A guilty pleasure for you!

Thanks to everyone who came by and shared their guilty pleasures today.  I smiled all day long, and many times laughed right out loud.  You guys are so much fun that I wanted to share something — er someone special with you.


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6 thoughts on “A guilty pleasure for you!”

  1. Good heavens, girl! Are you trying to make me swallow my teeth? You shouldn’t spring that on me so sudden like with no warning whatsoever. I’m slinging my clothes and shoes and fixin’ to get me a cowboy!

    You Fillies hide your eyes now. 🙂

    Come to mama, baby!

  2. NICE, VERY NICE!! But everyone should be careful
    and not get in Ms. Felicia’s way! It will just
    not be pretty!!

    Pat Cochran

  3. Cheryl…

    *You really know how to make a grown woman cry.

    *If I could get a case of the vapors, I would.

    *I need a moment.


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