Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Where I live in West Texas, we don’t get a lot of snow. Sometimes we get ice or an occasional dusting of snow, but it’s only every so often that enjoy a true snow fall.

We were blessed with just such a snowfall, not once, but twice. The first time was on New Years Day and the second was this past weekend. It started snowing early Sunday morning and didn’t stop until late that night. The official measurement was 5.3 inches which just missed the record by a nose. The top mark remains 5.5 inches from 1973. Even my daughter down south in College Station got snow!

Now, I know that those of you you live in most northern climes measure your snowfall in feet, not inches, but we were delighted by the big fluffy flakes and couldn’t resist the lure. OK – my son and his fiance couldn’t resist the lure. I simply jumped out for a few minutes then back in while they had the true adventure.

Having just gotten engaged on Christmas Eve, the intrepid couple set out to create his and her snowmen in our backyard. I chronicled the event.

It began with the rolling of the snow. McKenna had to instruct Wyatt on the proper roll technique since Wyatt’s mama had failed in teaching him the proper way to roll snow during his childhood. Shame on me. (But then, I did grow up in Central California, a place that gets even less snow than West Texas.)

Next came the construction phase . . .












Then the decorating. My hubby and I volunteered for the warm job of digging through closets and the fridge for appropriate items.

If you look really closely, you’ll see that the male snowman is giving the classic Wyatt “thumbs up” with one hand while chivalrously wrapping his other arm around the lovely snow lady.

Unfortunately, chivalry must have died, for the snowman began to lean and eventually did a full face-plant, taking his lady love down with him.

Oh, well. At least the real-life couple suffered no ill effects.

Do you get much snow where you live?
    If so, what is your favorite snow activity?
    If not, what kind of of snow activity would you most like to try?

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47 thoughts on “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”

  1. Good morning. I’m from Texas, Stephenville, Texas to be on point. I can count on my hand the number of snowfalls we had growing up, but in 1994 I moved to SW Kansas and I’ve lived there the past 26 1/2 years. I hate snow now, I have had to work in it for over 20 years and I’ve been in 3 huge crippling blizzards. 1997, 2007, & 2017… my husband says we need to move back to Texas before 2027. Ha Ha!! Now after y’all’s snow, maybe we should think about moving to Arizona. LOL!!
    But like you, My patents who still live in Stephenville had snow on NYD and again this past weekend. 8” fell at my parents. I gladly told them they can have all the snow they want, I’ve had my share.
    But all jokes aside, I do love snow it’s pretty falling and makes such beautiful sceneries, as long as I do not have to work in it. I am so happy that Texas did receive snow this year, since I’m from there, it a special treat for everyone.
    What do I like to do when it snows?… simple.. watch from inside while drinking coffee and reading a good book,
    I loved your pictures and congrats to the happy couple.

    • Oh dear. Watch out 2027! 🙂 I’m a very cold-natured person, so your idea of drinking a warm beverage and reading a good book while it snows sounds like a perfectly lovely activity, Tonya. Ha! Since snow is rare here, I do enjoy the beauty of the pristine white fluff, but I’d like to keep it as a special treat. My California/Texas blood is too thin for epic winters.

  2. We got 7 inches of snow here in eastern Nebraska 2 weeks ago now it’s all melted as we had a warm spell. Making snow men are the favorite things to do with the snow. We may or may not get any more been really dry here.

    • Our snow is melting away, too. When we get one of these snowfalls, it’s usually gone in a day or two. We still have quite a lot left 3 days later, now. I think its supposed to get up to the 60 today, though, so Frosty’s time is about done.

  3. I was lucky enough to be visiting my son and his family in west Texas during the first snowfall on New Years Eve. My grandsons had so much fun playing in it I had to go outside and play with them too even though I am from Ohio and we see snow every winter.

  4. I live one the east side of Dallas and we barely got a dusting. The way the snow was coming down, I sure thought we would have more than that. I took an afternoon nap for about an hour and when I woke up, it had all melted.

  5. Yes we get snow here in Indiana and a good 5+ fall gets us in the cow pasture with the toboggan on the big hill for a thrill ride – I need to get the grands down there for a good run!!

    • That sounds so fun, Teresa. Can you believe that I’ve never been sledding? Its sounds like so much fun. My dad used to take us snow skiing at Christmastime up in Tahoe, so I’ve done that, but never sledding. I heard people talking in my office about the makeshift sleds people were trying out around here. Trash can lids, laundry baskets. Made me smile.

  6. I live in Illinois so yes we get a lot of snow, actually we just had several inches and are getting more this weekend. I love to drive around and take pictures of the beautiful scenery, the trees look like winter wonderland. The snow is truly beautiful but I hate driving in it , I’m not the best snowy driver !!!

  7. We’ve gotten quite a bit here in Nebraska this past month. The kids loved going out and making snowmen and snow angels. As a grown up I don’t much care for the snow but when I was little my sister and I loved making igloos and playing house in them.

  8. We live in Minnesota and our snowfall this season is down 12 inches. We expect 4 inches starting tomorrow so the kids will be happy with snowmen here too.

    • My publisher is based in Minnesota, Margaret, and the first time the brought me out to tour their facility, it was January. I couldn’t believe the walls of snow piled up along the roadways. Those banks had to be 8-10 feet tall! But everything was warm and toasty inside. 🙂

  9. Hi Karen … living in central Minnesota affords the opportunity to enjoy snow quite often. I love walking in the woods in the snow. The deer come closer hinting that they would like to be fed. The birds are more active in the feeders. I enjoy snow. It’s coming again on Thursday and Friday and it is peaceful to me. The charm those two kids have making their snowman was priceless and the joy on their faces reminds me of pure love.

    • There is something so peaceful about snow in the woods, isn’t there? I love your picture of the wildlife. Makes me want to climb right into that painting and experience it myself. 🙂

  10. Good morning. Thanks for sharing your sons and daughter in laws fun building. So cute. We live in Illinois and since christmas we have had about five inches of snow. It has flurried a lot but nothing that sticks. My favorite snow adventure is watching the snow fall as I am watching out the window as I sew.

  11. I live in southern Michigan and before retirement I was a preschool teacher so we had snowball fights, made snow forts, played chasing games in the snow, made snow angels, made an igloo once. My favorite was sledding.

    • That sounds like so much fun, Karen. I can remember having a snowball fight or two when I was younger. It was all fun and games until you get hit in the side of the face and the snow goes down your neck. Eek!

  12. I’m a native Floridian, still living on the Space Coast. I’ve never been fortunate enough to see snow! When I was in elementary school, it snowed in NW GA where most of my extended family lives, a little before Christmas. Daddy decided to take off from work and packed us all up so we could see snow. By the time we got there, it was slush. Still, for this FL native, it was better than nothing!! I’d still love to be able to see snow, though! Maybe this year, I will, by visiting friends where it does snow!

    • I understand, Trudy. I’ll never forget the day we got snow in Santa Barbara. I was in kindergarten, I think, and my mom took me out to see the snow before school. I took a bag of it to school for show and tell. 🙂 I hope you get to see snow in person!

  13. Wow! Great job on those snowmen! Y’all got a whole lot more snow in Abilene than we did here on the western side of Arlington. My granddaughters were out in it, but most of the snow melted by mid-afternoon. They were bummed, but y’all had a very nice snowfall.

    I have to ask, since you live in Abilene, have you ever visited the ruins of Phantom Hill fort. I went out there a couple of years ago, and I found the site fascinating. But it must have been so lonely, too, in the middle of nowhere at the time before the Civil War. I couldn’t imagine the infantrymen marching all the way out there. Tough!

  14. You are so right about snow being a rare event here in Texas. We didn’t get much around Dallas, but it was so beautiful coming down. I hated to see it end. Thanks for sharing the awesome photos! They were great snow people!

  15. Well, here in west Texas, we don’t get much snow, but about 4 days after Christmas we got a total of about 8 1/2 inches of snow, that had not happened in years, I really loved watching it from inside the house, but my husband and I sure didn’t go outside to build a snow man, it was kind of tempting for me, but the temptation went away pretty quick, too, too cold out there. No snowman for us. How cute you alls Mr. and Miss Snow people. Have a Great week and stay safe. Thank you for sharing this awesome post.

    • Sounds like you got a lot of snow, Alicia! I don’t blame you for not building snowmen. If it weren’t for my kids, I would have just stayed inside where it was warm, too. 🙂

  16. We now live in NE TN, but I grew up on the Canadian border in NY. When we first moved down here, we did get snow and had two blizzards one of which dumped over 24 inches. The last 15 years or so we have had very little and 3 or 4 inches are to be celebrated – unless you need to drive somewhere.
    Growing up, we enjoyed winter and spent many hours out in the snow and cold. I loved ice skating, which we did on official rinks, on lakes, and even on a puddle in the field near our house. We had a long steep hill out behind us on which we spent many long afternoon sledding and tobogganing on. When we had young children, we built a walled rink on our lawn. We incorporated a slide in the wall so the kids could play on it in many ways. As an adult, I enjoyed walks in the snowy woods. There is a dampened silence that is peaceful and calming. On one walk, it was snowing and you could actually hear the big flakes as they hit the trees and ground. I do miss that.

  17. I just realized I didn’t read this blog! Loved it! I live in East Texas and we rarely get snow either. We didn’t get the NY day snow but we did get snow Sunday and my youngest even got a snow day Monday from school! That hasn’t happened many times in my kiddos lifetime! Like you, we normally get ice and maybe a dusting. It took quite a while for those big fluffy flakes to start accumulating so our total ended up being about 4-1/2″. It was beautiful to watch and my girls were able to enjoy it together because my oldest and her boyfriend are now living across the highway and about a tenth mile over from us in my mother’s home. Building a snowman is our favorite thing to do in the snow since there aren’t hills right around here. We didn’t even really have the proper attire to play in the snow since we rarely get any or get below freezing. It was fun!

  18. We live in South Carolina, so we don’t see much snow. Not that it never happens, but it never stays cold enough long enough for it to stick around.

    One ‘winter’ type think I like to do, that I have gotten to do a few time since living down here (i’m from MI originally) is Ice Skating!

    • My hubby likes to ice skate. I don’t have the ankles for it. I could never roller blade either. Pitiful. I do love watching ice skating, though. My favorite winter Olympic sport!

  19. I am from southern California (San Diego, CA) by the coast and still live there where, of course, we don’t get any snow. I would have to go more inland for that. One ‘winter’ activity my family did years ago is skiing. We would go to a ski resort in Mammoth Lakes, CA (in northern California).

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