Cowboys & Mistletoe – Day 2

It’s Day 2 and the fun continues. If you missed yesterday’s post with the instructions about how to enter the giveaways, you can read it here. Besides, you won’t want to miss out on reading the first three segments of our Mad Lib Christmas story.

Here’s a quick refresher about how to play:

  1. Go to the Look Inside feature for each author.
  2. Find the required noun, verb, or adjective.
  3. Note your chosen words in a comment for a chance to win gift cards.

Now, our story continues . . .

Susannah shook her head, dislodging snow from her hair. Nick dropped to one knee beside her as her rosy lips turned up in a beguiling smile. “It was a good thing I landed on my ______ (noun).”

To find a noun to fill in the blank, click here to look inside Shanna’s Remembering Christmas.


Nick arched an eyebrow at her, then offered her his hand. She ________ (verb) to her feet instead, cheeks pink, and gave him a shy smile. “We’d better look for your ax handle.”

To find a verb to fill in the blank, click here to look inside Kit’s The Christmas Mail-Order Bride.


Nick gave a low sigh as Susannah moved a step away from him. Impressing her was not going to be as easy as he’d hoped–especially with no way to bring in the _________(adjective) tree that she had her heart set on. What could he do? Offer to bring her back tomorrow? There were other men in town waiting in line for their chance to help Miss Susannah Sweetpeach with her holiday preparations, and she might just take one of them up on it.

“Susannah,” he blurted. “Uh…will you–I mean can you wait until tomorrow afternoon to get the tree? I’ll bring my spare axe, and we can come back–”

“Oh, I can’t tomorrow, Nick. I’ve already made plans.”

To find an adjective to fill in the blank, click here to look inside Cheryl’s The Devil and Miss Julia Jackson.

Enter your silly noun, verb, and adjective in the comments to be entered in the drawings!

  1. Your Noun
  2. Your Verb
  3. Your Adjective

Let’s see how many different and silly words we can come up with for each segment!

Come back tomorrow for Day 3 of Nick and Susannah’s Christmas adventure and more chances to win!

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