It’s Yee-Haw Day!

Welcome to Yee-Haw Day, the once-a-month day we’ve reserved to share our news with you – all sorts of fun news!

So check out the post below to get the details on the kinds of things that make us go Yee-Haw!!

Laura Drake

Cover reveal! For my Women’s Fiction, due out next March!

I love it.

Karen Witemeyer

I’m thrilled to pieces to announce that my novella, Inn For a Surprise, has won two major awards!

The Holt Medallion 
The Faith Hope & Love Reader’s Choice Award!

This is a huge honor and such an encouragement. If you haven’t read Barnabas and Phoebe’s story yet, you can grab the e-single for only $1.99 on Amazon.

Mary Connealy

New Release!

A Man with a Past

is in bookstores NOW

And shipping from all retailers


Barnes and Noble

Baker Book House

Falcon Hunt awakens without a past, or at least not one he can recall. He’s got brothers he can’t remember, and he’s interested in the prettiest woman in the area, Cheyenne. Only trouble is, a few flashes of memory make Falcon wonder if he’s already married. He can’t imagine abandoning a wife. But his pa did just that—twice. When Falcon claims his inheritance in the West, Cheyenne is cut out of the ranch she was raised on, leaving her bitter and angry. And then Falcon kisses her, adding confusion and attraction to the mix.

Soon it’s clear someone is gunning for the Hunt brothers. When one of his brothers is shot, Falcon and Cheyenne set out to find who attacked him. They encounter rustled cattle, traitorous cowhands, a missing woman, and outlaws that take all their savvy to overcome. As love grows between these two independent people, Falcon must piece together his past if they’re to have any chance at a future.

Cover Reveal!

My new series is now available for pre-order!

Book #1 is

The Element of Love

With their sharp engineering minds, Laura Stiles and her two sisters have been able to deal with their mother’s unfortunate choice in husband, until they discover his plans to marry each of them off to his lecherous friends.

Now they must run away–far and fast–to find better matches to legally claim their portion of their father’s lumber dynasty and seize control from their stepfather.

When Laura befriends a mission group heading to serve the poor in California during their escape, she quickly volunteers herself and her sisters to join their efforts.

Despite the settlement being in miserable condition, the sisters are excited by the opportunity to put their skills to good use.

Laura also sees potential in Caleb, the local minister, to help with gaining her inheritance. But when secrets buried in Caleb’s past and in the land around them come to light, it’ll take all the smarts the sisters have to keep trouble at bay.

Phyliss Miranda

Two Engagements and One Week to a Wedding!

This has been an exciting month for us.  On the right is our oldest granddaughter, Emma, and her fiancé, Devyn. We leave in two days for their destination wedding in Branson, Missouri, which occurs this coming Saturday.

And on the right is our oldest grandson, Alex, and his fiancé, Jamie. He asked her to marry him earlier this month on Surf Beach in California, which just happened to be the same beach his brother-in-law, Zack, asked his younger sister, Abby, to marry him.  Alex and Jami live in the Dallas Metroplex, so it was a carefully planned out event.

The middle picture is Emma’s little brother who surprised us by showing up when he got shore leave from is submarine last week. I can’t tell you much about his navel experience except he went into the Navy at a higher rank since he was an Eagle Scout. He and has achieved a high rank due to his training.  We’re proud of him.

Needless to say I’m a very proud and happy Granny!

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  1. Laura. – The cover is perfect. A prickly relationship that blossoms. I am looking forward to reading this book.
    Karen. – Congratulations! What a double honor. Lovely cover.
    Mary. – I am looking forward to A Man With A Past and can’t wait for book 3 to come out. The Lumber Baron’s Daughters sounds like it will be another enjoyable series.
    Phyliss – What exciting days for you. Two lovely couples and a handsome grandson. How nice that your grandson could get the time off to come home. I hope he is on leave for the wedding. Enjoy your granddaughter’s wedding. I hope you have some time to enjoy Branson and maybe drive down to Eureka Springs, Arkansas for the day. Congratulations to all your family.

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