Have Belongings Will Travel

Have you ever noticed the restlessness of people? We’re rather a shiftless lot and maybe for the most part it’s due to getting bored with our surroundings. I’m not one to embrace change. I’m not spontaneous and I’m not brave. I’m a Taurus and we like deep roots that go down into the earth. The kind that takes a bulldozer to get out. But I’ve just completed a move from one city to another and I’m totally exhausted.

I envy the people in Biblical days who threw a burlap bag stuffed full of their belongings onto a camel and took off across the desert.

We humans have stuff—a lot of stuff, most of which takes five men and a boy to lift. My kids have threatened me with bodily harm if I buy another tote bag, piece of clothing or jacket. I do have a lot but I need them all

As with each move, I’ve said this is the last time. However, I mean this one. Here I will stay.

Unless something entices me.

I’ve thought a lot about women who had to whittle down a houseful of belongings to what would fit in a covered wagon. Did I mention I was not brave? I know in my heart I wouldn’t have been a wife who meekly climbed aboard and rode over some of the roughest country God ever created to settle somewhere unknown. They left family and friends. Everything they knew.

It must’ve been very hard.

A dear writer friend of mine is packing up in a few months and moving to Mexico. By herself. Far away from the life she knows here. I can’t imagine doing that.

But then a lot of people live abroad. One of my readers joined the U.S. Civil Service when she was younger and lived overseas for a good number of years working with other nationalities.

Did I mention I was a big chicken?

So I guess my point is…I have a reason for moving. I wanted to be near my children. See my grandkids. Get acquainted with my two-year-old great grandson who doesn’t know me or what to even call me. It’s time to fix that. So I am.

I’m settling in and have most everything unpacked. I’m planting my flag. This is it. I mean it.

What is the farthest you’ve ever moved? Did you lose anything? I lost an entire medicine cabinet full of essentials.

Oh, and I welcome any name suggestions my great grandson can call me. Just simple ones.

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44 thoughts on “Have Belongings Will Travel”

  1. In my family, grandparents are called Grandma and Grandpa, and my great-grandma was called Granny. I applaud you for making the difficult move to preserve family ties. They are so important. When my son and his family moved from Phoenix to Texas 7 years ago, I moved with them. Although my house was paid off and I would be starting over at age 60, knowing no one here in Texas, what was there to keep me alone without family in Phoenix? I loved living in the desert without ice storms and tornados, but I love my family more. Guess what? I found I love Texas more than the desert, although I still hate ice storms and tornados! The bonus is, I get to live with my granddaughters every day!

    • Hi Sherry….Thank you for coming by to share your story. What a change from Arizona to Texas. Sounds like you have no regrets. We can put up with just anything for family ties. I’m loving it here and finally getting to celebrate birthdays and holidays with my family again. And thanks for the suggestion about a name. Have a lovely day and stay cool.

  2. I moved about 45-50 miles from my hometown, plus I crossed a state line.

    I the last move, somehow, they lost a post to a set of shelves. We make do with a makeshift post.

    Mimi or Gigi?

    • Hi Denise….It’s great to see you. I don’t know how these things get lost. They go onto the moving truck but they don’t come off. Very mysterious. It’s like those socks in the dryer. 🙂 I’ve sort of been leaning toward GiGi. It’s a fun name and easy for little ones to say. Thanks for the suggestion. Stay cool today. Gonna be sweltering.

  3. The farthest I’ve ever moved was twice. I moved to Alpine, Texas for a semester at Sul Ross State University. The 2nd big move was after I graduated from Tarleton State University to Kansas. I’m still here. I said I’d NEVER live in KS longer than I lived in My home state of TX. But now I’ve exceeded that by 2 years here in KS so as I always say: “NEVER SAY NEVER!”
    I’m so lad you made this move to be closer to your family.
    I think Li Li (sounds like Lee Lee) would be a good name for him to call you.
    Love you sister friend. Oh and you are not a chicken, you are a very strong, brave, & determined Lady.

    • Hi Tonya……Oh, I love LiLi! That might be what I’m looking for. I can almost hear him saying that. You had to have been awfully brave yourself to move so far away to Kansas. I think that’s where God decided you should be. You found a great job, many friends, and the love of your life. We never know what’s in store for us. We for sure can’t find anything stuck in a hole. No, it doesn’t pay to Never Say Never. That’s how sure you’ll have to eat your words. Have a good day up there and stay cool. I’m praying to not lose electricity. Love you so much. 🙂

  4. I’ve moved quite a bit in my life. I have a theory that you only move as often as you forget what a pain in the butt it is.
    My husband and I moved last Thanksgiving. I told him we’re getting out of this house in a BOX!

    Happy unpacking….

    • Laura, moving is actually good for a person because you can weed out what you need to get rid of. Still, I hate it. It’s so hard. I sure hope this is it. Hey, I’m only two hours away from you now. We’ll have to get together. Maybe we could meet halfway even. Let’s try. I’d love to meet you in person.

  5. Good morning Linda ! I have not.made big moves. When I was 9 years old my family moved to Minnesota and that’s where I’ve remained planted! A few great grandma suggestions might be: Nona, Gigi, or Nana,
    I’m so happy you are getting settled near family and can see the sunset every night! Kids brighten up our corners of life and your Asher will surely warm your.

    • Dearest Kathy! Thank you for coming. I guess Minnesota agrees with you. Wow! Thanks for the suggestions. Love those names. I think GiGi might be the one. I want something that doesn’t sound like baby talk when he’s twenty or thirty years old. Yes, those grandkids and greats really do sneak into our hearts. I hope you’re doing okay and improving every day. Much love and big hugs.

  6. I can remember only 4 houses that I have lived in the last 60 years! And I am Grammy as all the other names were taken when my first grandchild came along.

    • Hi Teresa! It’s great seeing you. You sure haven’t moved a whole lot. Back in the 1800s people could spend their whole lives in the same place. Some never traveled more than a 20 mile radius during their lifetime. How sad to never see beyond their doorstep. Grammy is a great suggestion. I’ve thought about shortening that to Gram. I kinda like that. Have a lovely day and stay cool. Love and hugs.

  7. Linda, I hear you on the moving. we’ve moved quite a few times. Once the movers lost the mirror from our bedroom suite – they found it; an antique telephone table – we never got that back. I still miss that table every time I have a spot where it would fit perfectly. 😉

    You seem like a Gigi to me. My grandmother Grace was GGG (triple G) to her greats. They loved it.

    • Hi Tracy!! Wow, how nice to see you! Moving is traumatic under the best of circumstances and to lose important things that are irreplaceable is heart wrenching. Sometimes I wonder if the movers see something they can’t resist taking. Or maybe they break the item and just sweep it under the rug instead of owning up to it. Thanks for the name suggestions. Interesting about your grandmother Grace. Triple G’s are unusual but cute. It’s probably cooler up at the lake where you are but hope you’re staying comfortable. Much love, dear friend.

  8. I am like you also a Taurus and don’t like change. The farthest I have moved is about 50 miles for home town and that was when I got married 36 years ago.
    I like Grams or Gigi for a name for you.

    • Hi Quilt Lady……Great to see you. Yes, forget change. We like things to stay the same but they rarely do. Just when I get something figured out, they go and change it. Especially computers and cell phones. Irritates me to death. Thanks for the name suggestions. Love grams. It’s a sweet name and doesn’t sound weird for an older great grandchild saying. I don’t want one that sounds like baby talk. I hope you have a beautiful day. Love and hugs..

  9. Since I’ve been married – and I’ve been married 46 years – I’ve only moved three times. The first time was as a new bride into my new husband’s spiffy new mobile home in a nice trailer park on the edge of town (which doesn’t really count as a move). We had happy memories there, but when the babies started coming, we built a new house a few blocks away. More happy memories until my husband was transferred to Omaha. Since I was heavily pregnant at the time, he chose the house (I never trusted him to buy groceries for me before that) and we’ve been here for 33 years.

    As you can tell, I hate change. I hate debt. I crave stability and familiarity. I’ll likely live in this house until I can’t climb stairs anymore.

    So happy for you and your move. You can’t beat family being near you. It’s crucial the older we get!

    • Hi Pam…..I guess your hubby chose wisely. 🙂 I envy you that stability. I too love the familiar. But, you do renovate parts of your house from time to time and that keeps it fresh and feeling new yet is still familiar. I’m very happy here and feel this is where God wants me. I’m just so glad to be out of that other place that became a prison. Love you, lady.

  10. I moved to Texas and back home to Michigan and didn’t lose a thing. I moved about 35 miles and lost a small box. My daughter has her grandchildren call her Mimi and one granddaughter calls me nanny.

    • Hi Karen……When you moved, you moved. That’s a long way apart! And how wonderful to not lose anything. Sorry about the missing small box in the shorter move. Guess it’s gone for good. Thanks for sharing the nicknames. Appreciate it. Stay cool today and look for blessings around you. Much love.

  11. I have moved a LOT in my life! The furthest was when I was 17 and our family moved to Saudi Arabia! 10,000 miles from our house! Talk about shock!!! I’d never even been on an airplane and here I was taking many planes! My dad got a new job and suddenly we were flying all over the world taking vacations when he wasn’t working! Then, when I was 21, I moved to Guatemala to serve a mission for our church! When I got married, we have moved 6 times to 5 different states. I just moved to Texas, by myself! My husband is finishing his job and will move here in Dec. so this has been crazy. I would say I’ve definitely moved a lot! We wanted to be closer to our kids and grandkids. By the way, Linda, I sent you a private message last time you were on P&P to see if we could have lunch together sometime! You had asked me to do so since I live in Lubbock. I don’t know if you got it!!!!

    • Hi Valri…..I didn’t get your message. Wonder why. Yes, we have to get together! Let’s try email. I’ll send you a note and you’ll have my address. My goodness, you have moved a lot, girl!! You’re a worldwide traveler. Okay, I’m off to email you. Hope this works.

  12. I haven’t moved much in my life. When I married, I moved to my husband’s home town about three hours away from mine. We made a move about 17 miles from there twenty years ago and here we sit.
    We live a mile from our grands so our location is perfect!
    I became Mau when my first Grand began to talk. Best name ever!

  13. So glad you survived the move, Linda, and that you’re getting settled. I’ve really only made one significant move and that was when I was MUCH younger. I moved from California to Texas to go to college and I never left. I’ve moved from apartments to our first house to our second (and current) house, but those were all within the same town. Every once in a while I get unsatisfied with the house I’m living in (like me, it’s starting to show its age), but then I think of the giant hassle of moving and decide maybe I’ll just spend the money to give the old gal a face lift so I can stay put. Ha!

    • Karen, moving sure disrupts a life and if you don’t have to, stay where you are. Giving a house a facelift is much easier. You can do one room at a time. I agree that moving is for the younger set. Much love.

  14. Hi Linda, I’ve moved 10-11 times during my life and have lived on both coasts and in the mid-west. Moving is always a hassle but once you are settled it really feels good. I can’t imagine doing it in a covered wagon.

    I agree with Tracy that GiGi is a good name to signify great grandma. You are fortunate to have great grandchildren. Some day I hope my only grandchild has children but I don’t want to rush him.

    • Hi sister! Yes, you’ve certainly moved a lot. It’s not so bad when you’re young. Each time I move it gets harder and harder and takes more out of me. Nope, forget the covered wagon!! I kinda like GiGi too. Camille, my nail lady, was called Lovey by her granddaughter and I loved that. Don’t rush Ryan. He has to grow up first. But one of the other four might get the honor. Can you imagine Sydney being a mom? But she might be really good. They change as they become adults. Love you dearly, sister.

  15. I have moved several times, as a child I was born in Montana, but we moved to Idaho when I was 1. Then to WY, then Cal, back to Wyo. Then as I was finally an adult, I moved to Phoenix, back to Wyo, then to Idaho, then to Long Island NY, wyo, cal, wyo, Idaho, Texas, and back to Idaho. I am not planning on moving again. I hate to pack, unpack. My parents were hoarders, and I have learned from the best. I however wouldn’t trade my experiences on both coasts, where I worked as a nanny for Jewish families. The c items have to many people, I like to visit, but prefer to live in small town atmosphere.

    • Veda, I’m so happy to see you. Thank you for coming. You have really had a lot of moves! Wow! I hope you get to stay where you are for a long while. It’s great that you have your brother close. And if I remember right, he loves to cook as do you. I still remember those goodies you sent me a few years ago at Christmas. Have a wonderful rest of your day. Much love and big hugs.

  16. I’ve moved 20 times in my life. Each time I’ve lost a few things. The farthest I’ve moved was from vt to Massachusetts. Some of my grandson call me Hona. Which I love. Hugs and Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Charlene…..I imagine you have moving down pat by now. That’s a lot. I just don’t understand how things can disappear going from one place to the next. They go onto the truck but don’t come off. I love the name your grandson calls you. That’s sweet. Thanks for coming and have a wonderful rest of your day. Much love.

  17. I’ve never moved. I live in the house I grew up in. I’ve helped friends pack to move, but I’ve always lived in one house.

    • Hi Trudy……Oh my goodness, that’s amazing. Your roots go very deep. There is something special in living in the house where you grew up. Enjoy it. Thanks for coming and have a lovely day. Much love.

  18. I moved a few times… the last time we lost a whole box of items for our medicine cabinet too… but we do not know if the box was grabbed as we were loading the truck or it just disappeared… left some stuff behind, no longer needing them… moving was not fun.

    • Hi Colleen! Great to see you. So you know what I’m talking about. Just so strange. I hate when things just disappear and you’re left wondering what happened to them. I agree, there is nothing fun about moving. I hate it. It’s just too hard. Enjoy the rest of your day. Much love.

  19. How about Great granny, my grandchildren call me granny and I love it. I moved 5 hours away and we didn’t lose anything, we hadn’t been married too long, so we didn’t have much. Have a great week and stay safe.

    • Hi Alicia! Thanks for coming. You were lucky you didn’t lose anything when you moved. I guess the less you have the better. I envy people who can load everything into their car and take off. Must be nice. Thank you for your suggestion of a name. I like that. Much love.

  20. When we got married I moved from northeastern New York to Central Washington, not quite coast to coast. Four years later we moved two miles down the road and up the hill out of the house we were renting to our own house. That was forty plus years ago. By the time our oldest daughter had been married seventeen years they had moved eleven times. She was very skilled at moving. Since our son-in-law retired from the Navy they have lived in one place for eleven years and loving it.

    Our grandsons and their cousins call the great-grandmas on the other side of their family “Grandma Great”. Our side of the family was just “G-grandma”

  21. I am glad you are settling in so well and taking your time. It does take a lot out of us to move, especially as the years add up. It used to be no big deal for us, but now I don’t even want to think about it. We desperately need to downsize, but I am finding it very difficult. It doesn’t help that we have our original furniture that we moved all over the US with, but since retiring and staying in one place, we have added my aunt’s things (3 bedroom house, full attic & basement and a 2 car garage & shop. I have 15 boxes of her salt and pepper shakers.), my husband’s mother’s things many of which are family heirlooms (emptying a 3 bedroom house), a bunch of stuff from my boss’s house when she retired and moved when her husband became ill with Alzheimer’s and asked us to finish cleaning out her house (it took a week), a bunch of stuff from a friends shop when sh closed, and all my stuff from being a children’s librarian that took a week to bring home. Oh, and now we have half our daughter’s furniture from when they moved from a house to an apartment when she moved for law school. There are boxes from our move here and the other “additions” that I still haven’t opened. Then there are the books which we won’t talk about. We have given truckloads away to programs for the homeless we work with, to thrift stores, and to the VA. It still doesn’t go down. As you might guess, I would find it rather difficult to fit what I wanted into a a covered wagon to head West. The biggest problem is so many items have special family histories attached to them and I would feel terrible getting rid of them, like the cradle that has been in my father’s family for at least 7 generations. That is something I would have taken with me in a covered wagon.

    Sorry for the ramble. The furthest I moved was from Northern New York on its Canadian/Vermont border to the Philippines. I had only been away from home for student teaching for 2 months, having lived at home for college. Three weeks or so after graduation, I boarded a plane for CA to finish part one of my Peace Corps training. A few weeks later, I left for the Philippines for 3 years. When I came home, I had everything except what I put in a small suitcase (I now have bigger tote bags) packed into a large foot locker that the State Department shipped home. everything made it just fine. In all our military moves, we only lost something during the first move. I had collected rocks from active volcanoes I had climbed. They had interesting mineral deposits from the gases being given off. Somehow the box that held those disappeared. The truck did have an accident (my antique cradle came out in several pieces, but my husband was able to fix it.) and things were repacked into 5 giant creates. All I can think is the box of rocks broke open and they figured it was junk and threw them out. Too bad, they would have been great science exhibits. I melted the soles of my sneakers collecting some of those. The did pack and deliver a bag of trash from the kitchen that they had thrown my butter dish, with butter, into.

    Sorry for the second ramble/rant. Take good care of yourself, rest ,and enjoy being close to family. Your great grandson could call you Grammy or Great Grammy, or just Great because you are.

  22. I have moved 21 times (have lived in current house 17 years – longest I have ever lived anywhere). Unfortunately I don’t get to see my grandkids very often. I live in Minnesota and they live in Texas and Michigan.

  23. So glad you are settling in, Linda, and hope the time you spend with your little great-grandson is precious and cherished. Hmm, a name… Grams? Grammy great? It’s such a personal thing – the name a beloved child bestows upon you. I hope whatever he calls you it makes your heart smile each time you heart it.
    And the furthest I’ve moved from “home” was 1,100 miles away from everyone and everything I knew when I was in college to spend four months as an intern for a festival company. It was fun, but I was so homesick!

  24. I”m glad all is okay with you being happy. Our family first moved when i was 7 from Northfield to EHT which was 5 miles. Then moved to another 3 miles after married moved 3 miles from last lived. My great grand kids call me grandmom or monkey.

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