Traveling Then and Now . . .

Confession time: I am the probably among the world’s worse travelers when it comes to packing. When I go on a trip, even a weekend trip, I have a tendency to over pack. This is particularly true when I’m driving. I will take at least two suitcases, an ice chest, a minimum of five books … Read more

Tomorrow: A Western Epic

Getting the clothes right in a book is as important as in a movie and writers and costume designers go to a lot of work to make sure they have it right. Costume designer Van Broughton Ramsey won an Emmy Award for his work on Lonesome Dove. Ramsey did extensive research into the clothing of … Read more


   In honor of our first month residing at Wildflower Junction, we’ve roped up our BIG FALL BONANZA CONTEST, plumb full of western goodies: DVD’S, jewelry and baubles, a Barnes and Noble gift card and our very own Wildflower Bouquet of Books – autographed by the Founding Fillies! Click HERE. One entry per person please! (Write “YES” … Read more

Under the Covers

          Some people ask me if we authors get to design our book covers.  The answer is no.  We don’t see them until they’re print ready—not at Harlequin, at least, or any other publisher that I’m aware of.  I’m sure there’s a good reason behind this.  If we were given input into our covers along … Read more

Through the Eyes of the Beholder

Oh my gosh, I have to quote Mary Connealy’s post: “I realized that if I’d been a pioneer and someone said, ‘Turn at the highest mountain peak, Pike’s Peak, and go west, there’s a pass that’ll get your through the Rockies to California’ …I’d have died. I wouldn’t have made a good pioneer. Those mountains all looked about … Read more

Call of The West…

Growing up, I always imagined myself becoming a geologist or a forest ranger. We camped a lot in the Sierra Mountains and I loved to go exploring through the woods, rivers and meadows, imagining I was on a treacherous journey through the wilderness–a pastime I never quite outgrew. I was certain no other place on … Read more

Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Howdy, all! Stacey Kayne here, your Friday Filly 🙂 I’m thrilled to be a part of Petticoats & Pistols. Tomorrow I’ll be bringing up the tail-end of our first two weeks on the web, and will share some insights on my fascination with the wild and rugged terrain of the American West. New to the publishing world, … Read more

What d’ya think?

It’s been our first week here on Petticoats & Pistols, and we’re pleased as punch you love our site as much as we do. Now, let us know what you think of our blogs!  Are you enjoying their western flavor?  Or are you looking for something different from us? Something about our books?  Our personal … Read more

Real Cowboys

            For many of us, the American cowboy is the ultimate fantasy hero—a strong, handsome hunk in a big hat and tight jeans—a hero who makes our hearts gallop.  But the mythic hero is based on real men who played a major role in taming the west.  And most of them were even tougher than … Read more