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Howdy!  I’m stepping in for Winnie Griggs today since she’s having Internet issues and couldn’t get a blog done.

But it’s actually a great day to share with y’all a new sale coming up, and it just so happens both Winnie and I have a book in this series.


I would say TRACE has been my bestselling book ever.  There’s just something about a bachelor and a baby and all the different scenarios that can happen when we pull a man out of his comfort zone, isn’t there?  Every book in the series has the same premise – a baby unexpectedly shows up in our hero’s life and turns his world upside down.

Of course, he always needs a woman’s help, and you can bet there will be a little falling in love happenin’ when he does.


Trace McQuade has lost everything–his ranch, his brother, the woman he wanted to marry. When his quest for justice fails, he leaves Texas to head north, but he never expects an outlaw’s baby along the way.

Morgana Goldwater needs to be needed. After she endured a terrible tragedy, she lives in a narrow, protected world. When Trace needs help caring for the baby girl, she is quick to take them both into her heart and into her life.

But their troubles return, and Trace and Morgana must face their past to keep loving the little girl–and each other–in their future.


Here’s Winnie’s book, SAWYER:

Sawyer Flynn vows to see that the man who murdered his brother pays for his crimes, but becoming the sole caretaker of an orphaned infant sidetracks him from the mission. Sawyer can’t do it all—run his mercantile, care for the baby, and find justice for his brother. He needs help. But not from Emma Jean Gilley.

When her father flees town after killing a man, Emma Jean is left alone to care for her kid brother, but her father’s crime has made her a pariah and no one will give her a job. Learning of Sawyer’s need, Emma Jean makes her case to step in as nanny.

Sawyer is outraged by Emma Jean’s offer, but he’s also desperate and he reluctantly agrees to a temporary trial. Working together brings understanding, and maybe something more. But just when things heat up between Sawyer and Emma Jean, the specter of her father’s crimes threatens to drive them apart forever.


Every book in the series will be reduced to 99¢ starting this Friday through Sunday, Father’s Day!  Three days isn’t very long, so you’ll have to hurry to take advantage of our sale! 

To see every book in our series, click the Bachelors & Babies Series Link on Amazon

Would you say you pay full price for most of your book purchases?  Or a sale price for most of your book purchases?

Are you willing to pay full price for your favorite author’s books as soon as it comes out?  Does price matter?  Or are you a bargain hunter?  Do you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited?

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29 thoughts on “Bachelors & Babies 99¢ Sale Comin’ Up! ~ Pam Crooks”

  1. Depending on the author, I will pay full price for a book if I want it right away, others I’ll wait for sale prices. I grew up a bargainista, so it’s hard to pay full price. Not that I don’t think authors aren’t worth full price… I’m just frugal at heart.


  2. Good sales are always appreciated, and I have a $30 Amazon gift card from a sweet group of teachers where I volunteered with an accelerated group of second graders this year.

    • Oh, nice gift card, Janice! It’d be burning a hole in my pocket, for sure!

      You can buy a lot of 99¢ books for a $30 gift card. Ahem. Just sayin’!

  3. Good morning Pam. Those are some great questions. I will pay full price for my favorite go too authors, especially if it’s a series book and I’m dying to see what happens next.
    Most of the time I try to buy books on sale, or download freebies by authors from bookbub when I see them.
    Winnie and your book sounds good. Thank you for sharing this sale with us. Happy Monday.

    • And well, Tonya. . . some of us love to give you ARCs in exchange for one of your lovely reviews, and those free books add up for you! Well-deserved.

  4. I buy both full priced and sale priced books. But I also like freebies. I subscribe to Kindle Unlimited too. I also have my favorite authors that I buy from and will pre-order and favorite series. Examples are The Love Train Series and Last Chance Brides.

  5. Hi Pam – Thanks for the update regarding the sale. Authors that I read everything they write, I will pay full price. I do subscribe to Kindle Unlimited as well. Have a great day my friend!

  6. I am a bargain hunter. I usually get my books on sale or free, although I have paid the going price for a book especially for the actual book. I do not subscribe to kindle unlimited.

    • Hi, Karijean. I do think we have to be careful about full-price book purchases because some of the traditional publishers really jack up the price. That’s not fair for the reader – but great for the author (if she can sell very many)

  7. Good sales are always great! I will pay full price (or close to it!!) for paperbacks, and some ebooks. I was looking at one the other day that the paperback was 50 cents more than the ebook, and I’d rather have the paperback at the price!

    • Yes!! I ran across a book like that, too, Trudy. Only 50¢ difference between paperback and ebook. How strange. And yes, I bought the paperback, too.

  8. I love Kindle Unlimited but as I’ve gifted myself a gift subscription which does save me money. I rarely, rarely pay full price for an ebook (love the tracker on the ereader (available in the US and UK) and the Bookbub web sites.

    And i use the library’s digital catalog as well. With the price of everything going up it seems we all need to watch every penny.

  9. I’ve never heard of the ereaderiq website, jcp!! I’m heading over there now to check it out!

    When I have more time to read, I’m getting myself a KU subscription. It’s almost like Christmas having all those books available to read at my whim. Well worth the monthly fee – and we authors love it, too.

    • You’ll save money if you gift yourself a gift subscription to Kindle Unlimited. You will have to call or chat with Amazon on the day you schedule it to start because their technology does not recognize that humans buy themselves gift subscription so that your payment will be taken off your payment method (you can’t use Amazon gift cards to pay for it). There are no hassles. For example, I paid $151.71 for a 24 month gift subscription which works out to $6.32 a month versus $9.99 + tax per month regular price in the US. I paid $30 for a 6 month trial of Kindle Unlimited then bought a 24 month gift subscription to see if I liked it first. Needless to say, I loved it.

      • That’s amazing, jcp! $6.32 vs $9.99 – what a bargain for you! It stings to shell out that much up front, but it’s a much better deal in the long run. Good for you!

  10. I have next to $0 budget for book buys. So I guess you could say I am definitely a bargain hunger

  11. If I have the money, I would pay the full price. I love it when I can find it on sale. Thank you for sharing. God bless you.

  12. I have always been a bargain hunter, but if a book is one I really want to read especially if by an author I like, I will pay full price.
    This series is based on the perfect premise to offer many variations that are frustrating, infuriating, funny and heartwarming.

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