Sadie Callahan Loves Cowboys!

jeff2Hi, everyone,

First, let me say how happy I am to be invited to be a guest at Petticoats and Pistols.

Having grown up in West Texas and having lived in three western states, I’m a true lover of the West. I’m from the cowboy culture, to be sure. My dad was a small cattle rancher and most of my family does something to this day related to ranching and agriculture. That’s why I enjoy setting my stories in a western locale. It’s what I know.

Even though my books are classified as contemporary mainstream romance, they have also become classified as “westerns.” I’m still not sure how that happened, but there you go.

In fact, most my stories are relationship stories. They could occur in any setting, but they seem to be a little more interesting set against a backdrop of cowboy life. After all, what red-blooded American woman doesn’t love a cowboy? I also try to throw in a little Western or Texas history, though not enough for the books to be called “historical” or for someone to scream at me about accuracy.  

In LONE STAR WOMAN, all of the players are cowboys and cowgirls to whom working outdoors with animals every day is a way of life and it’s a lifestyle they love. A big part of the character of the protagonist, Jude Strayhorn, comes from her love of the land and her family’s long ranching history. I based the setting and took the history from the old-time ranches that sprang up in Texas during the late nineteenth century, when the lonestarwomanEastern demand for beef fostered an entire industry and a culture.

During my research for that book, I delved into how “cowboys” came to be in the first place. Because before the Civil War, there really weren’t any cowboys as we’ve come to know them. What there was was Mexican vaqueros who knew how to ride the wildest of horses and rope the wild cattle descended from those the Spanish left behind. It’s no coincidence that much of the cowboy jargon descends from the Spanish, i.e., rodeo, remuda, dc_cover2_blueslariat, reata, concho, etc., etc. Then there were Southern farm boys displaced by the Civil War who came to Texas without much other than the courtly manners of the Southern gentlemen. When those two factions met, “cowboys” emerged. And they’re still here, I’m happy to say.

            You can always tell a real cowboy. He probably won’t own a ranch, though he might own a cow or two. He’ll probably own a dog, a horse or two or ten and he’ll drive a pickup truck. If you’re female, he won’t let you lift anything heavy, he’ll always open doors. He won’t expect you to pay for dinner and would be insulted by the idea of “going Dutch,” even if he has to spend his last dime. He won’t have much to say and when he does, he’ll always call you ma’am. Now he might be a misfit of the tallest order, he might be a scalawag and a rascal, but he’ll always be charming to the ladies and he’ll always be an independent cuss whose mind isn’t easily changed. Willie Nelson said it all in “Mama, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys.” He also said it again in “My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys.”


Pam here:  Come on in, and let’s talk cowboys!  Have you read the Anna Jeffrey books?  Remember those beautiful covers?  What is it about relationship stories that appeals to you?   And are you as curious as I am about how Jeffrey got her name?  LOL.

Jeffrey will be giving away a copy of LONE STAR WOMAN and an ARC of her July release, written as Dixie Cash–CURING THE BLUES WITH A NEW PAIR OF SHOES.  Is that a fun title or what?

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33 thoughts on “Sadie Callahan Loves Cowboys!”

  1. Lone Star Woman has a pretty cover. Could have used a less beautiful woman to let us ordinary overweight women fill better about themselves.

    Love to try one of Jeffrey’s books and cowboys what can you say. The name says it all.

  2. I love cowboy stories,tv shows(where have they all gone) & movies. I grew up watching the westerns of the sixties and fell in love with cowboys. I even wanted to grow up and marry a rancher. Now I satisfy my cowboy craving by reading books with them and writing about them.

    Love your Lone Star Woman cover!

  3. Both of these books look very interesting! I love western movies. In fact, hubby and I have been watching The Hallmark Channel this month for their westerns on Saturdays.

    I’d love to win one or both of these books!

    And yes, I’d love to know how this lovely lady has the name Jeffrey 🙂


  4. Jeffrey,
    So fun to hear from you again. I’m a West Texas gal, too (although imported from California). I heard you speak to our Abilene Writers Guild maybe a year or two ago. I’m horrible about estimating time gone by. It was fun to run into you again online. My first historical romance (with a handsome livery owner cowboy as the lead, of course)will come out next summer with Bethany House Publishing. Love those cowboys!

    And your cowgirl is pretty hot stuff herself.

  5. Hello,

    I love all things western from the stories, to the movies, to the clothes. I hate to say I have not read any of your books but would love to be entered to win a copy. If not, I be sure and put you on my to buy list. Thanks for the info, and have a great day.

  6. hi and welcome; I love cowboys and live where there are cowboys, rodeos, brandings, trail rides.
    I love the Western genre and I grew up watching Bonanza on TV. Loved the Cartwrights. Beautiful colors on the Lone Star Woman cover.

  7. I have always been captivated with cowboys and Westerns. They are meaningful and appealed to me when I watched them in the 50’s. Living in the Southwest and surrounded with this gorgeous countryside cowboys rule and reign. Thanks for this post and your books are wonderful.

  8. What a wonderful post today. Your books look special and amazing. So appealing. I have always felt that Westerns and cowboys should run this land. They are principled and have always been my favorite shows. Again thanks for showing us your great books.

  9. Oh wow Jeffery what a great post! Your books sound like fantastic reads and I would love to read one. I will have to put you on my wish list. I love me some cowboys because they have respect for others that a lot of people don’t have today! Western’s are one of my favorite reads. Why do you write under so many different names?

  10. Hi, Sadie,

    I wanted to say I loved your Anna Jeffrey books, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy the Callahan and Dixie Cash books too, so I’ll be sure to check them out.

  11. Oh, I have enjoyed your Anna Jeffrey books… Love cowboys… look forward to reading your other books too! 😀 Covers are great!

  12. Your entertaining and informative post along with your gorgeous book covers attracted me. I admire cowboys since they have what it takes. Determination, discipline and manners. I think they deserve respect and admiration.

  13. I’m a Texan, so cowboys have always had a special
    place in my heart! Except for the Cowboys that
    reside in Dallas! ( Always have backed my Houston teams! ) Looking forward to reading your next book
    and yes, I too, am curious about your name!!

    Pat Cochran

  14. Glad to have you here with us. We LOVE cowboys and HOT men! Lone Star Woman is the neatest cover. Very sexy woman on there.

    Hope you’ll come back again sometime. We’d love to have you.

  15. Hi, again, everyone.

    Thanks so much for all of your glowing comments. Indeed LONE STAR WOMAN does have a great cover. The publisher, New American Library, has a wonderful art department and I am pleased to say I have never had a bad cover.

    I’m currently working on a sequel to LSW. Don’t have a title yet or a cover, but I do have a release date. April 10, 2010 is the date the story of Jude and Brady and the Circle C Ranch will continue. If you’ve read LSW, you might remember Jake, the county sheriff. This will be his story, with a sub-plot involving Jude’s best friend, Suzanne and her cowboy.


  16. Hi, again, everyone,

    A note about Dixie Cash. For those of you who are unaware of Dixie, the Dixie Cash books are co-authored by my sister and me. They are an ongoing series involving the same characters, Debbie Sue Overstreet and Edwina Perkins-Martin. The 2 women own a beauty salon in the small town of Salt Lick, Texas, from where they solve a mystery or two, do a little matchmaking and a whole lot of zany stuff.

    Debbie Sue, a former barrel racing champion, now a hairdresser, fancies herself a crime solver. Her sidekick Edwina fancies herself an expert on life in general and men in particular. Together they stumble into one laughable incident after another.

    Most people who read the Dixie Cash books think they’re hilarious. They’re a little bit slap-stick and little bit naughty and a whole lot of fun.

    The next Dixie Cash book, CURING THE BLUES WITH A NEW PAIR OF SHOES, will be released in late July of this year. ….. At the present time, the launch is planned at the Way Out West Book Festival in Alpine, Texas, on August 1st. So if you’re around Alpine, be sure to come to see us.


  17. Hi, Sadie/Jeffrey! I do have all your Anna Jeffrey books and didn’t realize that you’d stopped using that name. Congrats on your new nom de plume and your new releases! How did you choose your former and new names? And I love connected stories–I’m glad to learn that LSW will have a sequel!

  18. I love the cover, you books sound great have never read one of them can’t wait for the chance to read one.

  19. Very interesting blog — I like that history about no “cowboys” before the civil war. The books sound really could and would love to read them!! Both are eye-catching covers!

  20. Another note about cowboys: I recently read an editorial about a book by an author named James Owen, who’s an investment consultant, of all things. The name of the book is “Cowboy Ethics: What Wall Street Can Learn from the Code of the West.” The title speaks for itself.

    Apparently Owen had to learn about cowboys from research he came up with his own version of the Code of the West.

    -Live each day with courage
    -Take pride in your work
    -Always finish what you start
    -Do what has to be done
    -Be tough, but fair
    -When you make a promise, keep it
    -Ride for the brand
    -Talk less and say more
    -Remember that some things aren’t for sale
    -Know where to draw the line

    In the latest Dixie Cash books, in the “Back of the Book,” my sister and I quoted “The Cowboy’s Ten Commandments posted on the wall at Cross Trails Church in Fairie, Texas:

    1. Just one God
    2. Honor yer Ma & Pa
    3. No telling tales or gossipin’
    4. Git yourself to Sunday meeting
    5. Put nothin’ before God
    6. No foolin’ around with another fellow’s gal
    7. No killin’
    8. Watch yer mouth
    9. Don’t take what ain’t yers
    10.Don’t be hankerin’ for yer buddy’s stuff


  21. The story of all of my names is a tale that has to do with sales numbers. Changing my name from Anna Jeffrey to something else is a marketing plan by my publisher to launch the new Lone Star Woman trilogy. However, I don’t know if Book #3 of the trilogy will ever happen. As many of you might know, everything in publishing revolves around sales numbers. If Book #1 and Book #1 don’t meet expectations, there probably won’t be a Book #3.

    As for how we came up with the names, Anna Jeffrey is derived from my real name, which is Jeffery Ann. With Sadie, we threw a bunch of possible names in a pot and chose one that seemed to have universal appeal and match the genre.

  22. Hi Sadie! Thanks for such a fascinating post! I love western movies and books. Just can’t get enough of those cowboys! Your books sound fun and exciting. Thanks for blogging here today!

  23. Liked the Cowboy Ethics and Cowboy Ten Commandments. Will share them with my daughter. The Dixie Cash books sound like fun, and Heaven knows we all need fun. Like the “…New Pair of Shoes” cover. Look forward to reading them both the Sadie Callahan and Dixie Cash books. Good luck with your writing.

  24. Hi Sadie!!!! Love your books under Jeffrey! I haven’t read one of your Dixie Cash books, but I had thought they were mainstream books so now I see what I’m missing!

    I just love those, not only cowboys, but those set in small towns and ranches. I think that its the setting that pulls me because it seems so personal to be invited to their ranch or in their community (I know its not real, LOL, but it is when I read it) and the sense of everyone knowing each other too! I so loved those that you had set in Idaho (THE LOVE OF A COWBOY, etc). I loved going back to visit! And with the personality of some cowboys I read, some as ‘the quiet type’ but a strong hero, makes me want to know so much more about them. So keep writing, I’m so thrilled you writing too under Sadie now!!!

  25. I have to say! I am 29 yrs old and never really liked reading. Then one day my husband and I were in the book store and for some reason this book just kept stairing at me so I bought it. Lone Star Woman! I fell in love with it. Coulnd’t put it down. I would like to know if you ever do a sequel to any of your books. I SURE WOULD LIKE TO READ WHAT YOU WOUD COME UP WITH FOR THE LONE STAR WOMAN……

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