How visual are you when you read a book?

By Lacy Williams

I can still remember being about twelve and realizing that I had visualized Frank and Joe Hardy as opposites when reading (countless) Hardy Boys books.

I was devastated because I liked Joe better and now my vision of him was ruined.

I think that’s why I don’t write in-depth descriptions of my characters. I definitely write the important stuff. Hair color, eye color, etc. But I don’t usually write detailed descriptions of facial features or what they are wearing. As a reader, I like to imagine the characters I read about in my own way. And I think most of my readers are like that too.


I have a long held dream of eventually seeing one of my books made into a movie or TV show. Keep your fingers crossed for me, okay? And I thought it might be fun to dream up the perfect cast for my new book, Heart of Gold, for this blog post.

Sebastian Stan as Tom. Did you see The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+? Sebastian Stan can definitely play a conflicted character, and that’s who hero Tom is. He was raised by two outlaw brothers and has had a very loose relationship with the law. But when he is exposed to Ida and her family, his foundations are shaken. Who is he if he isn’t the outlaw he was raised to be?

A slightly younger, blonde Daisy Ridley as Ida White. I am a huge Star Wars saga fan and Daisy’s portrayal of Rey means she would be a fantastic Ida. Ida is a nurse who just completed her training and after some traumatic events, came home for Christmas to heal. She’s the spunky youngest sister in a big family and can definitely hold her own—but there’s a part of her that is still innocent about men. Not innocent enough to trust Tom. At least not until she sees the real him beneath the arrogant outlaw exterior.

Hugh Jackman as Jonas White (Pa). I loved Hugh Jackman as a father in The Greatest Showman (more so at the beginning and the end of the movie). I could totally see him taking on the fatherly role in this book, both to comfort/support Ida and to offer advice to Tom.

Amy Adams as Penny White (Ma). I love Amy Adams and think she’s versatile enough to play Penny, who might be even more protective of her children than Jonas. And all of Ida’s older brothers. Penny is the heart of the home and one major reason Ida needed the homecoming she gets in this book–there’s nothing quite like the special bond between mother and daughter.

I wish I had the time to dream up a full cast for this book! I didn’t get to imagine Breanna and Seb and Oscar… all my favorites. But I’ve got to get back to the writing cave.

I would love to do a giveaway today. One random winner chosen from the comments will receive a paperback copy of Heart of Gold and a $10 Amazon gift card. Leave a comment and let me know what is your favorite book-to-movie (or TV) adaptation. Or if you are someone who never sees a movie adaptation because you love the books so much, tell me that too.

Thanks for hanging out with me today!


Heart of Gold 

They survived a harrowing near-death experience. Can a poignant family Christmas bring them together?

Ida needs a quiet Christmas at home to rest and find her footing again. But her boisterous family is anything but quiet and things only get worse when her U.S. Marshal brother brings home a prisoner for the holiday-the same outlaw that saved her life.

Tom Seymour discombobulates her. He’s arrogant and unrepentant. But when she’s forced to nurse his injuries, she realizes that his persona is all a facade. The man underneath is wounded and kind and in need of redemption.

But Tom must make a choice between his old life and the chance to make a new one with Ida. Can she trust the man he is becoming or will he betray her?

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