Welcome Jodi Thomas!

Hang on everyone, it’s almost fall.

That’s when the year begins if you’re a student or a teacher.  For me it’s been 12 years of public school, 6 years of college, 19 years of teaching and 14 years of being Writer-in-Residence at West Texas at A&M.

I’ve eaten more cafeteria meals than I’ve cooked!

So, my year starts in the fall. That’s when I set my goals, even my writing goals. Some years when I wrote my goals, I could have just written “Ditto.”

But some years there are surprises. Maybe a seed I planted years ago begins to grow. Or sometimes a goal falls apart leaving room for new surprises in my life.

I always laugh and say, ” Sometimes God winks.”

I have found 2022 has been one of those years.

In April my SUNDAY AT THE SUNFLOWER INN came out fast and with great reviews. Then out of nowhere I was named to the Texas Literary Hall of Fame.

ME!  What an honor. I was so excited I wanted to go back to all my teachers and show them the letter announcing my award.

What a total surprise–God winked!

Another surprise this year is the book coming out the end of August.  THE WISHING QUILT.  Three years ago I was talking to Patience Griffin at the Houston International Quilt Show and I was reading Lori Wilde’s new book.

I thought it might be fun to do a book together, Lori, Patience and me.  And, three years later it happened.

As you know I love quilts, especially this one from my mother Sally Faye Kirkland Price. I have it hanging in my quilt room at home.

I would love to give away a copy of THE WISHING QUILT to three readers. Leave a comment for a chance to win. Do you quilt or have a family member who does? What are your favorite quilt patterns? Or if you don’t quilt, share one of your own “God winks” moments in the comments.

It’s almost September so I better get to work on my goals.

Happy New Year,


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  1. Jodi, when I was a small child I had a favorite child size quilt that was given to me as an infant from my mother’s godmother. By the time I got married it was getting ragged. But to my surprise and joy my mother’s godmother sent us a wedding gift, the exact same quilt , only in a full bed size. She had saved all those years.

  2. I love quilts and wish I knew how to make them. Picking out and matching all the co look rs would be so much fun. I have one on my bed but its not handmade. Its just a cheapy.

  3. I love quilts and it’s on my life bucket list to learn how to quilt. I’d love to do hand quilting as well but i don’t think my fingers/hands are strong enough for that, but idk I haven’t give up hope yet.
    A friend sent me my first quilt that she picked up at a thrift store. She said it kept calling her name and she didn’t know who it was for until she got it home. IT’s so bright and happy.
    I’d love a seasonal collection of quilts at some point.Right now I have a few comforters in a few colors (The cheap kind you can grab on sale at 5-10 dollars )and i have one crocheted top in spring colors made by a friend’s husband. Now all i need is the fireplace or wood stove and an uber cozy sofa to curl up in my blankets.For now i enjoy my bed to enjoy my cozying and reading books. Don’t forget the popcorn! 😉

  4. I used to quilt all I could in my spare time. I was also a teacher, and especially liked the winter days when school was out because I always quilted them. My mother and I used to sell some of quilts at craft fairs. Although I don’t do much quilting right now because I’ve started a second career, I still love quilts.

  5. I started quilting when my children were little. I hand quilted each of them a Strawberry Shortcake quilt. It took so long that I didn’t quilt again until they started having children and I have made a quilt for each of my grandchildren.

  6. I treasure the quilt my late mother-in-law made for us, especially knowing the love that went into it. Sadly I am not talented in handcrafts.

  7. What an incredible honor, Jodi! Congratulations!! I am going to have to get onto my sister for not telling me about your induction into the Texas Literary Hall of Fame! Well-deserved! I love the photo of the star quilt. Such a beautiful piece of art. Here’s wishing you continued success in all your endeavors!

  8. I had a very good friend, she was like a second mother to me, and she was a quilter and she sent me the most beautiful, a mixture of lilac, mauve and purple quilt when I said that I could not find a quilt in any of those colours that I liked. She passed away a few years ago and I cherish this one.

  9. My Great Aunt on my dad’s side gave me a double wedding ring quilt many years ago that I treasure – I have many other quilts that I have collected over the years too!

  10. A God wink moment for me was when our daughter survived having her first baby. She called to say goodbye and I thought to myself you are just having a baby! A few hours later as she was in surgery for hours on end God winked and said it was gonna be OK. There have been many God wink moments in my life which I treasure and reflect on often. Quilts, I love them! But I am not one who sews. Thank you Jodi for all your wonderful books and I’m so glad you were honored this year in a God wink moment.

  11. welcome today Jodi. congratulations I love your phrase “God winks” I can see that in my own life, where sometimes “God winks” at me. Yes I am a quilter and I love the cover and your moms quilt. that was a true labor of love there. Mom and I started to quilt together when I was in high school. a fun project to do together. her mom hand quilted. she made quilts for all five of us kids out of our out grown clothes.

  12. Jodi, I have many quilts that my husband’s grandmother made. We even quilted one together with my mom. It was my mom’s wedding present but all they have her was the top. It was an amazing day that all 3 of us could do it together with my daughter playing under the hanging quilting racks.
    I love all your books plus spending time with you. ??

  13. My sister and I both quilt. We are in the process of making quilts for members of our families. My favorite pattern is “around the world’.

  14. I love quilts, but I don’t make them. I am much better at crafting with paper than fabric and thread. My grandmother’s sister was a wonderful quilter, though, and I have several of her quilts.

  15. Jodi, I have many quilts that my husband’s grandmother made. We even quilted one together with my mom. It was my mom’s wedding present but all they have her was the top. It was an amazing day that all 3 of us could do it together with my daughter playing under the hanging quilting racks.
    I love all your books plus spending time with you. ??

  16. I admire all the beautiful quilts I have seen and could spend quite a while looking at them. However, the closest I have come to quilting is being gifted with a box of quilting pieces which I never found the time to do nor the initiative. Finally I gave them to someone who did quilt. My interest has always been in sewing garments as my Mom taught me. She also did lots of sewing as she had 6 kids to clothe. My greatest accomplishment was sewing most all my clothes and a very good share of my kids clothes. I even accomplished a 3 piece suit for my husband and also a 2 piece for my son. My interest has not been in quilting.

  17. I’m not a quilter but my mother-in-law was. She and a group of ladies would get together and work on quilts as often as they could. She made each of her 14 children a quilt when they got married. She would make the wedding ring pattern. I still use mine in the winter.

    • I love hearing about groups of quilters meeting and working together. That was a major part of my book MORNINGS ON MAIN. Such rich heritage among those ladies!!

  18. I started quilting the designs on my printed barkcloth for pillows!! I love to do this and I LOVE reading Jodi Thomas!!!

  19. I don’t quilt but the double wedding ring is my favorite pattern. I have a special quilt that a family friend made for my son with teddy bear appliqués. I have saved it for his future child and hopefully I can pass it on to him and my daughter in law soon!

  20. I love quilts . When I was very young I would watch my grandmother put quilts together. Well, one day I took it upon myself and tried my hand at it and I actually put together a small one. Congratulations to you on your awards! Have a great day and a great rest of the week.

  21. I’m in the early stages of quilting. My grandmas were quilters, one more than the other. My mom has quilted, and my mother-in-law is a quilter. A dear friend is an amazing quilter.

    My favorite quilts are the double wedding ring quilts–my favorite pattern–from my paternal grandma.

  22. I love quilts. I don’t make them but I enjoy looking at them. We have relatives in Nebraska who love to quilt. My favorite quilt pattern is the wedding ring quilt. I have one on my bed that is in blue and white. It is not handmade but I cherish it because it is so pretty.

  23. Congratulations!

    My grandmother quilted beautifully, and I have done just a bit of quilting but typically a throw or wall hanging. My favorites of hers were the Dresden Plate and Double Wedding Ring full size quilts.

  24. I still have the denim quilt my grandmother gave me as a graduation present. That was almost 40 years ago, I love it!

  25. My Mother taught me to sew, my grandmother taught me to crochet and they both taught me many useful things. My grandmother used to quilt and one thing that I regret is not sitting down more with her at the quilting frame and really learning how to do it!!

  26. I love the wedding ring pattern. I do not have any quilts that any family members made. I have cross stitched and quilted some lap quilts. Congratulations on your new book. Thank you for sharing. God bless you.

  27. Hello Jodi- I truly love your quilt your mom created. Both of my grandmothers quilted and I own many of their quilts. Some are even more special, because one granny pieced, and the other granny quilted.
    I loved your book The Wishing Quilt and thank you for giving my an early ebook copy. It was such an inspiring book all 3 of you gave us. Love and hugs and get busy making those goals. Happy Fall.

    • I always love hearing from you sweet friend. How special that both your grandmothers quilted. I’m so glad you enjoyed THE WISHING QUILT. I had great fun writing with Lori and Patience! Happy Fall to you too!

  28. Jodi, I can see why the quilt is so special to you, both because it is lovely but more so because your mother made it. I have tried quilting, but only made a few decorations. My paternal grandmother quilted, but nothing fancy. She had six boys and a daughter and worked outside the home for a while. She and my grandfather worked at a mill/shirt factory and were allowed to take scraps home. Her quilts were serviceable, not decorative. They were just square blocks sewn together and tacked to the filling and backing. She did have a victorian crazy quilt that is rather nice. I never did find out the story behind it, so I don’t know if she made it or it was a wedding present. She did make a small baby quilt for the family cradle she gave me. She embroidered the squares. I have 2 friends from high school who do beautiful quilting. They specialize mostly in wall hangings and smaller pieces rather than quilts. Our historic town in Tennessee has an annual quilt show (I think they have started it back up) and the quilts that compete and are shown are beautiful. I do have an antique quilt I got at an auction. It doesn’t look like much from a distance. It is just white with several strips of little squares running the length of it. The squares are obviously from clothing. What makes it special is the detail and quality of the stitches. The white work patterns are complex and detailed and the stitches are tiny even, and al the same size. Considering its age (likely late 1800’s) it is in excellent condition. Best of all I paid only $3 for it.

  29. Thanks for sharing such wonderful memories, Patricia. It’s fun to hear that your town has an annual quilt show and that you found such a beautiful bargain. You’re very blessed too!

  30. It has been such a joy to read your wonderful quilting stories, etc. I hope you all enjoy all the stories in THE WISHING QUILT. Lori, Patience and I had fun writing these together for you. So grab a quilt and the book and have a great time reading!

  31. One of my earliest memories is my sister, a neighbor girl and I playing underneath the quilt frames in the fellowship hall at our country church while our moms and the other ladies of the church sewed and quilted. My sister has a friendship quilt that each of the ladies who worked on it signed the block they made. She inherited it from the neighbor who acquired it at the church’s fall festival sometime in the 1940’s. So many memories in that quilt! I have several quilts my mother-in-law made and for many years she and I sewed quilts/comforters with a group at our church. Most of those went to Lutheran World Relief or local service agencies. I mostly pieced squares or large pieces of fabric but some of the ladies did such beautiful, artistic piecing we used their finished quilts for fund raisers. For a number of years each of the high school seniors in the congregation received a quilt for a graduation gift. Quilts, quilted or tied, are very special. Your Lone Star quilt is beautiful!

  32. Running late today was my son’s birthday! I used to piece quilts all the time and my sister would quilt them on her quilting machine. I haven’t pieced a quilt for several years now. Arthritis has about got the best of me and also my sister passed away a few years ago so haven’t even tried to quilt anymore.

  33. My SIL’s(son in law)sister quilts a lot. She made a cute Winnie the Pooh quilt for my daughter’s first child.
    My neighbor, Gladys, used to quilt too. She had a huge frame in her family room.

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