Pam’s winner? Fedora!

And isn’t that ironic?  I had to giggle when the Random Number Generator picked Fedora’s number on the list of comments.

She’s the perfect winner for all the fun we had today talking about hats, don’t you think?

Fedora, email me, and I’ll get your snail mail addy for a copy of my newest, KIDNAPPED BY THE COWBOY!

Thank you, everyone!

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Pam has written 30 romances, most of them historical westerns. Her newest sweet historical romance, HARRIETT, was the launch book for the popular Cupids & Cowboys series, but she's written a contemporary sweet romance series, too! The Blackstone Ranch 3-book series is published by Tule Publishing and is available on your favorite platforms. Stay up on the latest at

4 thoughts on “Pam’s winner? Fedora!”

  1. Teehee! Thank you SO much, Pam! Off to try to e-mail you now (it might take me a day or two–we seem to be having technical difficulties with the outgoing e-mail, and my husband (aka personal IT guy) is out of town for a couple days.) Thanks again for the hat fun!

  2. YAY Fedora!! You will love this book…I do recommend you read UNTAMED COWBOY you can get the full affect!! LOL

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