Cowboy Christmas Music

Photo Credit: kirky29 via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: kirky29 via Compfight cc

‘Tis the season for crazy schedules, harried shopping, and frenzied decorating, baking, and wrapping. Whew! I’m exhausted and it’s only December 10. Today, I’ll be squeezing into the junior high gymnasium bleachers along with hundreds of other proud parents to listen to the Wylie Junior High bands perform their Christmas concert. My youngest son will be on the trumpet playing catchy tunes like the Santa of Seville and African Bell Carol.  All three of my kids are involved in band. No big surprise since my husband and I were both band nerds growing up.

Music is a big part of Christmas. I’ve switched out all the CDs in our van so that we have plenty of Christmas music to listen to as we drive around town. However, before things get too crazy, I thought it might be a good idea to remind ourselves of days when things moved at a slower pace. When a cowboy might sing his lonely Christmas songs to his horse out on the range or gussy himself up and take his best gal to a barn dance.

I found these two videos online and thought they’d be fun to share. Not your typical country music superstar’s renditions, but songs that harken farther back in time. Enjoy!

  • What are your favorite Christmas songs?
  • Any child or grandchild Christmas concerts on your holiday schedule?