A Happy Surprise and a Give Away!

For those of you that don’t know, I house and pet sit a lot for folks. When you’re a writer, you can write anywhere, and friends and family know that I like working in different settings now and then. One couple I cat and house sit for, got me a condo in Sunriver for a few days as a thank you. Sunriver is a fun spot in Central Oregon. Anyway, I asked my older sister to go with me and on our way, we stumbled upon a happy surprise! What was it?

The 46th Annual Sisters Quilt Show!

Sisters, Oregon is a quaint little town about 18 miles from Bend. It is famous for its annual quilt show. Folks come from all over to attend and the town is decorated with quilts of all shapes, sizes and patterns.

Quilts have been around for ages and have some interesting history. During the civil war they made and donated to be used in hospitals and for soldiers in the field. They were made and sold to raise funds for the war effort.

Today, quilt making is big business. I know a few expert quilters. I met one gal who specializes in making them by hand instead of using a quilting machine. She teaches classes all over the country and has written books on this old form of quilt making. Me, I like to admire them and think about taking up quilting, but haven’t the time.

But for quilting enthusiasts, Sisters outdoor quilt show, which is always held the second weekend in July, is a cornucopia of beautiful quilts on display all over town. I had to take a gander at the show’s website and was surprised at the tid bits of information I found there.

The show is internationally recognized as the world’s largest outdoor quilt show, displaying 1300 quilts that represent fiber artists from around the world. More than 10,000 visitors from all 50 states and from multiple foreign countries flock to Sisters on the second weekend in July. It’s amazing we found a parking spot. We stopped there for a bite to eat on our way to Sunriver and wound up looking at quilts all afternoon. It was a ton of fun!
Do you quilt? Do you know anyone who does? I’m giving away an e-book of mine of choice to one lucky winner from the comments!

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Kit Morgan is the author of over 100 books of historical and contemporary western romance! Her stories are fun, sweet stories full of love, laughter, and just a little bit of mayhem! Kit creates her stories in her little log cabin in the woods in the Pacific Northwest. An avid reader and knitter, when not writing, she can be found with either a book or a pair of knitting needles in her hands! Oh, and the occasional smidge of chocolate!

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    • Just looking at the square packets you can buy makes me want to quilt, but alas, I don’t see how I can fit it into my current schedule. Then I look at what my friends who quilt can do and go, Yikes! I could never do that. Mine would come out … well, lets just say it would be scary, Denise!

  1. I used to quilt a lot, but since I’ve launched a second career from home and my arthritis has become much worse, I haven’t been able to. I still love quilts, however.

    • Oh, gosh, Janice, I never considered arthritis. I’m getting it in my hands from all the typing. I can imagine quilting wouldn’t help! But like you say, we can still love quilts!

  2. Both of my grandmothers quilted, they piece each piece by had and then one of my granny’s was in a quilting bee where all the women set together around a quilt to hand sew the backing on the quilt. I’m honored to own close to 15 of their quilts. I love quilts & I have my guest room as my quilt themed room, where I display my granny’s creations.

  3. I LOVE that area! Even though last time I stayed in Sun River, I broke my leg…
    I used to quilt – enjoy it, but I’m just not exacting enough to be really good at it. I sure do appreciate them, though!

  4. I don’t quilt, but would love to learn. My neighbor quilted when she was younger. A few years ago, she gave me one of the quilts she made when her step-kids were just little kids (now they are married with kids of their own). She said she considered us family and when she saw the quilt with cats on it, she knew it was perfect for us. I have it hanging on a wall as I want to protect it.

  5. I do small quilts- something I can quilt on my sewing machine. The largest one I have completed was one I made for my mother. It fits on the back of her couch. My goal is to make one all my grands and greats. As I started quilting a few years ago, I have a ways to go. I had never heard about Sisters, Oregon. My sister also quilts. I think it would be a fantastic trip for us as we both live in Michigan.

  6. I use to piece quilts all the time but then my arthritis got so bad I had a hard time doing it anymore. Also my sister always quilted them for me on her quilting machine but she passed away a few years back and I never learned to use her machine.

  7. Ooh, I’m with you, Kit! I would have been thrilled to see this quilt show. I’ve never made a quilt but it’s on my evergrowing bucket list.

    Loved the pics in your blog. Gorgeous quilts and artfully displayed throughout the town. But my first question was – what if a bird flew by and pooped on that gorgeous quilt? LOL. Or if it rained on them?

    • They have The Quilt Squad riding around town on golf carts. Should a bird strike happen, they are radioed by the Quilt Guards and rush to the rescue. Most of the Quilt Squad were elderly gentlemen, probably the husbands of the quilters.

  8. Hi, Kit. No, I don’t quilt, but I wish I could! I don’t seem to be handy with needle and thread. I know two people who are excellent quilters, a friend and one of my cousins. I’ve enjoyed going shopping with them while they’re looking and searching for material for their next quilt projects. I’ve been to a few quilt shows too with my cousin. Both she and my friend made a quilt when my niece was born. The patterns and colors they used were beautiful for baby quilts. They sure make beautiful gifts and a family heirloom.

  9. I’ve done some quilting, though very, very basic. I was honored to receive a quilt from Tonya that one of her grannies made. My baby girl sleeps with it every night and it holds a very special place in my heart.

  10. I don’t quilt, though my Mom did years ago and so did my grandmother. I have quite a few friends that do, and one has won awards for her quilts. We have a group at church that makes quilts to go to people in hospitals, those dealing with cancer, and more.

  11. My sister passed away with ALS. . She was a master at hand quilting. She made bed quilts, baby quilts. Done it for 40+ yrs. All by hand. One 2 nd place in our towns quilting show. I cherish my sunflower quilt…

  12. Welcome today. Oh my goodness, how cool. So glad you and your sister had a blast. Had to write it down so my husband and I could go next year. Yes I am a quilter. My mom and I learned together when I was in high school. I have been a sewer since I was six. This was a new experience. I am now 62 and still quilt. I love to give them away to new babies, marriages, etc. Now I am making them for our house. LOL about time. Oh but I looked you up on amazon. Oh but there are some wonderful books. I need to check them out more. Thank you. quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

    • Every time I’ve gone to the Sisters quilt show, I think about a series written around quilts or at least a sewing circle. Maybe this coming year…

  13. Kit, I have a couple of friends who are expert quilt makers! One who makes them from patterns and they are absolutely gorgeous and another who usually uses quilting kits, and they are very pretty, too. I have another friend who hand stitches every single stitch in her quilts. Only thing is, she can’t find anyone to help her put on the backings, so she hasn’t really finished any of them, and she refuses to let anyone take them and finish them if they are going to use a machine and tarnish her handiwork!! ??. My mother-in-law quilted and I am blessed to have a couple of her quilts and I also have 1 from my grandmother. She had 27 grandchildren, that’s why I say I’m blessed to have 1! ??????

  14. I am more of a quilt admirer than a quilter. Most of the quilts I have made were pieced with large blocks of fabric and tied rather than quilted. We have made many this way at our church for local charities and Lutheran World Relief. Some of my friends are very accomplished quilters and even judge quilt shows. Their quilts are beautiful works of fabric art. I have never been to the quilt show at Sisters but I have been to the one at the Puyallup Fair. It is amazing what some people can do with needle, thread and fabric whether by hand or with a machine.

    • I’ve been to the ones at the Oregon State Fair and the California State Fair. I do love seeing all the quilts and other fabric arts at the fairs!

  15. Beautiful! I admire quilters but I don’t have the patience for it myself. My mom and I did visit a quilting museum in Kentucky during a trip once. So many beautiful works of art.

  16. Gorgeous quilts. My Grandmother quilted when she was alive God rest her soul. Her quilts were beautiful. I admire anyone who quilts because of the patience and tedious work it entails. I don’t quilt myself.
    Please enter me

  17. I did take a quilting course and made some Christmas decorations. I did OK, but like the results of other needlework I do better. I have a couple of very nice old quilt I got at auction years ago. They aren’t fancy, but the white work and tiny, even stitches are beautifully done. I have several quilts from my grandmother one crazy quilt, one embroidered cradle quilt, and 3 serviceable quilts she made for her sons. She worked at a shirt factory and was allowed to take scraps home. They are just square blocks and tacked.
    I have two friends that are excellent quilters. Their specialties are wall hangings.
    Our town has had a quilt festival in the past, but I don’t know what its future is. There is a quilt shop in town that has classes and has sponsored the show in the past. The displays of the quilts at the town visitor’s center are always fascinating and lovely.
    I will have to put Sisters, Oregon on our list for any future trips out West.

  18. I quilt and I absolutely love it! I do have arthritis in my hands but I keep sewing away. I can’t imagine not quilting but I know it may happen someday. I have wanted to go to the Sisters Quilt Show but just haven’t had an opportunity to do it yet. I have two of my great grandmothers quilts, both are beautifully stitched by hand. I love your books so much! I’m a huge historical western romance reader. I have loved reading all of my life until I discovered quilting. I quilt during the day and read in the evenings with life thrown in the mix. It sounds like you stay very busy. What fun that you can house and pet sit for friends and family! Enjoy the rest of summer!

  19. I have a friend that quilts. I have quilted a few lap quilts. They are stamped cross stitched kits that also show the areas to quilt. I have given away the quilts as given. Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful pictures. God bless you.

    • I wish I had taken more now that I think of it! But I’m glad you enjoyed them, Debbie. I bought a book on quilting little things like tote bags and such. One of these days I’ll crack it open and do something.

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