The Abduction and Murder of Pocahontas, Part 3 — Plus Give-Away

Howdy!  Welcome to another Terrific Tuesday. For any of you who have been following my posts about the true story of Pocahontas — a true American heroine — this is the last in a series of three.  For anyone who has not been following the story, or who want to go back and read through … Read more

The Abduction and Murder of Pocahontas, Part ll

Howdy! And a happy Tuesday to you!  Hope y’all are doing well and I hope you’ll find the blog today fascinating. Don’t know if I’ve mentioned that I’ll be giving away the free e-book, WAR CLOUD’S PASSION today, thus, I’ll do it here at the start of today’s blog.  Today’s blog could be a bit … Read more

The Abduction and Murder of Pocahontas

Howdy! So, today, I thought I’d tackle a subject of some interest, since this woman is actually a great American heroine.  I’m talking about Pocahontas.  And, I’ll be giving away a free copy of THE ANGEL AND THE WARRIOR today.  Just look off to the right here, please, for the rules regarding out give-aways. Before … Read more

American Heros & Heroines — Native American Style

Perhaps this blog might be called, What really happened.  There has been so much written about Pocahontas (whose name was actually Matoaka — which means “flower between two streams”) that it’s sometimes difficult to sort the true from the fiction.  This post in no way pretends to “know it all,” about this very definite heroine, … Read more