The Fillies at Tea Time!

With the two hour time difference, and an incredibly busy day, I’m late adding a couple more pictures to share with you all.

For those of you unfamiliar, we Harlequin Historical authors are edited out of London.  The London editors, headed by Linda Fildew, arranged a lovely afternoon of tea, scones and delicate sandwiches for us in a unique tea and equestrian shop. 

While we waited for the staff to seat us, we congregated on the back patio and got to know our editors better. 


Here’s Charlene, Stacey, Kate and me next to an antique carriage.


Here we are with three of the London editors.  Linda Fildew, the senior editor, is flanked by Suzy and Sally, her associate eds.  Wonderful, gracious ladies who made us all feel so very welcome. 

The tea had a delightful British feel.  Linda sat at my table, and we had a very engaging discussion.  I was thrilled and honored to learn she has visited us at Petticoats and Pistols, and is quite enthralled with what we are doing.  She mentioned especially loving those Wanted Posters with each of our pictures.

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  1. I’m really enjoying all the photographs, they give
    us an idea of all that is happening in SF!

    Pat Cochran

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