Jeannie Watt New Release and Give Away

I have a new release! The Cowgirl’s Homecoming is the third book in my sweet western romance series The Cowgirls of Larkspur Valley. Here’s the official blurb:

Could the cowboy next door…

Be what her heart truly wants?

When Whitney Fox returns home after being downsized, she accidently offends rancher Tanner Hayes—her dad’s neighbor. To make amends, she agrees to help him rehabilitate his ranch and reputation, and soon finds there’s more to the crusty cowboy than she’d thought. But when another corporate opportunity comes along, she has a decision to make: follow her head, or follow her heart and stay with Tanner?

And here’s an excerpt:

Whit woke up with a headache, which she attributed to Tanner Hayes smashing her car the day before. The crash hadn’t hurt her physically, but it had taken a mental toll. She’d tried to put the matter aside and get some sleep, but had woken up time and again wondering how much of an effect it would have on the asking price of her Audi. She was going to lose money. That was a given.

She rolled onto her back and flopped an arm over her face trying to think of something besides her smashed up Audi and the cowboy who’d done the damage. Lying in bed, begrudging reality, wasn’t helping matters. She pushed back the covers just as her dad rapped on the door.


“Yeah, Dad?”

“I’d like to talk to you before I head out for the day.”

“I’ll be down in a minute.” She heard his footsteps receding down the hall and wondered at his tone. It was his get-to-the-bottom-of-things tone, but there was nothing for him to get to the bottom of, unless he’d seen her car and was wondering what had happened.

That was it. Protective father mode was probably kicking in. She’d simply explain that she’d seen no reason to burden him with the mishap when she’d returned home the previous evening. He’d been sleeping in his chair, and she’d retired to her bedroom to do a lot of mental math instead of sleeping.

She headed to the bathroom, showered, changed into her jeans and T-shirt, braided her hair into a single plait that was a touch shorter than the one she’d worn in high school, then headed to the kitchen to explain to her dad how her car had gotten damaged.

When she walked into the room, her dad had two mugs and a carafe of coffee on the table. He always made coffee, then poured it into a vacuum jug to keep it from getting bitter during the day. He loved his coffee, but this morning, he was staring morosely into his mug.


He looked up and Whit became cognizant of a sinking sensation in her midsection. Before she could ask, he said, “What happened yesterday evening?”

“I got rear-ended.”

She expected a look of paternal concern, but instead her father nodded, telling her that he not only knew what had happened, he’d probably already inspected the damage. “And did you happen to say some things to the guy who rear-ended you?”


Where on earth was this going?

Whit pulled out a chair and reached for a mug. She filled it to the brim and took a sip as she waited for her dad to explain.

Ben Fox blew out a breath. “I took coffee with the guys this morning at the café.”

A regular occurrence since she’d been a little girl. The ranch was only five miles from town, and it wasn’t unusual for her dad to meet with his fellow farmers and ranchers several mornings a week at an unearthly hour.


“And I heard that you got rear-ended by Tanner Hayes.”

“I did.” She nodded to punctuate the admission.

“You told him a thing or two after it happened?”

“It was his fault, and he was trying to blame me. I defended myself.”

Ben stared at the table between them with a hard expression. “I was in the middle of making a deal with the guy for water rights. It’s a tricky negotiation. He’s teetering on the bubble between yes and no, and my only child tells the guy that he’s not going to buy his way out of the situation the way his dad bought his way out of things.” He fixed his daughter with a grim look. “Or so I heard.”

Whit’s stomach gave a sick twist. There had been a bit of a crowd, and whoever had reported to whoever reported to her dad was pretty accurate.

“I didn’t know you were negotiating.”

Ben brought his big hand down on the table. “Didn’t you want him to buy his way out of it? Fix your car and all?”

Whit pushed a few wisps of hair off her forehead as she tried to come up with the right words to explain herself. “Dad, what I wanted was for him to take responsibility for the accident so that my insurance rates wouldn’t go up. And—” her mouth tightened “—I was pretty mad. I was just about to list the car for sale, and he smashes into the back of it and pretends it’s my fault, like he expects to weenie out because of who he is. How was I supposed to let that ride?”

Her dad met her gaze in a way that told her that he really wished she had figured out a way.

“I would appreciate it if you would make it better.”


“Apologize. I can’t afford to lose this water lease. If I do, then the expansion we’ve talked about is not going to happen.”

He gave her another long look and Whit swallowed. Her father had wanted to expand his fields to the west forever, had worked so hard to increase the value of the ranch after her mother had passed away, but had lacked the water to do so. Carl Hayes was too much of a megalomaniac to work with, but apparently, his son had been more amenable to a deal.

Of all the people who could have followed her too closely, thus making the accident his fault, it had to be him.


I enjoyed bringing my hero and heroine together in The Cowgirl’s Homecoming. These two have big decisions to make by the end of the book. Will they follow their heads or  follow their heart?

To qualify for a $10 Amazon gift card when faced with a decision, do you most often follow your head or your heart? Logic or instinct? 

United by the Twins + Giveaway!

Happy Friday! I hope you’ve had an amazing week. It’s been great for me. Why? My new book, UNITED BY THE TWINS, released on Tuesday! Woohoo! And to celebrate, I’m giving away a copy (paperback for US readers, ebook for International readers) to one commenter.

This is the second book in my Wyoming Legacies series with Love Inspired. It features Reagan Mayer and Marc Young and is set in the fictional town of Jewel River, Wyoming. Reagan recently inherited a beautiful building in the small town and plans on opening a chocolate shop in it. Marc wants the building for his mother, who’s always dreamed of expanding her bakery there.

Needless to say, these two don’t see eye-to-eye. When Marc’s sister has a stroke, Reagan generously offers to babysit the woman’s three-month-old identical twins. Since the twins live on the ranch with Marc, Reagan finds herself spending more time with him…and they grow close. But the building symbolizes more to each of them than they realize, and they have to give their plans to God before they can have a future together.


United by the Twins by Jill Kemerer

They can’t agree on anything…
Except how to care for his twin nieces

After inheriting a building from her great-aunt, Reagan Mayer moves to Wyoming to open the small-town shop she’s always dreamed of. There’s just one problem: rancher Marc Young wants the storefront for his mother. But when a family emergency puts a pause on their dispute, leaving them to care for his twin nieces, can Reagan and Marc find a way to communicate, to trust…and to love?

Jill Kemerer’s Website:

Purchase from Amazon: United by the Twins


What is your favorite candy? (Mine is chocolate-covered caramels! Yum-yum!)

Please leave a comment (with an email address where I can reach you) to be entered in the giveaway. I’ll select a winner via random number generator and announce it on Sunday, February 25!


Welcome Guest – Robin Lee Hatcher!

The British Are Here!

Back in 2009, my novel, Fit to Be Tied, was released. It’s about a lady wrangler on an Idaho ranch and a British lord sent to America by his father after being wounded in WWI. I loved that story, and Cleo and Sherwood remain among my favorite couples. In fact, I had so much fun writing about those two that I really wanted to write more books around that culture clash.

So I wrote a proposal for a series called The British Are Coming. My publisher bought it in 2010, then decided they wanted me to do some contemporary romances instead. About five years later, a different publisher bought the series, then they defaulted. Back into the idea file the series went.

But in 2022, I knew I was going to write these books at last, and I am so excited to share the stories with you.

The British Are Coming series begins with a novella set in Victorian England (To Enchant a Lady’s Heart) where readers meet Adam Faulkner, the illegitimate son of the Earl of Hooke, and the gentlewoman he loves. That novella also introduces the three “Brits” who will come to America in the mid-1890s. Those featured characters are Sebastian Whitcombe, heir to the Earl of Hooke; his younger sister, Lady Amanda Whitcombe; and his artist friend, Roger Bernhardt.

Sebastian’s story, To Marry an English Lord, released this week. Despite there being an American heroine and a British hero from the aristocracy, the same as in Fit To Be Tied, this is a very different story from that novel from fifteen years ago. And I am not surprised. My characters become very real, living people to me, and every person has their own story to tell. Right? Sebastian and Jocelyn’s story is uniquely their own. As it should be.

To Marry an English Lord is my 91st release, coming forty years and one month after my first book released. I hope you will love reading it.

What others say:

“An absolute gem of a story! If you’re craving romance set against the vast beauty of the untamed west, then look no further. Filled with witty repartee and heartfelt emotion, Robin Lee Hatcher’s second installment in The British Are Coming series is guaranteed to please!”

– Tamera Alexander, USA Today Bestselling author of A Million Little Choices and Colors of Truth

“Go West, dear readers! I literally could not put this book down and was up much of the night delighting in the story world and watching the characters grow, both in their faith and in their love for one another. You’ll be encouraged in your faith, too, as you adventure with Viscount Willowthorpe to an Idaho ranch where he encounters businesswoman and ranch co-owner Jocelyn Overstreet, a woman like none he has ever met.”

– Stephanie Grace Whitson, author of Love at First Light

“Master storyteller Robin Lee Hatcher has penned an engaging sweet romance, laced with inspiration and a vivid depiction of our Wild West. The way the two main characters slowly discover their forbidden love and lean on God for guidance plucks at the heartstrings. The setting of a cattle ranch situated in an untamed landscape of rolling hills and mountains steal one’s breath. All the while, an unobtrusive portrayal of the bittersweet changing lifestyle of the American cowboy more than enchanted this avid history aficionada.”

– Linda Windsor, author of Irish historical romance series Maire, Riona, & Deidre

Here’s the blurb for To Marry an English Lord:

Sometimes love is a risk worth taking.

Sebastian Whitcombe, Viscount Willowthorpe, comes to America to experience the great Wild West for himself before it disappears for good. The adventure comes with a convenient bonus—it postpones his father’s edict that he take a wife from the British aristocracy. Sebastian isn’t so much against marriage as he is an arranged marriage to the wrong woman.

Jocelyn Overstreet hasn’t returned to her family’s eastern Idaho cattle ranch in six years. She’s far too busy managing the New York City offices of Overstreet Shipping. But when her older brother has a serious run-in with a bison, she returns to the ranch only to find the Overstreet home invaded by visitors from England, one of them a disturbingly handsome viscount who disarms her defenses at every turn.

Sebastian’s future lies in England where the Earl of Hooke is determined to choose his son a wife. New York City holds Jocelyn’s future with scant time for romance, much less marriage. The attraction between her and Sebastian seems doomed to fail.

Amidst the clash of their worlds, Sebastian and Jocelyn find that the risk of love, against all odds, might just be a risk worth taking.

I’m going to give away a set of paperbacks (the first to books in the The British Are Coming series) to one random winner.

To Marry an English Lord is set in eastern Idaho in the shadows of the Grand Tetons. The next two books in the series will take place, at least partially, in Yellowstone National Park. To be entered in the giveaway, just leave a comment answering this question:

Have you ever visited Yellowstone National Park and/or Grand Teton National Park? And if so, what was the favorite thing you saw there? If you haven’t been, what would you like to see if you could go?

Welcome Lacy Williams!

When you have a lot of kids (I have four amazing ones), some days are filled with squabbles and “I’m hungrys!” and running them to and from sports or piano lessons.

Today was one of those days. And then I looked up and saw a rainbow in the sky. And all of that other junk faded away.

Oh, it was still there. Voices in the background arguing with each other. But they were a little muted and my well of patience had filled up.

Those little rainbows in our lives (and other special moments—like when all the kids join in for a random, impromptu sing-a-long while we clean up after dinner) are gifts. And I try hard not to miss them.

I also love giving those unexpected moments to my characters—especially a prickly heroine like Rachel Duncan from my upcoming release Wild Heart’s Haven. Rachel has been through a lot by the time she joins the wagon train and is understandably wary… but when hero Owen and his incorrigible niece start a music/sing-a-long after supper around the campfire one night… she can’t resist joining in. And when he carries her home after a terrible ordeal… ?????? Like I said: sometimes those small moments create wonderful memories.

What about you? What’s a small moment or rainbow that you’ve experienced lately? Leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win a $10 Amazon gift card and a paperback copy of A Trail Untamed (most recent release where we meet Rachel for the first time).

Thanks for hanging out with me today!



Rachel never wanted to travel into the wilderness. The westward trail has stolen everything from her. Her home. Her family. Her husband. Now a match made out of necessity has trapped her in a marriage with a man she can’t stand.

Owen likes Rachel about as much as his horse likes a burr under its saddle. She’s bossy and stubborn with an independent streak a mile wide. And a baby on the way.

He can’t help feeling responsible for the prickly mother-to-be. A marriage of convenience is the right thing to do. But that doesn’t mean he has to like it. He just has to survive it until they reach Oregon.

Wild Heart’s Haven releases February 15!


Marlene Bierworth and Her Double Trouble Series!

Benjamin’s Brides

Double Trouble Series: Book 11

Marlene Bierworth 

Thank you for having me. It has been such a blast writing in the Double Trouble series. The name itself suggests mayhem, and amidst my storyline, involving, a touch of mystery, suspense and adventure, therein lies the question: Which bride will Benjamin choose? Sounds like fun, right? Not so for poor Ben.

I started this title by using my parent’s names (definitely not their story, but their names.) From there, the characters took off and created a happily-ever-after of their own. I have never written a summary plot for a book, and rarely know the direction it will take until I write the first paragraph. It only takes one word, or a particular phrase that comes to mind, to send the story off to who-knows-where. I enjoy writing this way—it’s like reading my own book as it unfolds. Benjamin’s Brides is sweet entertainment you won’t want to miss.

I am a Christian who writes inspirational stories. I emphasize character growth, life’s solutions that usually point to God, a historical setting that are not presented like nonfiction, and interesting twists, while not overthinking plots—they just happen. I do not take this gift for granted, and depend on the Master Author to guide my pen.

Double Trouble! The premise of this series is men who must deal with two women intent on marrying them. If they thought one woman was a handful, two is more than they can imagine. How will they choose the right one, and what will they do with the other one? What if they don’t care for either of the brides? So many opportunities for great stories.

Check out the entire series here.

Join the fans of this series here.

Here is the blurb for Benjamin’s Brides:

Benjamin Slater has been a good brother, raising his younger siblings after his parent’s death. Now, at the age of thirty-five, the family plots to find him a wife. While working in the hills, Ben meets a battered Leona Baron, and offers her a job on his ranch, only to arrive home and find a mail-order bride awaiting him.

The widow, Lea, is relieved to be rid of her husband who made her life miserable. She realizes she is ill-equipped to survive alone and agrees to follow Ben home, both feeling an attraction they cannot deny.

Rose-Ann Grainfield comes from old money. She answers the mail-order bride ad to marry a cowboy—at least that is what she claims. Is there a sinister plan in the works? The spoiled woman will need to grow in character and integrity to win Ben’s hand in marriage against her cowgirl rival, Lea.

When Devon, the prodigal son returns to the Slater Ranch, plans are foiled, love is rekindled, and loyalties are put to the test. Join in this heartwarming adventure, where broken and trapped hearts search to find their happily ever afters.

Pick up your copy today to see which bride Benjamin chooses.


I have written two books in that series. Isaiah’s Brides is just as entertaining.

Both are available at Amazon or to Read on KU

Benjamin’s Brides: Get your preorder today. Benjamin goes live with his story on January 15, 2024 THREE days from when THIS BLOG publishes. Pick up your copy here.

Isaiah’s Brides:  It is live on Amazon and KU today. Secrets, loyalties, compassion, God’s faithfulness, and a strange twist of fate rule romance in this historical fun and heartwarming tale of love gone bonkers. Pick up your copy here.

So, my question is: Have you ever (in your past or present) had the option of choosing between two persons seeking your commitment?  Either to keep company with—or even marry? I will choose my winner (Isaiah’s Brides – or another western if you have already downloaded it—no problem) from your answers.

I DID! When I met my husband at the ripe old age of 16, I was going steady with another fellow. Paul was a blind date. I dated him as a favor to my girlfriend who was bugging me to go out with a fellow who worked with her boyfriend at the time. (She didn’t like my steady LOL) I snuck out with him (on a double date with our friends) on Friday night and had a good time, but when he asked me to go out again on Saturday night, I gulped. I had a date planned with my steady.

CHOICES—life is all about choices, and I made the right one. Paul and I have been married for 52 years, have 2 grown children. 5 grandchildren, and 1 great granddaughter with another great on the way in May.

So other than family life, I enjoy reading, oil painting, socializing, and traveling. I love cruising and celebrating life with family and friends. And I love meeting new readers and authors online.

Hope you will become my new friend today!

Other Places to find Marlene Bierworth

Dream Creations: Sweet Romance (Facebook Readers Page)

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Amazon Author Page

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Heartwarming Romance: My business website.

Meanwhile Isaiah and Benjamin await your viewing.

Thanks for letting me spend this time with you all. I look forward to reading your comments. And if you have any questions, you can ask there too. Hope to see you on the Internet soon.


Marlene Bierworth

Bringing hope & encouragement to the nations through fictional characters & the written word.

Jeannie Watt New Release and a Give Away!

I have a new release tomorrow, October 26! Her Cowboy Christmas Hero is a sweet romance and the last book in my Return to the Keller Ranch series. To celebrate, I’m giving away two $15 Amazon gift cards.

But wait, there’s more! The first book in the series is free today, October 25, 2023! If you’d like to check it out, here’s the Amazon link to Christmas with the Cowboy.   The book won’t be free for more than a day or two, so I hope you take advantage. (Quick caveat–this story is not exactly smoking, but it has a little more heat than my new release.)

Cade Keller is the youngest of four siblings and a twin to boot. He’s the quiet Keller–the kid who didn’t turn his parents’ hair gray, but that doesn’t mean he can’t hold his own. He’s recently returned home after quitting a job due to safety reasons and now he needs to figure out his future.

Alex Woodson grew up in a wealthy family. While things looked great from the outside, the truth was that Alex’s parents were cold people who had no idea how to raise a child.  When her family goes bankrupt, Alex has to learn to fend for herself, which she does by moving into a ramshackle home and starting an interior painting business. When she’s hired to paint a house on the Keller Ranch, she reconnects with Cade, her secret high school crush. Cade is in no position to start a relationship, but he is drawn to independent Alex, who has changed dramatically since her high school golden girl days.

Here’s an excerpt. Alex has grudgingly agreed to spend Thanksgiving with Cade, because he’s alone for the holiday.

“Everyone had a hand in making your holiday dinner?” Alex repeated, as she tried to imagine cooking in a kitchen with four kids of varying ages. While she sensed there may have been an element of chaos, she was certain that it had also been a ton of fun. So very different than her Thanksgiving experiences as a kid, which involved travel to her paternal grandmother’s house and an elaborate restaurant meal. But cleanup was easy.

“Even Dad did his part,” Cade said. “He makes a great frozen pie.”

Alex laughed. “Something your dad and I have in common.”

“What kind of pie did you bring?”


“Good.” He seasoned his mixture with sage, poultry seasoning, salt, and pepper, took a taste, then tossed the teaspoon into the sink. “It’ll do.”

Alex was beginning to have her suspicions about Cade not cooking. “Why good?” she asked, wondering at the relief in his voice when she’d said “cherry.”

Cade gave a furtive, sideways look, as if checking for eavesdroppers, then said, “I hate pumpkin pie.”

Alex pulled her phone out of her pocket and unlocked the screen.

“What are you doing?”

“Calling the holiday police,” she said, stabbing a few buttons, then bringing the phone to her ear.

“Oh, no, you don’t,” Cade said, making a playful grab for her wrist and catching it before she could move out of range. “I’m already on holiday probation and if another call gets made, then . . .” He made a slicing motion across his throat with his free hand. “Holiday jail for a few years.”

“Fine. But if I hear of another infraction . . .” She lifted her eyebrows in warning while her insides all but danced at the sensations his gentle grip on her wrist produced.

“I’ll be on my best behavior,” Cade promised, casually releasing his hold on her. Once free, Alex put her phone back into her pocket, still feeling the tingling warmth of Cade’s fingers on her skin. It’d been a long time since she played with someone, particularly a great-looking guy. Too long, perhaps?

Hard yes on that one.

She was still learning to walk the line between enjoying people’s company and getting sucked into situations where she became vulnerable. The line between knee-jerk fear of getting too close and faith in her ability to protect her heart.

“What temperature should the oven be at for the pie?”

Alex read the underside of the box, Cade set the temperature, and then started stirring dried bread cubes into the butter, celery, onion mixture.

“Um . . .”

Cade looked over his shoulder.

“Curious guest here . . . will there be turkey or some kind of protein? Because the oven is full of pie and nothing else.”

He gave her a crooked grin. “That’s the beauty of having another house with another oven. The bird is over there. This oven is for frozen pies and the stuffing.” After Cade transferred the stuffing from bowl to casserole dish, he put it in the fridge, and then picked up the wine Alex had poured.

“I’m glad you came. Holidays shouldn’t be spent alone.”

Alex’s lips curved in an ironic expression as she studied her wineglass.

“What?” Cade asked curiously.

“I’m going to tell you something that sounds bad, but isn’t.” She sucked air in between her teeth as if preparing for a doomsday announcement.

“Worse than being on holiday probation?”

“It’s in the same ballpark,” she said. “I haven’t spent Thanksgiving Day with anyone but myself for years.”


“True story.”

“You spend the day alone?” He sounded as if he couldn’t fathom such an idea.

She gave a self-conscious shrug. “That’s what happens when you don’t have a ton of family.” And a healthy fear of abandonment. Maybe that was why she was laying this out like she was. Because, despite having fun, she felt herself pulling back. Getting scared. Ratcheting the numbers down on the DEFCON scale.

“I enjoyed my holidays alone.” Which was good, because she didn’t have anyone to share them with. She’d taken part in the occasional Friendsgiving and attended holiday parties, but A.B.—after Brant—she hadn’t had a significant other or a family with whom to spend Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Oddly, that felt like a win.

Cade turned and leaned his backside against the cabinets, folding his arms over his chest. She’d give him this—he looked curious, but not judgmental. Why should he be judgmental? Lots of people spent solitary holidays. She happened to be one of them, and she’d done it by choice.

That gorgeous mouth of his tilted up at the corners. “Thank you for choosing to spend the day with me. I don’t usually spend Thanksgiving alone.”

“I know,” Alex said with a sigh. He had a big, boisterous family. “I don’t know why I confessed.”

“Really?” His tone suggested that he thought she’d done it for a very specific reason. She had.

 “All right. I do. I just wanted you to know that I tend to keep to myself.” A subtle warning, but a warning all the same. “I’m glad to be here today”—because, otherwise, he would have spent the holiday by himself—“but there’s no need to worry about me in the future.” Like at Christmas. His mother had asked about her plans, and she wanted to make her wishes known.

“No mercy Christmas invitations?” he asked, getting the drift immediately.

“Such things would haunt me.”

To be eligible for one of the two $15 gift cards, tell me if you had a secret high school crush (I did) and, if you did, whether you think it would have worked out in the long run. (Mine probably would not have.)

I’ll post the winners on Saturday. Looking forward to your responses!