I seem to be doing a lot of falling lately, except not in the physical sfall-leaves.jpgense, thank the dear Lord and all his angels! Although falling in any fashion sometimes isn’t the best thing.

clock.jpgSunday, we had to fall back and change our clocks. And with that one simple thing I fell into a tizzy, especially when I woke up shivering and had to get a blanket. It reminded me that I needed to prepare for chilly weather ahead. So I flew into my closet like a madwoman off of her prozac to put away or move my summer clothes and dig out the fall and winter ones. I have no idea why I wait for the time to change before it hits me. I can look out my window and see the falling leaves piling up in drifts like snow in the Rockies. It’s a real pretty sight, but all I’m seeing is the work involved. closet.jpgI hate raking leaves! In fact, I hate exercise in general. I’ve gotten real attached to my growing behind.   But back to my closet cleaning and the clock falling back. . .it’s like the two are a matched set. I seem to not have one without the other.

But, I did get my long sleeve shirts, sweaters, and what-not now where I can slip into ’em. Oh, and I also got all my clocks adjusted, all fifteen of them. I have clocks everywhere–on the microwave, in the car, by the bed, in the drawer. They’re all fixed and I can say that I’ve successfully fallen back an hour. Which is nice because it gave me an extra hour of sleep. Maybe I won’t fall into disrepair!

I’ve also fallen into debt, although not too awfully bad.  I’ve definitely fallen out of favor in certain circles if you know what I mean. I have a habit of falling into deep thought at times and people look at me like I’ve sprouted five heads. Especially if they were talking to me as I was doing the falling. Ha, maybe they just thought I was falling into some kind of trance!  Could be possible.

Falling in with a good crowd (that’s the P&P Fillies,) falling between the cracks might get me into trouble, falling smack dab in love I’ve done twice and don’t plan on doing it again, and I don’t plan on falling on a sword for anyone, friend or not so forget it. Once though I fell over my own two feet and broke my nose. Not good.

leaves.jpgSo, you get the picture. I’ve done a fair amount of falling in my life–over, under, across, down, into–every direction you can imagine. Just don’t ask me to fall under the bus, unless I’m raking leaves! I’d rather take a beating then rake up those little suckers

But, the burning question really is, did you fall back?  Tell me your “falling” stories.

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18 thoughts on “Falling”

  1. I’ve fallen in love too many times, fell from a porch swing at my grandmother’s with my sister(we were swinging too high and it came loose from the porch ceiling and threw us out in the yard LOL).

    I fell off the radar when I dropped out of high school my freshman year after losing my grandfather to suicide earlier that year.(Had to take home school and later got my GED)

    I’ve fallen in with the wrong crowd in my youth, but I never fell of the wagon(never drank much when I did and don’t anymore anyway). I fell out of touch with friends, fell out of good favor with my mom a few times in my life.

    I also almost fell through the “crack” in my marriage last year, but we’ve puttied up that hole and have gotten back to where we should be.

    I think the best thing I’ve fallen into recently was my writing again. I had fallen off with it for years, but have found my way back to it, as well as falling in with the company of wonderful writers online. ;o)

  2. What your falling reminded me of was watching my daughter on the athletic court.
    Not just her but the whole team.
    My youngest is grown now but I remember watching those girls diving for volleyballs and sliding along on their backs chasing a basketball, then they’d just hop up and dash back into the game.
    I’d think, if I fell like that, they’d have to get a gurney. They’d probably need a crane or some kind of hydraulic equipment to get me up.
    Ah, youth.
    I was sitting at a football game and this little kid just hurled himself past me, going down this bleachers at an angle at top speed and right after he passed me, he fell, just BAM, missed a step and slammed so hard onto the steps.
    The adults around me all flinched and groaned and gasped.
    He jumped up and ran on, never even looked back or yelled OWIE or anything.
    I said, “If that happened to me, I’d just have to stay down there.”

  3. Linda, get a leaf blower.

    I never do the switching out of winter vs. summer clothes thing. All my clothes are there in the closet regardless of the season. Never been into clothes like most women, so I haven’t accumulated a bunch of stuff. Give me an old pair of jeans and a ragged-out tee shirt and I’m happy. My “good” clothes usually have to be taken down and washed or cleaned before I can wear them because they hang there so long between times.

    When I was a teenager, I swung on a grapevine and it broke, I fell, and had to just lay there for about 5 minutes before I could move or draw an easy breath.

    These days, I mostly fall into despair or depression. Each time I fall, I find it harder to pick myself up again.

    I, too, fall out of favor sometimes because I don’t mince words and tend to blurt out what I really think.

    I used to fall off the turnip wagon a lot, until I learned that not all people tell the truth all the time. I think realizing this and having it sink in was probably the hardest fall of all.

  4. Taryn, sounds like you’ve “fallen” quit a lot too. Thank God for putty for the cracks and if you fall off the radar, the Good Lord will get you back on in time! I’m so proud of you for not having to go through falling off the wagon. lol I hear that’s painful in more ways than one.

  5. Mary, thank goodness your kids didn’t break anything. Yep, those young bones bend a lot but don’t break if we’re lucky. Hey, I’m with you on the crane thing! Or maybe we’ll just lay there and they can use us to mop the floor or something. Too funny! 🙂

  6. Hi Devon, you seem to like the simple life. You remind me of Maxine on those greeting cards. She always has a hilarious piece of advice, not matter what the occasion. And I see you liked to play Tarzan when you were young! I fell out of a swing once when I was trying to touch the sky with my toes. Man, that hurt. Hard to breath back in those lungs when they’re collapsed. Shoot, I’d forgotten about that time. Ahhh, memories. 🙂

  7. Hi Linda!

    What a great and interesting, as well as thought-provoking blog today.

    I have to admit that I, too, have fallen into debt. How I wish this weren’t so. Several times I’ve paid it all off, only to fall back in. This time, however, I’m determined to get out of debt and refuse to fall back in.

    Like you, I fell head-over-heels in love with my hubby, Paul. He continues to inspire me, even after 11 1/2 years of marriage — and I continue to fall in love with him day after day and year after year.

    Thanks for the terrific post.

  8. Karen, glad you can relate to some “falling” issues. The one thing I didn’t mention that I just remembered today was that I’ve often fallen on hard times, but I’m still waiting for my windfall. 🙂 Maybe one of these when I’m not looking it’ll happen. I sure won’t mind if it does. Good luck on getting out of debt! I’ve rarely been that fortunate. Maybe we can both use a windfall. 🙂

  9. Linda, what a clever post. Funny how our English language twists and turns, isn’t it?

    Like you, I’ve fallen into a wonderful thing here at P & P. And I’ve only fallen in love twice in my life–and ended up marrying the right man between them.

    I *have* fallen on my face more times than I care to admit–and not literally. Meaning that I’ve done things that made me look too stupid to live. Thankfully, tho, more in my younger days than now.

    Guess experience in age is paying off. 🙂

  10. I fell when I was a kid on the ice and hit a package of those glass pop bottles (thank goodness we don’t have those anymore) and I broke on of my teeth. Luckly I have not fallen like that in a while. I did fall head over heals for my hubby he is my best friend I meet him when I was 11 well that has been a long time ago now.
    I have fallen in debt a few times but I am Karen I want to stay out of debt from here on out it is so hard.
    I now have a 22year old that has fallen way far in debt and I am trying to keep her from drowning so no more falling.
    And as far as the leaves I hate raking too I wished they would all blow to the neighbors how come they come to our house? we live on a corner and no fence around the front so why so many leaves?? The only thing I like about the time falling back is that I get an extra hour of sleep.

  11. Pam, glad you’re enjoying my humor. You’re right about the English language and how it twists meanings around. I think some are downright hilarious. If only the people who created the English language could see it now! 🙂 Don’t feel bad. I think all of us at some time or another have fallen on our faces when we’ve done something we’ve regretted. I’ve been mortified too many times to count. But, today has been such an amazing day. I never thought when I wrote the blog yesterday that I’d be falling yet again today–falling into good fortune. I’m so blessed that you girls invited me to the party and let me hang out with you!

  12. Hi Brenda! Ouch, those falls do some damage sometimes, don’t they? Hate that you broke one of your teeth. Darn it! I’m sorry I made you remember that. I see you’re a kindred spirit when it comes to raking leaves. I wish I could tell you why all the neighbors leaves blow into your yard, but I just don’t know. It seems some kind of phenomenon because it happens to me too. Ha, maybe the government should conduct a study on it! They do everything else. Have a great day and come back again.

  13. When I was a teenager(many moons ago) A treehouse I was in fell out of the tree and tore all the ligaments in my shoulder.
    I’ve fallen in love 3 times—Third times a charm!

  14. I haven’t change all my clocks yet. I think I’m dragging my feet. I’d better get busy with it, though, because I glanced at the clock on the microwave this afternoon and almost had heart failure thinking I’d missed picking up The Boy from school.

    I love fall weather, but I’m sad to say goodbye to summer, and I’ll miss my gardens. I’ve been busy moving bushes and splitting plants and saving seeds for next year. I’m already planning.

  15. All this talk of falling..After I posted my comment this morning, I went out to take out the trash and the can was tipped over and the neighbor’s dog was about to get in it. I went to chase her off, stepped in a hole in the yard the wrong way and twisted my ankle. Came down almost on my face, but caught myself with my hands. I haven’t felt the same since I hit the ground. Joints, wrists, elbows, knees and ankle are stiff and sore! LOL

  16. Linda, Cheryl introduced me to freecycle.com and someone with a sense of humor posted this offer: ” if you need leaves of any size, shape, and color please let me know. we have a bunch of them ready to be picked up at any time. rakes provided if you don’t have one. i don’t need to keep a list of names in case of no shows because we have all you need and then some. these are
    perfect for fall craft projects. thanks for reading.” ROFL!!
    But seriously, we used to collect beautiful colored leaves & iron between pieces of wax paper.
    As a youngster, I didn’t care for the labor involved in raking, but sure enjoyed leaping into a pile of crackling colors and tossing them high into the air. And the aroma of burning leaves is second only to a campfire, bonfire or fireplace.


  17. Taryn, my gosh, girl! You really did fall. I hope you didn’t break anything. Watch out for those holes, they’ll jump up and get ya.

    Hi Lucky Lou, that would be so neat to collect the really pretty leaves and iron them flat! You could mount some in a frame and it’d be fall all year. Yes, I love the smell of burning leaves. Those and campfires really give me a sense of well being. And oh, the smell of frying bacon over a campfire is uncomparable! Just about as close to heaven as a body can get. Thank you for awakening those memories. 🙂

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