Cowboys & Mistletoe – Day 3

What are Nick and Susannah up to today? Time to find out!

If you missed Monday’s post with the instructions about how to enter the giveaways, you can read it here. Then catch up on the story by reading Tuesday’s post as well.

Here’s a quick refresher about how to play:

  1. Go to the Look Inside feature for each author.
  2. Find the required noun, verb, or adjective.
  3. Note your chosen words in a comment for a chance to win gift cards.

Now, our story continues . . .

Well then, he’d have to figure out something fast. As Nick stood there trying to think of a solution other than hunting down a local beaver to do the job, a _________ (noun) came charging toward them.

To find a noun to fill in the blank, click here to look inside Julie’s To Marry a Texas Cowboy.


“Look out!” Nick hollered and stepped in front of Susannah, intending to protect her by putting himself in harm’s way.

Instead, he missed his chance when the toe of his cowboy boot caught on a rock buried beneath the snow, nearly causing him to lose his balance. To his surprise and, he admitted, his chagrin, Susannah grabbed hold of his elbow to steady him before _____ (verb) sideways, her hands outstretched. 

“No worries. I’ll handle this.”

To find a verb to fill in the blank, click here to look inside Cathy’s A Secret Christmas Wish.


What was she thinking? A petite thing like Susannah, no matter how _____ (adjective) she was, could never stand up to such a rampaging menace. Nick scrambled up but before he could intervene, Susannah whipped out a large, brightly-colored kerchief and waved it with unladylike vigor. To Nick’s stunned surprise the confused troublemaker veered away, crashing into the tree and felling it before running off as quickly as it had appeared.

To find an adjective to fill in the blank, click here to look inside Winnie’s Her Amish Wedding Quilt.

Enter your noun, verb, and adjective in the comments to be entered in the drawings!

  1. Your Noun
  2. Your Verb
  3. Your Adjective

Let’s see how many silly and different words we can come up with for each segment!

Come back tomorrow to see what happens to Nick and Susannah and to earn more chances to win!

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61 thoughts on “Cowboys & Mistletoe – Day 3”

  1. So just today I realized you said only first chapter of the books- not the whole “look inside”!! So my first two days of words are towards the ends of the look insides. So sorry!
    Today I did it correctly. Haha!

    • Susan P, you’re doing everything right! It’s perfectly okay to choose words toward the end of the “Look Inside.” In fact, we hope everyone reads the whole thing. 🙂 Words can be chosen from the beginning, the middle, or the end. It doesn’t matter to us where in the “Look Inside.” No worries!

      Thank you for playing!

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