Do Ya Think I’m Sexy–or is it Just My Job?

A western-writer friend of mine, Sherry James, sent this to me, and she was tickled to see her favorite hunk made the list–Cowboys. 

Me?  I wasn’t surprised.  I’ve always thought cowboys were sexy, and it has nothing to do with expensive hair cuts or designer labels or a fancy education.  Rather, just the opposite–sweat-sticking clothes, sun-browned skin and muscles earned from hard work done outside, and not in a gym.

This survey by Careerbuilder makes an interesting note:  Whether or not we admit it, what people do for a living affects their sex appeal.

Here are the 10 sexiest jobs, according to the survey.

model-pam-crooks.jpg1. Entertainer/Model
Entertainers and models make a living by looking good, so you can bet they’re easy on the eyes. Their dedication to their dream in such a competitive industry is also attractive. And just take a look at the popularity of TV shows like “America’s Next Top Model” and “Make Me a Supermodel.”

2. Cocktail Waitress
Although it might not seem like an obvious top pick, consider the fact that the waitress is probably dressed in a short skirt and bringing you drinks, which never hurt anybody’s sex appeal.

3. Athlete
football-pam-crooks.jpgProfessional athletes are likely in good — no, great — shape. Not to mention they’ve probably been practicing their sport since childhood, so you know they’re disciplined and goal-oriented.


4. Firefighter
Firefighters are brave and selfless. Who wouldn’t find that attractive?

 5. Cowboycowboy-pam-crooks.jpg
Few archetypes are as ingrained in our culture as the cowboy. He’s masculine, chivalrous and everything else we admired in Western movies.

6. Nurse
Nurses keep you comfortable, make sure you’re healthy and bring you morphine when you’re hurting. That they devote their lives to caring for others and understand all that medical jargon only makes them sexier.

7. Artist
The average artist is doing what makes him happy, not what will bring him fame or money — and that’s pretty sexy. How many occupations can you say that about?

military-pam-crooks.jpg8. Military Professional
Well, they’ve got the ultimate uniform, if you’re into that sort of thing. The military also instills a sense of discipline, so you can count on them to be responsible and dependable.


9. Construction Workerworker-pam-crooks.jpg
Didn’t you see that soft drink commercial where all the women stare out their window to watch the construction worker take off his shirt?

10. TV Anchor/Personality
Maybe it’s the way they talk with authority, seem to know everything and make you feel like you’re best friends. (Or maybe it’s the fact that you don’t know if they’re really wearing pants under that desk.)

 So?  Is the survey right?  Do we think of someone being sexy because of their choice of employment?

Do you  have another job to add to the list? 

Or maybe it’s our *perception* of the job that makes the person attractive to us.  What do you think?

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32 thoughts on “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy–or is it Just My Job?”

  1. I’m with you! Give me the sweat-sticking, sun-browned cowboy…or fireman…or cop..or well, uniforms are nice too LOL!

    But when it comes to cowboys…that walk–confident, sexy and the slow, deliberate way they do everything…mmmmmm

    Okay, its too early and I’ve been up way too long LOL!

    Pam T

  2. Couldn’t agree more with Pam T! I had an old timey honky-tonk band a few years back. Our lead singer wasn’t much to look at, great personality, married and kinda skinny but put him in a pair of tight fittin’ jeans, add a black hat, and give him a guitar and the ladies went crazy. We had to put railing up around the bandstand and they’d lean over just to see what was under that hat. Go figure! How the package is wrapped does make the gift more appealing. Hugs to all, Phyliss

  3. Yep, I have to agree with Pam too about cowboys, firemen and cops- or uniforms in general.

    But now, male country singers, their appearance quite similar to a cowboy most the time, should be on that list too. I mean I can’t help but drool when I see Trace Adkins, Tim McGraw or Keith Urban…Daggone! (and that’s just three of my favorite sexy ones)

    It doesn’t hurt that a lot of times they sing sexy or romantic songs too. I have a friend who was a lead singer in a small town band once upon a time. He was a hottie and I felt like a groupie when we’d be sitting around in the living room and he’d be practicing a song, strumming that guitar and looking me dead in the eye while he sang. I felt like the ONLY woman in the room! And I wanted to be his guitar…LOL

    I do think the type of career does play a part in our views of what’s sexy, but even in this list- it depends on the person’s character as well. Outside of work though, there are a lot of other things that can make a person very sexy- a good sense of humor, loyalty, devotion, to name a few.

    As an example with #1- that entertainer/model can be sexy as all get out on the outside, but if he’s arrogant or has an ego the size of Mt. Rushmore, he could end up being the least sexy man on Earth.

  4. Pam, good morning! I think you’re thinking is just fine!

    Part of the cowboy’s appeal to me in addition to everything you mention is his mastery over the horse. I LOVE to watch a cowboy ride, and the faster, the better. Or how he ropes a steer and everything else he does is a skill learned from hard work. He’s actually an athlete in many ways!

  5. Phyliss! You were in a band? How cool is that?

    Your comment made me think of Tim McGraw. Really, he’s not THAT good-looking, but he’s got a gorgeous body and such a sexy way of walking. Hubba-hubba. I could just watch him walk, all day long. Very graceful, very confident, very sensual. Like he knows I’m watching him. LOL.

  6. Hey, Taryn! Very insightful comment from you, as always. Too funny on wanting to be your friend’s guitar!

    And you are so right about those entertainers. Many of them do have egos, and that sexy look is only for the camera.

    Models–I have to say that one is my least favorite. Models are often too skinny and too young and often of a different persuasion than I’m comfortable with. A man who is consumed with what he looks like is definitely not sexy to me.

  7. What about a mechanic, working on cars all day and getting all greasy and grimy. I think that is sexy. And for some reason those coveralls they wear can look pretty good on them. But I do think it is our perception of a job that makes it sexy. Being a cop, firefighter, athlete, construction worker, cowboy, mechanic, military, etc are all very dangerous jobs. I think it is either the danger or as in entertainment the notability that makes the jobs look sexy and there fore make the men seem sexy. My husband is a rig mechanic and it is a very dangerous job, but when women hear what he does for a living they hit on him all the more it seems as though they find sexy for him to be in that profession.

  8. LOL, Pam. Most cowboys I’ve met personally (and even here in the west there aren’t many these days) had bad teeth and bad grammar. But I gotta tell you, those bull riders on TV are major hunks. The mythic cowboy lives!
    I also think there’s something sexy about scientists who work outdoors to study and help the environment. To me, at least, dedication is a sexy thing.

  9. Rebekah, good morning! Thank you for popping in and letting us know what you think is sexy!

    Mechanics is definitely a guy job. They just have a head for machinery, don’t they? And it’s that ‘working with their hands’ thing that makes their skills all the more appealing.

    You sound very proud of your hubby. Keep a close eye on him around those females!!

  10. Elizabeth, oh, no! Don’t rain on my idyllic image of a cowboy! LOL. Bad teeth and bad grammar spoils the picture!

    Now a scientist is an interesting perspective. Dedication to years of studying and being good at what you do is definitely admirable and proves you don’t necessarily have to be athletic to be sexy to a woman. Or vice versa.

  11. I don’t know about the cocktail waitress, Pam. It’s more than the skirt and the drink.
    Put me in a short, tight skirt and you’re more likely to learn the true meaning of the word STAMPEDE as the patrons rush for the exits.

  12. I’ve got to disagree on the anchorman thing, too. Mostly I think the newest local anchor folks are so homely it give me hope. How nice that good looks are no longer required to be on television. I blame cable. There are just to many shows and to few really gorgeous people. They’ve GOT to lower their standards.

  13. Mary, you’re a hoot! The cocktail waitress had to have been dreamed up by the men, don’t you think? And it’s a job only for the young.

    I’ve never been to Hooter’s, but when I think of a cocktail waitress, I think of them.

  14. Hi Pam! You’ve got a great discussion going today. I have to agree that a country/western singer should be on that list. George Strait, Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw–oh man they are defintely more than all right! They have sex appeal narrowed down to a fine art. But, I do happen to love a man in a uniform. Makes me think strong, brave, conscientious…all the things that make my sexy list. And cowboys…I lust after well-formed cowboys! Are we sex-crazed or just, well, normal. They think some of the same thoughts about women. 🙂

  15. Cowboys and firefighters do it for me-I dated a firefighter for a while. Cops don’t, mostly because I am one and I see the other side of the guys that most women don’t see (it’s a good thing that I’m not offended easily). I used to be partial to men in uniform but I’ve also seen the bad side of some of them so the uniform doesn’t do it anymore.

  16. My daughter was a dispatcher for the police at one time. She said the difference between cops and firemen is pretty funny, not in their job but in the way people react to them.

    Frankly cops are a little jealous.

    Firemen come and save you…or at least get your cat out of a tree. Cops are more likely to ticket you, so they don’t rate quite the level of adoration. More like….Run, he’s a cop!

  17. Linda, I love a man in uniform, too. It’s something they’ve earned, isn’t it?

    I have to say a military man deserves to be on that sexy list. His courage and willingness to die for what he believes in, to protect us all under frightening conditions, just puts him up on a pedestal for me.

  18. Lynn, wow, it sounds like you could tell some stories, but don’t you think every profession has its rotten apples?

    I didn’t know you were a cop–they’ve had some bad press at times, but I don’t want to think where we’d be without them!

  19. Oh, Mary–I’ll never think of cops and firefighters the same again!

    But firemen do have that allure. Every fireman I know is all muscle. They work hard at keeping in shape and are always so clean-cut and respectful, at least the ones I’ve met. It’s an honor to be chosen for the profession in my city. I know they have a waiting list–it’s the dream job for alot of guys.

    And you’re right–they rescue. Nothing to run away from in that.

  20. Good Topic, Pam!! I think firefighters are very appealing. Yet, I don’t think a cover model as having a sexy job. I guess I relate sexy to REAL hero stuff, like police and military men. I also think singers and band members can be really sexy too – but I confine that to Country artists and Bon Jovi. 🙂 Everyone knows I love Tim McGraw – he oozes sex appeal on stage. Josh Turner too.

  21. You know–no one has mentioned a nurse as being sexy. Maybe it has to do with Mary’s analogy of cops and firemen–are nurses associated with pain and body fluids? The sterile smell of hospitals and doctors offices?

    Maybe a doctor should have been nominated. A surgeon–someone really specialized who could save lives like never before. All those years in med school should be worth something, eh?

  22. I do think it’s our fantasized version of all of the above and that’s a good thing. Normally I lean towards the not so perfect looking – the ones which charisma and above all compassion and honesty which goes along with a lot of our fantasies.

  23. Hi, Jeanne! Yep–fantasy is the root of all the fascination, because real life just ain’t always what we’d like it to be.

    Well, Estella–it looks like the country and western singers have been the most popular today. And they’re deserving–I think most of them are country boys in their roots.

  24. Hi Pam. Yep, I played, notice in the past tense, bass guitar and the only time the band would let me sit in was at closing time when we needed to get everyone out of the bar to close … and I paid their paychecks. Now what’s wrong with that scenerio? LOL I’m using Linda’s computer, since I’m in her neck of the woods, so if this shows up under her name, I apologize. It’s really me, Phyliss

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