the small town Sheriffs and the cowboys at Desire. But maybe someday!

    I have many, many personalities, LOL!

  30. Hi Pat! I’m having such a good time here today!

    Oooh. Palladin. Forgot about him! But let’s take a moment and remember Steve McQueen on the Bounty Hunter. Yum

  31. Not sure why I love Westerns it just is a part of me. Not sure who I would pick for my favorite cowboy.

    Yes, I love Steve McQueen. I just loved the way he walked when wanted dead or alive came on.

    Clint Eastwood is a big favorite of mine.

    Bonanza I loved wouldn’t miss it for anything. Secret, I loved Adam the best.

  32. Ooh, Palladin! I loved that show. All the shows everyone has mentioned are old favorites of mine, and it makes me wish there were more westerns on TV today. Maybe Joss Whedon could create one. It would definitely have a paranormal aspect to it, but wouldn’t that be fun? 🙂

  33. Hi Maureen, I gotta tell you right up that every time I see your pic I swear I’m looking at Samantha Carter from StarGate. And there isn’t one single cowboy – not even a space cowboy – on that show! It would sort of go along with your paranormals, though, eh? like cousins twice removed?

    I’m so glad you put Sam Elliot’s pic up. Now there’s a man who has the western drawl down to a science. Er – well at least to this Western Prairie Chick is sounds like a western drawl. lol

  34. I liked a lot of the books about when the west was new. Those Overland Trail books that were popular for a while. And my favorite part of the North and South books was when Cousin Charles went off to fight out west.

  35. Hi Maureen. I love westerns. I grew up watching westerns and I love watching the Encore Western channel now. Matt Dillon is one of my favorite western heroes.

  36. Kate, what a GREAT idea!!

    My favorite TV guy, Joss Whedon doing a western?? Of course, he already tried that, what am I saying?

    FIREFLY! GREAT show that the Fox network cancelled without giving it a chance. Nathan Filion was the cowboy/reluctant hero in that one and he was FABULOUS!

  37. Hi, Maureen. I’m with Kate –Butch, Sundance and Hoss Cartwright. Maverick was pretty good too.


  38. Anita, what a GREAT compliment, LOL, thank you! I LOVE Stargate and still miss it! Miss Atlantis, too! And I’ve taken pictures of Samantha into my hair person trying to copy her haircuts lots of times!

    And oh, that rumbling voice of Sam Elliott’s?? growl………

  39. Crystal, ahhhh. Matt Dillon. There was a man who had his code and never strayed. He knew exactly who he was and was completely comfortable in his own skin. Is there anything more sexy???

  40. Maureen, I’m embarrassed to admit that I had no idea that you wrote westerns! I MUST go track them down! I don’t recall watching too many westerns as a kid, but loved the Little House stories (no cowboys, I suppose, but that same spirit of can-do and exploration and the huge outdoors to be conquered)! I’m still relatively new to reading westerns, and am loving Stacey Kayne’s heroes–those Morgan brothers are incredibly appealing!

  41. Maureen, I’m with ya on Clint Eastwood. Can everyone say ROWDY YATES? Dang, but I was crazy in love with him. Hubba, hubba . . .

    We’re just tickled as can be you’re here with us today. I think it’s safe to say you’ve whetted our appetites for CLAIMING KING’S BABY. Let us know if you have time to come back about then–we’ll help you spread the word. 🙂

  42. HI Fedora!

    Hey, no worries! But thanks for wanting to go track them down! Yep, I started in westerns. Did 25 Westerns before I started on contemporaries for Silhouette Desire!

    And oooh, there’s still just nothing like a Western!

  43. Bonanza was a ‘must watch’ TV show when growing up. I then loved and now love the wide open plains, the cowboy banter, the trail rides, the brandings, rodeos.

    I watched Roy Rogers also and love Western music.
    Sam Elliott, need I say more.

  44. LOL, Maureen. I guess Firefly was sort of a space cowboy show! So I think we should just take all those plots and plant them down in the wild west! And I’ll take Nathan Filion as the lead cowboy again, please. Please? 🙂

  45. Loved Bonanza, but I remember The Rifleman, Bat Masterson, Paladin, there were so many. I think many of us like westerns because they represent a time we see as simple and a representation of the ideals that built this country. Of course, today we know it wasn’t that simple and often not very idealistic. The western kind of represents the wide open possibilities our life has if we are brave enough to grab the reins and go for it.

  46. Oh Kate, Nathan was awesome in that show, wasn’t he?? Makes the blood bubble just to think about it! Yes, yes, let’s bring Nathan back as the cowboy hero!

  47. Patricia, oh, now the Bat Masterson theme song is playing in my head!!

    I completely agree. Of course the west wasn’t the idealized image we have in our heads, but at the same time….back then, a man’s honor meant everything. A shame to say that is a hard to find thing today!

  48. I love westerns! Mostly because of all those tough cowboys. Although, I have always been interested in hearing about those days and the struggles/challenges in life they had to endure. It makes you appreciate life today. In TV/Movies, one of my favorites is also, Sam. I just love that low, raspy voice. Something about that will get me every time. lol Oh, and Robert Redford. I’m a big fan of his, too.

  49. Hi Kammie!

    Well sure, Robert Redford… Sundance. Though I still prefer Butch and those gorgeous blue eyes!! Still, if I had to make a choice of ALL cowboys, it would have to be Sam. You’ve got it exactly. THAT VOICE……….

  50. Hi Maureen,
    Westerns are a favourite of mine, bonanza is my top pic and Joe is my favourite one. I loved you kings of California series

  51. Hey Maureen, I so love your books. I am a fan of Walker texas ranger. Bonanza is a favourite of mine too. I find the hats makes them look so sexy. LOL

  52. Oh what memories it brings back, High Chaperal and bonanza I think are the best westerns ever made. (hope I got the spelling right)

  53. Wild Wild West is my pick. Even the movie with Will Smith is a favourite. I did not even know you wrote westerns.

  54. Bonanza is my favourite though Horse was my favourite character. I also liked Wild Wild West with will smith. Any more Books with Navy or military officers in it coming up?

  55. Hi Maureen!
    I loved your book under Kathleen Kane that was a western too, I believe, THIS TIME FOR KEEPS! I laughed too with that book! A wonderful read!!! I didn’t know of your westerns too! Great!! Every weekend TV Land has on Bonanza with Little Joe! And its not captioned for the deaf so I’m finally able to watch and know what they say. I don’t miss it on the weekends or I record it! One of my favorite western movies is OUTSIDER based on Penelope Williamson’s book! Its awesome if you haven’t seen it yet!

  56. Hi, Maureen! I love talking about cowboys. I like them all. If they look like Tom Selleck, I REALLY like them. LOL.

    I grew up watching all the TV westerns mentioned here. On Bonanza, I had a hard time choosing just one of those Cartwright boys. From The Big Valley, my fave was Nick!

    Had to drop in and say “hi”. Your post was wonderful.

  57. Lisa, Oooh. How could I forget High Chaparral?? With Manolo?? Oh yes. Of course the blond kid in that was SUCH a whiner! LOL

    Thanks for commenting! And hey, look for one of my old westerns! You might like it!

  58. Kimberly,

    Yep, never missed Bonanza! And you know, you can visit the set where they filmed that show up at Lake Tahoe. VERY nice!

    I’m planning on revisiting a military guy, yes. I’m thinking this time Danny Hula Akiona!

  59. Caffey, Thank you! THIS TIME FOR KEEPS is one of my all time favorites, too! I had so much fun with the whole time travel/reincarnation thing!

    Okay, going to look for Outsider!

  60. DEB!!!! It’s so good to ‘see’ you!! How’s it going?? You headed to DC this summer??

    Ahh…on Big Valley, I loved Nick, too. He was just a little more ‘dangerous’ than the other guys.

    Thanks for coming by to say howdy!!

  61. Hey, Maureen! Everything’s going great for me — working on a mini-series for Silhouette and also a western mini-series for Harlequin Historicals. Looks like you’re as busy as ever. 🙂

    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make DC this year. A real disappointment because I will miss seeing everyone and I love that city.

    As for THE OUTSIDER, can’t remember who mentioned it, but great book and great movie! I have it on DVD.

    I *am* going to see you in person again one of these days! LOL.

  62. The last time I was in a bookstore and bought several books one of which was a Western, the checkout girl said “I hardly sell any Westerns unless they are from the romance section.” I thought that was intersting. She said most men purchase thrillers. My question for you is Do many men read your westerns?
    I read a lot of Westerns and my hero in them always looks like a young John Wayne.
    I have read some of your books and enjoyed them.

  63. Joye,

    Actually, I used to get quite a few fan letters from men on my westerns. And my dh used to proof read them for me. One night, I remember he looked at me and said, “If Buck dies, I’m really going to be mad.”…LOL……so I figured that meant he was really into the story.

    I’m glad you enjoyed my books!

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