You’re Going to Slap Your Forehead!

No one guessed today – one more thing Theodore Roosevelt was known for!


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7 thoughts on “You’re Going to Slap Your Forehead!”

  1. Besides being featured on Mt Rushmore, I was surprised to learn that he was the youngest president . I always thought that JFK was. Teddy was a huge environmentalist, therefore he’s definiitely my favorite.

  2. There’s a national park named after him in the North Dakota Badlands. Theodore Roosevelt owned two ranches in the area: the Elkhorn Ranch and the Maltese Cross.

    I learned that info while researching a series set in the Badlands.

  3. Hey ladies- sorry I haven’t been around much- been off in la-la land anticipating the start of NaNoWriMo (LOL).

    If the picture you used for this post is any clue, is it that he’s famous for being on Mt. Rushmore?

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