Dastardly Dot and a Giveaway!

Ah, a writer’s life. People often ask if I have pets and if I do, do they inspire any of my stories? Well, I don’t have pets, I travel too much and besides, my siblings do. If I need a fix, I visit one of them. But about three years ago my little sis and her son came to live with me. They have a dog. Connor is a nice dog until I sit down to write. Then he suddenly has to go outside, then wants inside, then outside, then inside, then … you get the picture. Needless to say, when you’re trying to write, this can drive you nuts. Or so I thought until he came into the household.

Dot. The Destroyer.

Yes, he may look innocent, but he’s anything but. That darn cat thinks he’s a dog for one and will go on an evening walk with us for up to a mile from the house. And he wants to go every evening! And if I thought Conner the dog was bad about wanting in and out while I’m writing, he doesn’t hold a candle to Dot. Which is how the felonious feline got his nick name. He not only wants all your time and attention, he wants everything else too.

He thinks my bed is his.

He thinks every chair in the house is his.

He even thinks my luggage is his! I get no respect.

And he’s no small kitty so when he jumps on you (in the middle of the night, naturally) there’s always an audible “Umph!” on my part right before he paws at me to yes, you guessed it. Be let out. Not to deprive my sister of her share, he scratches at her door (she has access to outside from her room) until she slogs out of bed and stumbles bleary-eyed to let him in. Then the little devil comes right back into my room and the whole shenanigans start again!

To curb dear Dot of this habit, we stopped letting him out after ten. This of course was met with great protest on Dot’s part in the form of howling and whining and no shortage of pawing at one of us. After all, he deemed himself a handsome kitty and once he put us through our paces, some cute lady cat would surely want to spend time with him.

The neighbors had cute lady cats. They were quick to let us know that Dot liked to show up at five am and howl greetings at their kitties who often sat on a windowsill early in the morning.

To deal with this behavior, Dot got to pay a visit to the local vet. Enough said.

But that did nothing to dampen his dastardly ways. He comes into my room meowing, gets me out of my chair, (ALWAYS while I’m writing) and as soon as I head for the door, jumps into said chair and takes up residence. Grrrrrr. This goes for most of the furniture in the house. It’s one of the ways Dot likes to let you know you’re nothing but staff. Unpaid, of course. Isn’t that a slave?

And yes, he bosses the dog around too.

But I admit, as odd as he is, he grows on you. And, after demanding he pay his staff (he refused) I now boot him out of the chair at my desk, I don’t take him on trips no matter how hard he tries to stay in my suitcase, and I occasionally use him for a scarf. My nephew showed me what a nice fashion accessory Dot can be.

At least at the end of the day, the little fiend likes my books …

Have you ever had a pet like Dot? We’ve had quite a few over the years with interesting personalities, but Dot is one of the most unique. What are some interesting things your pets or your friend’s pets have done? I’ll pick a random winner from the comments below to receive an e-book copy of my newest release Hearts of the Sierra Nevada!

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Kit Morgan is the author of over 100 books of historical and contemporary western romance! Her stories are fun, sweet stories full of love, laughter, and just a little bit of mayhem! Kit creates her stories in her little log cabin in the woods in the Pacific Northwest. An avid reader and knitter, when not writing, she can be found with either a book or a pair of knitting needles in her hands! Oh, and the occasional smidge of chocolate!

34 thoughts on “Dastardly Dot and a Giveaway!”

  1. Due to allergies, I don’t have pets.

    My son and his girlfriend have a dog named Lexi. She has her own Instagram page, her own wardrobe, and is a little princess Pom. She’s so cute. Apparently, she was originally a show dog, but my son’s girlfriend got her as a rescue. And she’s a certified emotional support pet.


  2. When I was a tween, I had a small, black dog named Tony. He had been part of a big litter, and his owners were an older farm couple. He’d never had any attention until they gave him to me. He instantly became devoted to me. Wherever I went, he wanted to go, and whatever I did, he wanted to do. I lived on a farm, too. If I picked blackberries, Tony would pull them off the vine and eat them. If sat down, he would be right beside me, nuzzling me for attention. This was fine until I wanted to read, which was often. He wouldn’t let me. Sometimes, I would climb a tree and sit on a horizontal branch or get up on a tractor that was too high for Tony to manage, but he would yip, prance around, and worry himself until he became very distracting. That part could be annoying, but I’ve never had such a devoted pet.

  3. We once had a pretty gray and white cat that came from a litter of kittens from one of my son’s cats. My son lived next door and this cat came to stay at our house. He was an outside cat, would not come in the house. He would come to the door and look in like he was saying, I’m ready to eat now or come talk to me. We we were in yard, going to mailbox, or my husband going to his shop or anywhere else, he would follow us around! Thus he became a cat named Dawg!! That was years ago and needless to say he has now passed on. Don’t have any pets now!

    • Isn’t that funny when cats do that? I’ve had cats follow me around but nothing like my sister’s cat, Dot. He should have been named Dawg, just like your cat, Ruth!

  4. Dot is a Tuxedo Cat. I didn’t know what that meant, until Boomer showed up. Now I know. Dead mousies for breakfast anyone? They are the Tasmanian devils of the cat world.

  5. Dot is a cutie. I used to have a cat, Pono, that we lost a few years ago. He acted like a dog. If someone would come to visit, he was right there at the door waiting to be greeted and picked up. If the person didn’t pick him up, he would jump up on them. He also liked to go for walks. He would walk on a leash but then get tired at the end of the street and demanded to be carried the rest of the way. Now I have three cats and each one has a different personality.

  6. I also have a big tomcat named Dot/Spot he controls the outside and takes on my pup every evening when supper is served! He did not mess with my old dog Gus though!

  7. Dot reminds me so much of my cat Little man as far as far as going out and then back in because my cat does that all the time. He thinks he will get fed anytime he comes in. He is a big cat about 14 lbs and loves to eat. We try to keep food cut back but that is not easy. He also wants out about 5 am every day then when he comes back in he is scratching at my door for food. He also takes our chairs in the house, if you get up he is in your chair. I guess that is a cat for you.

  8. I have a 15 year old female(spade) cat who wakes me up a couple of times a night. The first time I can persuade her to let me go back to sleep. Anytime after 2 a.m. is fair game though. She sleeps on my bed and lays on the back of my chair while I am reading.

  9. welcome today. Oh my but Dot sounds like a character. We have one cat that likes to walk over me to lay down next to me at night. Oh my but the heat that comes of this cat is incredible. But I love her anyway. She is the princess of the house. And she knows it. LOL She always wants attention. That is ok. We have had numerous cats and dogs over my growing up years that have had wonderful and unique personalities.

  10. I don’t have pets. Mom and I always said that when we weren’t on the go any more we’d get one. Then, when she was diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration, we didn’t get a cat for fear that she’d trip over it or step on it since she couldn’t see well anymore. Now that Mom has gone to her heavenly home, I still don’t have a pet. I don’t like cleaning litter boxes that well!! So, if I need a cat fix, I can go to my neighbors house, she has two. Another neighbor has three dogs and some cats, so I could always go there, too. Of course, two of her cats are now inside/outside, so they come to visit at my house!

  11. We had a dog that showed up in our yard one summer. He had obviously been someone’s pet but we never found who he had belonged to. He would sit on top of the pickup seatback and drape himself around my husband’s neck. A great neck warmer on cold days. We think he was a West Highland. With his very thin hair we thought he was a house dog but here he became an outside dog and his hair grew thick. He also learned to clear the gate when it was cattle feeding time. He looked so funny working cattle next to our Border Collie. He was a very loving dog.

  12. I have a Benji and a solid grey cat. Libby the dog and Loki the cat. I live in apt complex. I had a cat pass last yr. Layla. Well Loki looks just like Layla. Layla and Libby shared the house. That’s all. Now Loki came to me cause. In evenings I walk Libby around the complex to do her nightly business. One night here came Loki. Jumped straight on Libbys back, hugged her neck and too a short ride. Much to my surprise Libby said nothing. Loki walked the rest of the way with us. This went on for several days. Finally I brought him in the house.and they are best friends. Nightly walks, sleep by each other. Eat each others food. Etc.lol

  13. We have 2 cats. One will bat at my face to get attention and the other will follow me from room to room. They both prefer drinking fresh water so they will jump up onto the bathroom sink and wait for you to turn the water on.

  14. That is too funny. Does he climb Christmas trees too? I used to have a cat that tried to climb the Christmas tree and tried to be everywhere you are including under my feet all the time which was worst.

  15. I have a goldendoolde who is a real clown. She likes to run straight at people and veer at just the last minute before hitting you, usually. She also smirks at you.

  16. I know I missed the giveaway, but enjoyed your post and wanted to comment. We have had a multitude of pets over the years but are down to only one now, if you don’t count the chickens. of the 4 cats and 10 dogs over the years, only two of the dogs were not tyrants, our first, a beagle mix and second, a lab mix. At one point we had 4 dogs and two cats. Oddly enough, I don’t remember them being that much trouble. At least when one wanted out, they all went out together, and mostly came in together. Of course, cats are another thing all together. They do what they want and we spend our time picking up the mess and working around them.Our one now is old and arthritic and flat out won’t walk or stay out much at all (unless sitting near us). She sleeps about 22 hours a day so isn’t much trouble. The only issue is her wanting to be in my husband’s recliner and she will sit there either barking at him or staring him down until he moves and helps her up into the chair. She will bark at us for treats, but knows I won’t cave so doesn’t try for long if I am alone. If my husband is in the room, she will try until he caves.

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