Get the duct tape-wrap it tight before my head explodes

I’ve got a week to go before my next book, Calico Canyon releases and man, oh man can I get tensed up if I think of it…which of course…I do all the time.

I thought … since I can’t think of anything else anyway…I’d give you a look at Calico Canyon.



Calico Canyon – Lassoed in Texas Book #2 is a suspenseful, historical western, romantic comedy. In Petticoat Ranch  Lassoed in Texas Book #1, I talked about a man who’d never been around women, dropped into an all-girl world, so I decided to do the flip side of that story in Calico Canyon.

Start with prissy, Miss Calhoun, the school marm, and shoved her, completely against her will, into an all-male world.

A fish-out-of-water story is always fun, and an author needs to make it as extreme as possible and still have the hero be heroic, the heroine be delightful and loveable. Not that easy when she doesn’t understand anything about his wild, ill-mannered boys, less about him and nothing about marriage.

There’s a scene in Calico Canyon that shows a little of how completely useless Daniel is at smoothing the way for Grace. He’s standing with his five sons, about twelve hours after the forced marriage. He went about his business—he had chores to do after all. Grace crumpled up on the floor of the wretched cave Daniel calls a house and hides for the whole day. Daniel and his boys finally work up the nerve to get her to come out and now they’re watching Grace cry:

He and his boys stood absolutely immobilized. The wind moaned around the house and Daniel wondered if he’d have to dig them out in the morning. They lived on fairly high ground. They got a beauty of a snow storm once in a while, he’d heard. A blizzard might cut them off from civilization for a spell, if you could call Mosqueros, Texas civilized. Then he realized there was no way they were going to get to church in the morning. Daniel liked church. He did. But once he showed up with Miss Calhoun in town, his marriage was a done deal.

And that’s when he realized he was still trying to think of a way out of this. But Daniel Reeves was no fool. He could dream all he wanted. He was tied to this woman.

John whispered again, “Is she supposed to get all sad like that, Pa?”

“Yep, in my experience with wives, they’re supposed to fuss about something all the time. I’ve never had me one that didn’t cry up a storm at the drop of a hat.”

Grace lifted her head and scowled through her tears.

Daniel was surprised at his urge to laugh. She was really a mess. The oh-so-tidy Miss Calhoun kept getting herself slopped up more and more. He wondered when she’d gather her wits together enough to care about that.

“Did it ever occur to you that you might be doing things to your wives that make them cry?” She pushed her hair off her soggy face with shaky hands.

“Nope.” Daniel shrugged. “Never was nothing I did.”


This is just Daniel being absolutely clueless and having no idea what it takes to make a woman happy.

The foundational conflict between Daniel and Grace isn’t the fact that they loathe each other—although that’s huge. 🙂

It’s the fact that Daniel completely blames himself for his first wife’s death in childbirth, plus how brutally hard it was for him to survive with newborn triplets. He is so deeply traumatized by it that he won’t risk having another woman carry his child. But he has a powerful attraction for his new wife, once he calms down.

So there’s a war inside Daniel and, torn between desire and terror, he handles it like any good romance hero…as badly as possible.

            Parrish is the villain in Calico Canyon, Grace’s adoptive father. She’s hostile to men because of her upbringing with an abusive father. Parrish lived well off the salaries of the young girls he forced to work in a carpet mill.

            So Grace has a very dim view of men and she expects only bad things from her new life surrounded by six of them. It takes a lot to convince her she hasn’t fallen into a rat hole and ended up married to the King of Rats.

            If you’d like to read the first chapter of Calico Canyon you can find it here:


The excitement and tension of this book release makes me long for some kind of mild tranquilizer. Is there anything that you have to handle that keeps you awake at night? Do you think you might have a vein inside your head that’s gonna explode one of these days because of that tension? Do you think if I wrapped my head in duct tape really tight I can head off that explosion? (Any reader with medical experience should reply immediately!)

            What makes your brain start buzzing and your muscles tense and your blood pressure sky-rocket and your heart pound? This isn’t a philosophical question, I’m just sitting at my computer listing symptoms I’m having right now. Keep in mind I am thrilled to have a book coming out.

Put it like this–I was a spinster for a really long time, you’re not going to catch me playing hard to get when a publisher proposes.

Still, it’s not the same as sitting behind a computer entertaining myself with my funny stories of chaos and mayhem.

What makes you tense? Good or bad?



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83 thoughts on “Get the duct tape-wrap it tight before my head explodes”

  1. Good morning!
    This book looks great! Thanks for sharing the excerpt!
    Right now what makes me tense is my work where there is a lack of communication with a project we are doing. I thrive on communication and some people may say I am an over communicator(if that is a word :)), but that is only because they don’t communicate at all!! LOL Chocolate is my solution so far and a many glasses of iced tea.

  2. Hi Mary. Congratulations on the release of your new book. What makes me tense is worrying about my elderly parents.

  3. Hi, Kathleen. Work is always good for knotting up your guts, isn’t it.

    Sometimes I feel like I skim along the surface of my life just to get everything done at work and get the books written and heaven forbid pay some attention to my husband or my messy house.
    Yikes. I’m getting tense just typing that!

  4. Hi, Vickie. Thanks for stopping by. Vickie is my buddy on a historical fiction writer’s email loop and if I ever want to know how much a pair of scissors cost in 1872 or just exactly how big a covered wagon was, or whether they had breeds of dogs or were they all mutts in the 1900s, or where did a Hereford cow come from–I either find it here on Petticoats and Pistols or ask my 19th-Century Yahoo group.

  5. Hi Mary!
    Congratulations on the new book. I live with two teenagers and there are times that they have made me so tense I thought my head would blow off.

  6. Crystal and Maureen make up the sandwich generation, right. Older parents, children still needing you. Some people have both.

    Very stressful, and of course it’s rooted in love so you WANT to do everything you can.

    In fact my mom is having medical tests today, I think fairly routine, and I felt like I should drive her, but she said no????

    So I feel guilty and worried at the same time.

  7. Hey, Mary! Congrats on that new book coming out. I know you’ve been waiting a good long while since Petticoat Ranch – and now comes the deluge. LOL.

    What makes me tense? Getting up in front of a group of people to speak without notes. My voice shakes and my mouth gets dry. It makes me sound like I’m ready to cry. Which I am, deep inside. It’s awful.

    I really envy people who can get in front of a microphone and be so chatty and relaxed. What a gift!

  8. Oh, I know all about being surrounded by males. A husband and two teen sons. What gets me tense? They do. LOL. Like what, for instance? Oh, when my hubby calls five minutes before he shows up for dinner and tells me he’s bringing friends. Or when my sons are able to shoot small doves from a vast sky but they can’t seem to hit the big porcelain hole only a foot away from them. Or…ah…well, maybe I’d better stop there. LOL. Yeah, my guys can make me tense, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I prayed for boys cuz I didn’t have a clue what to do with frilly girls. (I grew up a tomboy.)

  9. Mary–I’m looking forward to Calico Canyon. What a great couple to throw together!

    I’m an internalizer. Which really isn’t good for my health. But when I do notice myself being tense, or nervous, or excited, I get a stomach ache. Always have–Christmas eve waiting for Santa was a pain–literally. 🙂

    Pam, my troubles with speaking before people is that my brain works faster than my mouth and I end up stumbling over my thoughts…and feel like I sound like I’m an idiot. But, that hasn’t stopped me!

  10. Pam, I’ve seen you give a speech, at Turning the Pages of Romance in Lincoln. You did okay.

    Public Speaking is the WORST.

    I could do a whole blog post about my symptoms surrounding that. And you know, stressful as it is, it’s not the actually speaking that’s so bad, it’s the worrying about it before, and obsessing about sounding stupid after that really drives me nuts.
    I have had to do some of it since I’ve gotten published. Who on earth ever said being able to write a book and being able to give a speech went together? If you think about it, those are skills that are exactly the OPPOSITE.

    Where or where is the delete key when I say something stupid????

  11. Mary congrats on the book can’t wait to read it.
    I am a very tense person, I can go days with out sleeping from it person when I lay down I can’t go to sleep I just lay there awake and it is terrible. I worry about everything, that is what my family and friends say.
    So I guess I can’t help you, but if you do discover something please share… Again congrats on the book.

  12. Janelle, you’re surrounded by all men, huh? I hopeyou get a chance to read Calico CAnyon because it’s a woman in an all-male world. I’d love to hear from you, if you think I got it right or missed it completely.

  13. Best wishes, Mary! This is exciting stuff. No need for duct tape or tranquilizers. I promise. Just enjoy the ride and the chaos that comes with book promotion. 🙂

    I’m itching to read “Calico Canyon!” Your teaser really did tease.

  14. BRenda, I am a raving insomniac and when I’m under stress just FORGET IT. I have done most of the truly important things in my life on four hours of sleep. Children’s weddings, important anniversaries and meetings and conferences.

    My mind just will NOT shut down. I’ve been up until 2 a.m. almost every night for a month and my alarm goes off at 7 a.m. no matter WHEN I get to sleep.
    Honestly, I’m used to it.
    I could probably do a blog post on insomnia, too. I think a LOT of mom’s give up sleep when they start having kids and have trouble ever getting back to it.

  15. Linda does it get better? Are you relaxed about a book releasing? Do you have any tricks you could teach me? I think Brenda could use them too…and maybe Pam.

  16. I haven’t taken time yet to read the above comments but my take on Calico Canyon is this:

    (Or Thus, if you will…)

    GET IT. Get it now. Hurry. If you’ve ever had a younger brother, raised a son or better yet, SONS, married a man or dealt with immature, Neaderthalic male behavior, Calico Canyon is the book for you and I’m only half-way through the thing. As the mother of four boys (what was God thinking?????) the sister to four boys, (planted right in the middle of ’em), married to the biggest ‘boy’ of all, let me just say:

    Connealy captures the essence of the Mars vs. Venus controversy in fun, fluid prose and puts the reader smack dab in the middle of a riotous romance where clueless men outnumber the hapless female by six to one and she still emerges victorious.

    My kind of odds, ladies!


  17. I have one word for ya’ll. Tylenol PM.
    Well, one word and two letters.

    Mary, I loved the excerpt and I really want to read the story! I enjoyed how you tortured poor Clay with those crying little girls until he made up The Rules. LOL

    What a fun idea that you took the opposite direction in this new story. Congrats!

  18. I really enjoyed reading Petticoat Ranch & have been waiting for Calico Canyon to appear in a store near me.

  19. Cheryl, I take Tylenol PM every night and it mostly works…I don’t know if I’d EVER sleep if I didn’t. Yes, I consider 2 a.m. working.
    I do pretty well on five hours of sleep. Well, honestly who knows if that’s true. Since I’ve never actually GOTTEN eight hours, I have nothing to compare it with.

  20. Melinda, I talked to a lady in Georgia who works in a book store and she said they’ve got the books and they’re out. I think they’re a little quick…which I fully appreciate. 🙂 But soon, they should be there soon.

  21. I want it, I want it! Sign me up! Poor Grace. Poor Daniel.

    What makes me tense? Most of all, when things don’t go according to plan. Which happens all the time!

    Congrats, Mary.

  22. I also have four brothers who I hung around with much more than I did my three sisters. I have a pretty fair idea of how men think and act. I don’t dare tell you what my brothers did with duct tape.

  23. Ah, Darlene, a woman who wants order in her life. I WANT to want order in my life. I used to pray pretty fervently for a DESIRE to clean and dust and vaccuum because I realized early on that I had no such desire, much to my husband’s dismay.
    Unfortunely the miracle never occurred. Much to my husband’s dismay.

  24. janelle, I’m from a family of eight, too.

    What were our mother’s THINKING. I’m pretty fond of the youngest children in my family so it’s okay for me. And Mom’s eighty so it didn’t kill her, which is surprising.

    I mostly ignored my brothers when we were little. I regret that now, but honestly, there are only so many hours in the day, you can’t acknowledge the existance of EVERY SINGLE CHILD in a family that size.

  25. Oh, Mary, this book sounds absolutely wonderful! I love the humor and heart in the story. The excerpt made me want to read the book right NOW!

  26. I loved Petticoat Ranch and told the whole world that! So I think this contest should be rigged and my name drawn. Sh, Mary, don’t tell anyone else. I’m sooo anxious to read CC, because it looks like another super book. Congrats.

  27. Hi, Cheryl. WEll, you’re in the drawing so we could make it happen pretty fast. It’ll be in bookstores in about six days if the drawing doesn’t go your way. 🙂

  28. Hey there Eileen, whom I have never met or heard of before…..

    Very subtle. No one’s gonna get that.

    And if you win, well that’ll be all a coincidence.

    You must all believe me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. How could a book with four little boys not be funny? How to make these children completely out of control and yet be loveable, even likeable? I hope I pulled it off.

  30. Oooh wow, that excerpt has my attention!!! If I do not win, I am going to look for that book… I am hooked!!! 😀

  31. Although I’m not crazy about blood and violence, I come alive when I read any book written by Olivia Gates. I love her passion.

    When I was reading her Silhouette Bombshell book, Radical Cure, the action was so fast-paced and constant that I had to remind myself to breathe. Three quarters of the way through the book, I heard this pounding and lifted my head. I was scared when I realized the sound was my own heart and I could hear it through my chest wall!

    Considering that I have high blood pressure, this was not good! I waited an hour or so before finishing the book. That book is on my 2008 Top 10 list.

    How can you not love a book that makes you feel like that? Where time disolves and you are right there in the action? Where you sulphuric smells and piercing zings of the weapons put you there on the spot? How can such a beautiful woman create such destruction? I don’t know but I wish I could write with her passion.

  32. Olivia Gates, huh? I’ll hunt her up. I love fast-paced action and romance. That is my thing and it’s what I try to write.

    Ummmmm, maybe, Anita Mae, you should oh, sit in a hospital waiting room while you read. We want you to be okay, and yet not give up on the action. Maybe the fast beating heart is actually good. Maybe it’s like taking a long, brisk walk.

    Wow, now I’m worried about this. I’m picturing the headlines.

    Mary Connealy’s book has now killed people. Banned! Banned! Banned!

    Maybe I should find Olivia and warn her to tone it down, too. 🙂

  33. Your book sounds great! First thought was 7 Brides For 7 Brothers.

    My grown kids still make me tense even though they are scattered across the country.

  34. Congratulations, Mary! Calico Canyon sounds just delightful. Relax and enjoy.
    As a battlescarred veteran of the publishing game, books don’t stress me out anymore. Kid problems–oh, yeah. When my son and daughter in law have one of their occasional spats, they’re usually fine by the next day–but if either of them tells me about it, I’m a basket case for a week!

  35. Karen, My mom is always saying, you’re a mother for life. Having them move out doesn’t change a thing. 🙂

    Really Elizabeth? I can hope that I’ll calm down and not stress anymore? Yay!
    I will cling to that.

  36. Mary, congratulations on your new book! I laughed at the excerpt, very well done. 🙂

    What makes me nervous? Mostly when my schedule gets out of my control, like when I’ve got so much to do juggling work and family that I don’t know where to begin. That’s usually during a deadline, like right now!

    Your book sounds absolutely wonderful. Love the cover!

  37. Hi Mary, congrats on the great story. The excerpt is a delight. I love forced marriage stories and know I’m gonna love this one. Nervous? Tense? I had to grit my teeth, pray 24/7 and forget about sleeping during my hubby’s recent health ordeal. The scent of red wine, my favorite thing LOL made him nauseaus so I am now a teetotaler. He’s well now, praise God. Well, I digress on this happy day for you. Best wishes.

  38. Kate, my schedule is so out of control.
    I’ve got an online calendar that tells me with one day notice and one week notice what I’ve got to do or I’d be TOAST.

    Payroll due.
    P & P blog due.
    Seekerville blog due.
    finished manuscript due.
    Amanda’s bridal shower.

    I swear I’d forget and wear my PJ’s to work if the Yahoo Calendar didn’t insist I get dressed.

    Probably the BAD part of that is, I now rely on those daily emails bumping me about whatever is due that day (or soon) I can’t hold a thought in my head. But I don’t think I can hold a thought anyway, so it’s okay.

    You know how they say human beings only use 10% of their brain?
    Not me.
    Mind filled up around 1987 and I haven’t been able to learn anything or remember anything since.

    But that’s Yahoo Calendar’s job so I get by.

  39. Congrats on the upcoming release! It sounds really good!

    What gets me excited and tense is knowing that a book by a favorite author is coming out soon. It is like being on pins and needles waiting for release day.

  40. What makes me tense is when things do not go right
    for my adult children (and their families!) What
    makes me tense is having to stand back and let them
    handle their own situations!

    (Deep Breath)

    This book of the adventures of Grace and Daniel is
    calling my name!

    Pat Cochran

  41. So is the red wine STILL bothering him?
    I may try that on my husband, see if my nausea causes him to alter his behavior in any way.

    Wanna bet?

    Well, maybe if I had a heart monitor beeping over my head that flatlined every time he (fill in the desired behavior cessation here).

  42. Cherie, I have favorite authors I watch for, too. I know the release dates and try to be patient.

    WHICH REMINDS ME…Janet Evanovich is going to be in Omaha doing a book signing tonight.

    Cheryl? Pam? ARe you going?

    They have TICKETS, you can pick yours up beginning at 9 a.m. Oh, yeah baby, I wanta do a book signing where they might have to LIMIT the crowd.
    So far, plenty of room for ALL.

  43. >>>Pat Cochran said: What makes me tense is having to stand back and let them handle their own situations!<<< Pat? Are you saying I'm SUPPOSED to stand back and let them handle their own situations? Like that's the right thing to do? Not meddle? Not save them? I don't THINK so. Where did you ever hear that??? Surely that can't be right. They need their mommy to save them!!!!!!!

  44. >>>Mary said, “Are you saying I’m SUPPOSED to stand back and let them handle their own situations? Like that’s the right thing to do? Not meddle? Not save them?
    I don’t THINK so.”>>>

    I agree with you, Mary. I don’t understand why my son the police officer doesn’t realize that he still needs my help to run his life! 😉

  45. Family – husband who is moodier than any menopausal woman! My daughter at 24 who temporarily moved back home and who is getting married this year so wedding plans!!! A 21 year old who has a boyfriend 14 yrs. her senior (unfortunately we like the guy lol) and is going to be moving away. An 86 year old mother who amazing is doing pretty good for her age but… And of course money problems. Yeah, I don’t sleep good at night lol.

  46. Really looking forward to your new book.

    What makes me lose sleep? Having too much to do and to little time to do it. Also if I have to get up early to be someplace I wake up almost every hour thinking I have overslept. This time of year the birds wake up and are really happy around 5am. Seems like they quiet down about the time I have to get up at 6.

    Are you having any book signings for your new book?

  47. Jeanne and Sue, look back up through the list of Head Exploding problems. Too busy, family worries.

    Do you suppose if we were unmarried childless orphans who were unemployed and lacking a spirit of volunteerism we’d all be sleeping well?

    Oh, wait…money worries too.

    Forget it. It’s hopeless. Maybe we aren’t meant to sleep. Maybe that whole 8 hours thing is an urban myth.

    Oh, and how about the stories you hear that say if you don’t get 8 hours you’ll die younger and be fat. Have you heard those rumors???


    Now I REALLY can’t sleep.

  48. I’m having book signing in Nebraska and Sioux City, Iowa, and one in Minneapolis. IF you’re anywhere near those locations, email me for details.

    maryconnealy at
    Or you can find my email address on my website… somewhere….

  49. Oh Lord, I can identify! My 4th ‘Tempered’ novel has gone to print and I’m waiting…waiting…waiting for my shipment!

    What makes me tense…too much to do and too little time – regardless of how well I may ‘manage’ my hours.

    Great post!

  50. Adn Jeanne, I wonder ALL THE TIME why they say only WOMEN have pms…oh, wait, I did figure this out once…

    It’s because with WOMEN it only happens during a set time of the month, where as with MEN it’s pretty much non-stop.

  51. Mary…this book does sound wonderful! I cant wait to read it!!!!

    Let’s see..what makes me stressed out and tense: Usually something to do with money! LOL… I am in charge of our bills and banking..etc, so…I usually get pretty stressed out about all of that!

    My 2 girls can get me pretty tense sometimes for sure! I do seriously get stressed out when they are sick too…that’s always a hard time for a mom I think!

    and by the your PMS comment about men..LOL

  52. You know, Melissa, I rememeber the exact MOMENT I cracked over the kids getting sick.

    There’s just this adjustment you have to make when you’re a mom and I remember the resentment, impatience, self-pity when one of the precious little monsters would start running a fever right before a family wedding, or holiday or miracle of miracles, some day I had free to go shopping.

    I remember them all waking up with fevers one Easter Sunday. I had such pretty outfits for them, purses and hats and shiny white shoes and ruffly sox. I think I had three girls. I went to church alone and left my husband (who can be pretty sweet, let’s give the man a break–okay that was a long enough break) at home with them.

    I felt so SORRY for myself. And yes, it’s not lost on me that perhaps, me not getting to show off my girls in their Easter finery doesn’t compare well with Jesus dying on the cross.
    I let a lot of that impatience and self-pity go, pretty much. I’m a mother. I gotta roll with the punches.
    I remember a Thanksgiving when one of them had chicken pox so we couldn’t go to a family get together.
    I remember another family holiday well, I won’t even say out loud what cancelled that one. Yeesh.

    At some point you just get used to it. that doesn’t mean it’s not stressful, the worry is stressful but giving up fun stuff, it just gets to be part of the drill.

    I remember my second born having tubes put in her ears at age 2 1/2. I sat in that waiting room planning her funeral while they operated. Horrible, horrible experience handing your child over to a doctor for surgery.

    Yikes, it’s a wonder every mother doesn’t have a hole eaten through her stomach from worry!!!

  53. Enjoyed reading about this book and I have added it to my TBR list.
    when I get tense, I go to a bookstore and mosey around. It relaxes me and I usually pick up a romance book to read. Of course, it helps if they have a coffee shop near by where I can get something with chocolate in it.

  54. Good evening.

    Got to have your new book sounds wonderful.
    My job makes me really tense. My boss really gets my blood boiling sometimes. Of course right now the gas prices is enough to make anybody’s blood boil.

    My Mom has a way of getting under my skin, she has this guilt thing down pat, Now she is trying to quit smoking (lord help me)!

    I worry and feel quilty about everything

  55. Okay, wow, Sherry. You might be the winner of the stress contest.

    If you actually dread your mom quitting smoking.

    Maybe if you gently told her she can either keep smoking and risk a slow death later in life, or risk a sudden death right now if she doesn’t quit driving you nuts.

    And sure work is stressful, but c’mon, honey, no one LIKES to work. That’s why they have to pay you to show up.

  56. You’re right about work. I work for a small family printing shop for an only child who doesn’t have a clue what being poor is all about. I have worked for him for 23 years now.

  57. Mary, huge congrats on book #2!!! Woohoo! I can see getting a bit nervous 😉

    As for what makes me tense up, the threat of having to do any public speaking will do that pronto… Or spending any time in large crowds of frantic people, say shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. Or having to take care of large groups of other people’s children. Oy… I think maybe I need to go find some ice cream 😉

  58. BTW, I also meant to say, I hope you’ll be able to relax a bit and enjoy celebrating Calico Canyon — it’s going to be fabulous!!

  59. Mary, congrats on your book and the gorgeous cover.

    What makes me tense?

    The realization that there are only 24 hours i the day. I get tense a lot.

  60. I really like the name Calico Canyon.
    Tense right now is knowing I have to go to the dentist tomorrow and I haven’t been wearing my partial bottoms and…. oh I hope the dentist is friendly tomorrow.

  61. Mary, I cannot wait for Calico Canyon! And now it’s only a week away! I can relate to your tension with a new book coming out. When Courting Miss Adelaide, my debut novel, finally releases I’ll probably need a paper bag. In fact I’m stocking up.


  62. It used to be, Estella, if you were following a weaving driver in the morning it was a mom with a kid loose in the car. At night…drunk. Now all day every day is’t cell phone users.
    Plus with car seats the mom’s are pretty much under control.

  63. LIFE

    What makes me tense? finances and going to the doctor.
    I loved reading about Calico Canyon. I can’t wait for the book to come out.

  64. Fedora, Public speaking is the worse.
    You know, as you all list off your tension creators, and I keep typing in over and over, yeah, me too…I’m beginning to see that I just GENERALLY need to CHILL OUT.

  65. You know, Fedora, I like being in the hustle and bustle of Christmas IF I’ve got nothing to buy.

    I tend to just power shop everything for Christmas in one credit card exploding day.

    I actually had the credit card company phone me once, the day after the big Christmas shopping spree to ask if I knew where my card was because the activity on it had risen to a level that set off red flags. Uh oh!!!

    then I can go back to the mall closer to Christmas and people watch and enjoy the decorations and Christmas and pretty seasonal products without needing to stand in line or worry about toting heavy bags to my car in the farthest corner of the over loaded parking lot. I enjoy that.

    Maybe I can buy one or two things, like my beloved Mannheim Steamroller Fresh Aire Christmas in it’s SIXTH format. I’ve got the record, the eight track, the cassette, the CD and the download onto an iPod. Blue Tooth anyone? I just discovered what that is, except isn’t it video not audio. Well, maybe I HAVEN’T exactly discovered what it is, huh?

  66. RobynL, I’m going to go ahead and assume ‘I haven’t been wearing my partial bottoms’ is a reference to some tooth appliance and not pants.

    Here’s hoping.

  67. Janet, I’m going to see you only a couple of weeks after Courting Miss ADelaide releases, at conference. 🙂 I’ll be looking for the ‘unknown author’. The one with the paper bag over her head.

    That’s gotta be faster than make-up, seriously.

  68. LIFE…I think maybe Kimmy summed it up perfectly. Maybe we’re not TENSE. Maybe we’re just alive.

    Public Speaking
    Guilt trippin’ mothers
    Crazy drivers
    Hectic schedules
    No one’s mentioned mice…let’s not go there!!!

    I can’t go on, just trying to list them all is making me reach for the duct tape.

  69. Mary, Mary, Mary! I didn’t say I did it well!
    I did say it caused tension for me, major tension!

    Pat Cochran

  70. Yes Mary I have been a loyal fan of Cheryl’s, I have only meet Pam once but love meeting them all. Cheryl has shown me tons of great people to read I can’t even keep up. The pile is getting so big to read but that is okay I have so many exciting things to keep me busy if I get to ever stay home.
    I think it was Tina that said there is 24 hours in a day and they whiz by well how come the ones I spend at work (9) sure don’t but then when I come home it goes so fast I can’t believe it is time to get up and do it again.
    Yes Mary can’t wait for the signing I sure hope the line is not as long as it was for Janet Evanovich I spent 4 1/2 hours in the line to get my booked autographed and a picture with her. I didn’t come home until it was over went straight from work and it was 10 when I got home.
    But I will wait I can’t wait to meet you in person. I think you are a hoot on here your remind me of my sister in law she lives in Boston and I sure miss her.

  71. Great excerpt. I don’t think the duct tape is going to help much. All it will do is pull out your hair and remove some of your skin when you go to take it off!!!

  72. This book is wonderful i could not put it down and i cant wait for number 3!
    (im also giving away this book at my blog)
    Mary I know the release will be wonderful.

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