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The breakfast mixer was a nice gathering with plenty of pastries and fresh fruit–except those plates just weren’t big enough, no matter how high I heaped on the goodies, darn it.  🙂  

I had the pleasure of sharing the table with a gentleman (his wife was a reader, and he’d graciously offered to drive her and two of her friends to the convention) from upstate New York.  He told me of how his brother, an engineer, owned the company responsible for overseeing the clean-up of the Towers after 9/11.  His brother had hired a firm to take photos of the devastation, not only to document it, but to help in the strategy of managing such a massive job.  The photos once lined walls from floor to ceiling, and when the job was done, the huge numbers of photos led them all to be stored in garbage bags, waiting to be catalogued.  Ironic and bit sad.  What a treasure–and a huge part of our history.

I tease Jenna on how she is always quick to tip the staff on any tiny thing they do for us.  She claims it’s because she’s from New York.  I tell her in the Midwest, we call it customer service.  🙂

A couple more pictures:

John Fish is one of the cover-models up for Mr. Romance 2008.  You should see the muscles on this guy.  Hubba-hubba.


A quick one Jenna took with bestselling western author, Bobbi Smith, Kate Bridges and me.  (Cheryl, Bobbi sends you a hug!)


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3 thoughts on “More from RT!”

  1. Now, Pam, you’d better watch smoozing with those cover models. I hear they like to have you cozy right up to them! But if you can sneak a few into your suitcase, bring ’em back to Wildflower Junction. The Fillies will be oh so grateful! lol

    Interesting breakfast you had with the gentleman from NY. People are always full of the most intriguing stories. I sure hope they don’t lose all those pictures they took of the Twin Tower devastation. How sad they put ’em in trash bags even for the time being. That’s history recorded.

    You and the girls look absolutely ravishing. Have a great time and come back safe.

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