In The Good Old Summertime!

Mother Nature and her four seasons….well, sometimes there are four. Here in North Texas we tend to skip one or two occasionally. This year our sping lasted about two days. It seemed to go from winter straight into summer. One day I was shivering and the next I was burning up. Although summer is not officially here in the U.S. until June 20th, it’s arrived early it seems. Yesterday it hit 101 and that’s not the first time this year. Yikes!

Crazy weather is not uncommon for us. We should be accustomed to nature going haywire and doing its own thing. One minute it might be bright and sunny and next cold and rainy. Mostly though it’s just hot!

As a side note and for the record, my favorite season of all is fall. I love the colors of the leaves and the smell of burning wood in the fireplace on cool nights. Fall is perfect for me.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of things I do like about summer. I absolutely love the fruits and melons and fresh garden vegetables. I can just about eat my weight in ripe sweet watermelon. Oh man, that’s good stuff! I can make a pretty good dent in luscious okra, squash, eggplant, and corn too. When I have those around I don’t need meat. In the summer I turn into a regular vegetarian. There’s nothing better than a crispy salad and its light on your stomach when the days climb into the triple digits and kill your appetite.

I cook on the grill quite a bit to keep from heating up the kitchen and making the A/C work overtime. Grilled burgers, steaks, and pork chops are heavenly! Vegetables are especially succulent when grilled over an open fire. Yum!

Gorgeous summer flowers brighten up everything with their beauty and fragrance. I think flowers are God’s special gift to us. They remind us that life goes on no matter if we think (and want) everything to stop when we lose someone very special to us. But it doesn’t. It can’t. Life is a continuing circle. It’s kinda like a train with people constantly getting on and off but the locomotive stays on its path. Flowers remind me that everything has a life cycle. This year I planted a patch of vinca, marigolds, and purple petunias and they brightened my world.

Summer means vacation time for some families, a time to kick back and take it easy for a little while and recharge our batteries. There are lakes and swimming pools, boating or just floating around on a raft being lazy as all get out and sipping on something cold. I can defnitely do the lazy part! In fact, you might say I’m expert at it. When my husband was alive we had a lake cabin and spent most of our summers there on the water beneath the bluest Texas sky you’ve ever seen. I have fond memories of those times. I even learned to water ski after my three kids took to it like mice to cheese. I thought I’d swallow half the water in the lake before I finally mastered the art. But I learned and I was quite proud of myself. After all, things aren’t easy to get the hang of when you’re in your forties and trying to figure them out! I loved that lake house though. Have so many treasured moments spent there. This photo is a picture of the house on Lake Kemp.

On the flip side of all this good stuff is the fact that summer heat can drain every bit of energy from you before you can bat an eye. That’s the part I hate more than anything. The heat and I are not friends, plain and simple. And think of doing yard work under the sweltering sun! Mowing the lawn, mulching, and weed-pulling. Heaven help! That’ll kill you.

Then, what about those pesky mosquitoes, ticks and wasps! I can sure do without them.

I guess everything has it’s good and bad side. We can’t expect to partake of only the good without paying the price in some fashion.

What do you love and hate about summer? How do you spend it? Is it your favorite season?

I’m drawing one winner from the people who comment today for a book from my backlist or they can choose my new anthology.


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Here in the Texas Panhandle, we do love our cowboys. There's just something about a man in a Stetson and jeans that makes my heart beat faster. I'm not much of a cook but I love to do genealogy and I'm a bit of a rock hound. I'm also a NY Times & USA Today bestselling author of historical western romance. You can contact me through my website and I'd love to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. HAPPY READING!

66 thoughts on “In The Good Old Summertime!”

  1. Well Linda…IM gonna try and post this…we’ll see if it works today!! LOL

    I love summer too! I love it for lots of reasons as well…one being that my allergies stop bothering me so much and I can actually go outside for a little bit without sneezing and itching!

    I love summer because my kids can play outside for a bit also!

    I love summer because I dont have to dress in lots of clothes and I dont have to dress my kids in lots of clothes!

    I love summer because I can wear flip flops all the time and my toes dont get cold!

    I love summer because of the nice fresh fruits and veggies too! We love watermelon here too and…what’s better than a cold watermelon on a hot summer day!?!?!?!?

  2. Fall is probably my favorite season (leaves changing color and FOOTBALL!) but I do love summer. I live on a lake so there’s plenty to do in summer. I like the weekly farmer’s market, cookouts, more daylight, pretty flowers around the yard, lazy afternoons in the hammock, picking blueberries and gorging myself on fresh strawberries and peaches. We rent a place on the beach for a week every summer. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy. I live on a gorgeous lake at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains and we escape to the ocean every summer but that’s what we South Carolinians do. (grin)

  3. Awesome drawing you have for today!
    I have to say my favorite time of year has to be Spring and Fall, having said that i love the snow even though it’s become rare around here and i love the summer if there’s a pool to jump in. I too love the fruits and veg. I refuse to plant anything untill we move but my dad has always grown his own veg. onion and garlic, pepper,squash, corn all that people grow in gardens this year i have some tomato’s in buckets and green pepper in buckets I know it sounds crazy but i don’t want to plant here because i don’t want to live here. I don’t like neighbors front, back, and to each side of me I’d like a little peace in my life!
    P.J. I love the Mountains and Coast how lucky you are having a place on the lake and what’s more crazy is I would probably do the same things because to me those are the 2 best places in the world, if you can why not enjoy both!!

  4. Great blog Linda.

    Fall is my favorite too! I love the coolness after all the awful heat of summer. The first time it gets just chilly enough for a sweater I am in heaven. LOL I love the fall colors, and the smell of burning leaves. (why haven’t they made a candle that smells like burning leaves???) 🙂

    I love all the fresh fruit and veggies of a summer garden, but I HATE the heat of summer! The heat zaps my strength, and I hate when it’s too hot to even sit on my porch to read! UGH!!!

    When I was growing up in Oklahoma, we would spend a week in a little cabin on the Illionis River in Tahlequah, OK. It was the best part of summer because we would spend all day in the river, so we didn’t mind the heat. We didn’t have a t.v. or phone there and it was heaven on earth!

    I am so jealous Linda, hearing you talk about Texas. Two of the things I miss most about Oklahoma is the okra, and watermelons! Most of the people I know here in Indiana don’t even know what okra is, (how sad is that?) and it doesn’t grow real well here! I miss my mom frying okra all summer!!! I grew up about 10 miles from Rush Springs Oklahoma, which they say is the watermelon capitol of the world. 😉 They had a big watermelon festival every summer, and those were the best watermelons I’ve ever had.

    I have to stop talking about it, I’m getting homesick! LOL

  5. Oh my goodness I lost my last post. I only like the fall colors I don’t like fall much because winter is right around the corner and I get ill thinking about it with all the cold night and dark it gets dark way to early. Go to work when it is dark and come home when it is dark.
    I like you could live on just veg’s hubby thinks we need meat but I love all the vegetables.
    The lake house looks like a great palce to spend some good time. My aunt and unlce had a cabin and we would go there in the summer it was great and so realxing. She sold it when he passed away, so we really haven’t spent any good time like that lately. Seems like nobody really does much of the family outings, everyone is way to busy now.
    I would have to say Spring is my favorite time of the year if we really have one. I love all the new life there is with it, I wonder in the winter when I take the dog for a walk if there is really any people in the houses alive it looks like it is dead No life.
    It gets way to hot in the summer here and I don’t do well with heat I pass out from it so I have to be careful, one good thing about it I don’t have to mow because I turn purple so that might be a good thing. LOL

  6. PJ, good morning! Ahhhh, I’d forgotten to mention the farmers markets. Thanks for adding that. I love to browse at those, picking out the freshest fruits and veggies! Everything smells just wonderful and tempts me to buy. I usually come home with a whole car full of all kinds of stuff.

    No, you’re not weird about spending a week at the ocean. Goodness no! There’s nothing in the world like breathing the salty air and listening to the surf. Sure makes for some mighty good sleeping.

    Thanks for coming by to comment. 🙂

  7. Hi Lori! Glad my blog caught your interest. I’m sorry you aren’t liking where you live. But at least you’re trying to make the best of it. Growing tomatoes and peppers in a bucket is better than nothing. I think everyone has it in them to grow something. We humans are nourishers.

    Hope you find some peace real soon! That’s important.

  8. Hi Missy, sorry I made you so homesick for Oklahoma. Yes, they do grow excellent fruits and veggies in abundance. I know where Rush Springs is and the watermelon festival they have there every year. Those melons are famous for being sweet and luscious. The next time I fry up some okra I’ll think of you and wish you were here.

    In the meantime you’ll just have to rely on memories. Sounds like you had a wonderful childhood. 🙂

  9. Spring is my favorite time of the year, but it just doesn’t last long enough. We are already getting 90 degree tempts, so I guess spring is gone. It happened over night it seems. The thing about summer that I don’t like is the heat. It is hard to get out and work in your yard which I love to do. I guess what I like about summer you don’t have to worry about snow.

  10. Linda i do want to share with you my field trip with the 5th grade class yesterday, I know I’ve mentioned several times on the post how much i love horses well yesterday I had the most ultimate experience and wanted to share it with you and the other ladies. We went to Shackleford Banks, N.C. If any of you are familier with the Wild Horses that live there, it’s never a guarentee you’ll even see them when you visit they are wild so there’s no way to controll this. I want you to know I spotted several and yes the camera was clicking away they were right in front of me there was a moment 3 of them ran straight in front of where i was standing!! What a moment that was I couldn’t help to cry it was so overwhelming these horses I had always hoped one day i would be able to view them and that moment happened there is a sad side to these horses they live strickly off the land and get seen by a vet. once a year they will not allow people to feed them however once a year they will allow for adoption and they have guidelines that have to be met.I will send pictures as soon as my husband will download them for me. Thank You for allowing me to share a wonderful exsperience!!!!!

  11. Summer is my favorite season. I like family bbqs, wearing shorts/capris and sandals, fishing with husband, going to the lake and growing a vegetable garden. The only thing I don’t like is the insects.

  12. Trying once again to post this…….

    Well Linda…IM gonna try and post this…we’ll see if it works today!! LOL

    I love summer too! I love it for lots of reasons as well…one being that my allergies stop bothering me so much and I can actually go outside for a little bit without sneezing and itching!

    I love summer because my kids can play outside for a bit also!

    I love summer because I dont have to dress in lots of clothes and I dont have to dress my kids in lots of clothes!

    I love summer because I can wear flip flops all the time and my toes dont get cold!

    I love summer because of the nice fresh fruits and veggies too! We love watermelon here too and…what’s better than a cold watermelon on a hot summer day!?!?!?!?

  13. My favorite season is summer. It has always been a wonderful time of year for me. The sunshine, blue skies, beautiful flowers, and spending time at the beach. This is so meaningful and relaxing to be together with family and catch up. I appreciate the warm summer nights when we go for leisurely walks.

  14. Hi Linda,

    I love the idea of summer. The picnics, going to Pacific beaches, vacations and the excitement of kids out of school! When my kids were little, we’d spend a lot of time together … going to the beach or swimming.

    Now, that I’m older, I find that I like the spring and fall better. Up until a year ago, I’d tell you I love the heat. In California it also gets up in the 100’s , but not as much humidity as Texas! I can tolerate the heat, but I prefer a nice 80 degree spring day. We’re actually having a spring this year. Nice, clear 70 and 80 degree days. Like you in Texas, mostly we go from winter straight to summer. This year, it’s been sooo nice.

    Your place at the lake looks wonderful. I bet you have lovely memories of the those times!

  15. Hi Brenda! Glad to find another friend who lives on fruits and veggies. That’s great. They’re very good for us.

    Oh my gosh, I hate to hear of your intolerance for the heat! Passing out is definitely scary. I can see where you wouldn’t want to go out on hot days. I have a health condition that is worsened by the heat so I understand perfectly.

    Stay cool and keep eating your vegetables! 🙂

  16. Summertime is the best ever time for me. It is when I can visit family, go on lengthy trips and have a chance to see sights that I have been pining for. The great lake where we all congregate for a week of fun and bar-b-q. I enjoy the road trips, the beautiful sunsets and the way that the air feels. Soft, soothing and romantic.

  17. I love the spring when everything comes alive after being gone all winter but summer is a great time too. My favorite is to go to the beach with a good book and just listen to the waves and read. The bad part is weeding. I like to plant and landscape but hat to weed.

  18. Hi Virginia! Thank you for stopping by to join this discussion. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who thought spring skipped us this year. Maybe it’s global warming or something. At least some people would say it is. I shudder to think that possibly one day we’ll just have one season and it’ll be summer all year round! But that day isn’t here yet so we can be thankful.

    You must live where it snows a lot. I had to laugh when you said the best thing about summer is that there’s no snow. I’m not a big fan of snow either but I love the cooler temps.

    Have a great day! 🙂

  19. Lori, what a truly neat experience! It must’ve been fate that let you see three of the wild horses. I know those majestic animals are probably the most beautiful creatures God created. I’m glad you shared your moment with us. We’ve become like family in a way and we love hearing what each has to say.

    Thank you very much!

  20. Hi Crystal B! You are definitely a summer-lover. Nothing at all wrong with it. Some people thrive in the warm sun. And like you pointed out, there’s lots to do outdoors to keep us occupied. Any activity involving water is a good thing.

    I agree about insects though. Yuck! I can sure do without those pesky flies, mosquitoes, and ticks.

    Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  21. Hi Charlene! Yes, I have lots of vivid memories of our lake house. The thing I liked most was the peaceful serenity – and being on the water. There’s something about lakes, streams, and oceans that draw me. I envy you that you live close enough to go to the beach. I love the feel of the sand between my toes. And the sound of the waves. Boy, that can lull me right to sleep!

    I do think as we get older we change. I know that I would definitely not be caught dead in a swim suit now. Oh my Lord! And it’s no fun going to the beach when you have to keep everything covered up! 🙂

    I can only imagine how hot those pioneer women got in all those clothes. Bet a bunch of them fainted a lot. They had no respite from the heat.

    Thanks for sharing your views of summer. It’s not all bad for sure.

  22. Hi Ruth, another summer-lover! I think we’re about half and half. Your summers on the Great Lakes sound like pure heaven. What a fantastic place to go! The gorgeous sunsets, the water, the soft warm air on your skin – and the barbeque. For two cents I’d come and crash your party! Sounds right up my alley.

  23. Hi Maureen,

    Oh, you and some of the other ladies are making me long for the beach! Sounds so peaceful. Just the place to take a good book and hang out.

    Yard work is for the birds I say. I really hate it. Since my husband is no longer here to do the mowing, edging, and weed-eating it’s become my job. I don’t mind it so much at the start before the temps start rising. But now I almost have to flog myself with a whip to get out there and do it. Wish I was wealthy and could afford to hire a yard man. Someone handsome of course. 🙂

  24. Hi Pearl,

    Now, you have to mention leisurely walks on warm summer nights! That is a peaceful time. I think one of the best things about summer is that it gets us away from the TV and out of the house. It lets families do things together and enjoy being with each other. And it helps make strong memories that last us a lifetime. 🙂

    Have a good day!

  25. I love the Fall… colors changing, cooler weather… 😀
    Since I moved to Arizona, I tend to hide in my house… HOT HOT HOT Summers… You need the AC badly and the pool only helps a bit… The Fall and Winter weather tend to be very nice, but I do not like the Summer heat!

  26. Hi Colleen,

    Oh you poor girl! You have it worse than I do. Arizona heat is legendary. Makes you want to camp by the pool and in the water. Or else like you said, hide in your house under the hard-working A/C. Pray for fall!!

    Thanks for joining us today! 🙂

  27. I have always enjoyed spring the most – new beginnings and all that. I love when the plants start turning green and flowering. I even planned having my two kids then – one in April and one in May. I live in PA so summers are not too horribly bad. I don’t mind heat, only humidity. I love Arizona weather but not Florida. Of course with the invention of A/C (boy do I remember the days we didn’t have it) you can at least cool off.

  28. Hi Linda, your lake house is beautiful~I wish I could go LOL. I like Fall best because it means Thanksgiving and Christmas aren’t long off…but in Southern California we don’t get the leaves changing as such. It’s pretty temperate around here (I live near the beach) all year long, so we went nuts a few days ago driving down the mountain from Lake Tahoe (vacation) into SNOW falling. Oh we stopped and took a ton of pix.

    Actually along our coast it isn’t tropical at all and is usually too cold come evening to sit/eat outside even in the summer. But at least we don’t ever need A/C, only a fan once a while. But it’s also rather rural, great farmland famed for its strawberries. So we buy ’em by the flat at the roadside stands and eat ’em like candy. Yumm-o.

    Thanks for a great post and congrats on your books!


  29. Hey, Linda,

    One of the ultimate luxuries for me would be to have a summer house. How fun to have a get-away all to yourself–wow! We have a huge family, and it’d be great to entertain there.

    Do you still have that lake house?

  30. Thanks Linda, Actually I saw probably all together 20-25 different ones but I was really close to these 3 when they started running in front of me the other people moved away but I don’t know if i was afraid i wouldn’t get the picture or if it was so beautiful to see them up close running like that but i stayed I may have been alittle stupid also lol!!

  31. I have a love/hate relationship with summer. I live in Georgia, so summers are hot and humid. I like summer, though, because the days just seem lazier and it is time for vacation.

  32. I remember talking to one of my daughter’s teachers, we had kids about the same age and, though it was a parent teacher’s conference, she had an open slot and we spent some time yakking.
    Her husband was a farmer and she said her son had a job that took him to farm stores that supplied things like fertilizer, seed, herbicide, serious farm stuff, not just garden tool and power saws.
    Her son and a friend had graduated from college together, gotten jobs at the same time, doing the same thing for the same company and now her son had just been promoted while his friend hadn’t.
    She said she thought it was because her son could talk about the weather.
    I mean talk seriously about the weather.
    Lots of people talk about the weather and it’s small talk.
    On the farm…it’s life and death.
    I just remember her saying her son could not only talk farming but when he said, “What’s the forecast” he was truly interested and knew what it meant.
    She said, “You know what? The other kid knew weather was important but I don’t think you can fake that intense interest and understanding of the weather.”
    It always struck me as so funny. “I don’t think you can fake that.”

    Who knows? I sure don’t have to fake it.
    When anyone talks weather, my reaction is always the same…”What have you heard?”

    Important, like a missing child has been spotted somewhere, you know? It matters.

  33. Summer has always been my favorite season. Having four kids, I looked forward to those brief months without having to rush off to school in the morning and have everything ready for the next day when I went to bed at night. We had a pool and our summers were spent tanning, reading, grilling and playing in the backyard.

    I don’t like to be hot anymore. At all. I do yard work, though, because I’m a flower garden nut, but I prefer spring weather and early mornings for that kind of thing. When the dead heat and humidity strike, I do all errands in the early AM and stay in for the rest of the day.

    We did have spring weather this year, but we had so much rain that it wasn’t always enjoyable. But it was nice to have a true break between running the furnace and swithing on the air conditioning. In Nebraska those days are few.

  34. IN the vein of my last post, guess what? I can talk about the weather for a long, long time.
    I’ll try not to let it get away from me. 😀

    I’m from Nebraska and I’ve been here from birth and I’m good at it(being a Nebraskan, that is).

    Complaining about the weather is almost our state sport. I usually switch over from complaining about the cold to complaining about the heat over night. A particularly nasty day, sometimes you can complain about the cold in the morning and get to complaining about the heat before noon. I call that a double play
    There is a triple play, if it goes back to cold before nightfall. It isn’t an urban myth. It HAS been documented.
    I consider it a mark of a true, dedicated Nebraskan.

  35. Hi Pam,

    We did love that lake house. It was perfect for us and the kids. It was built in the 1930’s by my husband’s grandfather and the way it’s laid out is perfect to catch a breeze no matter the direction of the wind. Didn’t make that much difference once air conditioning was installed but I loved the layout. It could easily sleep 20 people. That would be great for you since you have a large family.

    No, I don’t have the lake house anymore. After my husband died I could’t afford the upkeep on two houses so I sold it. I sure miss it though! 🙂

  36. Here’s a Nebraska weather joke for y’all.

    A guy from California says, “I can leave 80 degrees and sonshine in LA and drive up into the mountains and find snow in one day.”
    A guy from Nebraska replies. “I can do that in Nebraska and never move and inch.”

  37. A personal best day of weather madness for me.
    It was fifty degrees in the morning, some winter morning, and the temperature dropped all day until it got down to thirty below by nightfall.
    And 80 degree swing in one day.
    That’s not a joke. That really happened.

  38. Hi Jeanne,

    Isn’t that neat to plan on having your kids at a certain time of the year? I haven’t heard of anyone other than you who actually planned on when a child would be born. It’s a great concept. I was just never able to do it. Mine came just whenever because they were conceived just whenever. lol I have two daughters that were born in August and I tell you that was horrible. Not the best time to be pregnant. But my son came in December so that was all right.

    Thanks for coming by to comment and support the P&P Fillies!

  39. What was the question again?
    Oh, hot fun in the summertime.
    Got off the topic a little didn’t I? 🙂

    Boating on the Missouri River.
    I love to go out there and just float. The rest of my family are good water skiers but not me. I came to it too late and too fat.
    I wasn’t coordinated to begin with, so I was doomed.
    But I love watching, swimming, tubing, floating. If you get hot, jump in and cool off.

    We spend time nearly every weekend out there with which ever of our grown daughters and their husbands are available to come up. And a lot of evenings my husband, a great skier, and I go out. I can drive the speedboat and pull him so, now that the kids are grown, we go out alone a lot of evenings if he gets from work at a decent time.
    If we go upstream far enough there are beautiful rocky bluffs that come straight up out of the water, they’re covered with trees that turn beautiful colors in the fall.

    We see an occasional eagle and other people park along sandbars, grilling and sunning and kids playing in the sand.

    Boaters are the happiest people in the world. You’ll never get waved at so much, never see so many American flags flying, there are houses along the river here and there and grills are going and people sitting out on decks to wave as you float by.

    I think, out on a boat, you just can’t deny life is good.

  40. Tanya,

    You make me hungry for strawberries! Bet you do grow some sweet juicy ones there.

    I’m so envious of you and your temperant weather. Must be wonderful not to have to rely on A/C. I sure wouldn’t know. But you guys have rock and mud slides, forest fires, and earthquakes. Guess I’ll stick with Texas. We just have the heat and tornadoes.

    Glad you enjoyed the picture of our former lake house. Wish you could’ve seen it.

    Eat enough strawberries for me, okay? 🙂

  41. Cheryl C,

    Thanks for coming by to comment. Oh my gosh, Georgia heat is as bad as Texas! You poor thing. And all your lakes are drying up because you’re in that horrible drought. Here’s praying you get lots of rain in the coming months. 🙂

  42. Mary,

    Farmers have no excuse for not paying attention to the weather. Yes, it’s life and death for sure. The difference between a crop making and going bust. Nebraska is a serious farming state. Wonder how many farms it has? Bet there’s more than you can count.

    Funny about the kid who could talk serious about the weather. Most kids these days don’t get that intense about anything except their cell phones, I-pods, and the color of their sneakers. Glad to hear of one who has more important things on his mind. I’m thinking he’s gonna be a farmer.

    We’ve seen some of those severe temp shifts too. I know it’s true because I’ve seen it. I’m sure you see a lot of hot scorchers too. You’re sitting right in the middle of the plains. No place like home though, right?

    Thanks for the joke! 🙂

  43. Hi Cheryl my Filly sister,

    We never had a pool when I was growing up or even after I married. I wouldn’t know what it’s like to go out my back door and jump in the pool. I think it would be wonderful. Lots of work to keeping one up though. Reminds me of that old saying that if you dance the music you gotta pay the fiddler! lol

    Glad spring came to see you in Nebraska. I did notice you guys got a ton of rain up there. I kept praying it’d come a little further south. I don’t know why one section of the country has to get all the rain and the places that really need some don’t get much. At least you didn’t have to turn the A/C on for a while. That’s great on the electric bill. 🙂

  44. Mary,

    Boating is the best way to spend time. I loved the boat we had. We spent hours on end just trolling around the lake and waving at everyone. You’re right about boaters being friendly. We broke down one time out in the middle of the lake and it wasn’t no time before another boat load of people stopped to help. They’re really nice.

    We used to grill outside a lot when we had the lake house. Talk about some good eating. I can still taste those steaks and burgers. Nothing like it.

  45. I hate the hot weather in Summer; I just melt and get a headache if it’s over 73 degrees or so. Even in the house. I hate the wasps and mosquitoes also. I itch just thinking about them.

    I love watermelon just like you. I can eat a whole one myself if dh doesn’t get eating some.
    I love the fresh veggies from the garden and the tomatoes for a tomato, bacon and lettuce sandwich toasted. Yummy.

  46. Fall is my favorite season, but I do love the flowers, fruits and veggies of summer.
    I usually spend the summer outside in my flower garden.

  47. What do I hate about summer? It’s too short. But I’m finding that the older I get the faster the time is flying by.
    How do I spend it? Gardening, riding in the golf cart while my husband golfs (and I read), family get-togethers.
    My favorite season would be Spring or Fall, but it seems like the only weather Utah ever has anymore is long winters and hot summers.

  48. I love the fruits( and vegetables) of summer,
    but that’s about the most I like about the season.
    We live on the Texas Gulf Coast, which equates to
    excessive humidity, and that means for us the best
    seasons are every other but summer. Another part
    of summer which we heartily dislike has already
    started flying about: MOSQUITOES! ‘Nuff said!

    Pat Cochran

  49. Hi RobynL,

    Wow, we could be sisters! We love the same things and can’t abide the heat. Strange that I didn’t have so many problems with the heat when I was younger. Guess age has a lot to do with it. Thanks for coming by to comment.

  50. Hi Estella,

    Fall is definitely a wonderful time of the year. Besides the cooler weather and no lawn mowing, it seems the world slows down just a little bit and gives us a chance to catch our breath.

    Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  51. Hi Christy,

    Sounds like you have a lot of summer activities to keep you busy. That’s good. Enjoy them while you can. Yes, I do think time passes faster then it did when I was young. Seems I barely blink twice in January and it’s already November again. Sure does go fast. I remember when I couldn’t wait to turn 20 so I could be grown up. Lord, the things I didn’t know back then!

    Take care and don’t roast there in Utah! 🙂

  52. Oh, Mary’s comments remind me of my college days in Nebraska…I clearly recall one April day when we laid out and swam at Lake Pawnee in 80-plus degrees…and it snowed that night. Nebr. weather does change drastically and often LOL. Last time I was there, four years ago, it was supposedly the greenest, coolest summer in 15 years. The weather was absolutely gorgeous.

    Yes, Linda, we do get earthquakes and wildfires. Hubby spent his working years chasing fires LOL…but we’re flatlanders far away from those burning hills, and I think I’ll take an earthquake over a tornado anyday. Yikes.

    Thanks for a fun post today, everybody.

  53. Pat C,

    I agree about the pesky mosquitoes and the humidity. Sure can live without both. However, I think we have it easier up here in North Texas than you where the humidity is concerned. I thank God everyday that I don’t live in East Texas! That would be horrible.

    Just get you a big slice of watermelon and try to enjoy that. Thanks.

  54. Tanya,

    That would be very hard on your body to have such a drastic change in temperature. My gosh! I have to agree that Nebraska isn’t for the faint-hearted. Takes some tough people to cope with that weather. 🙂

    Enjoy your life in the flat lands. I’d like to have some of your balmy days.

  55. Good evening ladies. My favorite season is Fall. I love the leaves changing, we have a lake we go fishing on and it is so beautiful when the leaves start to change.

    I love the summer because, fresh veggies and hummingbirds (I love hummingbirds). I love the camp, fish and swim.

    I hate the summer because, the heat in Tennessee is so humid. Here too spring doesn’t last long.

  56. Hi, Linda, My family is like Pat–we love summer for all the yum-ola fruits–melons, stone fruits, berries… we could probably just live on those all season! And of course, the kids love being out of school 🙂 I’m thankful that where we live, the weather’s fairly mild, and not too humid–I wouldn’t do well in real heat! Plus there’s more time to hang out at the library or book store! 🙂

  57. I love summer. It represents everything that I enjoy. The beach and lots of sunshine and lengthy days filled with fun and activities. Planning holidays and roadtrips and just relaxing in the garden.

  58. well, would you look at that Linda… now my comment has been posted 2 times and somehow one of them managed to get in the top spot!! LOL

    you gotta love the internet 😉

  59. Hi Sherry,

    Thanks for joining us and thanks for reminding me of one more thing I like about summer–hummingbirds. I love to sit and watch those little things. They’re so quick and their wings are going ninety to nothing. When my mother was alive she always put out five or six feeders. She always had a ton of hummingbirds flying around her place. I never see them that they don’t remind me of my mom.

    Don’t let the heat in Tennessee get to ya! 🙂

  60. Hi Fedora,

    Glad you could make it. Thanks for sharing what you love about summer. The kids being out of school is one more thing to like about it. I remember when my kids were all home. I used to love not having to get them up in the mornings and fight with them about their homework. But usually after a week or two they’d start getting bored and fighting with each other and I’d be ready for school to start again.

    Hope you find some fun things to do this summer. And also some great books to read!

  61. Hi Diane,

    Thanks for your comments. Holidays and road trips are always things to look forward to. I’m wondering though how the gas prices will affect people’s vacation plans though. Experts are saying there’ll be more people staying home this year. If that’s the case with you, I hope you find fun things to do close to home and still enjoy what you love.

  62. I find something to enjoy about every season. Especially the ruby-throated hummingbirds! It is amazing and special to see them return each summer! I have my feeder out and am ready for visits! 🙂
    I also enjoy the longer day light hours that enable me to come home from work and still have time to relax outside with a good and a glass of ice tea.

  63. Oops, I meant to say good book….I guess I am craving that glass of iced tea right now 🙂

  64. Hi Melissa D,

    I’m so glad your comments got posted. Yea!! I’m just really sorry you’ve had so many problems trying to get your comments to show up. I hope things get straightened out very soon.

    Sounds like you are really into summer and all the activities that come with it. It is extremely nice to get to wear less clothes and not be cold. You know, I’d be perfectly content with days that run in the 70’s and 80’s. That would be just right. But once it gets over a 100 I’m staying indoors. I hate that kind of heat.

    It’s great that you get a reprieve from your allergies. That’s wonderful. My allergies kick up in the Spring like nobody’s business. This year was the absolute worst for me. But once things got finished blooming they settled down.

    Enjoy the summer and have fun with your two girls! 🙂

  65. I love lounging by the pool and watching my kids have fun splashing and playing.

    I love not having to bundle up to go outside.

    I love cookouts, flip-flops, fresh mowed grass smell, listening to the birds while sitting on the porch…

    The only thing I don’t like about this time of year is mosquitoes and tornadoes. Although, now we have tornadoes in December and January, so it really doesn’t matter. LOL

    Being from Tennessee too, I agree with Sherry about the humidity. Whew.

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