Be My Valentine – Times Four!

Valentine’s Day for the Girls

Not a great picture-fuzzy-but I’ve talked about how Clay in Petticoat Ranch wasn’t used to being around women and I modeled Clay just a bit after my husband, from a family of seven boys and now we’ve got four daughters.

This is the Valentine’s Day of 1984. My three oldest daughters–Josie 5, Wendy 3, Shelly 3 months. My husband would bring me and each of the girls flowers. I’d get three roses and they’d each get one or I’d get a floral arrangement and they’d each get a tiny one, like in this picture.

One year he went to pick the girls up from a neighbor who was babysitting them and he took the BABYSITTER a single rose.

That wasn’t so good though as she told me later that her brat husband hadn’t given her anything so my husband’s Valentine was the best she got. Not exactly good news for her husband!

Anyway, though my husband sometimes struggles to understand women, he did okay a lot of the time. 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Be My Valentine – Times Four!”

  1. Mary, such a sweet picture! Thank you for sharing. You have lots of wonderful memories of Valentine’s Day. And your husband is a keeper. He’s a true romantic–at least on Valentine’s.

  2. In our tiny hometown, the lone grocery store, four aisles, ladies, and two of those aisles are the outside walls…stocks flowers on Valentine’s Day ONLY.
    The lady who runs the store drives to like…WalMart 45 miles away (or makes one of her kids do it) and brings in about ten (she knows the EXACT number) very modest floral arrangements, usually three roses.

    So, she knows EXACTLY who ISN’T going to get their wife anything and she actually phones the house and says, “Ivan(my husband), I’m getting you flowers, don’t forget to come pick them up.”

    So he does.

    Karma, the grocery store lady, is saving men all across town. (All six blocks of town) 🙂

  3. My dad would always do that for my mom and me and my sister. He’d usually get my mom flowers and a large box of chocolates and then he’d get me and my sister the small boxes of chocolates and a card.

    Your hubby’s a keeper for sure! How very sweet!

  4. My mother in law, mother of seven sons, says, “I had to wait for my boys to get married to get my daughters. She’s such a sweetheart. I think she’s just learned to be insanely calm and sensible, beaten down by a life time of seven boys.

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day. You are so happy! I’m glad to tell you that today is also the anniversary that I met my BF on Thanks for your wishes! Hope all you lucky and happy!

  6. That’s too funny about the grocery store. I have to brag, my husband got me tickets to Phantom of the Opera. We are going tomorrow night. Plus he fixed (with his own two hands) Steak, lobster tails, crab legs and a cherry cheesecake for supper. Can you believe Jim did that! It was a great surprise. I gave him a card. Valentines is kind of lopsided around here.

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