Even More Party Shoes!

I can’t take credit for these.  Barbara Vey, who’s a romance blogger/columnist for Publisher’s Weekly, graciously gave me permission to share the photos she took at RWA.

Here’s several of Nora Roberts. 

This one was taken at Registration, right before the conference began.  Love these strappy sandals!

Can you imagine being so famous that people even want to see your shoes?

Thank you, Nora, for being so patient and letting the rest of us ogle you! 


These were taken at the Rita Awards Ceremony. 

Love the rhinestone pair in the lower right hand corner!  sigh . . .

Black is definitely the color of the evening.

Thanks to Esri Rose for sharing the following pictures with us.  She had a bunch!

(I’m posting them with her permission.  Check out her site   http://elvesamongus.com/blog/  for the rest of her collection.  It’s amazing!  And thanks to Cheryl for mentioning it this morning.)


How’s this for gorgeous elegance?


 Or something more whimsical?

For those who don’t want heels?  These are beautiful!

Elegant, elegant!

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  1. I have to tell you I seen a show the other night and it was a game show where the girl had to try on shoes and guess who made them and she got all but one 1 right. I am not sure how somoene can know all designers shoes being blind folded and all.

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