It’s Yee-Haw Day!

Welcome to Yee-Haw Day, the once-a-month day we’ve reserved to share our news with you – all sorts of fun news!

So check out the post below to get the details on the kinds of things that make us go Yee-Haw!!

Karen Witemeyer

I’m thrilled to share that my novella A Texas Christmas Carol has been named a finalist in two prestigious contests – The ACFW Carol Award and the Holt Medallion.

This novella first appeared in my Under the Texas Mistletoe collection. However, it’s getting its own cover for it’s individual e-single release in September. They wanted to keep with the classic literature look. It’s completely different from any of my other other covers, but I like the throwback style.


Linda Broday

FANCY Will Release in 2 Weeks!!

A Sweet Historical Western Romance

Available in Kindle Unlimited then print a week or so later.


This is #10 of the Love Train series and wraps that up. 

Pam Crooks

No matter how long an author has been writing, it’s always a thrill to get recognition amongst your peers.  After many years of not entering a contest, having HARRIETT be a finalist is super-fun.

Harriett, Book #1 in the Cupids & Cowboys Sweet Romance Series


TRACE, one of my bestselling books, launched the popular BACHELORS & BABIES series, and HARRIETT gets her own story in the CUPIDS & COWBOYS series.

Winnie Griggs



A Sweet Historical Western Romance

Ten-year-old Talulla watched in horror as her beloved brother fell through the ice while trying to save her. Thanks to the quick actions of Max, her brother’s closest friend, she survived. Her brother didn’t. When she overhears Max and her father discussing that she’s to blame, Talulla feels betrayed by those she thought she could most trust. A boarding school becomes her refuge, and she never looked back. Until now.

Widowed father Max is traveling home with his young daughter. Unfortunately, a bad case of travel sickness overtakes the little girl, and Max turns to the conductor for help. When the man finds a passenger willing to share her Pullman section, Max is relieved—until he discovers their benefactor is Talulla, a woman whose last words to Max were an impassioned I hate you.

Can these two find a way to push past their mutual distrust to regain the friendship they once shared. And perhaps something more…

You can learn more or purchase HERE

Shanna Hatfield

Sometimes it’s fun to try new things.

I decided to try publishing through Kindle Vella. If you are unfamiliar with it, you read a story one episode at a time. The first three episodes are free. After that, you purchase tokens to continue reading. The cost of the tokens to read a story is similar to the cost of purchasing a book.

My first episode released last week, and episode #2 releases today. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, more episodes will release.

Moonlight Cove is a little different than my usual books. It tells the story from five different points of view, so each episode is from the perspective of a different person. There is also a murder mystery to solve! There are still plenty of similarities, though, to my other books, like a sweet romance full of humor and heart. Some episodes might make you laugh. Others might tug at your heartstrings. But I hope each one keeps you excited to read what’s coming next!
The story takes place in the real town of Seaside, Oregon.
The cast of characters includes:
Jamie – a runaway teen
Jake – a police captain who moved to Seaside after no longer being able to stomach big-city crime
Brenley – a quirky introvert who comes to Seaside after her grandmother guilts her into spending the summer there with her
Mimi – Brenley’s widowed grandma who needed a change of pace for the summer
Clint – a handsome widower who is in town to work on the beach house (derelict dump as Clint calls it) his son purchased and wants Clint to renovate
Here’s a little excerpt from the first episode:
Without asking questions, Jamie jumped up and started running down the beach. Shouts, both concerned and accusing, blasted the air as people noticed the body on the beach and rushed to help, but Jamie didn’t stop.

The woods seemed far safer than the open beach. Glad for the months spent practicing for track, Jamie’s stride lengthened. Even with lungs burning and muscles about to spasm, with darkness encroaching and rain starting to fall, Jamie kept running.

Sprinting into the darkness, Jamie prayed whoever killed the man on the beach wasn’t set on a second murder that night.

Start reading Moonlight Cove today!

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