Cowboys & Mistletoe Starts Tomorrow!

It’s our 4th year featuring our heartwarming and bestselling

Christmas novellas and books!


To celebrate holiday love and happy endings, we’ve written a silly story, and

YOU get to fill in the blanks, Mad-Lib style!


(Don’t worry.  We’ll make it easy, and we’ll tell you how.)


Of course, we’re giving away LOTS of prizes. 


Twelve – $10 Amazon Gift Cards

Plus . . . a Grand Prize of a $120 Amazon Gift Card


Enter all four days for more chances to win the Grand Prize!


See you there!


All winners chosen by US entries only.

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16 thoughts on “Cowboys & Mistletoe Starts Tomorrow!”

  1. Excitement filled her wide blue eyes. “Oh, Nick honey, you’re my hero.” Taking a wide stance next to the tree, he ____nuzzled___ (verb) the ax in the bark, snapping the handle.

  2. The broken axe handle flew through the air toward Susannah. She jumped back, caught her heel on a fallen branch and fell into the snow. Nick dashed toward her. “Are you hurt?” he asked, a __ nauseous__ (adjective) expression playing on his handsome face.

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