Two Week Countdown to Braced for Love

First off….

I got a cover I can share for book #3 in the Brothers in Arms series

I love all these covers but it seems like each time I like the next one, the newest one, best. And that’s been true for three books now. 


Brothers in Arms

Braced for Love

Left with little back in Missouri, Kevin Hunt takes his younger siblings on a journey to Wyoming when he receives news that he’s inheriting part of a ranch. The catch is that the ranch is also being given to a half brother he never knew existed. Turns out, Kevin’s supposedly dead father led a secret and scandalous life.

But danger seems to track Kevin along the way, and he wonders if his half brother, Wyatt, is behind the attacks. Finally arriving at the ranch, everyone is at each other’s throats and the only one willing to stand in between is Winona Hawkins, a nearby schoolmarm.

Despite being a long-time friend to Wyatt, Winona can’t help but be drawn to the earnest, kind Kevin–and that puts her in the cross hairs of somebody’s dangerous plot. Will they all be able to put aside their differences long enough to keep anyone from getting truly hurt?

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A Man with a Past

Falcon Hunt awakens without a past, or at least not one he can recall. He’s got brothers he can’t remember, and he’s interested in the prettiest woman in the area, Cheyenne. Only trouble is, a few flashes of memory make Falcon wonder if he’s already married. He can’t imagine abandoning a wife. But his pa did just that–twice. When Falcon claims his inheritance in the West, Cheyenne is cut out of the ranch she was raised on, leaving her bitter and angry. And then Falcon kisses her, adding confusion and attraction to the mix.

Soon it’s clear someone is gunning for the Hunt brothers. When one of his brothers is shot, Falcon and Cheyenne set out to find who attacked him. They encounter rustled cattle, traitorous cowhands, a missing woman, and outlaws that take all their savvy to overcome. As love grows between these two independent people, Falcon must piece together his past if they’re to have any chance at a future. 

Coming in July

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Love on the Range

Wyatt Hunt is temporarily bedridden and completely miserable. Somehow Molly Garner’s limited skills have made her the most qualified in their circle to care for Wyatt. But by the time he’s healed, she’s fed up with him and the whole ungrateful family. For even worse than his grumpiness were the few unguarded moments when he pulled at her heartstrings, and she has long determined to never marry.

Molly gets a job as the housekeeper at Oliver Hawkins’s ranch. But really she’s with the Pinkertons, spying to find out if Hawkins has abused women and if he’s guilty of murder.

Wyatt refuses to let her risk it alone, convincing Hawkins that he’s abandoning his own ranch, angered by his two brothers’ coming to claim a big chunk of it.

But when another Pinkerton agent gets shot, they realize Hawkins isn’t the only danger. The Hunt brothers will have to band together to face all the troubles of life and love that suddenly surround them.

Coming in October

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To celebrate the coming release I’m giving away a signed copy of Braced for Love. Leave a comment about…how about the WEATHER. Am I the only one who’s half mad from this horrible frozen wasteland? Covid could be part of the culprit, but I’m about ready to just jump on a plane and fly south until it’s warm. It sounds like I might have to head for oh…………Equador…I checked. It’s 74, not even really HOT at the equator. This whole global warming thing can’t come to soon for me. Grrrrr…

Tell me how you’re getting through this winter. Better yet, tell me how I can get through this winter!!!


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54 thoughts on “Two Week Countdown to Braced for Love”

    • OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL You know it’s bad when they cancel VIRTUAL school. I just opened my computer for the first time this morning and that includes a temperature reading. I saw EIGHT DEGREES and was irrationally happy.

  1. In northwestern Illinois we are still cold..we have had our share of snow as well..tomorrow (Feb 18 th ) temperatures are expected to get somewhat better ..between Covid and winter snow storms and freezing rain,and below 0 temperatures I just want to hibernate or go to Hawaii for the winter !

  2. I loved the post you did about the backstory of these books you took inspiration from! All three of these books sound stunning, although I’m confused, can they be read in any order or are they connected to each other with events in sequence? Also I am most drawn to ‘A Man with a Past’ and I can’t wait to read it when it comes out, two of my close cousins have the names Falcon and Cheyenne!

    • Me too. I’m sunk so deep in Stay Home its weird. I went out yesterday, to the library and to take my Mom’s taxes to her tax preparer.
      My husband, when HE got home said, “Wow, you put a lot of miles on the car today.” (those two things are in different town, about the exact opposite direction of each other)
      And I, who had been out of the house ONCE in almost two weeks, and the once was with him and he had almost DRAG me, well, I almost bit his head off. Then at night, I lay awake, tossing sarcastic comments at him, that I regretted not having handy when he spoke.
      What I did say, with ample sarcasm was, “You’re right. I’ll stop leaving the house completely. Thanks for letting me know it’s bothering you when I go out.”

      • I don’t know about that ground hog. Thanks for the laugh. Today it’s supposed to get above freezing, so the melting will begin. I think tonight is the last below freezing night. It should all be gone this weekend. But so many people are dealing with busted pipes in their homes now. I kept my faucets dripping the entire time so we are ok, but the water in our town has been compromised and we can’t drink it unless we boil it. I never thought about boiled water before, but it tastes a bit gross.

  3. Welcome Mary. You have already entered me. But this is funny. I reread this article three times, knowing that I have read it before. Sure I have read it before. HAHAHAHA Maybe I should go back to bed and wake up again HAHA I am looking forward to reading this series. We have 4-5 feet of snow. My husband shoveled yesterday (another 4 inches) And we wake up to it snowing again. LOL LOL Will it ever stop? As the morning goes on, it is falling heavier. Sigh Oh well. God is in control, so I will follow Him. He gave us common sense and so we will use it to stay warm and health. As my husband says, take each day on its own and thank the good Lord we have today.
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

    • LORI YOU CAME BACK!!!! Yes, when we write these posts, we schedule then to load at the time they are due. WHICH I KNOW I DID!!
      Then the next time I checked my email…………I got a notice that my post had loaded.
      And you’d commented and I HAD to take it down because it was stomping on YESTERDAY’S POST.
      That’s why I found your email to let you know you would NOT be left out just because I messed up. But it’s nice you came back. Thank you.

  4. I live in KY so it has been a rough week for us as far as weather goes. We have had three snow storms this we or shell we say a lot of it was ice. It has also been very cold. About everything Texas has comes up our way. We have about three inches of ice and sleet in our driveway that we are going to have to wait for the weather to clear because we couldn’t break it up yesterday. We spent yesterday trying to clear some of the ice off of the cars windows in case we had to get out to go somewhere and never did get all the ice off and its back on there with snow again today. Then we got snow last night, I think about 4 inches and not sure its over with yet but hope so. I am so ready for spring.

  5. The wretched cold temps -20 have finally subsided in central Minnesota. It has not been a snowy winter this year. Strange year for snow. How to get through this winter? Well, your series is definitely my type of reading material. And you know how to bring out danger, turns, and twists in a plot. So, reading is a good thing. I enjoy music, writing cards to my grandkids, going to the Dairy Queen for a six dollar meal deal, attending online church, and being positive about recovering from breast cancer. I pray a lot. Thanks for the update on this series. I love the book covers, especially Love on the Range.

    • Hi Kathy. When I first say your name I saw it as Reader. Which would be so cool. I had Name Envy. Rader is also very nice.
      And as for Minnesota, well, I’m from Nebraska so I feel your pain. We have this saying in Nebraska, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear.” I suspect you’ve got something similar.
      I’m so glad you enjoy my books. you’ve got a lot of great ways to live your life.

  6. On the 15th we received about 8-10” of snow. Sunday we’re supposed to have a couple inches more, but it is supposed to start warming up some. You’re right, warm weather can’t come soon enough!

  7. Mary, Your covers are so SWOONY! I’m grateful to have electricity and water. Praying for all those that are without.

  8. I am so tired of snow! I’m ready for warmth and sunshine. To be able to sit outside and watch my kids running around and playing. Your books look so good! I want to read them!

  9. Like Quilt Lady, I am in Kentucky also and it has certainly been a week to remember. More snow last night and the trees are screaming under the weight of the ice and snow. If we don’t lose power it will be a miracle and I keep giving thanks that we’re no longing milking cows or having beef cows to watch over. Reading is certainly a welcome distraction and I’m looking forward to these three Hunt brothers!
    Blessings to all!

  10. I can’t wait to read this series! It sounds so good! And I like those covers, too. I’m in the Texas Panhandle and the weather is miserable. We beat record for cold from 1895 this week. Yep, over 100 years since it’s been this cold and nasty. We’re supposed to get above freezing tomorrow for the first time in a week. Woohoo! We have more than a foot of snow and sub-zero temps and it’s just a mess. We are incredibly thankful that we have not lost power like so many others. I would have lost my mind without cartoons to entertain my littles and keep them quiet and the heater to keep them warm since they both ended up sick. I’m ready for warm weather!!

    • Christy, I’m sorry your kiddoes got sick. I hope they’re mending. You are so fortunate to have not lost power, though we have only ONCE for about an hour and it was a rolling blackout, which meant nothing was broken, only turned off for a while.
      I always feel terrible for the power company guys out in the ice fixing high wires full of electricity!

  11. It is frozen up here in the Pacific Northwest. I am pretty sure they said it was supposed to be warming up but I woke up and it was 10 degrees. Sigh! Spring and summer can’t get here soon enough for me.

    Can’t wait for your newest books to be available, I need some more Mary Connealy zaniness to get me through this weather. 😛

  12. Hi,your books sound like Great reads and the book covers are Beautiful! Well, here in west Texas our snow had just melted yesterday and we were without electricity for a day and a half and our house is All electric, well my husband got some oil lamps going and candles that we had , and he also got our old very small gas stove from camping, and our reg. percolator , well, he made breakfast and dinner for us and we stayed in one room which was kept pretty warm compared to the rest of the house. We managed, and if the electricity goes off again, we are prepared for it. We just need to stay afloat and take one day at a time and Always keep the “Hope” after a storm there is a rainbow. God will not give us more than we can handle. God is Good. Have a great rest of the week and stay safe and warm.

  13. At the risk of being tarred & feathered or pelted with snowballs, I like winter. While I do not enjoy everything that comes with it, like plugging my truck in when it is below 0 so it will start in the morning or scooping snow out of cow feed bunks, it is the time of the year that I can recuperate and recover from the rest of the year. The rest of the year, I feel guilty if I don’t run right outside after work and try to get lots of stuff done outside. In the winter, I can come home and put my pj’s on right away and snuggle in with a good book or do some sewing for the evening. I do live on a farm in rural Minnesota so I know the extra work and hardships that come with winter, but we tend to run at a more relaxed pace than the rest of the year.

  14. We are lucky to be in the SF Bay Area where we don’t even open our mouths to say we’re cold when our relatives in Indiana and Colorado are covered in snow and below freezing temperatures. For everybody, though, it’s stay inside, stay cozy, and read, read, read.

  15. I sit by my portable floor heater to keep warm. Anything below 70 degrees and I’m cold . I am a sun loving girl and lice in Southern CA where we enjoy nice warm weather most of the year. I was born in Colorado and know what it is like to live in snow part of the time. Not my thing. can’t wait till its 83.

  16. We were expecting an ice storm but it missed us. Thank you Lord. We’ve had the most snow this year than we’ve had in several years. We have a wood stove and only use it when we know there will be bad weather. We’re running out of wood so I just layer up if it gets cold when I’m the house. My dogs keep me warm also. You may have to start snuggling with your cows.?
    I so happy about your new books.

  17. My husband and I have been staying inside the house. He goes out to feed the outdoor cats as well as take care of the garbage and mail. We usually go out once a week to get groceries and medication. My husband reads and works on puzzles. I check my email, Facebook, read and Bible study. We watch DVD’s and television.

  18. Hang in there. One thing for sure, the weather will change – just not soon enough for most of us. I grew up on the Canadian border in Northern New York. You get used to dealing with the cold and snow. Ice however is a whole ‘nother story. I’ve driven on it, but only when I had to. It is white knuckle time and not really advised. When we got married, my husband was stationed in Northern Main. Caribou & Presque Isle vie with International Falls as the coldest place in the country. Coming back from visiting my husband one night when his crew was restricted to quarters, I had our 3 month old bundled up on my chest. It was a 2 block walk from where I parked the car to our unit. When I called my husband to say we got home safely, he informed me it was -55 with wind chill. You learn to stay in when you can and dress warmly when you have to go out. You also learn to enjoy winter outdoor activities. Hike in the snow, look for animal tracks and other signs of them (you can tell what is going on with them so much better from sign in the snow), sled, ice fish, build snow sculptures. It makes you appreciate the warm house when you come in. Best plan for me, now that I am older, is to have a nice fire in the wood stove, have something warm to drink, and to sit down and read a good book. Bad weather is also a good time to cook comfort food and do some baking. If you want a distraction from the bad weather, do some planning for warmer weather. Plot out your garden, start on your Easter plans and crafts, or plan the trips you want to take. I have been looking at Costa Rica, because, yes, warm does appeal.

  19. I’m sick of winter. Frigid temperatures and 8 in. snowfall. My body has felt every snowflake and cold. Joints and pins in ankle and knee replacements. Haven’t been able to drive 2 miles to main Hwy. My husband lost wages today. We live on country road.

  20. I live in Indiana and grew up here so I don’t really mind the snow and the cold. I just wish God would put all the snow on the grass and not on the roads. I live in the country so depending on which way to town I take it could be a 2 mile slip and slide or a 3 mile or a 5 mile. Basically we have three highways that connect to our back roads. Usually I do the 2 mile. The plows aren’t great at getting a 2 car passing on the roads when clearing so sometimes it gets sketchy as to whether you will end up in the ditch or not and in some places it’s pure white all across so you don’t even know where the road ends and the ditch begins.

  21. I live in southern California near the coast. Today where I am it’s sunny and in the mid-60’s. So I’m not missing all that snow and freezing temperatures.

  22. Hello Mary we have had ice sleet and snow It is going to be 15 tonight in our neck of the woods Ohio My Son and Daughter had been without power ever since Monday will be glad to see Spring get here Blessings To You

  23. Illinois has had unusually frigid weather. But we in the northern part are accustom to dealing with the cold. We layer up. There are still a few crazies who walk around in shorts. The snow melted and now we have lovely sheets of ice on our sidewalks from the freezing rain. No worries, its suppose to be forty by mid-week.
    Cindy Huff

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