These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

In an article in PREVENTION magazine, Maria Rodale gave 20 ways to enjoy all the benefits that pleasure can bring to your life. Number three on her list is to: Savor a romance novel.”

Why, thank you, Ms. Rodale, I believe I will.

She writes “…reading books with happy endings is one of life’s greatest pleasures.” Among Maria’s other tips — play with animals, take a snooze, and watch a funny movie. Great advice, eh?

I love lists!
Let’s give it a shot and list the things that give us the greatest pleasure. ( Let’s just consider sex a given. LOL ) Can you come up with 20?

Here are mine in no particular order:

reading a great book
listening to music
writing a great book
holding a baby (yep, that’s me)
spending a day with my husband
a leisurely vacation
taking pictures
painting a room
shopping for treasures
decorating my home
growing flowers
cooking for my grandkids
seeing my children happy
a clean house
laughing with friends
a task well done
road trips
brownies (the chocolate kind)
the color teal
a balmy summer day

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So, even if you can’t come up with twenty favorite things, can you think of ten?  I’m drawing a name from your lists for a copy of my October release, THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS!

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31 thoughts on “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things”

  1. Reading a great book
    Listening to a great book while cleaning the house.
    Spending time with my kids
    Watching a great movie
    Spending time with just me and my husband
    Baking with my daughter
    Foggy days (love fog, don’t know why)
    Listening to music
    Spending time with family
    Thift store shopping
    Taking a nice relaxing bath
    Fall when all of the colors are beautiful
    Making bread from scratch
    Playing board games with the family
    Doing puzzles
    Camping in the mountains

    Taht was harder then I thought it would be. I got to about 14 and got stuck. That was fun though.

  2. Hi Cheryl, I can think of 20 things,
    1. Our own home not rented
    2. Better job,
    3. Hiking through the woods and hills with the girls and husband
    4.relaxing and reading.
    5. having a big flower and vegetable garden
    6. having 1 room in a big house just for my books my own library
    7. having my Mom alive again!
    8. safer place to live
    9. sending time with old friends
    10. knitting & crocheting
    11. being by the ocean
    12. walking in the desert looking for tarantulas!
    13. collecting teapots and old time cook books
    14. watching baseball and football
    15 having a nice dinner out with just hubby and I.
    16. having a quite hour looking on for more books.
    17. holding our biggest snake 5 1/2 feet long like cuddling a baby the only way she likes to be held.
    18. go fishing haven’t been for years out in the country Not the city.
    20. to be healthy!
    Happy reading

  3. Hmmm… twenty things that give me the greatest pleasure? I haven’t written out a pre-list so it may take awhile.
    discover new truths in Scripture
    teach others to apply scripture to their life
    read books
    read up on authors and their books on blogs
    discover new blogs and meet new authors
    did I mention read books and meet authors?
    ride motorcycle
    play with my grandchildren
    visit our children
    eat ice cream and chocolate
    watch a good show with my husband
    read a book together with my husband
    work on projects with a group of people
    grow a garden
    watching pictures of kids on our screen saver
    cooking when the kitchen is clean
    drive through the mountains during color change
    play songs I know on the piano
    listen to music

    Oh, I think I DID make the twenty! I see books are involved quite often but this is my life and loves for now. I’ll think of more after I sign off for sure! Thanks for entering me. Oh, I do love Christmastime. Though it is too commercialized, I love the colorful decorations and the songs and the joyful season.

  4. 1) Finishing the Sunday Crossword puzzle without peaking at the answers.
    2) A book that makes me laugh out loud
    3) Eating fresh tomatoes from the garden
    4) Having all four of my daughters and their husbands sitting around my kitchen table
    5) A really red tree in the fall
    6) Reading my daughters’ baby books
    7) Hitting a really great scene in my own writing and feeling like I nailed it
    8) Really soft slippers
    9) My ‘Sweetest Softest Bathrobe Ever’ from Bath and Body Works
    10)A great smelling candle
    11)Long hot showers
    12)My husband’s cooking especially when he makes a Mexican chicken and rice dish-or just experiments on anything because that seems to bring out a great side of him
    13)Royalty checks
    14)My authors copies arriving
    I’m having my first great grandchild in about three months. I’m planning to enjoy that very, very much. What a great picture of you holding the baby, Cheryl.

  5. Hi Cheryl,

    I hope you’re doing well, minding doctor’s orders, and getting back on your feet.

    First, I want to say that I read your story in “The Magic of Christmas” and I loved it. Baby Blue Christmas was a great story. Loved the opening when the hero found the babies in the livery stable, lying on a bed of hay. It brought tears to my eyes. So sweet. And I liked how the love story progressed between Turner and Susannah. It was very satisfying! I’ll recommend the anthology to all my friends, you can bet on that.

  6. I think the pleasure on the very top of my list is spending time with good friends.

    Writing a special story
    Sharing good food with others
    Caring for the less fortunate
    Tending a garden

    I’ll think of more later but I’m a little pushed for time. I’ll be back though.

  7. Reading a good book
    Love babies, so holding a baby
    Watching a great movie
    Pieceing a quilt
    Working in the yard
    Taking a nice long walk in the spring or fall
    Going out for a nice meal
    Having someone else clean my house, which doesn’t happen
    Spending time with my family

  8. Hi Cher – I hope you’re doing well today. Taking it easy?
    I agree with almost all of your Top 20 list, but I don’t have grandkids to cook for and I HATE painting, because I get it everywhere except on the wall!

    Not Rithmatic (ha!)
    Watching old movies
    Having a date with my hubby
    Cooking dinner for my grown-up kids
    Having the whole family over
    Playing games with above family
    Loving my kitties
    Volunteering for Operation Gratitude
    Eating chocolate
    Going to my nephew’s baseball games

    Thanks for reminding me of all the good things in life!!

  9. In no particular order (that would be hard lol):

    Spending time with Family
    Buying books
    Cuddling/playing with my cats
    Eating (especially out)
    Drinking fresh coffee or red wine
    Card Club
    Playing any type of Games from board to Wii
    Listening to music
    Volunteering at the American Legion
    Having my two grown children over with husband and boyfriend.
    Home grown tomatoes and onions
    Debating/discussing anything
    Finishing a project
    Surprises in the mail
    My grandpuppy and grandkitty lol
    A vacation anywhere
    Caring for my feral cats
    My tempur-pedic bed and slippers
    Playing on the computer
    Winning a contest 🙂

  10. Reading
    watching anime
    loving my animals
    taking care of my baby nephew
    playing video games
    teasing my sister 😉
    singing with the radio
    getting surprises
    … 😀

  11. Okay, suddenly I’m dying for my mom’s cinnamon rolls. Those should be on my list. I think I’ll phone her and get her going on baking.

    She’s 80, maybe I oughta give the poor woman a break, huh????


  12. LOL! Come on, Mary! She probably loves making them for you–you know how putting a smile on your kids’ faces is right up there! 😉

    Hmm… here are some of mine–
    – reading a good book
    – slipping into a freshly made bed
    – a professional pedicure
    – chocolate, especially a fresh batch of the good stuff!
    – reading with/to my children
    – talking with friends
    – ballet class
    – receiving real mail (fun stuff, not bills!)
    – having time for a nap
    – a clean counter
    – surprising someone else with a treat
    – finishing a project, especially if it’s a gift–an afghan, cookies, a scrapbook…
    – fresh sushi
    – hearing someone say, “Good job!” for something that you worked hard on
    – seeing my children spontaneously doing something kind or right
    – laughing so hard I’m crying 🙂
    – knowing you’ve done the right thing or knowing you’ve done a good thing
    – getting an unexpected phone call from an old friend
    – coming home after vacation 😉
    – turning someone else on to something you love, too–a book, a new kind of food, hobby…

    Hmm… a long list 😉 Lots to be thankful for, too! 🙂 Thanks, Cheryl!

  13. Reading a great book
    Listening to a great book
    knitting & crocheting
    Listening to music
    Nice surprises in the mail
    Watching movies and series on DVD
    Listening to music

  14. grandbabies
    crock pots
    a clean house
    bubble baths
    scented candles
    laptop computers
    kitty cats
    perfect, cool days
    autumn colors on the trees
    homemade soup

  15. There are in no particular order but just as they came to mind.

    spending time with my granddaughter(age: 2 1/2)
    spending time with my husband and kids – does that count as two?
    watching a good movie
    reading a good book
    watching my favorite tv shows
    sunny days
    bright blue skies
    ice cream
    Sonic cherry Coke with extra ice
    my writing buddies
    laughing with family or friends
    completing a book by the deadline

  16. Oh Cheryl, what a sensation topic, as always. Right now I’m on vacation slogging through The Time Travellers Wife (I am not liking it but will finish LOL) so my # One will be:

    1. Reading a REALLY good book and it must have a happy ending.
    2. Wind in my face.
    3. Good results on a medical test.
    4. An unexpected letter or card or e-mail from somebody I haven’t heard from for a while.
    5. Petting a warm dog.
    6. Hearing a kitty purr.
    7. Seeing my roses blooming at that perfect moment before I manage to ruin them with mildew or whatever.
    8. Hitting the bulls-eye in darts.
    9. Cake. Any flavor.
    10. A down comforter with a featherbed underneath. Yum.
    11. Decorating my house for Fall.
    12. Real maple syrup.
    13. Wine tasting anywhere LOL.
    14. Seeing Half Dome at Yosemite from Glacier Point. (Something no one should die before seeing. It literally took my breath away)
    15. A flickering, warm fire in the fireplace.
    16. A child’s petting zoo.
    17. Our county fair.
    18. Being with my grandbaby anyplace, any time, anywhere LOL.
    19. Weddings. Doesn’t matter whose.
    20. Hearing a well-played pipe organ.

    Wow, all this put me in such a good mood. Thank you!!

  17. Hi Cheryl! I loved reading through these lists. I enjoy lots of the activities already mentioned. Here’s a few more:

    Seeing my family happy
    Aromas from someone cooking in my kitchen
    Seeing a great movie
    Crying at a great movie or great book
    Seeing an act of kindness
    Driving in my car listening to music
    Good news of any kind
    A nice walk on an early fall morning
    Writing a moving scene
    Being a part of P & P

    Hugs on the recovery! 🙂

  18. Some of my favorites in no particular order
    1. Watching the grandkids in their activities.
    2. Watching the Husker Volleyball girls
    3. Playing golf
    4. Hitting a long drive
    5. Making a long putt
    6. Reading a good book
    7. Watching some TV
    8. Eatiing out
    9. Watching birds in my back yard
    10.Spending time with family
    11.Spending time with friends
    12.Traveling and seeing new places
    14.Being right
    15.Sleeping in on my day off
    16.Planting flowers
    17.Watching the flowers bloom
    18.Fresh tomatoes
    19.Ice cream
    20.Visiting P&P

  19. I have neverbeen a list maker but here goes:
    1. Spending time with my hubby
    3. friends
    4. authors
    5 babies (think these are my all my favorites to spend time with.
    6. I love reading
    7. beading
    8. traveling
    9. hiking
    10. bird watching
    12. my job
    13. the people I work with
    14. my comfy chair
    15. my nebraska pjs
    16. hearing my granddaughter say “Hi nana and Papa, are you coming soon?
    17. chocolate
    18. popcorn
    19. fall colors
    20. my own photos

  20. As it so happens, I am in the middle of reading The Magic of Christmas. I tried to wait until closer to Christmas, but I couldn’t. I am loving it, by the way! Thanks for sending it to me, Cher! 🙂
    Here are my favorite things (in no particular order):
    1. being retired!!!
    2. watching college football with my family
    3. reading, reading, and more reading
    4. walking the beach
    5. watching Dancing with the Stars
    6. listening to music
    7. keeping scrapbooks and photo albums
    8. visiting blogs like this one
    9. sleeping
    10. going to movies
    11. sitting around the dinner table with my family
    12. traveling to new places
    13. going on cruises
    14. ice cream
    15. eating at a nice restaurant
    16. going to plays and concerts
    17. going to craft festivals
    18. decorating my house with holiday/seasonal items
    19. cooking
    20. helping my family

  21. Here are a few of my favorite things:
    Kenneth Ray Cochran
    Kenneth David Cochran
    Joel Alan Cochran
    Tiffany Hughes Cochran
    Mary Claire Roth
    Robert Vincent Roth
    Shannon Nicole Castillo
    Ashley Eileen Cochran
    Taylor Orion Castillo
    Paul Alan Cochran
    Julia Michelle Cochran
    Morgan Scott Roth
    Mason Alexander Roth
    Abbey Elaine Cochran
    Sadie Mackenzie Cochran
    Tristan Blake Castillo
    Jude Harrison Cochran
    Taking a nice nap.
    Singing in our church choir.

    In case you hadn’t noticed, this list includes
    Honey, our children, and our grandchildren. There
    is nothing more favored in my life than my family!

    Pat Cochran

  22. Reading.
    Hanging out with friends.
    Spending the holidays with family.
    Autumn in NY.
    Cookies and ice cream.
    Watching my favorite tv shows.
    Going to the movies.
    A good night’s sleep.
    Celebrating good news with a bottle of champagne.
    Traveling to new places.

  23. Reading a great book
    Listening to good music
    Spending quality/quiet time with hubby
    Playing with granddaughter
    Flying to WA to visit grandson
    Holding babies
    Christmas and everything about it
    Bread – anything breadlike-pastries, pies, cakes 🙂
    Monthly Writers meeting
    Watching a good movie
    Listening to a GOOOD sermon!
    Walking with Dog
    Jogging when able (gotta do something to counteract all those carbs LOL)
    Picking berries to make jelly with hubby
    going to the houseboat (occasionally) with hubby
    Visiting with friends

    Wow, I doubted for a moment there I could come up with twenty!

    Interesting to see how much we all have in common.


  24. Chiming in late to wish you a speedy recovery, Cheryl. Adding a few favorites…
    A brisk autumn day
    The smell of mountain air
    A really good workout
    Voices of friends on the phone
    Waking up late with the cats on my bed
    Coffee flavored anything
    Time with my California daughter
    Quail in my backyard
    lots more…

  25. My ten would be…
    every season
    country music
    sunrises and sunsets
    early quiet mornings and evenings
    tall glass of iced tea
    long walk in the country
    the great outdoors
    traveling/ road trips
    taking a moment to enjoy everything

    Well, that is more than 10! LOL I just couldn’t stop 🙂 Thanks for the fun!

  26. 20 of my favorite things?

    Time with hubby
    Time with my kids
    Reading good books
    Listening to music
    Visiting family and friends in my hometown
    Watching a good movie
    Karaoke(in my living room of course-not in public)
    Making creative stuff with my sewing machine
    Taking photos
    Trying/creating a new recipe (esp. when it turns out good)
    Growing flowers/gardening
    Decorating for holidays
    When new story ideas hit me out of the blue (Yay!)
    Mowing the lawn (time to myself to think)
    Painting a room or putting up wallpaper
    A chocolate malt milkshake
    Game night with the kids and hubby

    (that was harder than I thought)

  27. Im always running late ,but here goes anyway
    Holding my granbabies
    a hot bubble bath
    scented candles
    a roaring fireplace
    reading my Favorite christmas book
    walking in the fall leaves
    a really good hamburger smothered with everything
    my mammas cooking
    seeing my kids smile
    being alone a enjoying the quiet
    being hugged by my husband

  28. Cheryl I am a little late having trouble with the computer had to use hubby’s. Hope you are feeling better today.
    1. Spending time with hubby
    2. Spending time with grand baby
    3. Spending time with kids and rest of family.
    4. A good book to read like yours. hit hit
    5. A cup of hot cider & a blanket
    6. Nice drive on fall day
    7. A walk in the park or downtown to the new bridge
    8. Playing with the animals
    9. cooking
    10. Watching a funny movie
    11. eating really good food
    12. Taking pictures of new grand baby
    13. SHOPPPPING!!!!!!!!!
    14. Getting kisses from hubby
    15. taking a relaxing bubble bath
    16. Having my garden
    17. Talking or just spending time with my friends
    18. Having a job I enjoy!!!!!!!!
    19. Listening to good music
    20. Watching Christmas lights on the tree I love that and I am really to put it up now.
    21. Finding new Mickey Mouse items. Found something new for Christmas.
    22. Having enough money to buy all the things I want.
    23. Good health
    24. Getting new jewlery
    25. Blogging

  29. candles in every fragrance/size
    Nature music
    talking on phone with friends
    painting my fingernails
    Quad riding with dh
    Chinese food
    receiving an unexpected gift
    sharing with my best friend

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