Cowboys & Mistletoe – Day 1

Welcome to the P&P Christmas Mad Libs Romance Story!

Since we love our readers, we thought it would be fun for all of the Fillies to work together to create a short story for you to enjoy. But this isn’t an ordinary story. This one requires participation from YOU!

Here is how the game will work:

Each day for four days, we will post three segments of our story. Each segment will be missing a word. It could be a noun, a verb, or an adjective. Your job is to fill in the blank with an appropriate word found in our secret hiding place.

Where is our secret hiding place? Within each Filly’s “Look Inside” feature on Amazon. Click the link to the Filly’s book, then use the “look inside” feature to browse the prologue/first chapter. Find a word you think will make a fun addition to our story and jot that word down.

For example, in our first segment, we are looking for a noun. Peruse the beginning of Karen’s Under the Texas Mistletoe to find a noun that makes you smile. In the second segment, we are looking for a verb. Scan the first few pages of Linda’s A Cowboy Christmas Legend to find a verb you love. In today’s final segment, we are looking for an adjective. You will use Jeannie’s The Cowboy’s Christmas to find that one.

Easy, right?

Each Filly will award one $10 Amazon gift card to a reader who leaves a comment with the appropriate part of speech taken from their book for their segment . Readers who comment on any day will be entered to win the grand prize of a $120 Amazon gift card. Enter all four days for extra chances to win!

To enter, leave a comment with your chosen words numbered to match the segment they fit into.

  1. Your Noun
  2. Your Verb
  3. Your Adjective

Let’s see how many different – and silly! – words we can come up with for each segment!

On Sunday, we will post the full story with the winning words inserted for a MadLib giggle fest. Winners will be announced for each of the individual segment prizes as well as the grand prize of a $120 Amazon gift card. Let’s get started!

A Christmas Courtship

Christmas Eve

Nicholas Hunkston eyed the spindly fir in front of him. “You sure this is the one you want?”

“Oh, yes. It’s perfect!” The blue-eyed beauty at his side clapped her mittened hands in delight. “Widow Ellison has a soft spot for things others tend to overlook. She will love this tree.”

Susannah Sweetpeach smiled at him, and all thought of how silly he might look carting this lopsided tree through town to the widow’s house fled Nick’s mind. He’d thought to impress the fair Susannah with his manly skills and chop down a monster tree, but if she wanted this small one with the ugly bald spot and crooked trunk, his pride would just have to take the hit.

Nick unhooked the ax from his saddle and flexed his _____ (noun). “If this is the one you want, this is the one you’ll get.”

To find a noun to fill in the blank, click here to look inside Karen’s Under the Texas Mistletoe.


Excitement filled her wide blue eyes. “Oh, Nick honey, you’re my hero.” Taking a wide stance next to the tree, he  _______ (verb)  the ax in the bark, snapping the handle.

To find a verb to fill in the blank, click here to look inside Linda’s A Cowboy Christmas Legend.


The broken axe handle flew through the air toward Susannah. She jumped back, caught her heel on a fallen branch and fell into the snow. Nick dashed toward her. “Are you hurt?” he asked, a _______ (adjective) expression playing on his handsome face.

To find an adjective to fill in the blank, click here to look inside Jeannie’s The Cowboy’s Christmas.

Enter your silly noun, verb, and adjective in the comments to be entered in the drawings!

Come back tomorrow for Day 2 of Nick and Susannah’s Christmas adventure!

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114 thoughts on “Cowboys & Mistletoe – Day 1”

  1. Madlibs is fun, but I’m afraid I’m not very good…lol!
    Here’s my attempt:
    1.) Window
    2.) Startled
    3.) Upbeat

    Thanks so much Karen for giving us an opportunity to enter! ??

  2. Noun – Form. – idiosyncrasies. – cuddles
    Verb. – Struggled. – patted
    Adjective. – overwhelming – Stilted

    Sorry, I couldn’t make up my mind.

    • So I realized I was getting my answers from the end of the look inside and not the first chapter. I went back and am now remedying the problem!

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