Let’s Make a Sunflower Wreath! by Pam Crooks

With the possible exception of pumpkin spice or maybe mums, there are few things that celebrate fall more than sunflowers.

We recently took our four youngest granddarlings to a sunflower festival at a nearby produce farm, and it was exceptional. So many fun things for families to do, but the main attraction was a huge field of sunflowers. Each festival-goer could cut their own sunflower to bring home. Sounds easy enough, right? Except these sunflowers were so tall, and their stalks so thick, I could barely cut them with a pair of scissors. And once I accomplished that, I was shocked at how HEAVY the sunflowers were!

Here are a few fun facts about sunflowers:

  1. A unique trait is heliotropism. Think of it as sun tracking, where the sunflower bud faces the sun all day–toward the east in the morning and slowly turning west by the end of the day.
  2. The world’s tallest sunflower has been recorded at 30 feet, 1 inch, and kept that record for three years straight. My goodness. The sunflowers we saw were maybe 7 feet tall.

  3. Sunflowers have been growing in North America for 5,000 years!

  4. Native Americans used the sunflowers’ oil to treat chest and kidney pain, as well as pulmonary issues. And who doesn’t love salted sunflower seeds? Sunflower oil can also be used for cooking and as a condition for leather and hair.

  5. Once the flower heads shed their seeds and are dried, they can be used as eco-friendly and sturdy scrubbing pads.

After our fun outing at the sunflower festival, I became a fan. What took me so long?

I thought it would be fun to share how I made an easy sunflower wreath. I found several similar ones on Pinterest, and the ladies said they got their supplies at the dollar store. I checked two around here, and none of the stores had wreath supplies like this, so I bought mine at Hobby Lobby.  This wreath took me less than 20 minutes to make, start to finish.

Supplies Needed:

2 1/2 inch wide wired ribbon (I just love this black-and-white Buffalo check that is so popular right now!)

This is a 12″ wide wire wreath frame, but they come in different sizes.  Choose your fave. (Found in floral department)

Sunflower and accent silk flowers.  I only needed 1 of each.

Wrap ribbon around frame.  Glue end with hot glue gun.

Arrange flowers and hot-glue into place.  Add a bow and hot-glue as well.  Add a hanger and you’re done!

Seriously, less than 20 minutes.

The second one took even less time than the first.

To celebrate sunflowers – and fall! – I’m giving away this 8-inch sunflower wreath!  

Just tell me:  What is your favorite thing about fall?

Or your favorite fall decoration? 

Or your favorite fall flower?


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60 thoughts on “Let’s Make a Sunflower Wreath! by Pam Crooks”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. Love your wreath.

    I have a lot of fabric pumpkins in my fall decor. My house has been decorated since the beginning of the month.


    • Oh, you’re on top of your fall season game, Denise! I’m only now starting to put a few things out. I’m waiting for my favorite pumpkin produce farm to open their stand so I can start decorating outside. Should be any day now.

  2. What a cute wreath! I like the fall colors of the leaves that carpet the ground later in the fall and the scent of ripe apples and apple pie! I usually decorate with an arrangement of silk fall colored leaves and fake berries and an imitation pumpkin or two.

  3. Halloween and it’s associated decorations are my favorite things about fall. As for flowers in the fall it is an easy choice because I was born in the sunflower state of Kansas. Interesting, Ukraine has adopted the sunflower and grow a lot of them as crops.

    • Another sunflower aficionado! And yes, as I was looking up fun facts about sunflowers, I learned about Ukraine. I hope they are still able to grow the sunflowers with all the turmoil they are suffering over there.

  4. Hey Pam! What a nice day! And a beautiful wreath! Sunflowers and mums are my favorite flowers! I have buds on my mums now! And I love fall! All the different colors! I also have pine cones and pumpkins decor. It’s really a shame, but Florida rarely has a true fall. But, must of us in our hood decorate for fall! We are all ready for cooler weather down here for sure!

  5. I’m in FL and we don’t participate in fall. I do like mums and sunflowers, though!! And, the end of hurricane season on November 30!

  6. A beautiful wreath and so creative. Fall is beautiful here. Cooler temps and bright blue skies. Cooler mornings which are ideal for walks. Sunflowers cheer me up.

  7. Sunflowers are so friendly! I’m usually a big fan of summer, but since we’ve been in a heat wave and drought since June, I’m anxious for fall to come! I like decorating with pumpkins and leaves. Since I’m over our church library, I may try to make a few of these to decorate! Thanks for the chance to win one!

    • I think we’ve ALL been in a heat wave and drought this summer, Sherall. I’m a summer fan-girl, but that heat and low lake levels are wearing, aren’t they?

      If you do make a wreath or two, you’ll love fast they come together!

  8. Fall is delightful and special. Our new year. Apple picking and making apple cake and applesauce. Perfect for walks in the foothills.

  9. I’ve never thought about making a wreath with sunflowers. My fall wreath has small pumpkins, pinecones, and fall colored leaves.

  10. I love the fall colors. Also the last week of September is our county fair which is nice with the produce, 4-H projects, and animals involvements.

  11. I love the colors and cooler weather but we get neither in Florida. So I have to just stick with putting pumpkin spice in my coffee. LOL!

  12. I love the cooler weather, colorful leaves, pumpkin bread, & apple pies from our Apple trees. It’s not our decoration but our little town library decorates scarecrow every year with a different theme, they do it at a fall festive that they have for the families in town and all the kids can help. I love the sunflower wreath idea that is awesome.

  13. I love the fall colors! I have a rope wreath on my front porch that is a favorite. It has fall flowers and leaves with a rustic metal moose peeking out. I have one for each season. [ it is pretty easy when your son-in-law was a team roper] And it is hung on a horseshoe hanger. I also have a leaf tree that I made from an upside-down tomato cage. Wrapped in orange twinkle lights and silk fall leaves. I add ghost lights that change color closer to Halloween. Enjoy your season and thanks for the Sunflower wreath instructions. Love it!

    • Oh, you sound like a crafter after my heart, viclee! The rope wreaths are fun. I’m trying to imagine your leaf tree out of a tomato cage, but those ghost lights sound like a winner.

      Thanks for sharing!

  14. My favorite thing about fall is so the cooler weather and being able to can all those fruits and veggies.
    Or your favorite fall decoration? I can start putting out things I have made for the house with leaves and birds
    Or your favorite fall flower? Sunflowers and Mexican Sunflowers
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

    • Thanks for sharing, Lori. I just put up 8 quarts of tomatoes yesterday, and I’m done, done, done.

      I’ve done most of my canning in this summer’s heat. I wish the produce would ripen a little later around here so I can take advantage of cooler days. Ha!

  15. I love the wreath! I enjoy the fall colors and the cooler temperatures. Love spending time outside when its cooler.

  16. How artistic and lovely. This wreath is beautiful for fall. Fall is a season filled with gorgeous colors, vivid blue skies and long strolls which are an escape.

  17. My favorite fall flower is a mum. They come in so many colors and look good in fall yard displays. The sunflower wreaths you made are so pretty!

    • The mums scream fall, don’t they? Even better, they are so easy to grow. Any plant that comes up all by itself right when it’s supposed to and is loaded with beautiful blooms is a winner in my book. 🙂

  18. Hi Pam, Your two wreaths are really Awesome. I will try my hand at making one. I love all the fall colors & cooler temperatures & the crops coming off the fields. Enjoy your Fall with your family & friends. I have read your books for a number of years & I haven’t found one that I didn’t enjoy.

    • What a sweet lady you are, Lois. Great perspective on harvesting crops this time of year. That was something I hadn’t thought of, but you are so right.

      Thank you for your kind words about my books, too.

  19. Hi Pam Love the wreath it is so pretty I Love the cooler tempts. and the beautiful fall colors My granddaughter loves anything sunflowers they are so pretty ! Have a great day

  20. Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful wreath. My favorite things about fall is having the doors and windows open to enjoy the fresh air. I am able to watch the cats and kittens come to eat. I also enjoy sitting and reading. I enjoy seeing the beauty of the colors as the leaves change to red, yellow and orange. God bless you.

    • Aw, beautifully said, Debbie, especially about watching the kitties come. Such love and contentment!

      I, too, love to throw the windows open and fill the house with freshness!

  21. Lovely wreath! Fall is my favorite season for a number of reasons: the cooler temperatures, all the pumpkin goodies, the changing color of leaves and all the fun fall festivals and activities.

    • Yes, Cherie! The festivals are plentiful, aren’t they? Football games, county fairs, church festivals . . . all things that draw people outside to enjoy the new season.

  22. The wreaths are cute and easy to make. It would be easy to do variations using similar basic materials for different seasons or holidays. Fall is my favorite season of the year. I love the chill air, crunch & smell of fallen leaves, and Fall produce. For decorating, I like a sheaf of corn stalks with gourds, pumpkins, and mums arranged around a post. My favorite Fall flowers are purple mums.

  23. Yes, Pat! My daughter said the same thing about changing the wreath for the seasons. She suggested tulips for spring. Wouldn’t that be cute – pink ones, maybe, or even yellow? Striking against the black checks!

  24. Well, dear friends. I think it’s unanimous so far. Everyone loves fall for many of the same reasons. The leaves, the pumpkins, the cooler, fresher air, outdoor festivals, open windows, harvest, a change of decorations . . . the list goes on and on.

    Thanks for joining me! I’m posting my winner of the sunflower wreath soon!

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