Guilty Pleasures

You know if you can’t find something defined on Wikipedia, it doesn’t exist. Guilty pleasures are real, however, and here’s the definition: “A guilty pleasure is known as something someone considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it. Fashion and food can be examples of guilty pleasures.”

At my last local RWA chapter meeting, our illustrious president, Cyndy Salzmann asked, by way of introductions, for each person to share their guilty pleasure.

Dee Ann W said: “Music is my guilty pleasure. It’s more of an obsession. I’ll hear a new song and I have to have it. Not necessarily the artists’ entire CD but that one song. Dee Ann has a passion for any song sung by the latest American Idol winner, David Cook. She downloads all songs sung by the sexy Idol. “My realization from writing this,” said Dee Ann, “is that music is not my guilty pleasure. David Cook is my guilty pleasure.”

Rest assured you’re not alone there, Dee Ann. I listen to David Cook as I drive.

One of my friends confessed to playing Fashion Solitaire online. I admit I checked it out, but I resisted the free hour. I don’t need any more addictions.

Tina Gayle responded: “When I was younger one of my guilty pleasures was wearing my sister’s clothes. I had to be real careful though, and make sure I put it back in the exact same place in the exact same way it was hung. Luckily, I left for school after she went to work and got home before she did. Oh, to have a sister who is the same size as me again.”

The confession that had everyone in stitches was a writer who will remain anonymous unless she reveals herself here, because I don’t have permission to post her identity. Said writer keeps a can of chocolate frosting hidden in the back of her refrigerator and eats a scoop while watching Cops. Watching Cops is part of that guilty pleasure, because she can feel superior in that her husband wears a shirt.

The rule: This frosting may only be eaten with an index finger. In case of discovery, the offending finger can then be poked into her mouth. “What are you doing?” “Nothing.”

You know who you are.

In the midst of hearing about hidden chocolate, doughnut binges, and feasting on Chinese for a week while husbands are gone, I kept thinking that I do a lot of that stuff but I just don’t feel guilty about it. In order for it to be a guilty pleasure, one must actually keep it a secret from someone and have remorse about the compulsion.

By the time my turn came around I finally came up with something. Most of you already know I’m a collector of the highest caliber. I stop at all garage sales and flea markets and antique malls I can find, and I can’t pass a Goodwill without stopping to browse.Β  Do I need anything? No! Do I buy things? Undeniably yes. My family and my husband cringe over these purchases. My family cringes because they’ve all helped us move a couple of times.Β  My husband cringes because he’s always building new storage and display. So, my guilty pleasure is that I buy things and then leave them in the trunk until no one is home, then wash them up or whatever they need, and put them away so it looks as though they’ve always been there. And no one’s the wiser. Well, until now.

After that day, I did come up with another guilty pleasure. Even when we both have to get up the next morning, my daughter Kristin and I often stay up until midnight or later engaged in Boom Blox competitions. When we play several nights in a row, our arms and shoulders get so sore we can hardly move them.

Boom Blox is a Wii game created by Stephen Spielberg. The fiend. Our favorites are the towers you have to slide blocks from and try not to topple them, and also the blocks of towers you do try to knock down systematically. You can play alone or as partners, but most often we compete against each other. And this from me, the person who won’t have games on her computer.

Here’s what Charlene Sands said about her guilty pleasure: “Everyone who knows me, knows I’m a huge Tim McGraw fan. I’ve never belonged to a fan club, ever, not even for Elvis, but I belong to his. I’ll pay outrageous prices on ebay for Very Good Seats to his concert. Thankfully, my good friend, Tanya is my enabler. She loves Tim too and we go together and have a blast! I see every movie he’s in, buy his records, visit his website, know the names of his band members and his children. I’m a die-hard fan.”

Tanya Hansen didn’t confess to the Tim addiction, but she did tell me that in winter she sits in front of the fire with a book instead of doing the things she should be doing, and in summer ditto with walks along the beach. Who can blame her there, eh?

Since I was having fun with the subject, I polled readers as well. All the responses were fun to hear. Cindy said this: “Nancy Drew PC Games are my guilty pleasure. These things are sooooo addictive. Me and my girls sit at the computer for hours playing these things until we finally (usually days/months later LOL) solve the mystery.”

Connie in Nebraska says: “I love old movies, especially musicals, and especially Elvis, and if I can watch them while playing with my beads, I am in heaven.”

Robyn told me: “My guilty pleasures are my ‘afternoon naps’. I am not napping as much as I did, but when my 2nd one was born, I was under doctor’s orders to nap every afternoon to help keep my blood pressure down. I never gave it up. We trained family and friends not to call or bother me in the 2-4pm range. Even if I didn’t nap, I’d sit quietly and read or watch TV. Just some ‘me’ down time. I still sneak in naps, but my afternoons are still my downtime.

So my questions for you today:

Do you have chocolate remorse?

Do you have a favorite Wii game?

How about a fascination with a celebrity?

What is your guilty pleasure?


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44 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures”

  1. Hi Cheryl! Congrats on the Rita final, by the way. And I saw the picture of David Cook, and had to comment because I love him, too.

    My guilty pleasure is The Bachelor on television whenever a new season starts. Or The Bachelorette. Either or. I don’t care. It’s time well wasted.

  2. Do you have chocolate remorse? Not usually, though if I eat too much, absolutely.

    Do you have a favorite Wii game? Nope, Don’t have a Wii system. I do love to karaoke though, so long as no one but family and close friends hear me. LOL If I start playing Tetris or Tetrisphere, I can’t seem to get away from it or most of the old Nintendo, Super Nintendo and N64 games. The same with Solitaire on the computer…I do enjoy it, but the entire time I’m thinking about things I should be doing.

    How about a fascination with a celebrity?
    Oh gosh..Scott Bakula…I can watch old episodes of Quantum Leap and drool. Definitely feel guilty over that if hubby catches me eyeing the screen! LOL Same goes for The Rock, Clint Black, Trace Adkins, Matthew McConaughey, Jensen Ackles(Dean on Supernatural..YUMMY) Oops…did I say that..LOL

    What is your guilty pleasure?
    YouTube videos of old groups and music- The Newbeats’ Run Baby Run- Johnny Rivers’ Tom Dooley, old cheesy cartoons and movies. One of my favorites on YouTube? The Mean Kitty Video. So funny I sneak and watch it once in a while because it’s so cute.

  3. Uh-oh, Cheryl I’m feeling guilty just for guilt’s sake already. Mine is shopping for bargains on line. And it’s awful. Takes my time and runs up my credit card balance. But it gives me this high, especially when my stuff arrives a week or two later and it’s wonderful. I love ebay. And there’s this great outlet that has high quality stuff at ridiculous prices–I’d tell you all the name of it but you would curse me forever. Help!!!

  4. Hi Julianne! Thanks for stopping by. My daughter loves The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, too. Great shoes, by the way!

    Pam, I don’t understand it, but there are those who don’t care for chocolate. My daughter LeighAnn and my cousin Diana are two of them. Can’t be tempted.

    Oh my gosh, Taryn, I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who drools over Scott Bakula. That hairy chest? :::eyes rolling here::: And every so often I do a YouTube marathon. You’ve got me now, I have to go see the Mean Kitty. Here’s one of my faves called Regency Men, Holding Out for a Hero:

  5. OOhh yes, Elizabeth. I so GET ebay. You are not alone in your online shopping addiction. Several of my chapter members mentioned that specifically, and a few of them are makeup hounds–home shopping network.

    I think you’d have a fun blog there.

  6. Sherri M Shackelford. aka Rebecca Ryan. Yesterday I was watching Cops and a woman’s HAIR fell off. Not kidding. She was wearing a wig to the drug deal.

    My husband says I’m a pessimist but he’s wrong. Cops has proven that. Everytime a criminal says he doesn’t have any contraband I believe him. I believe him right up to the point where the cop pries open his jaw and pulls out the little baggie. And I think, “He sounded so sincere!”

    I will be there with my can of frosting – secure in the knowledge that I could go to jail with all my original hair.

  7. Sherri, you always make me laugh! Cops is one addiction I do not possess. In fact if someone dares to turn it on, I will leave the room.

    I do like Animal Cops on Animal Planet however, and so many people say they can’t watch that. I love to see the dogs getting rescued.

  8. While I don’t feel guilty about it, one of my pleasures is a soft, oh so soft, throw. One that I kinda wad up and sleep with.(‘cuz you know I’m too old for stuffed animals…:p ) It’s soo soft and delightful. Of course, having Cap’n Jack and Will Turner on it doesn’t hurt! πŸ˜‰

    Nope, not one bit…

  9. Do I Dog? Puh-leeze! Not only do I Dog – I have seriously, seriously considered buying a bedazzled tank top off the website.

  10. I might need to get that bedazzled tank top to go with the bedazzled flippies you made me.

    Seriously, people, Sherri made me bedazzled flippies for my birthday.

    And *lizzie made me wild pink fringed flippies that match a book bag.

    Am I blessed or what?

  11. Hmmmm guilty pleasure. . .
    Food Network, okay Alton Brown. I love his quirky sense of humor. I’m sure my friends get tired of me quoting him. But he’s fun to watch, and the stuff I learn about cooking and the science of cooking is amazing.


  12. I’ll openly admit I’m the one who eats nothing but chinese food when my husband’s gone. During that talk, I had a hard time thinking of things to feel guilty about. I pretty much do whatever I want and don’t feel guilty about it.

    HOWEVER, I did think of something I’m addicted to that is a bit guilt inducing – Keeping up with the Kardashian’s on E! Tv. They are some of the most rediculous, self-involved, spoiled people, but I can’t help but watch them, and much like Sherri, feel better about myself. I may not have their money, but I’ve got a brain and a sense of the real world. πŸ™‚

  13. Whew! Another addiction I can pass on. I just don’t “get” watching other people cook. I’ve done it nearly every day for &* years and the thrill just ain’t there for me. I know you love it, Barb and plenty of people do, so it’s just me.

    I am going to have to check out the Kardashians, Eve. Are they desert people? lol Going by sound here, cause I’ve no clue. I’m guessing it’s like the Osbournes reality show? I confess I did watch a few of those.

  14. Ooooh, the chocolate frosting is making me wish I had some in the pantry. I also can eat an entire bag of Chips A’Hoy cookies in one sitting.

    I am definitely Charlene’s Tim McGraw cohort and we are highly annoyed that he doesn’t have a performance in our area this summer! $#*%@& But I think I do have a new guilty pleasure, Trace Adkins. What a dangerous man LOL.

    And I lo-o-o-o-ve David Cook. He sure had me at “Hello”…sang it even better than ole’ Lionel.

    And as for cooking shows, I love those, too. Maybe because I am such a dork in the kitchen. Fortunately I married a man who loves to cook –and clean, too LOL.

    Thanks for this fun, indulgent post, Cheryl.

  15. Cheryl,

    My guilty pleasure is the computer game called Bejeweled 2. I can sit and play that for hours when I should be doing something else. I try to resist the urge until late at night. Then I feel guilty that I’m staying up so late. Sheesh!

    I laughed at you hiding things you bought in the trunk and sneaking them out later when no one’s around. That’s me to a tee. I have done the same thing and pretended I had the stuff forever. Some how, my husband never believed me. But I still kept doing it. I hid the purchases because I felt guilty for buying them and didn’t want anyone else to know how weak I was. lol

    Great fun post!! πŸ™‚

  16. Cheryl I am sure you already know mine shopping ebay for Mickey things or any store for Mickey things. You can never have to many right???

  17. Linda, I used to play Bejeweled, but I used up every freeware on the planet, and if I don’t buy it, I can’t waste time, right? Just remembered Bejeweled is one of Barb’s addictions, too.

    I’m picturing you hiding your purchases. “What, this old thing?”

  18. Mm… chocolate… oh, sorry! What were we talking about?? I definitely can’t pass up a chance to pick up more books–bookstore, new or used, or rummage sales or garage sales… our house is overflowing, but it’s an addiction, I tell you! πŸ˜‰

  19. Hi Cheryl!

    I didn’t know I had so many guilty pleasures till I read your column! πŸ™‚ I love going out for Thai food at the mall, on a getaway lunch break by myself. Sometimes I sneak away for an afternoon matinee, all by myself, too. I love shopping on-line, mostly for books. I also love watching Survivor and oh no, I must confess, Entertainment Tonight! Thanks for the smile!

  20. Cheryl I forgot to say on your blog page what a huck to look at that is a guilty pleasure!!!!!!!

  21. Chocolate and books, Fedora. I get you!

    Kate, an afternoon matinee sounds wonderful. Maybe I can find one that will get me home by the time school is out. LOL Do you believe school starts next Wednesday?

  22. Guilty pleasures, huh? Hmmm? I’d have to say solitude and chocolate. I feel guilty a lot of times because of my craving for solitude–I like to drive alone, walk alone, be alone. I’m such a perpetual daydreamer, I love to stay lost in my own thoughts. Going for a sunday drive or up to the mountains ALONE doesn’t always go over well with the family *ggg* Likely why I wanted to be a forest ranger during much of my youth *LOL* But I do feel guilty because the people in my life feel shut out and I have to work to be social. About the only place I feel cofortable in the social envrionment is at RWA National. For one week I’m on social overload and I have a wonderful time and when it’s over I’m physicaly and emotionally drained. At home I’m a total hermit. I have very few friends whom I see far too infrequently, but thankfully they never give up on me and still call themselves my friends and we get together a few times a year or see each other in passing while trasporting our children *G* Still, spending so much time alone feels like a guilty pleasure πŸ˜‰ I cherish my time with my kids and hubby which consume most of my days, but I start each day by counting the hours I’ll get to spend in silent solitude, even though I know I really SHOULD be more social. As for the chocolate…dark Godiva…so good to be bad πŸ˜‰

  23. I join Fedora in book addiction: we are moving in 30 days or less, downsizing by half and I’m STILL buying bks!! πŸ™ (WHERE to put 17 bookcases??)
    Join CSJ & others who hide the purchase in trunk & “smuggle” into the house. Fortunately, occasionally it is the truth when I tell my spouse I’ve had something for a long time! πŸ™‚ LOL

  24. Cher, thanks for the previous intro to Regency men & Hero music! A fav!!!

    Charlene, you can join me in thinking my hubby is selfish; had free tickets to hear Lynard Skynard
    outdoor concert; he wouldn’t stay for Tim McGraw after so I only heard a little. Should have forced the issue!

  25. watching cooking shows isn’t a guilty pleasure for me–everyone just rolls their eyes. πŸ™‚ And wishes I’d just make cinnamon rolls. (Today it was Zuchinni blueberry bread.)

    Now, if they’d just put david cook on a fuzzy blanket. oooh baby.

    second guilty pleasure of tonight–america’s best dance crew. Already watched Joshua become america’s favorite dancer. I love dancing–had to watch feet of flame this afternoon. It’s research–honest.

  26. Linda I too play Bejeweled by the hours but it is no longer a guilty pleasure because everyone knows I do it lol. I do sneak books into the house because I buy too many. I also eat leftovers at 1:30 in the morning while making my husband’s lunch (I’m usually up until 3 AM). Oh and I go through trash cans but in my defense it’s to save paper or recycled plastics.

  27. Stacey, I wonder if it’s in a writer’s genes to appreciate time alone? Or maybe it’s just the mother overload. I too like to drive alone and think and listen to music. I also like to walk alone. I’ve dome some of my best thinking ehile walking.

    Hi, Lou! Countdown to moving day, eh? I don’t envy you.

    David Cook on a fuzzy blankie. I think you’d better run with that idea.

    Jeanne, I have a beautiful antique gateleg table that I found on a curb on trash day. I was coming back from school drop off and it was starting to rain, but I saw it and went back around the block for it. One of the leaves was broken off, but my darling husband fixed it. It’s gorgeous.

  28. Late or not, here goes: collecting, especially
    autographed books, eagles, turtles, sports
    memorabilia, carousel horses, and rosaries. These
    are just some of the things I collect! Like Mary
    said, they must not be guilty pleasures if I am
    discussing them here! Maybe it’s in the numbers!
    Mary, no other secrets for me! No way, No how, Not
    me!! I haven’t any other hidden away little tidbits
    from back in the day!

    Pat Cochran

  29. Chiming in late – like a day late (Thurs and Friday were a blur) to say, that Mary’s right, I bet our real guilty pleasures aren’t fit for the blog pages! But Tim McGraw comes close enough and what I LIKE best about him is not his voice or the fact that he’s really sexy on stage, but because he’s such a family man. I’m attracted to men who love their wives and kids to distraction. That’s soooo appealing. Sorta reminds me of the man I married.

  30. Thanks for the mention in your blog, Cheryl! I blog you will David Cook comes to our area. Woohoo!

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