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5 thoughts on “Newsletter”

  1. This website looked interesting. I’ve read many of the books written by these authors. Thanks for including me in your newsletter subscription. I’ll look forward to it.

  2. Thank you for sending me the newsletters. It appears there is a lot of good authors here that I will be happy to get to know and read their books.

  3. My wife of 68 years is a descendant of the original William Durham Lyles, civil war surgeon, small town doctor, publisher of the first newspaper in Aliceville, Ala. state legislator, plantation owner, postmaster, etc. It was his brother, John Tharpe Lyle who began the Texas branch of my wife’s family. John Tharpe Lyle as a very young man had a duel on the streets of Macon, Ms. with a local barroom owner and was a better shot. The original Wm. Durham Lyle lost a son in the civil war. Dr.W. D. operated the CSA hospital at the Battle of Shiloh near our home today. Some very interesting stories about this two or three days are worthy of another book on this historic battle
    I have a world of information on the family posted on Ancestry.

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