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Some people think I have it easy working from my own home and some people don’t see how I do it. They can’t imagine having distractions all around you, such as the phone, the internet, the television, the bed, and the kiss of death–the lure of a shopping mall just minutes away.   My truth lies somewhere in between.

To set the record straight, let me say that it helps that I love what I do.  I love creating stories, and getting it down on paper.  I’m not good with plot, so I have plot buddies, accomplished authors and friends who help me every step of the way, and vice-versa. It’s amazing how problems can be solved when four heads collaborate on a single idea and work it out.  I love them and they have become some of my closest friends.

My work space. Metal art horses inspire.
           My work space. Metal art horses inspire.

Next, let me say the creative process is WORK.  Writers are some of the hardest working people I know.  We can spend sixteen hours a day on the job, working nights and weekends.  Last week, I worked every minute of my birthday up until hubby rescued me and took me to a lovely dinner.  The truth?  I didn’t mind. Having that day to catch up on my work was a blessing and I went to dinner that night, knowing I’d caught up on the pressing things that were haunting me.

photo 3 (4)

I’m a goal-setter and I only get frustrated when I don’t get achieve my daily goals, whether it be edits, working on revisions, developing a synopsis or putting down a certain word count for the day.  I write between 1000 to 1500 words a day and that’s equivalent to 4-6 pages of the book.   But lately, due to four young princesses who came into my life recently, I don’t write every day, I put on my other hat to watch them.   So, I write every other day, and usually the weekends.  This is an especially busy time for me. I’ve had three irons in the fire lately, working on different projects with staggered deadlines.  It’s a quite crazy.

Humbled by the awards I've  won.
 Humbled by the awards I’ve won.

Here’s a bit of what my Friday was like:

At the computer at 7 am.

Composed 2 letters to my editor regarding changes to my synopsis/revisions on a continuity book

Read through 80 emails and answered some of them.

Helped promo some of my friends’ releases with tweets/shares on FB.

Composed a Facebook Ad of my own and published it.

Checked the sell status of two of my books on sale.

Ate breakfast at my desk.

Now to begin the REAL work– Spent five hours proof-reading and polishing my novella Claim Me, Cowboy, set to release in September and sent it off to editor.  Whew! (My eyes are tired by now)

Ate a late lunch.

Commiserated with two authors regarding our books “bible”. We each have one brother’s story to tell.

Showered and dressed before hubby got home.  (I know, this is crazy, but time got away from me)

Checked emails again. 

Made dinner.  Watched a movie and spent a few hours with hubby.

By 9 PM -Back at the computer, rereading and sorting through the continuity series “bible.”  Making notes so I can write the synopsis first thing on Saturday morning.

In bed by 11:30 PM.

This was an atypical day as I didn’t have a word count to accomplish, because I’d just finished a book and I was getting ready to start another one.  Some days, all I want to do is write. Those days are luxuries, because the whole process requires so much more.  Some authors will say, “I can’t NOT write.”  That’s me. I love the process, but along with it come a zillion other things.

I used to write to see if I could, then I began to think maybe I could sell my stories, and then once I did, it became about possibly earning a living at it.  And now, I’m at the point where all I want to do is please my readers. I want people who read my stories to enjoy them and close the book with a sigh. And I’m not alone. I think that’s why writers work so darn hard.  We are, in essence, entertainers and thought provokers.  And we want our stories to be loved.


The Billionaire's Daddy Test


Left to care for her late sister’s baby, Mia D’Angelo goes on a secret mission to find out if the missing father would make good daddy material. But when she tracks down Adam Chase at his beachfront mansion, her plan spins out of control and they’re soon dating! 

It isn’t long before the reclusive billionaire realizes Mia’s keeping a huge secret about the child he never knew he had. Can this guarded man learn to trust Mia after her initial deception…and trust himself around this incredibly sexy woman?

Here’s a look at my latest release, The Billionaire’s Daddy Test.  Spend some time on Moonlight Beach with reclusive architect Adam Chase and determined Mia D’Angelo who is set on making sure her niece’s bachelor father makes the grade!  And if you read the book, please write a review or contact me and let me know how I’m doing. 

Post a comment here and win a $5.00 Amazon gift card!  Tell me in just a few words what makes a good father?  Winner will be posted over the weekend! 


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Rosanne Bittner: What’s in a Hero?

Rosanne Header

I have recently needed to re-read several of my older titles for conversion to e-books.  After 60 titles and 32 years of writing, I can’t always remember exactly what happened in every book I wrote or who the hero and heroine were.  So far I have been pleasantly surprised at how good the stories are and how “hot” the heroes and the love scenes are.  Somehow I had the idea that “way back then” I was hesitant to get too racy with my love scenes, but gosh, they ain’t bad!

Rosanne BittnerThrough all of this, I am noticing something about my heroes – they tend to be a lot alike – i.e. rugged, take no sh–, well built, extremely able with fists, guns or in the case of the Native Americans, sometimes knife, tomahawk or lance.  They are survivors.  I am falling in love all over again with each one of them as I read these older books and am re-discovering some great characters – both the heroes and the heroines.  Even the heroines are, for the most part, very strong women who “match” the men they’ve chosen to love and can stand right up to them (and often wrap them right around their little fingers)!   I was afraid I would find some “fainting flowers” in some of those older books, but so far I haven’t.

Let’s face it.  Women love to read about the bad-ass who’s vulnerable in some way when it comes to his woman – a man who would die for her, who loves her unconditionally (actually he adores her) – who always has her back and who is true to her.  He might be hard to live with, but what woman wants to live without him!

OUTLAW HEARTS COVERI am noticing with great relief that it’s only the bad-ass aspect that is very similar in most of my heroes.  Each one so far is turning out to be unique in his background and his reasons for turning out as he has.  I never want to be accused of writing the same man over and over.  Each hero has to be his own man with his own special story – and not all of them are tall and dark and have 6-pack abs, although that seems to be the preferred description.  My hero Mitch Brady in DESPERATE HEARTS (September 2014) has sandy hair and very blue eyes, but he is, of course, tall and has those abs!

I like to write a hero (and often a heroine) who has some kind of tragedy in his past that has caused him to turn out the way he has, either some traumatic childhood experience, or the horrors of the Civil War or Indian wars, or he’s been robbed of everything he called his own or his inheritance – or has lost a wife or child tragically – something that makes the heroine’s (and the reader’s) heart ache for the poor guy and want to just hug him and tell him everything will be all right – but of course he’s rugged and stoic and refuses (at first) to admit that he needs that hug.  After all, in the “old days” a man just didn’t cry.  When they do in my books, it tears your heart out because he’s such a macho man that it is a real surprise when he even gets tears in his eyes, let alone actually weeping.  No cry-babies here.  Just men who have suffered and have finally met a woman who understands that at least once he has to “let it all out.”

DO NOT FORSAKE MEI think another required “ingredient” for a hero is that he doesn’t just love and want the heroine – he NEEDS the heroine.  He should feel he couldn’t go on without her – feelings he of course fights at first, but feelings he can’t ignore forever.  In my books the hero often feels he is unworthy of the heroine’s love, or feels he could never be the kind of man he “thinks” she wants or needs.  I usually always find a way for hero and heroine to finally be together without either of them having to give up his and her own dreams.  That’s the way most romances turn out, but I refuse to do it the “soft, flowery” way.  Hero and heroine have to fight together to realize their dreams and to be able to spend their lives together.

It’s really fun reading these older books. But for now, you can read about one of the best heroes I’ve ever written – Jake Harkner – in OUTLAW HEARTS (June 2015) and DO NOT FORSAKE ME (July 2015).  I am currently working on the third book of this trilogy, LOVE’S SWEET REVENGE (scheduled for September 2016).  All three books comprise a great love story you will never forget.  Jake was horribly abused as a child, which led him into an outlaw life, but along comes Miranda, a woman fate brings into his pathway and who won’t get out of the way.  Miranda understands the “little boy” inside the macho man who is Jake Harkner … ruthless … lawless … a real bad-ass … a wanted man, which means life with Jake means life on the run (in OUTLAW HEARTS) but things work out and in Book #2 (DO NOT FORSAKE ME) Jake is a U.S. Marshal in Oklahoma – and still as bad-ass as they come!!

RT cover 2015As explained in a great spread I had in Romantic Times magazine(DO NOT FORSAKE ME was a “top pick”), these books are packed with powerful emotions, which make them tear-jerker stories you won’t soon forget.  Much like my SAVAGE DESTINY books, the Harkner books will be keepers!!  I can’t wait for you to read them and am anxious to hear back from my readers!

And by the way, for those of you who need fresh, new copies of all 7 of my SAVAGE DESTINY books – or for my new readers who have never read those first books I wrote 30 years ago – you can NOW GET ALL 7 SAVAGE DESTINY BOOKS IN PRINT WITH NEW COVERS!!  Just check them out on Amazon’s “print-on-demand” offers.  The new covers are beautiful (by Hot Dam Designs).  These were my first books and are still out-selling everything else … although sales for my “Jake” books are looking smashing!!  I have to say that Zeke from SAVAGE DESTINY and Jake from my OUTLAW TRILOGY are my favorite heroes of all time!

What are your favorite western romances? Doesn’t have to be historical.

Thanks for your support!  Rosanne Bittner

Rosanne is giving away 3 sets of both Outlaw Hearts and Do Not Forsake Me. Leave a comment to enter the drawing!


About Rosanne:

rosanneRosanne has been writing most of her life, beginning with poetry at a young age, then moving on to writing her first book 36 years ago. After writing a total of nine books after that, it was the ninth book that finally sold 33 years ago, SWEET PRAIRIE PASSION, which was then published in 1983 and became the first book of a 7-book series about the settling of Colorado called SAVAGE DESTINY. All 7 books are still selling and Amazon recently reissued all 7 books for print-on-demand with new covers!  Rosanne went on to write 53 more books since then, for a total of 60 published novels to date with #61 coming in 2016.

Rosanne wrote through many personal challenges and worked full time at secretarial work for the first several years of her writing. She’s been married 50 years and has two sons and three grandsons, and she helps run a family business in a small town in southwest Michigan. She attributes her success to the fact that her books are filled with real American history, which she brings alive through her fictitious characters, so well that fans often write wanting to know if those people really lived. Her books span the West, from Indiana to California and Mexico to Canada.

Rosanne has traveled to every location about which she writes, and her love for the magnificent western landscape shows through in her writing with descriptions of vast prairies and plains, and incredibly beautiful descriptions of  the Sierras and the Rockies.   When you read a Bittner book you are carried away into another time and into landscapes that once were virgin and unsettled. She has covered nearly every major historical event and has written many Native American stories.

Rosanne has a huge library of her own research books and has studied America’s history, especially the Old West and Native Americans, for forty years. She has won numerous writing awards, including the prestigious WILLA AWARD from Women Writing the West, and was named Queen of Western Romance and one of the “legends” of western romance by Romantic Times magazine.

Rosanne is available for speaking engagements and has conducted writers workshops at many writing conferences.

You can contact her:


Here Comes the Bride…In the Movies!

Charlene FB June 2015

I’m such a movie buff, that when we came up with the idea doing a week of Brides and Weddings, I began thinking of all the movies I have adored over the years.  My most recent favorites are, Father of the Bride and Runaway Bride.

These were taken from a list of the TOP 50 Romantic Movies.  See how our tastes have changed over the years.

Do you have something else to add to the list?  Which one is your favorite?


My Best Friend's Wedding

Muriel's Wedding


Father of the Bride

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Runaway Bride

The Wedding Planner

The Wedding Crashers

And who can forget this classic Bride Movie? 

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Or the original first Bride movie ever made — The Bride of Frankenstein from 1935!!  Yikes!! 

The Bride of Frankenstein


Here’s a picture of a special day in our lives.  Daughter Nikki and son-in-law Zac’s wedding.

It’s hard to believe they’ve been married 7 years already.

nikki's wedding.

Do you remember the old rhyme –

First comes love, then comes marriage, 

then comes baby in the baby carriage. 

Well, that doesn’t always happen in order these days, especially in my brand new release! 

The Billionaire’s Daddy Test 

The Billionaire's Daddy TestOn sale now!  





New Arrivals by Charlene Sands



I have to admit that today I’m not in western mode, so much as I am in baby mode!   You’ve heard of Pregnant Brain, well I have Grammy brain.  For the past week, I’ve spent more time in hospitals for happy occasions, like the birth of Princess #3 and Princess #4, than I ever have before.

So forgive my indulgence as we skip ahead to present time.  You see, because my son and daughter-in-law had a beautiful baby girl last week.  Madyson Rachelle entered the world on April 6th, a healthy six-pounder with lots of dark hair and a rosy complexion.  And just one week later, on April 13th, my daughter and son-in-law met their new baby, sweet Miss Lila Dawn, weighing nearly eight pounds.  I attended Lila’s birth and it was remarkable to see her delivery. Without going into details, I will say that witnessing Everley’s birth (my first Princess) and Lila’s birth was the highlight of my life.

Madyson and me

Our family is expanding and my role in their lives has been a joyful juggling experience, being a part-time babysitter, while still being able to hang onto my writing career.  Here’s a pic of me holding brand new Madyson.







I just signed on to do another Billionaire’s and Baby book for Harlequin Desire.  So while we’re talking babies, let me show you some of my favorite baby covers.


A Nook140x_3764896_file



And another bit of joyful April news, Romantic Times Book Review Magazine named The Texas Renegade Returns as the Winner of the Reviewer’s Choice Award of 2014!

2014rtawardswinnerThe Texas Renegade Returns


Which baby cover tugs at your heartstrings?  Which one of the three covers makes you really want to pick up the book?  Should my next Billionaires and Babies have a set of twins?   I have a special gift in store for one blogger today:  A copy of The Texas Renegade Returns and one of the Babies books seen above!  Your choice, available in print only.   Enjoy and let’s talk!






Get Lucky in Love by Charlene Sands!!



February is the month for love and romance!  What more can we say about Valentine’s Day?  Well, here’s a few quotes from people you may just recognize.  Read them and tell me which one pertains most to you or give me your own quote on the subject and you’ll be entered into a drawing for this fabulous 3 in 1 prize including Diana Palmer, Donna Alward and little ole me!  Unless of course, you don’t like Red Hot Reads, or Hunky Cowboys or Romance at all!!

One Night with the Red Hot Rancher

Famous Love Quotes:

“Men always want to be a woman’s first love — women like to be a man’s last romance.” — Oscar Wilde


“You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.” — Sam Keen


“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” — Helen Keller


“Where there is love there is life.” – Gandhi


“When you are in love you can’t fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams.” — Dr. Seuss


“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride; so I love you because I know no other way than this: where I does not exist nor you, so close that your hand on my chest is my hand, so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep.” — Pablo Neruda, “Love Sonnet XVII”


“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” – Aristotle


“Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love.” — Albert Einstein


“Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward in the same direction.” — Antoine de Saint-Exupery


“Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” — Franklin P. Jones


“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.” — Shakespeare

“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for a smile is the beginning of love.” — Mother Theresa


Funny Love Quotes:

“Falling in love is so hard on the knees.” – Aerosmith


“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” — Charles M. Schulz


“True love comes quietly, without banners or flashinglights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked.” — Erich Segal


“Before I met my husband, I’d never fallen in love. I’d stepped in it a few times.” — Rita Rudner


“It’s better to have loved and lost than to have to do forty pounds of laundry a week.” — Laurence J. Peter


“I’m dating a woman now who, evidently, is unaware of it.” — Garry Shandling


“I love Mickey Mouse more than any woman I have ever known.” — Walt Disney


“I love being married. It’s so great to find one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.” — Rita Rudner


“Love is a grave mental disease.” – Plato


“I want a man who’s kind and understanding. Is that too much to ask of a millionaire?” — Zsa Zsa Gabor


Lots going on in February!

Are you reading my Free Harlequin Online Read — Secret Designs on the Billionaire?

It’s the tie-in story to my February release Her Forbidden Cowboy.

Have you picked up your copy?

Her Forbidden Cowboy Graphic


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Birth Order

Phyliss Miranda sig line for P&P Bluebonnet
As the oldest child, I’ve always thought about the differences in the birth order.  It seemed I was always the one in trouble. And, I was!  But there was a reason, I was the oldest. I’ve watched this particularly with my grandchildren.  I have seven and they are all about a year apart, so I can really analyze each of them.  After attending a workshop on birth order, I quickly inserted these characteristics in my character profiles.
First born characteristics: Resourceful, self-reliant, demand of himself:Runner
Family Relationships:  Under scrutiny, documents life, pressure to perform/succeed, good example, reap rewards when they meet parent’s goal. 
Results:  Anxiety ridden, sets high standards, and cannot handle failure.
Second childMiddle Child Characteristics:  Feels invisible, nothing special, may rebel against status quo. Struggles to be noticed, reach outside the family for relationships.
Family Relationships:  Allow the middle child more freedom, not as much fuss and fewer pictures.
Results:  Can feel unloved, chooses a niche outside the older sibling (different interests/often more dangerous, takes more risks, empathy for underdog.
Last Born Characteristics:  People-oriented, attentionSmallest Child seeking, laid back, fun, and flaky.
Family Relationships:  Fuss and pampered, their last chance to do it right, caters to the child. More tired, give more freedom.
Results:  Skilled politicians, negotiators, may feel disconnected, play baby; don’t always follow commitments or finish a job. Some are determined.
Only ChildOnly Child:  Might be spoiled, but often have opportunities of education, travel, and culture.
If you want to evaluate the person you’re thinking of or your character in a dysfunctional family consider:
Oldest: Organized, needs control, outer anger.
Middle:  Blends into the woodwork, quiet, inner anger.
Youngest: Needs attention, the family clown or delinquent.  (Man, am I glad I wasn’t the youngest in my family, because I don’t do clowns and I wasn’t a delinquent, but I do like attention!)
Did you find any similarities in your family or a person you work with?



Her Forbidden Cowboy   front coverHer Forbidden Cowboy was one of my very favorite books to write.  Why?  Because I’m a die-hard country western music fan and my hero Zane Williams, is a top-notch superstar and multi-Grammy Award winner.  He’s from Texas, another of my favorite places to write, and he’s healing up from an injury in a mansion on Moonlight Beach on the southern California shores. Need I say, this is right in this California girl’s wheelhouse?   I’m a year round beach girl and enjoy driving along the Pacific coastline whenever I have the opportunity.

I can’t lie, my inspiration for Zane and his heroine, Jessica Holcomb comes from the music I listen to.  At any given time, my radio is tuned exclusively to country music stations.  I love the stories behind the songs.  They spark my imagination, give me ideas and get my creative juices flowing.

Carrie Underwood is my all-time favorite artist.  Her songs resonate with me. Not only is her voice beautiful with a powerfully wide-range, but the lyrics touch me in ways that make me smile, laugh, sing along, and often put a tear or two in my eyes.  Mama’s Song is one such song. (Scroll to read those lyrics) It reminds me so much of my husband, and the way my parents both felt about him.  He is good, so good and they never worried about me.  Truly, those lyrics make me tear up every time.

So before I leave you with these inspirational lyrics from my favorite songs, (imagine the story behind each song) I’m  giving you an opportunity to meet the deadly handsome, and emotionally wounded Zane Williams and my heroine, Jessica Holcomb, his one-time sister-in-law:


“Do you know how incredibly perfect you are?”

 Zane’s hands wrapped around Jess’s waist, and

thrilling warmth heated her skin. “I’m not.”

 “You are. You can’t let what those two did to you

change who you are. That guy was the stupidest

man on earth. You have every right to feel hurt,

Jess. But don’t let what he did change the person

that you are.”

 “You think that’s what I’m doing?”

 “Isn’t it? You changed your hair, your eyes. You

dress differently now. Don’t get me wrong, you

look beautiful, sweetheart. But you were beautiful


 She shrugged. She found it hard to believe. “I needed the change.” Tears misted in her eyes.

 “I get that.” Zane took her into his arms and hugged

her, as a friend now. “But promise me one thing?”


 “Don’t try to find what you need with another man.

It makes me crazy.”

* * *

Her Forbidden Cowboy is book 1 and part of the

Moonlight Beach Bachelors series—

Three men living in paradise…and longing for more.


Releases everywhere February 1st. 

Do you find inspiration in music? What’s your favorite genre of music?   Who do you listen to?  Be sure to sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t already. I’m giving away a gorgeous Brighton Heart Necklace in time for Valentine’s Day at www.charlenesands.com  You might be my Instant Newsletter Winner. Be sure to open the newsletter, coming in two weeks, to see if you’ve won!  (Already signed up? Your name is automatically included in the drawing)


SOMETHING IN THE WATER by Carrie Underwood (My favorite..Listen to it here)

He said, “I’ve been where you’ve been before.

Down every hallway’s a slamming door.
No way out, no one to come and save me.
Wasting a life that the Good Lord gave me.

Then somebody said what I’m saying to you,
Opened my eyes and told me the truth.”
They said, “Just a little faith, it’ll all get better.”
So I followed that preacher man down to the river and now I’m changed
And now I’m stronger

There must’ve been something in the water
Oh, there must’ve been something in the water

Well, I heard what he said and I went on my way
Didn’t think about it for a couple of days
Then it hit me like a lightning late one night
I was all out of hope and all out of fight

Couldn’t fight back the tears so I fell on my knees
Saying, “God, if you’re there come and rescue me.”
Felt love pouring down from above
Got washed in the water, washed in the blood and now I’m changed
And now I’m stronger

There must be something in the water
Oh, there must be something in the water

And now I’m singing along to amazing grace
Can’t nobody wipe this smile off my face
Got joy in my heart, angels on my side
Thank God almighty, I saw the light
Gonna look ahead, no turning back
Live every day, give it all that I have
Trust in someone bigger than me
Ever since the day that I believed I am changed
And now I’m stronger

There must be something in the water (amazing grace)
Oh, there must be something in the water (how sweet the sound)
Oh, there must be something in the water (that saved a wretch)
Oh, there must be something in the water (like me)
Oh, yeah

I am changed (I once was lost)
Stronger (but now I’m found)
(was blind but now I see)

Mama’s Song by Carrie Underwood  (Puts tears in my eyes)

Mama you taught me to do the right things
So now you have to let your baby fly
You’ve given me everything that I will need
To make it through this crazy thing called life

And I know you watched me grow up
And only want what’s best for me
And I think I found the answer to your prayers

And he is good, so good
He treats your little girl like a real man should
He is good, so good
He makes promises he keeps
No he’s never gonna leave
So don’t you worry about me
Don’t you worry about me

Mama there’s no way you’ll ever lose me
And giving me away is not goodbye
As you watch me walk down to my future
I hope tears of joy are in your eyes

Cause he is good, so good
And he treats your little girl like a real man should
He is good, so good
He makes promises he keeps
No he’s never gonna leave
So don’t you worry about me
Don’t you worry about me

And when I watch my baby grow up
I’ll only want what’s best for her
And I hope she’ll find the answer to my prayers
And that she’ll say

He is good, so good
And he treats your little girl like a real man should
He is good, so good
He makes promises he keeps
No he’s never gonna leave
So don’t you worry about me
Don’t you worry about me
Mama don’t you worry about me
Don’t you worry about me
Temporary Home by Carrie Underwood  (Sadly beautiful)


Little boy, six years old

A little too used to being alone

Another new mom and dad, another school
Another house that’ll never be home

When people ask him how he likes this place
He looks up and says with a smile upon his face

This is my temporary home
It’s not where I belong
Windows and rooms that I’m passing through
This is just a stop on the way to where I’m going
I’m not afraid because I know
This is my temporary home


A young mom on her own
She needs a little help, got no where to go
She’s looking for a job, looking for a way out
‘Cause a half-way house will never be a home

At night she whispers to her baby girl
Someday we’ll find our place here in this world

This is our temporary home
It’s not where we belong
Windows and rooms that we’re passing through
This is just a stop on the way to where we’re going
I’m not afraid because I know
This is our temporary home

Old man, hospital bed
The room is filled with people he loves
And he whispers, “don’t cry for me,
I’ll see you all someday”

He looks up and says,
“I can see God’s face”

This is my temporary home
It’s not where I belong
Windows and rooms that I’m passing through
This was just a stop on the way to where I’m going
I’m not afraid because I know
This was my temporary home


This is our temporary home

COMING HOME is Coming December 4

Tracy GarrettDo you remember the first time you were in a new place or met a new person and felt you belonged, that you’d finally come home? Maybe it’s a new house, where you walked in the front door and said to yourself “This is what I’ve been looking for.” Mine was the first date with my future husband. I knew this man was my “home” no matter where life took us—and it’s taken us quite a few places!

In my short story, COMING HOME, Jericho Hawken meets Maryland Henry and her three nieces and knows he’s found what he’s been searching for. But there are some big boulders in their path to happiness.

I’m so happy to share that Coming Home is being released as an electronic short story for only .99! [It was first released as part of the Hearts and Spurs anthology from Prairie Rose Publications.]

Coming Home CoverHere’s a little taste:

COMING HOME: Sometimes it takes two to make dreams come true.

When a man who believes he’ll never have a home and family…
Former U.S. Marshal Jericho Hawken should have been shepherding a wagon train to new territory, but he unwillingly left them vulnerable to a vicious raider. The murder of the settlers he was supposed to be guarding is the hardest thing he’s ever had to face…until he meets the sister of one of the settlers. 

…finds a woman who has lost everything…
Instead of a joyous reunion with her brother, Maryland Henry has come to River’s Bend to take responsibility for her three orphaned nieces. Fired from her teaching position and with no other family on whom to rely, Mary believes Jericho Hawken is responsible for all her woes. Or is he what she’s been searching for all along?

It takes a lot of forgiveness and a few fireworks to realize that together their dreams can come true.


He watched Mary’s throat work as she battled back tears that made her blue eyes seem huge in her pale face. When she squared her shoulders and lifted her chin, he knew his time for avoiding the truth was over.

“What happened, Mr. Hawken?”

Self-loathing threatened to choke him. “I’m not sure.”

She glanced at Matt, then returned her piercing gaze to Jericho. “I don’t understand. Did it happen at night? Was it too dark for you to see?”

He gulped down the liquid in his glass and carefully set the crystal aside when he wanted to hurl it against the stone hearth. “I wasn’t there.”


“I was in jail.”


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Cover Quirks

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It’s always exciting to get your first look at a new cover. Even if it gives you an odd feeling of deja vu. That’s what happened to me when myFullSteamAhead Cover Final editor first sent me the cover art for my next project, Love on the Mend.

This a novella that follows up with a character from Full Steam Ahead. In that story, the hero and heroine take in a runaway boy named Jacob. The full story of what led the boy to run away in the first place, however, is never completely revealed . . . until the novella. In Love on the Mend, Jacob is a full-grown man, a doctor weary from his time as a surgeon in the Civil War and all the death witnessed firsthand. He longs for peace, but knows he will never have it unless he lays his past to rest. So after 17 years, he finally returns home, only to discover that his past is still alive and kicking.

Now, since this new story will only be available in digital format, and as a novella it will be offered at a fraction of the full-length novel price, my publisher decided that it would be more cost effective to use material they already had in-house for the cover instead of doing an entirely new cover shoot. Being a frugal person, myself, I thought this a wise plan. Besides, it left me with a fun quirk for my cover.

Playing off the doctor angle and using what they had on hand, the art department came up with this adorable cover–one that is remarkably similar to a book by the wonderfully fun Cathy Marie Hake.

My new cover. (You can click on it to pre-order the e-novella.)
That Certain Spark
The original cover from 2009. (You can click this one, too. Grin.)

















They changed the scenery in the background, photo-shopped the color of the dress to change the stripes into a teal color and used a different pose and props than the one selected for Cathy’s cover, yet the two remain very similar.

Now Cathy’s book came out five years ago in 2009, so I wasn’t sure if anyone would even notice. But the first time I posted the cover on Facebook, one savvy librarian from the Netherlands was quick to pick up on it. She asked straight out if it was the same model and dress. Yep. Didn’t bother me in the least, though. It’s not like going to prom and finding two other girls wearing the exact same gown as you. No, to me it was a conversation starter. Besides, I’m a huge fan of Cathy Marie Hake and was honored to share a cover model with her.

The only complaint I have at all is that the style of dress is not right for my time period. Love on the Mend takes place in 1868. The skirt should be much fuller and belled out. But other than that, I’m very pleased. It’s fun, cute, a bit flirtatious, and it fits my feisty heroine, Molly Tate, just fine.

  • So what do you think of the cover?
  • Ever showed up to a gathering wearing the same dress or blouse as someone else?