Audio books?

Does anyone ‘read’ audio books?

I’ve been walking on my new treadmill daily and because I’m half mad during it with boredom I’ve been listening to one of my books (the only one I could lay my hands on) as an audio book. The Accidental Guardian.

So I’ve never listened to many audio books before. Even less my own. Twice before I’ve put an audio book on and listened. Once on a drive to Minneapolis. The book lasted all the way up and all the way back.

Is that right? I mean it wouldn’t have taken me that long to read it. I question whether it took me that long to WRITE it!

And then a few years back I had a detached retina.  I’m sure I whined about it here at the time….BECAUSE I WHINED ABOUT IT EVERYWHERE. I had to (after surgery) lay FACE DOWN FOR TEN DAYS!!!) A very weird experience.

I had My Cowboy go to the local library, where, when I get my usual free copy of each and every one of my books in audio form…I donate them.

He brought home the whole Wild Women series. I got each of them listened to…one per day (three books). So that kept the madness at bay for three of the ten days.

My children introduced me to podcasts, well anyway, I digress…

So I’m been listening to The Accidental Guardian on audio book and I’m wondering if anyone likes them because, for the first time EVER, part of getting an audio book is I get a couple of free downloads.

Does this mean I don’t get an actual physical disk packet? I have no idea. Hmmmm Sorry about that library.

Anyway, I’m giving one away today. Would anyone like an audio book? All I’ve got is some code thing.

Whoever wins, I’ll send you the instructions to collect your audio copy of Braced for Love. And hope you can figure out how in the world to make them work. There are instructions…I’ll send those along with your code.

Shaking my head. Together we WILL succeed, I vow it!!!

In the comment section, tell me yes or no, do you listen to audio books…I’ll throw in a regular print copy and an ebook, too, just so whichever is your favorite, there’s something for everyone.

Three winners, three formats.

Hey, it’s almost my birthday. I’m feeling like giving presents is right!

Reviews are coming in for Braced for Love.

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But danger seems to track Kevin along the way, and he wonders if his half brother, Wyatt, is behind the attacks. Finally arriving at the ranch, everyone is at each other’s throats and the only one willing to stand in between is Winona Hawkins, a nearby schoolmarm.

Despite being a long-time friend to Wyatt, Winona can’t help but be drawn to the earnest, kind Kevin–and that puts her in the cross hairs of somebody’s dangerous plot. Will they all be able to put aside their differences long enough to keep anyone from getting truly hurt?

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82 thoughts on “Audio books?”

  1. Feel free to contact me on how to use the audiobook codes–I get them all the time since I listen for several narrators. LOVE them! Haven’t gotten around to having any of my own books narrated yet, though. I’m still working up to producing printed copies!

    • I’ll remember this, Elissa. I don’t do the handling of the audio books, as far as a narrator, My publisher handles all that. And I still don’t know what to do.

  2. I listen to lots of audiobooks. They ease the boredom of exercising daily, menial household tasks, and long solo trips in the car. Every now and then, I get one so good that I can hardly put it down, and I listen to it when I should be doing other things. They don’t replace my other reading, because I still read about 300 books a year, but they have their own niche. I would love to win Braced for Love.

  3. Good morning and welcome. Happy Almost Birthday. Hope it is super special. I would love to read one of these books. I cant listen to audios. I have Epilepsy right behind my ear drums (controlled by meds for the last 4o yrs) that stops me from listening to anything audio Sigh. Just the way it is. I would love a print or e-book Thank you for sharing
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

    • I don’t even think my current car has a disk player…this is all me being old right? You probably don’t have disks. You probably have them being read on your phone or something?
      The 21st century is leaving me behind. 🙁

  4. I have never listened to audio books. I prefer reading the words. But I can see how a detached retina would be a good time to listen to one.

    • I think back to that Ten Days Face Down and can hardly believe I had to go through that. My Cowboy really took care of me. He handled EVERYTHING! I wasn’t sure how he’d act when the chips were down, but he really came through.

  5. I have listened to them when I have been traveling somewhere. I actually like that I can “read” a book. Whereas, otherwise it would not happen and that time would be lost.

    • True, Mary. A great use of idle time. I listen to news talk or Christian music or sometimes sports talk. But even with all that, I can’t find anything to engage my furtive, squirrely little mind!!!

  6. I’d love to try out audio books. Sounds fun. But I don’t think anything can beat a print book.:)

  7. I listen to them when I ride my exercise bike but that is when its raining outside and I can’t get out and walk, lately I have been busy in the house so haven’t done either, shame on me.

  8. I haven’t tried very hard to listen to books. I tend to get wrapped up in the story and forget where I am. That’s the same reason I gave up on dictating my books while I drive — dangerous for all involved! Happy almost birthday, Mary! (not entering for the prize)

  9. When my son was a toddler we had a long drive to daycare and we enjoyed listening to The Magic Treehouse series on audiobooks. Otherwise, I’ve tried to listen to audio books, and they drive me crazy. Either, I can’t pay enough attention to know what is going on, or the narrator speaks too slowly and I get impatient. I think if I had a long commute to work that I might enjoy them.

    • I have a friend who had an hour commute daily for over 30 years. Now she works from home and will permanently. She said audio books made her drive bearable AND she said she hasn’t listened to or read a book since she started working from home. Huge change in her life. But she loves not getting out on the road

  10. Happy Birthday!

    I don’t “read” audio books. For me, I lose concentration, and suddenly the book becomes background noise, and I lose my place.

    • This happened to me when My Cowboy and I took audio books along on a trip. I’d get to daydreaming and miss whole sections of the book. Then try to back it up and that was tricky in that old car. We gave up.

  11. Yes, I enjoy audio books. I listen on Chirp and also Kobo. Most of my writers only use Audible. I don’t have audible at this time but could join if I win. Thanks for doing this.

    • I’m not even sure what type of audio books these are. I’ve heard of Kobo and Audible-that’s Amazon right? Chirp is new. See? I’m learning things every minute.

  12. Ooh, happiest of birthdays to you! I do not listen to audio books. It just doesn’t seem to work well for me- I have to be able to reread a line or paragraph here or there for clarification on things or be able to flip back a few pages. I have listened to Narnia in audio book for my kids but still missed parts as I got distracted. Lol. I think I’m just better off with books.

  13. I have never listened to an audiobook. One reason is that I prefer to read myself and the other is that I have a hard time concentrating on what’s being said without a speaker right in front of me. My mind wanders too easily. I don’t enjoy talk radio or podcasts for the same reasons. No need to enter me in the contest. I mainly wanted to tell you that I read Braced For Love as soon as it came out and it is so, so wonderful! I enjoyed it very much! I can hardly wait for the rest of the series. 🙂

    • Thank you, Christy. Thank you so much. I’ve got that same kind of wandering mind. Which I choose to claim as a vivid and active mind, rather than a big old nuisance.

  14. Happy Birthday Mary! And omg what a coincidence, I just finished reading The Accidental Guardian two days ago for the second time and I’m still not over it. It has become my favorite Mary Connealy book so far, I was just talking about the characters with my friends today. And no, I don’t listen to audiobooks, I’ve never tried them, but I don’t think I’d prefer someone I don’t know reading a book to me and I know it sounds so weird!

    • February that’s such an interesting take on this. Someone reading a book to me. I’ve never really thought of it that way. I’m so glad you enjoyed The Accidental Guardian. I love that book! I’m enjoying listening to it.

  15. I read both paper books and ebooks a LOT but rarely do I listen to books. I try. The narrators often don’t make me want to continue. The kids interrupt and I miss stuff that I wouldn’t if I had been reading with my eyes and would have stopped to talk to them. LOL! But sometimes I really enjoy an audiobook, but it is rare these days. I always love your books!

  16. I’m a Kindle book girl, but my mom is dyslexic and loves “reading” audiobooks.

    I’ve never read your books before but I friend highly recommended your books to me the other day. I’m excited to check them out!

    • Hi Syndey. Braced for Love is a new series so it’s a good place to start. I’ll say this….Braced for Love is my 65th book to release. IF YOU LIKE IT………I can keep you entertained for a long, long time!!!!
      Interesting that audio books help deal with dyslexia. I’ve never thought of that. That would seem to have a bunch of implications for special education and learning

  17. I LOVE listening to audio books! My library partners with an app called “hoopla” and I’m able to “check out a book” and listen anywhere for free. I still love actual books, but when driving and doing housework, the audiobook is a great option.
    By the way, you are one of my favorite authors. I’ve read and reread most of your books. I love that the characters fall in love and get together at the beginning or middle of the book. It gives you a glimpse of their lives together which is fun! Most books don’t let you do that since their characters don’t get together until the end. Thanks for all the fun!! 🙂

    • Betsy, when I had that detached retina and the TEN DAYS FACE DOWN!!! (I can’t seem to refer to that without all caps!) my daughter who does some library ebook version of Hoopla, I don’t think that was the name….My daughter logged my iPad into her library ebook account and asked me what I wanted to listen to. She downloaded a David Baldacci book and it was so so so much cussing. I like Baldacci. I’d never noticed that language. I mean there’s some but THAT MUCH? So I protested and next she downloaded the entire KING JAMES BIBLE.
      I asked if there was any middle ground she could find. LOL

  18. (You may see this twice! I copied it from the one I left on Facebook. Just want to make sure you see it! By the way, Braced for Love may be my favorite yet! The characters are great!) I love audio books! I wish they would make some of the Sopie’s Daughters series. I would love to hear your usual narrator read about those those tough cowgirls fighting off those dastardly Cuters!

    • None of those earlier books have audio versions. I so wish that would ever happen.
      Have you heard me say that Braced for Love, the scoundral father who’s death and will sets this mess off, is based on the guy who founded my hometown? He had three wives, near as anyone can tell, all at the same time as he headed west. One back east, one in Nebraska and one in Colorado. He’d move west, remarry and forget all about the earlier wives.
      Of course in my book we dive right into fictionalized versions of this.

  19. Happy birthday!
    I’m not a fan of audios because like you I can read it faster! However, there are times when there are great.
    My husband listens to them all the time as he travels a lot for work. And I usually download a couple each week for him from Libby or Hoopla. He has a few favorite authors and you definitely rank on that list!
    I have friends who listen to audios as they houseclean…I don’t spend that long cleaning and I’m not sure why they do either! But I digress!
    Keep writing your fun-filled books! I love reading them & my hubby loves listening to them!

    • Yeah Carol, the time I spend housecleaning isn’t going to get me far in a book. I’m not proud of that but it’s true. Tell your husband thanks for ‘reading’ my books.

  20. Good afternoon! I’ve never listened to an audiobook. Is it the same as when you listen to a book that is on cd’s? I do listen to books on cd’s when I cook, clean and in the car. I read ebooks and actual books. I’ve just never invested in audiobooks since I have lots of the others. I’ve always worried it was a digitized voice lol. 10 days face down! I can’t even imagine that!?!?

    • sejoc, in this case, the give-away, it’s going to be a download. I think you could download it to your computer/iPad/phone and then listen to it that way. I’m currently listening to it on a cd. So it may take some figuring to ‘send’ the book to someone. But I will figure it out.
      After the doctor told me TEN DAYS FACE DOWN (there went those caps again!!!) I think I asked him again and again, TEN DAYS? Seriously like the number TEN? TEN???

  21. I’ve never been able to get into audiobooks, I always feel like I should be doing something else at the same time. Then it’s distracted reading and I miss parts of what has been read. Kind of like distracted driving, it’s a disaster! ??

    I like holding a real book in my hand where my eyes concentrate on the words and the author sucks me right into the story, lol!

    I enjoy every one of your books Mary, thank you for a fun post and giveaway chance to win your book.

    • Thanks Trixi. It’s actually making me feel a little better that so many people have trouble getting distracted. I do know when I ‘read’ my Wild Women series (while FACE DOWN FOR TEN DAYS!!!) I think I dozed off during parts of it. Of course I knew those books really well so it’s not like I couldn’t pick up the plot.

  22. I used to not like audiobooks. I felt it wasn’t the same as reading a real print book. I also felt that way about ebooks. Anyways, one day I tried an audiobook and found that I really liked it. I was able to do other things and still enjoy “reading” a book. Though nothing can replace holding the physical copy in your hands and smelling the pages, audiobooks have become a favorite of mine recently.

  23. Happy Almost-Birthday! I love audiobooks. Before I retired – yippee, 7 years now! – audiobooks saved my sanity. I had a long commute, 2 to 3 hours each way on a good day, and listening to a good mystery or romance or pretty much anything kept me from boredom or road rage. Plus it was a way to get in more reading. Now I listen to audiobooks while on my daily walk. There are some books with such terrific narrators I actually prefer the audio version. (And lest you think I was crazy to live so far away from work, when we bought the house it was an hour each way, but suddenly the population in our sleepy little town exploded and the drive became a nightmare).

    Thanks for the chance.

  24. I have never listened to audio books. I prefer to read the actual book, but I do read ebooks sometimes as well.

  25. I really enjoy audio books, but I have kindle unlimited that I pay for, and really can’t do another program due to costs. I am also a bit picky on the reader of audio books.

  26. I have listened to audio books when I exercise or on a long car ride and I enjoy them. I also enjoy podcasts. I still would rather read a book than listen to one.

  27. I don’t like audio books. I find myself getting into the books and not doing whatever else I’m supposed to be doing! So, it’d really be bad for me to try to listen in the car!

  28. I have listened to audio books when taking a trip in my car but I much prefer to hold a book when I read.

  29. I am so sorry you had a detached retina. I hope it healed better than mine did. Anyway, I listened to audio books all the time during my commute to and from work when I worked at a library. It was a good way to keep up with books we were getting in. My husband would listen to them also and we could discuss them. We did Ken Follett’s Pillars Of The Earth and the sequel. There were 34 CD’s for just one of the books. We take them with us when we travel, but lately we spend more time talking rather than listening to books. I have gotten a few codes for audio books, but have not figured them out yet. I am old school and still prefer physical books.

    You asked one commenter about readers. Some readers are very good at doing voices and can do an excellent job of performing all the characters. I have listened to some books that have two performers, one male and one female, to do all the characters. It always depends on the performer. I have heard one book read by the author. Sadly she may have known her characters and the story. She did not vary her voice enough for the characters or put the emotion or inflection necessary for a satisfying listen.

    I am going to have to figure out the audio books I do have. I start infusion therapy soon and it is hard to handle a book or kindle when hooked up to an IV for several hours. I have a walkman somewhere so I could bring in my books on CD. I will have to see if I can use earbuds with it so I don’t disturb the other patients.

    Take good care of yourself.

    • Wow, Patricia, you have a LOT of info. You worked in a library? That’s like my dream job. Except writing is my first choice dream job, so I guess I’ll stick with that.

  30. Yes, I love to listen to books from Audible all the time, especially in the car when my hubby drives. Takes my mind off his driving! Lol
    I usually read your books on Kindle at home, & if there is an audiobook version I buy it also for trips. ( I get carsick while reading ) I just finished your Brides of Hope Mountain. BTW. I Loved it!

  31. Happy Early Birthday Mary, may you have a wonderful and Blessed Birthday! I will listen to audio books but only on CD’s, I love to listen to them. I am not tech savvy at all,so I do not listen to them with codes, I was actually given a code for one, and well, somehow I don’t know what I did, but anyways it is missing in action, no idea where it went! I also don’t read ebooks, I only read print books. Have a Great week and stay safe. Thank you for the chance.

  32. I have listened to audio for many years. I used to get stories on cassette tapes from the library, then cd stories, now audio on my phone. I had a wireless headset for years where I could even listen while I was working outside. Now I have ear phones for my phone. Always have a story going while doing dishes, cleaning, driving, etc. Always have about 3 books being read (Kindle book on my phone, a paperback and an audio). LOVE BOOKS! Especially yours.

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