It’s Yee-Haw Day!

Welcome to Yee-Haw Day, the once-a-month day we’ve reserved to share our news with you – all sorts of fun news!

So check out the post below to get the details on the kinds of things that make us go Yee-Haw!!

Laura Drake

Home at Chestnut Creek, second in my Chestnut Creek series (but they can be read in any order) is on sale for .99! 

Margaret Brownley

Meet the Haywire Brides


A friend sent this link to me and I think it’s worth sharing.  Warning: you will need tissues.


Cheryl Pierson

We have gotten more snow and ice here in Oklahoma already this year that usually what we get all winter! But, I wanted to share Max and Sammy having a good time in the last snow storm we got earlier in December. At least THEY enjoyed it!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a VERY Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to 2021!

Who’s cold? Not us! Got the hot cocoa ready yet?
Well, brother, it was good while it lasted. Maybe she’ll let us go out again later on…

Pam Crooks

Cover Reveal!


Book #3 and the last in my Blackstone Ranch series! And my, my, this cover is perfect!!

Available for Preorder from Tule Publishing or Amazon.

Release date: March 16, 2021

Karen Witemeyer

My son got engaged! YeeHaw!

This is definitely the biggest YeeHaw of 2020 for us, and such a wonderful way to close out the year. Wyatt proposed on Christmas Eve, and trusted me enough to be the photographer for capturing the moment. We adore McKenna, and are so happy for the two of them.


Jeannie Watt

I have a new release, Once Upon a Winter Wedding. I’m so enjoying writing these sweet romances set in Holly, Idaho. 


Can opposites attract and plan the perfect winter wedding?

Free-wheeling Stevie Evans is thrilled when her best friend announces she’s getting married and promises to help, never imagining she’d play wedding planner with her bestie’s uptight brother, Brant. She and Brant clashed several years ago and she’s avoided him ever since. But this time she can’t run or hide, and the buzz of attraction is stronger than ever.

Brant Gilroy’s meticulous life plan takes an unexpected turn when he hits a career bump on the same day as his sister’s wedding announcement. She wants to get married at the family tree farm, which he’s been restoring. Brant’s determined to make her day special despite his uncertain future, although he dreads working with her best friend—a woman who’s his complete opposite. So why can’t he get her out of his head?

As Brant and Stevie work together, Brant begins to wonder if they have more in common than they suspected. But how can he convince her that opposites can sometimes make the perfect team?


The Eagle and the Flame, Book #1 in The Wild West Series, is now on sale for $.99.  Pick up your copy here:

Also, pick up your copy today for Iron Wolf’s Bride, Book #2 in The Wild West Series, here:











Kit Morgan


I have a new release, the second book in my Clear Creek Bride Series.

Two meddling matrons

A town full of spinsters

And one musicale …

The last thing Merritt O’Hare wants to do is perform in front of the whole town. For one, she can’t play the violin to save her life. And two, Benedict Comfort, the self-appointed leader of this musical fiasco irritates her to no end. But when Merritt finds a way to really get to him, she executes it with relish. Unfortunately, she might have bitten off more than she can chew on this one.

Benedict Comfort thinks Merritt O’Hare isn’t worth his time. Though he likes exchanging barbs with her, he can only take so much. And rehearsals with the woman and her friends are downright painful. None of them can play a whit! But he can. Imagine his surprise when he finds he likes teaching them. Toss in a ridiculous challenge Merritt presents him with and the game is on! But spending time with Merritt is doing more to him than bringing out his love of music. It’s opening his heart …


Phyliss Miranda

I am so proud of my hometown in the Texas Panhandle.  Each New Years the newspaper names a Man and Woman of the Year.  It is typically people who are philanthropists; thus, giving of themselves and their money.

This year our town awarded this honor to our hometown heroes … our first responders.   I am honored to still live in the town I was born and raised in.

Thank you, Amarillo, Texas.   I have some more great news to brag about, but will save it until tomorrow when I do my regular blog.  Look forward to seeing you all.

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13 thoughts on “It’s Yee-Haw Day!”

  1. Congrats to you all on such great books. Phyliss that’s so awesome Amarillo gave the 1st responders the award. They certainly earned it. Love you my sweet Texas Friend.

    • Thanks our precious friend. I sure made me feel proud of my hometown. Take care and please stay safe. Big Texas hugs from me to you.

  2. Yehaw fillies. Thanks for coming and sharing a bit about your life right now. Congratulations to all. Margaret thanks for sharing this wonderful video. Happy New Year to you all and look forward to seeing you this year.

  3. Lot’s of Great news from you all, Congratulations to you all and may 2021 Bring even Greater things! May you all have a Very Happy and Blessed New year! Thank you for Everything you do for us your readers and friends.

  4. Oh my gosh, Margaret. I didn’t get any farther down the blog after listening to that poem. I don’t recall when I’ve cried at a poem then got cold chills up my spine at the closing. Thanks so much for sharing. It is so heartwarming…a love story to beat other love stories. Hugs.

  5. Laura – Congratulations on the new book. Sounds like my kind of read. Ordered it, but my kindle is full and I have no idea when I will get a chance to read it. Should get the others in the series, but I need time to read first.
    Margaret – Thank you for sharing the video (I think). Lovely. I should have listened about the tissues.
    Cheryl – I am glad your dogs like the snow. Our one goes out for necessary business and comes right back in. She does stay out a bit longer if someone is out in the yard. We had the first white Christmas in 10 years. It has been cold, but bounces between the teens and 50’s or 60’s. Who knows what the rest of the year will bring.
    Pam – Congratulations on your upcoming release. The cover is nice. Among other things, it give the perfect feel for the wide open spaces of the West.
    Karen W. – Congratulations. How exciting for your families. Now comes the planning and wedding. They are a lovely young couple.
    Jeannie – Congratulations on Once Upon a Winter Wedding. It sounds like a delightful read. It is on my wish list.
    Karen K. – Hope the holidays went well for you. I need to check my library and see what I need to fill in in my library.
    Kit – What a gorgeous cover for A Promise Kept. I love the premise for this book and the series. It sounds like a series I will have to acquire when I catch up on some of my reading.
    Phyliss – Yes you do have much to be proud of for your town. Before COVIF, first responders did not get the recognition or appreciation they deserve. I am so glad people are realizing how important and dedicated they are.

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