Pam’s Kitchen Tools Winner!

Well, it seems I’ve stumped most of you today, but I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what homemakers in the past used in their kitchens.

stejoc1968 did an amazing job knowing what these tools are used for.  Steph, you got 6 out of 7 correct!  You’re my winner!!! Watch for my Facebook message, okay?

Here we go – the answers to the vintage kitchen tools!


Number One

Pot Strainer

These are still available today and are very helpful in draining water from pasta or grease from browned hamburger.  Whatever needs straining!


Number Two


Baking mold for Cookies, specifically Pizzelles.


Number Three

French Fry Cutter

I thought for sure no one would guess this one, but Steph knew it.  Good job, Steph!


Number Four

Cookie Scoop

This was a strange one for me, but you scoop out the cookie dough, squeeze the lever, and the dough drops onto the cookie sheet.

Number Five

Cake Breaker

Used for delicate cakes like Angel Food cakes.  Who knew?


Number Six

Ice Shaver

Snow cone, anyone?

Number Seven


Used to chop vegetables like cabbage for slaw.  Just put the vegetables into a bowl and chop away!

(I actually have one similar to this from Pampered Chef, Steph.)


This is a classic found in many kitchens mid-century.  I remember my grandmother had one, and in my youngest years, so did my mother!

Do you know what it is?

Pam’s Winner!

Many thanks to everyone for chatting with me about their favorite ethnic cuisine – and French pastries!


My winner is:


Lori Smanski


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Jeannie Watt has a Winner!

I LOVED reading all the sayings and bits of wisdom passed along over the past few days. And now…the winner of the $15 Amazon gift card is….Debra Guyette!

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Thank you everyone for participating! So much fun!


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Susan P.

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Pam’s Veterans Day Winner!

The stories shared today were exceptionally moving and shows how very important it is to appreciate the sacrifices the veterans made for the freedoms each of us enjoy today.  These stories are even more significant when they are about veterans in our own families.  I loved hearing about each one, and I am so grateful for all of you who stopped by.



Lana J Burton

Lana, watch for my email so I can send you your flag!


God bless America and our Veterans!!


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Pam’s Winner!

Winner!   Winner!   Winner!

I really enjoyed reading about the places you’ve been and the misery you experienced!  Ha!  No doubt some of you can relate to what our 19th century soldiers endured.

Trudy C!  You’re my winner of an ebook copy of THE MERCENARY’S KISS!


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