A new meaning to Stampede Royalty!

Yeeehaw! It’s Stampede week once again and Calgary is rockin’ to great food, great music, and great rodeo!

Stampede Royalty usually refers to the Stampede Princesses, but this year the celebration is a little extra special. Because a new Princess is in town with her new husband: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! A lofty title for the couple the world knows best as “Wills and Kate”.  And the gorgeous pair helped kick off the Stampede on Friday!

Upon their arrival in “Cowtown”, they were presented with the equivalent of the keys to the city: the White Hat. Custom made thanks to measurements provided by the palace, the Smithbilts were given to the couple filled with the good wishes of the people of Calgary. They didn’t put them on right away, but later wore them during their Stampede appearances.

I know Catherine gets the majority of the interest as Princess, but I have to say Wills is looking AWFULLY good in his plaid shirt with rolled up sleeves, jeans, and hat. What I love about Will is that he looks great in a suit as a Prince – but just as much at home in his flight suit (man in uniform! Gah!) and now – in cowboy gear (double gah!).





And look – here they are with our Prime Minister (also a Calgarian!) watching my favourite Stampede event – Mutton Busting! There’s something so gosh-darned cute about kids on sheep!




But the couple actually arrived in Calgary a bit earlier, taking a helicopter west for a secret night away in a remote cabin in the backcountry around Lake Louise. Reports say that a special “loo” was built in the rustic accommodations just for the occasion. A friend of mine took her kids to the airport to catch a glimpse, and her son (same age as my youngest!) snapped a photo of the couple chatting with the helicopter pilots on the tarmac.

Stampede is always special, but this week it’s a little extra special for that touch of royalty.