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Are you a road trip person? In late 2021 my husband started thinking about the epic summer vacation he wanted to take in 2022.

I am a person who thrives on routines. But our kids are at a fun age for travel now and so I couldn’t say no. And thus the epic trip was on.

We flew to Vegas (didn’t stay there) and spent a day driving to the Grand Canyon. It was epic thing #1. Then we drove to Sequoia National Park and stayed a few days. Drove to Yosemite and stayed a few days. Then drove to the coast. It was a lot of driving.

But it was probably the most fun we’ve had on a road trip. My older kids love to read. They also watch movies in the car. And sometimes create their own imaginary adventures. And sometimes annoy each other!

We’ve had much more challenging road trips (including a two-day trip to Florida with three under age 5). Can you imagine a months-long road trip? My new series Wagon Train Matches takes place on a journey from Independence, Missouri to the Willamette Valley in Oregon. It took approximately five months. Pioneers walks most of the way while oxen or horses pulled wagons full of their belongings. It was hot, cold, rainy, stormy, and everything in between.

And some people did it with small children. I am writing these books and still finding it difficult to imagine just what they endured.

My new series starts with A TRAIL SO LONESOME. What it’s about:

Spending five months eating trail dust wasn’t Leo Spencer’s first choice. Or his second. He’s not one to run away, but some situations can’t be fixed and his family—two brothers and a sister—needs to start over. Which is how he finds himself on a westbound wagon train.

Evangeline has a secret, one that has sent her on a journey across the plains on the Oregon Trail. When her father is badly hurt and she needs help, Leo is there. A deal is struck and the two unlikely friends form an alliance… that leads to more.

But Evangeline’s secret looms over her… and Leo’s family troubles are far from over.

You can check it out here:

I would love to give away a $10 Amazon gift card and a paperback copy of A TRAIL SO LONESOME. Leave me a comment and tell me about your best or worst road trip.

Thanks for chatting today!

Lacy Williams wishes her writing career was more like what you see on Hallmark movies: dreamy brainstorming from a French chateau or a few minutes at the computer in a million-dollar New York City penthouse. In reality, she’s up before the sun, putting words on the page before her kids wake up for the day. Those early-morning and late-night writing sessions add up, and Lacy has published fifty books in almost a decade, first with a big five publisher and then as an indie author. When she needs to refill the well, you can find Lacy birdwatching, gardening, biking with the kiddos, or walking the dog. Find tons of bonus scenes and reader extras by becoming a VIP reader at

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50 thoughts on “Lacy Williams’s A Trail so Lonesome and a Give Away!”

  1. Living in Africa we travel a lot but our best road trip was to Namibia to visit Luderitz, Kolmanskop, a deserted diamond mining town and the Fish River Canyon, which is the largest canyon in Africa. Driving on long, deserted straight roads through the desert and suddenly coming across wild horses or houses partly reclaimed by sand and then driving through black rocks and suddenly seeing the bluest sea imaginable, made it a long but unforgettable journey

  2. This happened in the 1960’s, my mom heard about a Greyhound bus deal called 99 Days for $99 and she decided she wanted to go. There were five children and I was youngest and I guess she didn’t wanna leave me at home with the rest of them so she took me along for the ride. We went from California as far east as Virginia and made stops to visit friends and relatives all along the way.

    I had to be out of school for a month, we had my books and when we got back I was ahead of the class because my mom kept me on schedule with schoolwork. I wrote in a little diary every day and I found it at my parent’s house when my mom was dying from cancer so I read it to her and we had a sweet time together remembering the things we saw and did so many years earlier. My teacher had written a note in it (in red haha) that said ‘I think you saw a lot more cousins than you knew you had’.

    We used to take summer vacations from California to the Midwest, there would be three in the front seat and four in the back. We drove the whole way and it amazes me that all of that was done without seatbelts while hitting about 80 mph. Unimaginable now.

    I did not take my own kids on trips like that haha…

  3. Best was spending a few days in Northeast Arizona some places now that are national parks were not 30 years ago. So not a lot of human footprints at that time. Saw nature at it’s best.

    • I love the idea of places being much more wild. Reminds me of reading Louis L’Amour books as a preteen and imagining being the first to step foot somewhere in the West.

  4. When of my grandchildren reaches their ninth birthday, they get a Great Adventure which is a two week road trip full of fun things to see and do. Each one is different planned specifically for that child. So far we have traveled across five states to the Grand Canyon, went to the Smokies, been to the Ozarks, and traveled all the way to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

  5. In the 60s my family camped across the west. Three of us across the staionwagpn backseat. Me in the middle (with no seatbelt) reading. Too short to see out the windows – I read and read and read….

    • I was always a reader on road trips. I can remember one when I was about fifteen. I had 30 library books with me—the most you could check out! Thanks for chatting!

  6. Not too long after we were married, my husband drove from the East coast to the West coast, seeing the sights along the way. We went a northern route and returned a southern route, which meant we went through a lot of states, but it was so much fun!

  7. Loved this book. My husband and I love to take road trips now that the children are all grown. We have visited all of the lower 48 states and someday hope to add Alaska and Hawaii. In 2021 we did the last 5…Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, and Montana. We saw the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone and much more. We stopped at a few places along the Oregon Trail..Independence Rock, Fort Laramie, Chimney Rock, and we even saw some wagon tracks still there. I am convinced that I probably wouldn’t have survived on the journey. I look forward to the next book in this series.

    • I don’t think I would’ve made it! Some of the research is pretty intense. Thank you for reading my books!

  8. My husband and I just finished a long road trip in October! We went to 17 states in 17 days! It isn’t that hard to do when some of the states on the East coast are small! We had a wonderful time and loved seeing some areas that we’d never seen before like the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Civil War battle sites, the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, Nashville and so much more!

    We took our kids on road trips all the time when they were growing up. There were challenges, of course, but they enjoyed them! Lots of fun memories!

    I loved this book, Lacy! Don’t include me in the drawing!

  9. I haven’t been on a road trip in years. I guess the worse one we went on was a trip to Chattanooga TN to see the aquarium there. My husband is big into that kind of thing, a big fish keeper. We spent hours on the road to get there and the next day our 4 year old son got very sick with a high temperature. We walked all over that town trying to find baby Tylenol and never did find it. We ended up making a very quick trip to the aquarium and back in the car home. After that we never went anywhere again without baby Tylenol.

  10. A memorable and fascinating road trip from NM to Colorado. Seeing the beauty, majestic mountains and visiting the historic towns were amazing. Leadville was so interesting and meaningful and we saw an opera performance at the old opera house by chance the day we were visiting. A real experience and unforgettable.

  11. We have traveled a lot so pinpointing one trip is a bit of a challenge. We went to Hawaii in 1988 for my 44th birthday and I loved every second of this trip. The only downfall was I had a bad spill from a rented motor bike and refused to go to a doctor, so I had to cancel my time in Hinami Bay scuba diving as I could not get germs in my open wound. I stayed back at the hotel and took a 6-10 block walk to a drug store for some materials to cleanse my knee and bandage it. Needless to say, it slightly smudged my total enjoyment. We went to Diamond Head and the Arizona Memorial along with the cemetery they call the Punch bowl. While there a slight mist fell upon us which the tour guide said was called “pineapple juice”. The day we had to fly out of Hawaii was the worst day of the trip as I truly did not want to go home. As the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end”. We planned to return in a couple of years but that time never came.

    • Hawaii is amazing. I’ve been twice and I would go as much as I could afford. It’s so incredible. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Worst road trip:summer of 2001. We drove to my grandpa’s in Tennessee, bad storm and power went out of 7/4, so we had to get takeout which was an ordeal. Rained a lot off and on. Drove to Alabama in lots of rain, and younger of two (third born several years later), wasn’t feeling well. Had to change hotels because… reasons.

    Drove to husband’s grandparents in Baton Rouge, where now we have two children not feeling well, great-grandparents not being sympathetic, and we’re just trying to hold it together. Go to urgent care, got antibiotics for two kids with ear infections.

    Drove to Alabama again, younger is worse. Go to ER near hotel. Younger has pneumonia, doctor told me I looked and sounded sick. Assured him I was fine. Lol Got antibiotics from the only place open, conveniently across from the hotel.

    Drove to Virginia, then home. Within a day, husband and I went to urgent care. I had pneumonia and husband had bronchitis.

    It took me about six weeks to recover.

    Your book sounds wonderful.

    • Oh that’s miserable being sick with little kids. I’m glad you made it through! Thank you for chatting today.

  13. One of my favorite road trips is one I made last year with my oldest sister. We went to visit our visit our aunt for a week, and on the way up, we stayed at a B&B and met up with a cousin for dinner, which then led to him telling us that we’d be staying the night with him and his wife on our way home! We had fun on the trip, got to see some family, and found a few new stores!

  14. Many years ago when I was young our family drove in our station wagon to a lake and stayed there for a week. A lovely setting where we swam, fished and lived in a rustic cottage. The road trip was not long but we were able to see interesting sights, and we sang songs for the entire trip. I will always remember those special summer trips.

  15. Our worst road trip was the decision to drive non-stop to Disney World with a one year old and a 16 month old. Big mistake! Thankfully we had along our two teenage daughters who helped immensely. Needless to say, we did not do that on the way home!

  16. Are there any good road trips when kids are with you?
    One summer we took the 6 kids, a trailer house pulling a Jeep and 2 dogs fishing in the wilderness of Colorado. it rained every day and of course, the kids played outside in the rain. Ran out of dry clothes to wear/the Jeep would not run, the kids that slept outside had to come inside -it was awful. Because they were cold. they ate a lot. We came home early because we were low on food.
    From then on, we were very selective in where we took the kids. Thankfully, some got older and wanted to stay home. No wonder!

  17. And some did while pregnant or getting pregnant on the trip. I cant even imagine. When our kids were still in grade school, we drove to FL and stayed in a wonderful resort. We went to Disney World, and other places. We walked a lot. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side and the temps were in the 90’s + Boy did we drink a lot of water. The middle of the day we stayed in our room and played games and did puzzles and took naps. Our daughter was at the age where she was budding and trying to hide it. So she wore over large t-shirts and a baseball cap. Sigh. But when everyone, literally everyone kept saying what lovely boys we had, she got so frustrated and half way through the trip home she ditched the had and started tying her t-shirt at the waist. Yes!!!! could now tell what a lovely young lady she was. And it didnt go unnoticed by others. This was such a fun trip for the four of us and a lot of growing was done by all

  18. Our family hasn’t taken very many road trips that involved over one or two days. I guess the longest one we took was from eastern N.C. to Nashville Tn. We went to see the Grand Ole Opry , toured the Country Music Hall of Fame and down town Nashville. I enjoyed the different scenery there and back also.

  19. My family and I went to Las Vegas and spent time there. My children were all older. Then we went to Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon and other small places. It was a really fun trip! My husband wants to go back to visit again. I like visiting different places. I would love to go the upper east coast: New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island and others. We have been to Florida a lot.

  20. Went on a few when I was a kid… stopped at a few campgrounds. One had mascots… games and contests for kids…

  21. My three daughters and I drove from our home in Central Washington to my parents’ home in Northeast New York two different years. What a great experience for all of us. The first trip we went through Yellowstone and then stopped at Oregon Trail sites near Gurnsey, Wyoming, including Register Cliff and the trail ruts nearby. How small those wagons must have been! Walking would have been preferable to riding in the wagon in those rocky hills. We also stopped at Fort Laramie, a wonderful living history experience. Across Nebraska we traveled I-80 which follows the Oregon Trail route. Returning that year we stopped in Ohio near the town where my husband’s grandfather grew up. We went to the cemetery and found the headstones for the girls’ great great grandparents, a connection to family they knew very little about.

    In good road-trip fashion we traveled a different route home and saw Mt. Rushmore and the Black Hills and visited friends in Montana. A great trip with only a few times of bickering, fussing, and spilling drinks.

    Through the years we have driven much of the Oregon Trail area and I am still amazed at the number of people who made that arduous trip by wagon and foot. And, they arrived in the Willamette when summer was nearly over and winter on its way.

  22. I’ve taken many road trips with my family from when I was a baby & then with my hubby until he passed. They were all great for the most part so I can’t pick only one. We’ve been from Canada to Florida via car, plane, boat and train. I miss all that fun and excitement.

  23. Best road trip was in 2021 – when we followed the Oregon Trail to do research for the book I’m currently working on! Technically, it was the California Trail, but we got to hit all the major stops that you read about in all your research, and probably the best vacation of my life.

  24. Our road trip to Colorado several years ago was the best. It started snowing somewhere along the west Texas/New Mexico line around midnight & we woke the kids up to see it ??

  25. My least favorite road trip was the one we did to Universal Studios a few years ago. My feet swelled up so much in my shoes that I ended up with severely bruised toenails. One of nails was so badly damaged that it eventually fell out. I also ended up being diagnosed with a foot fracture weeks later. I learned valuable lesson about making sure to wear shoes that account for swelling and also provide adequate support.

  26. We have had so many road trips it is hard to pick. We were a military family for 25 years, so the moves, trying to visit family, and trips to take advantage of the area we were stationed added up. Since retiring we have been able to take longer trips. I think our best trip with the kids was when we were stationed near Sacramento, CA. We took at least a two week trip, maybe longer, to go to the World’s Fair in Vancouver, BC. We stopped at the National Parks along the way up and back. At one, there was carbonated water bubbling out of the ground. We got a pitcher full and added lemon drink mix and had lemon soda. We explored lava tubes, redwood forests, giant cypress groves, Crater Lake, Mt. Rainier, Seattle, Olympic Peninsula, the rocky coast, and a lot of things in between. The girls were in 5th and 7th grade and our son was 3.
    The best trip with just my husband and I was a 2 1/2 month trip to Alaska in 2019. We drove from TN to Alaska and back through both the US and Canada. It was wonderful and not nearly long enough even covering 13,000 miles.
    We have had hurricanes, blizzards, nearby tornados, flooding, and severe storms on trips. In spite of those factors, the trips still had good elements. When we moved from Plattsburgh Air Force Base in Northern NY to Colorado Springs, we got caught in bad blizzard in Iowa. Luckily my car developed trouble and we pulled off the interstate. They closed the interstate while we were having the car looked at. We got the last room at the motel at the exit. We spent 4 days there. With windchill it was -100 at time. Our room never got above 55 degrees and snow was blowing in around the door. I had all my houseplants, 6 cases of canned vegetables in glass jars, a cat and a dog, and two grade school girls. Nothing moved the semi’s diesel fuel had turned to gel and the roads were closed the entire time. We had to carry the dog outside to do her business because her pads would have flash frozen to the ground. Thank goodness she was a beagle and not a big dog. We spent our days with all four of us in bed keeping warm with the cat and dog joining us. “Luckily” there was a true greasy spoon cafe attached to the motel. The girls loved it because they got to eat their favorite junky foods (there were no other options) and have ice cream with each meal except breakfast. We finally were able tore load the cars to discover one had a dead battery. My car was fixed, we got the other one jumped, and were on our way. We had planned to visit AF friends in Omaha which was just 90 miles from where we got trapped in the blizzard. They were a bit miffed we didn’t make it because he was sent out of town before we got there and didn’t understand why. The blizzard missed them completely and they had little snow. It is an experience that didn’t go as planned but was memorable.
    There are so many more , all good memories in some way. Like outrunning a hurricane on the Gaspé Peninsula in Canada and finally finding a campground at 1 am. No one spoke english, the wind and rain were howling, and we struggled to get our pop-up camper set up in ankle deep mud. Another adventure.

  27. I remember only one road trip when were kids my dad was so tired he started speeding a little and got pulled over. He was mad.

  28. Worst road trip
    Return trip from Spring Break vacation in SE FL with 4 children 9,6,4 and 21 month old. We were drinking a Chevy Suburban. Some how the fuel gage broke. We ended up running out of gas twice! The first time we were about a mile from the exit. We could see it! So frustrating!
    After that we were trying to be careful. Really! We were traveling over 1300 miles through the night. Before we got to Chicago we wanted to get gas. Thinking there would be lots of exits after we left I-65, no none! We again ran out of gas just as we were entering Chicago and nearing an exit. My husband walked to get the gas. It was a bit of a sketchy neighborhood. Luckily after driving over 20 hours he looked rumpled, tired and poor, the guys hanging around outside the gas station just looked him over. He had just enough cash to buy a red gas container and fill it with gas. Yes, they only wanted cash! Weird! He was very happy to get out of there!

  29. When I was 12ish we went on a 2-week road trip to California and did a wagon train reenactment! We got to eat hard tack and ride horses and ride in covered wagons (those seats are SO uncomfortable!) and do battle reenactments and wear bonnets. We slept in teepees and a mouse ran over my mom’s face!
    Best road trip ever!

  30. My wife and I have gone on road trips and have a lot of fun. We have seen a lot of the country driving. I like seeing the country. Going by air just does not give the same effects. The small towns and their attractions are so wonderful to see. The Big Well in Greensburg, KS (Largest hand dug well), the Dalton museums, and other treats along the highways of Kansas are worth a look.

  31. My best road trip was the one where I surprised my oldest son with a visit to see my best friend and her son. It was a spur of the moment thing. We were in VA for my brother’s wedding and it dawned on me that I could work in a visit to see my bff on our way home. Thanks for the chance to win a prize!

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