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Danica Favorite, a bestselling inspirational romance author, has dropped by to talk about a new series she’s just begun. We’re so happy to have her. She also has a giveaway so be sure to leave a comment.


Hello everyone! Thank you so much for having me! I’m so glad to spend some time with you and tell you about my new book, Journey to Forgiveness, with Love Inspired. It’s the start of a new series called Shepherd’s Creek. Each book, of course, is a standalone, but I hope that once you read book one, you’ll be eager to pick up the others when they come out as well.

About the book:

The one place she wants to avoid…
Is the home she needs to save.

Josie Shepherd never expected to inherit her estranged father’s horse stables—not after fifteen years of painful silence. But keeping the failing business is the only way to protect her hometown from developers, even if it means partnering with Brady King—the man who once broke her heart. Saving the property won’t be easy…but could forgiveness be the key to reopening their hearts?

For me, this series has been super fun to write as it hits very close to home. My daughters have been part of a horse program for the past twelve years, and I’ve gotten to explore so many different facets of the horse world. Journey to Forgiveness features trick riding, which is something my youngest daughter does.

Yes, this is my daughter! It takes a lot of practice and hard work as well as nerves of steel to do this! And yes, it still scares mom to watch. But I love my daughter, and seeing her live her passion is really important to me. It’s also nice to have a live-in horse expert. Even though she thinks it’s gross to read romance written by her mother, she does read every horse scene to make sure I got it right.

I love being able to incorporate a little of my world into my books. On Sunday, I was writing in my backyard and the horses were grazing nearby. They occasionally stopped by to say hi to me, and I felt so grateful that I get to share this world with my readers.

For me, though, it’s not just about the horses. Journey to Forgiveness, is, as the title suggests, very much about forgiveness on multiple levels. It’s interesting to me, because as I write, I often find that I am learning a piece of the lesson my characters are learning as well. Over the weekend, as I worked on book three in the series, I found myself revisiting the forgiveness lesson from this first book, and I had to stop writing for a bit because I was prompted on something I needed to forgive in my own life.

But that is what I love about this journey as a writer, and I hope it’s something you find valuable as a reader. We are constantly in the process of being refined, and looking at the lessons we thought we already learned, only on a deeper level. And of course, we have to have fun along the way, which is why the horses are so important!

The next book in the series, The Bronc Rider’s Twins, is all about… you guessed it! A bronc rider! Thankfully, it’s not a women’s sport, so my little adrenaline junkie will not be doing that one, but I go to a lot of rodeos to watch her, plus I grew up in the rodeo world, so it’s been a lot of fun taking a look at that aspect of the horse world. That book will be out in March 2023, and I hope, after reading Journey to Forgiveness, you’ll preorder it.

Thank you again for letting me spend time with you today!

I’d love to hear about the horse-related things you enjoy reading about. I have one copy of Journey to Forgiveness to give to one lucky commenter.

You can order a copy HERE, or at your favorite retailer. If you do spot it in stores, I’d love for you to share a pic and tag me on social media.




With four active kids, and a flock of birds, Danica Favorite is never short on inspiration for her latest story, whether entertaining a live audience or crafting her latest novel. She and her family recently moved from the city to the Colorado mountains, where they’re living a brand-new adventure!


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49 thoughts on “A New Series For Danica Favorite”

  1. I love the relationship that develops between a good horse and its owner — how close they can become, understand each other, and even anticipate each other’s needs.

    • Yes!! I love it too! I think that’s the beautiful thing I see with my kids and the horses. The relationships they develop.

  2. I love that horses can be used in therapeutic exercises for children with disabilities.

    I had a friend with a disability, and the only time she felt free was when she was riding. Her horse was so special to her and she credited it with giving her purpose. She was a horse trainer by trade.

    • Thank you for bringing up the therapeutic uses for horses. That’s one thing I have not written about, but I see how inspiring it is!

  3. I’ll have to check this out! We own horses and my oldest daughter is barn manager at a local stables. Today we have to fix a fence because the mini keeps getting out. Always an adventure! Thanks for sharing about your daughter and her horse adventures.

    • The fence fixing is never-ending, isn’t it? Jasper, the gray in the picture, is constantly finding ways to break the fences. Simba, in the far distance, just likes to jump them! They keep you on your toes for sure!

  4. Welcome today. I love this about your daughters. I love horses also. I did barrel racing in my younger years and LOVED it so much. I had a Palomino “Goldie” who was such a sweetheart. I was her number one priority. I love this where the horses are so close to the house Do they come up on the patio? Congratulations on your new book and new series

    • Thank you! I used to do barrel racing as a teenager, but not anymore. My kids find it boring. LOL That pic was in a clearing in my yard, so not to the house. BUT, if we let them graze the other part of the property, they do come right up to the deck. I have cute pics of my daughter petting them from the deck.

  5. My husband and I used to raise quarter horses in our youth. Ha! Now we are in our 70’s and still treasure anything related to horses. Lived your blog. Thank you for sharing your time and pictures with us.

  6. that is one of the reasons I love to read cowboy stories and helping some authors make the horse side of things right is fun too!

  7. I love reading about horses in books! Some of my favorites are by Heather Blanton, Mandi Blake, Karen Witemeyer, and more! You’re a new to me author, but I’ll be following now!

  8. I love stories where horses have their own personalities. I read a book about a Marshall that had a good, faithful horse who had saved his life more than once, but the horse was as ornery as can be and kept trying to nip at his owner, or step on his feet. No one could get near him until they met a widow with a young boy. The horse was gentle, loving and very protective of them. Of course love bloomed between the Marshall and the woman.

    • They really do have their own personalities. People are always surprised that I talk about our horses as if they have their own personalities, but they really do!

  9. Hi Danica, your new series sounds Great!! What a Proud and nervous mama you must be. Wow, this is so brave of your daughter , she looks so graceful , and what an Awesome bond she must have with her horse! When I was a teenager we used to have a horse , we rode him sometimes and that was it, it was also such a good feeling to get way up there and ride him, he was a gentle horse. I read The Cowgirls Redemption by Mindy Obenhaus and I loved it. Have a Great weekend and stay safe. God Bless you and your family.

  10. Hi Danica, your book sounds amazing I love reading books that have horses in them and I Love the cover of your book! Can’t wait to read this! I have read Mindy Obenhaus book The Cowgirls Redemption and it was such a great story! Blessings to you and yours!

  11. There have been books written featuring barrel racing which is the primary rodeo competition for women. Trick riding and drill team performing are topics that have seldom been mentioned. Also I know there are children’s events for preteens, but am not sure if any involve horses. That would be an interesting thing to include. Other horse events that could be included would be those youth events at the fair both showing horses and riding.
    Good luck with the release of Journey Of Forgiveness and the rest of the series. They sound good.

  12. My older sister was a barrel racer and I loved to ride our pony as well as acting brave around the larger ones. I got too close to one of them once which caused the horse to kick me in the stomach. That’s what happens when you make too many stupid moves around animals. Live and learn.

  13. Danica, it’s so good to have you. I can’t believe your daughter! Wow! That takes nerves of steel. But I could hear the pride in your words when you talked about her. Congratulations on the new book. Love the cover and I wish you much success.

  14. I love how intuitive to human emotion they can be. I also love how they can be used in therapy sessions with people.

  15. I enjoy reading the descriptions of the horse. I can picture the horse in my mind. When someone is petting it, I can feel it’s fur as I read it on the page. Your daughter is amazing. Thank you for sharing. God bless you.

  16. I like to read about Native American relationships with horses. How they trained and interacted with them; their traditional methods were very different and interesting

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