Celebrating Cathy McDavid’s Latest Release

Morning Everyone,

I don’t usually do much personal horn tootin’ here at P&P, unless it’s Yee-Haw Day or a seasonal event. But this week my book, HER SURPRISE COWBOY GROOM, released, and I just have to celebrate. I started this book over two years ago but then set it aside when I lost my mom and took a short break from writing. When I was ready to return to work, I had to start on another book per my contract schedule and then wrote yet another book when an opportunity came around that was too good to pass up. Finally, I returned to HER SURPRISE COWBOY GROOM and, at last, the book has hit the shelves.













To celebrate the release, I’m participating in a blog tour. If you’re interested in following along, the landing page is here. You’ll see the different blogs listed by dates if you scroll down. Oh, and there’s a giveaway with two winners receiving a books and author bling package.

Her Surprise Cowboy Groom Blog Tour

The reviews are just starting to come out and so far, so good. I’ve even received a couple five star reviews at two different review sites. Whew! It’s always a nail-biter.

One of the best parts of participating in a blog tour is I get interviewed or am asked to answer some get-to-know-you questions. Those are always fun. You know what might be even more fun? If I posted a few of those questions here.

What made you go all in and start writing?

Like a lot of writers, I was bitten by the bug early. For me, in high school. I wrote several children’s stories, one illustrated book, poetry, and lots and lots of essays. It wasn’t until college that I attempted my first book, which was in fact a novella. One should note, the story was a romance, both sweet and full of angst. I really wanted to be a writer. Then, after college, earning a living took priority, and I set my dream of becoming a writer aside.

When my kids were in preschool, the bug returned and bit me hard. As I loved reading romantic suspense (and still do), I wrote a 110,000 word tome. Took me about a year. The book wasn’t very good, but it did light a fire in me that is still burning bright today after almost 60 published books.

What first piqued your interest with contemporary cowboys and what was your original vision?

As I often tell people, I owned horses and lived the cowboy lifestyle for most of my life. Like they say, write what you know. I Actually started out penning small-town stories, another of my favorite. It wasn’t until my tenth published book or so that I had a cowboy hero, a former rodeo competitor at a crossroads in life. Shortly after the book came out, my editor approached me about writing contemporary westerns for the line. That was it. I became hooked (And in case you’re interested, that book was Cowboy Dad, my first official contemporary western)

What is the funniest thing to happen to you that ended up in a book?

This is a hard question. I tend to write serious books. I don’t have a place to use all the funny things that happen to me. If I had to pick one, it would be when my twins were little, I needed a quick place to sit and used their little training toilet. At that moment, our houseguests walked in and found me. They were much more embarrassed than me. Raising twins thickens your skin. A few years later, I had my hero walk in on my heroine while she was using a training toilet as a seat.

Okay, well I imagine that last one was more about me than you wanted to know 🙂 Thanks so much for letting me share the release of this special book, HER SUPRISE COWBOY GROOM. And if you’re curious how much research I had to do to write a fashion designer heroine, the answer is plenty. Among other things, I binge watched reality fashion design shows 🙂

Wagons & Waterfalls by Lisa M. Prysock

Happy Fall, y’all! Thank you, Karen, for inviting me to guest blog for Petticoats & Pistols! It’s so awesome to be here among those who love history. Like many of you, I’m drawn to all things historical. Hubby and I recently spent a weekend “glamping” in the Appalachian foothills of Kentucky near the Cumberland Falls State Park in a covered wagon.

The wagons were so fun! We roasted marshmallows on the campfire and made skillet steaks one evening. Our wagon had two electric lights, a mini fridge, a microwave/toaster oven, a desk area, USB chargers built into the nightstands, a king size bed with heating pads, bunkbeds, and a fireplace!

As you can see by these smiles, we found the wagons charming and comfortable. I fell in love with the desk countertop and could easily have spent a week writing there. On our second day here, we also went hiking along the Cumberland River to see Cumberland Falls, take in the autumn scenery, and photograph the wildflowers.

Would you enjoy an outing like this? I had to laugh because the state park has hiking trails everywhere, but one of the signs said, if you see a black bear, run away, and make lots of noise. The bear will think you are weird and leave you alone.

I’m also giving away to one commenter a paperback of Cherry Crossing, Book 1 from my new series, Montana Meadows. The series follows the story of three orphaned sisters surviving on the claim their Pa proved up in Montana Territory in the 1870s, Jocelyn (Josie), Jacqueline (Jackie), and Jillian (Jill). Each book focuses on a different sister. Readers tell me the characters come to life and really jump off the pages. Book 2 is titled Sparrow’s Hope, and Book 3, Silver Mountain. These sisters are quite independent. They can shoot like Annie Oakley and look out after themselves. Although each heroine clashes with their strong heroes, circumstances eventually lead to love as they find their “happy ever afters.”

Ask me about our glamping getaway or anything about my writing and one random participant will win a signed paperback copy of Cherry Crossing! You can find out more about my books and sign up for my newsletter at https://www.LisaPrysock.com.



And here’s  a link to Cheltowee Trace Adventure Resort if you’re interested in rafting, kayaking, hiking and reserving one of these wagons or a cabin in Kentucky to experience a similar adventure to experience the pioneer life for yourself.