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Well, I’m usually much more organized and on top of my game than I currently am. Comes from being on deadline (new book and edits on another one are due within days of each other) and squeezing in a four-day vacation to visit my daughter in Seattle. As a result, I didn’t think much about my blog this month. Sorry. So, as a result, you get to look at pictures and hear about my trip. It really was a lot of fun 🙂

On my first full day, we went to the county fair. I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve been to a county fair. Yes, the rides were as rickety as I remember. I thought I’d be okay going on the ferris wheel, but I admit I was kind of scared. We were up pretty high, and the ride didn’t look all that secure. The haunted house was lame, which was great for a laugh. The fun house was my favorite next to the livestock barns. I loved seeing the draft horses (some of you may remember my recent post about the different kinds of draft horses). And the little guy on the lower right is a miniature mule. We had lots of the big ones. This fellow was about a fourth of the size.

Another highlight of the trip was a visit to Easton’s Books. If you’re a book lover, which I am, this place is a dream. There are all kinds of books, from recent releases to classics. I could spend the entire day there and still not see everything. I was able to purchase four books for my favorite childhood books collections. The Black Stallion Legend was an exciting find for me. It’s one of the less popular Black Stallion books, and there aren’t many copies floating around.  The Year of the Black Pony was an especially wonderful find as it’s signed by the author! How cool is that?

Lastly, there are pictures of our stroll along the walkway outside of a seafood restaurant where we had dinner. My bad, I can’t remember the name of the small town, but the water is a “finger” of the sound. And best of all, besides time spent with my daughter, was getting to see my fur grandbabies. Tsuki the dog and Bandit the cat are both elderly now and having their share of health problems. They both belonged to me when they were babies. Bandit was a rescue saved from a cat hoarding situation. My daughter took both pets with her when she moved out of the house at eighteen to attend college. I’m always amazed that Tsuki remembers me even though I only see him every couple of years. Or, maybe he doesn’t and just likes me!

Thanks for letting me share my trip with you. I promise that next month I’ll be more prepared.

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Cathy McDavid has been penning Westerns for Harlequin since 2005. With over 55 titles in print and 1.6 million-plus books sold, Cathy is also a member of the prestigious Romance Writers of America’s Honor Roll. This “almost” Arizona native and mother of grown twins is married to her own real-life sweetheart. After leaving the corporate world seven years ago, she now spends her days penning stories about good looking cowboys riding the range, busting broncs, and sweeping gals off their feet — oops, no. Make that winning the hearts of feisty, independent women who give the cowboys a run for their money. It a tough job, but she’s willing to make the sacrifice.

33 thoughts on “The Dreaded Vacation Pictures”

  1. We all need a vacation to rejuvenate ourselves. Breathe different air, see new things, and be with our kids! What’s not to love?

    So glad you enjoyed yourself, Cathy. I’m sure it was hard to come home to those tough deadlines!!

  2. These photos of what you were doing with your daughter are much more exciting than a blog. Thanks for your sharing.

  3. Good morning, it sounds and looks like you had alot of fun! Thank you for sharing your photos, I enjoyed looking at them and reading your post. Have a great day and stay safe.

  4. Thanks for sharing your wonderful vacation. Animals will remember people for a verrrrrrrrry long time. Have a wonderful week. We are not planning a vacation for this year. A few day trips that is all

  5. I put in a happy face but I see it still comes up as a question mark even though it showed a happy face before I posted my comment.

  6. We have gone to State Fairs in several states, but haven’t been to one lately. County and regional fairs are what we usually attend. We spend most of our time looking at the exhibits, especially the farm animals. I wish I had known about Easton’s Books when we were in Seattle. I could have spent hours in there and likely found some treasures. I love exploring small towns and trying the wonderful little local cafes and diners. Pets remember those who were kind to them, or not. I don’t think it matters how long it has been since you last saw each other. Thanks for sharing your trip.

  7. You certainly managed to fit a lot into a 4 day trip. We haven’t been to a state fair in several years. It has been county and regional fairs only for the past few years. We son’t do much on the midway. We go primarily for the exhibits and have manned booth for groups we volunteer with. I wish I had known about Easton’s Books when we were I Seattle. I could get lost in there for hours and am sure I would find some treasures. I love visit small town and trying the local cafes and diners. Have had some good meals in them. As for pets, they remember people who are kind, or not. It doesn’t seem to matter how long it has been, they know you and how you treated them.

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