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avengingangeldvd.jpgAVENGING ANGEL




When a preacher (Kevin Sorbo) defends a local town from greedy land-barons, his church is destroyed and his family is killed.  Now known simply as “The Preacher,” he picks up his long-forgotten gun, leaves town, and heads out into the desert to begin a new life as a bounty hunter.  Returning years later, he discovers his town has been overrun by the same scoundrels who destroyed his quiet existence.  The Preacher can no longer stand by and watch as innocent people suffer the same fate as he.  Justice must be served.

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2 thoughts on “TiVo Alert!”

  1. Kevin did a superb job as ‘The Preacher’ in this movie and with a little bit of luck it will picked up as a mini series.
    Sadly because of budget restraints a lot of the romance scenes were cut out.

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