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Hi everyone! It’s so great to be here for this year’s Cowboys & Mistletoe! It’s Day 2, and I’m sure you’re having fun discovering some new books, and reading some of the other fillies’ two truths and a lie! Those are always so much fun! And speaking of fun, I love this time of year! For many of us the holidays are all about family, traditions, and of course fun! Those are also a lot of the reasons I like writing about them! I love Christmas books and have written quite a few, but the one I want to showcase is Christmas in Clear Creek.

Christmas in Clear Creek was the first Christmas book I ever wrote, so it holds a special place in my heart. I’d created my little town of Clear Creek, Oregon, and topping off my first series, Prairie Brides, with this book was fitting! It deals with a small town in the old west, an outlaw wannabe, and the effort he puts into being bad, when all along he has a gift of doing good! Here’s a little more about the book:

Bowen Drake had a gift. Unfortunately he didn’t want it. He even went so far as to do ‘bad’ in order to thwart the ‘good’ that seemed to follow him everywhere! For when HE needed it the darn thing didn’t do HIM any good at all! He tried drinking, he tried womanizing, he even tried outlawing, but nothing worked. Finally he stumbles into the little town of Clear Creek and there discovers why we’ve been given the gifts we have…

Elsie Waller came to Clear Creek after the death of her grandfather. She had high hopes for her life in the little town including looking for a husband. Imagine her elation when she happens upon the man of her dreams the very day after she arrives! Of course, the fact he was half frozen did put a damper on things, but once the townsfolk of Clear Creek thawed him out she endeavored to make sure Bowen Drake stayed around long enough to see she’d make him a mighty fine wife! The only question was, how?

Enjoy Bowen and Elsie’s fanciful tale of mishaps, miracles, and love!

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I’ve giving away an e-copy of Christmas in Clear Creek and a $5.00 Amazon e-gift card to one lucky commenter!

Below you will find three statements, two are true, one is not. 

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I had a lovely apartment in New York for four years. Christmas in the big apple is the best!

One of my family’s kooky Christmas traditions is re-wrapping and re-giving the same CD of the worst music ever, to another family member, who then must do the same the following year.

My six kids are spread around the country, which makes getting them together for Christmas hard, but this also means I get to travel sometimes for Christmas, which is fun!


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USA Today bestselling author Kit Morgan is the author of over 140 books of historical and contemporary western romance! Her stories are fun, sweet stories full of love, laughter, and just a little bit of mayhem! Kit creates her stories in her little log cabin in the woods in the Pacific Northwest. An avid reader and knitter, when not writing, she can be found with either a book or a pair of knitting needles in her hands! Oh, and the occasional smidge of chocolate!

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  1. I’ve been reading your books and feel like Clear Creek and Nowhere are almost a part of my history by now. Would loved to have known the Weaver family. Thank you for writing and sharing my new friends.

  2. My guess is #1 — I had a lovely apartment in New York for four years. Christmas in the big apple is the best!

  3. I was going to say #1 but now I think I’m going to say #3 because it would be hard to get 6 kids all together in a little log cabin when possible.

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