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Every year my children and I watch the Classic Movie, Holiday Inn.  Curled up with popcorn or Christmas cookies to hand, we drag out the worn copy of the movie.  It’s a tradition with us, one that we satisfy every year — even now that my daughters are grown and have their own lives.  It’s one of those things that doesn’t matter — for us, it wouldn’t be Christmas or New Year’s without mimicing the dances, saying the jokes again and again and laughing in all the right places with this movie.

Holiday Inn has always been one of my most favorite movies and I was not lax in rubbing my love of the movie off onto my children.  In truth, I can’t even remember the first time I ever saw it.  It seems to me that I have always loved it.  Now, the movie stars Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire and Marjorie Reynolds.

Bing Crosby’s crooning is sensational — did you know that it was probably as much Bing Crosby, as anything else, that led us out of the depression in the late 30’s?  Fred Astaire is in true form and Marjory Reynolds is beautiful, looking as though she might compete with Ginger Rogers as Fred’s most gorgeous partner.

My daughters and I know every line of the movie, every song, every joke and practically every dance step, and we’ll mimic the acters and actresses as they go about saying their lines.  If you’ve never seen HOLIDAY INN, I do believe you have missed out on enjoying one of the best movies ever made.

Here is one of my beautiful daughters.  Now for those of you who have seen the movie, let me engage you with some trivia.  Marjorie Reynolds was only 18 I believe when the film was made.  She went on to do other movies and garnered other fame, but Holiday Inn gave her a start.  Holiday Inn is one the few filmes (I think there might be only one other) that matched Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby together — and do they both shine on the screen.

I remember well one fourth of July that my daughter and I tried to mimic Fred Astaire’s 4th of July dance routine.  If you’ve never seen this routine, it is spectacular.  In it, Fred’s “partner” is fire crackers.  Of course here I am forgetting exactly how many takes it took to film that sequence, but it tookseveral days and at the end of it, when Fred still wasn’t satisfied with it, the director intervened.  Fred had lost weight during the filming of it and had gotten down to a mere 125 pounds or so.  The director was worried about Fred’s health.  Below is a picture of myself with my daughters as we prepare for my daughter’s wedding (this October).  I’m on the left.

The movie’s plot centers around a performer (Bing), who is tired of the business, and who longs for the quiet life of the country.  He tries his hand at farming, only to discover that it’s hard work.  That’s when he comes up with the idea of starting an Inn at his farm that is open holidays only — so he can have the other days in the year to “kick around in.”  The movie comes alive with Irving Berlin’s songs and they’ll have you tapping your feet and humming before you know what hit you.  This is the movie that the famous song, WHITE CHRISTMAS, comes from.  In fact, the movie WHITE CHRISTMAS was made because of the success of HOLIDAY INN.

So take a tip from me and go rent it today or go buy it today, and maybe you, too, will fall in love with Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire and the magic of Irving Berlin songs.  Below is a picture of m husband and I when we were on the Blackfeet reservation last August — behind us is a mountain written about in an older title of mine, SOARING EAGLE’S EMBRACE, Chief Mountain.

So give your honey a kiss this New Year’s and remember these words from one of Irving Berlin’s wonderful songs from this incredible movie:

“So let the old year die, with a fond good-bye and our hopes as high as a kite

How can our love go wrong if…we start the New Year right.”

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16 thoughts on “My Favorite Holiday Movie — HOLIDAY INN”

  1. Wow, My favorite movies: Holiday Inn, White Christmas, and Singing in the Rain. I thought my daughters and I were the only ones who watched these movies whenever we are given the chance. We were not at my house this year so thanks for reminding me. I will have to get them out and enjoy them on my own this year, maybe between football games on New Years!

  2. I watch Holiday Inn every year before Christmas. It’s right up there with White Christmas, Little Women, It’s a Wonderful Life, Christmas in Connecticut (Barbara Stanwyck) and Miracle on 34th Street(Maureen O’Hara) as well as a few newer favorites like While You Were Sleeping, When Harry Met Sally, the new version of Christmas in Connecticut, The Preacher’s Wife (Whitney Houston), Prancer.

    My husband laughs at me for loving Holiday Inn. My aunt recorded it for me on an old VHS and it’s starting to wear out- might just have to invest in a DVD of it before too long. One of my favorites…be careful….it’s my heart…

    I love the entire movie, but I get all wishy washy as soon as they sing White Christmas and he uses his pipe to play the bells and I love the Thanksgiving scene where Mamie is getting onto Jim about sitting around pining away, but not doing nothing about his situation about winning “Miss Linda” back.

    So glad to know I’m not alone in my love for this movie. It’s one of the absolute greatest!

  3. Wow looks like I have missed a good movie I am going out to look for it tomorrow if I feel better, under the weather with the flu wished I would have had it to watch today. Had to miss work, hopefully it will be a good start to 2009 and getting it all out of system before new year!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Connie!

    Wow, you and your daughters watch it, too! I was away from my daughters this year, as well, and so I went to the library this year and borrowed a copy — it’s just not Christmas without watching Holiday Inn!

    Thanks for your comment!

  5. HI Taryn!

    I’m away from home right now and I was trying to remember the name of that Barbara Stanwick movie — Christmas in Connecticut — how I love that movie, too — and White Christmas — but Holiday Inn is, indeed, my favorite.

    I love Barbara Stanwick, by the way — have you seen the movie, THE LADY EVE? Or how about that movie — can’t recall its name with Gary Cooper and she’s the “girl” of a mob boss. Gosh, can’t recall the name of that movie, but it’s another favorite.

    Thanks so much for your comment, darlin’.

  6. Oh, yes, Brenda — do rent it an let me know what you think! It is in black and white, but for me — who loves old movies — I love the old black and white.

    Have a super New Year’s!

  7. I think the Barbara Stanwyck movie you’re thinking of is “Ball of Fire.”

    We are iconoclasts; our favorite Christmas movies are “The Ref” and “Blackadder’s Christmas Carol.” 😉

  8. HI!

    Thanks for knowing the name of the movie — you are completely right — it’s “Ball of Fire.” Another one of my favorite movies — but then I really like Barbara Stanwyck.

    Iconoclasts was a new word for me — you sent me to the dictionary. I can only imagine Blackadder’s Christmas Carol — I have seen that — and I really like Blackadder — I’ll have to look for it. I think I saw the movie Ref once — but actually I don’t remember it very well.

    Thanks for the comment!

  9. HAPPY New Year Kay! I managed to get to block buster to get the movie I can’t wait to watch it, Sick and all I wanted to see it bad glad I didn’t run into anybody I knew that was a relief.

  10. If the weather is ok tomorrow (we had pretty much total whiteouts yesterday) that I want to go get this movie and too White Christmas and other classics. I had watched some of WHITE CHRISTMAS on TV and it was closed captioned! I was so thrilled! I love older movies so I’m hoping to find some in the clearance tomorrow. The weather was so bad on Christmas that we couldn’t drive to get our holiday rentals, so that’s how we found WHITE CHRISTMAS on TV. I suggest checking the TV listings. Many other channels are showing older movies so they may still show this one of HOLIDAY INN. I’m gonna check out it here and see if its coming on anytime soon too. Thanks for letting me know about this one! And sharing such beautiful pictures of your family.

  11. Hi Darlin’!

    OH,I so like White Christmas, too, but I sure think that Holiday Inn is the better movie.

    Something about Croby and Astaire is classic.

    Let me know what you think of the movie. It’s perfect for a wonderful snow-bound movie.

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