Carole T. Beers Presents New West Mysteries With Heart

We’re delighted to welcome author Carole T. Beers to the Junction. Scroll down for her giveaway.

“Home for the Holidays.” I love those feel-good words, the timeless idea and yearning they represent for many of us. Basically, that idea is hope—a theme of my novella, “In from the Cold.” The story centers on how an old man facing retirement and a dying marriage while Christmas and blizzards fast approach, rescues an abandoned horse off a snowy Oregon mountain. In performing that one selfless act, he rescues himself. He restores hope and a sense of belonging and cause for celebration not only in himself, but also in his struggling foster daughter and her differently-abled son.

Wow. Sweet! Happy tears. We all want a safe place where we are loved, free to be. We also want holidays, time off to feel peace and to reaffirm special traditions and connections. Yet sometimes seemingly unsurmountable obstacles block our way. Do we give up? Hello! We cowboy or cowgirl UP, as characters in my Pepper Kane Mysteries say.

It’s the same with us writers. Notably, THIS writer. We want a place to be, to strut our stuff and express ourselves in safe, even welcoming, places. This lovely blog and the heartful Western vibe it puts out, is one of those places. A virtual “home” with you friends gathering ‘round. Thank you! And may your days be merry and bright.

How do you plan to keep the spirit of Christmas alive during these hard times? Comment below for a chance to win a signed paperback of “In From the Cold.” It’s my gift to you!

I came to fiction writing after 30-plus years working for The Pulitzer-winning Seattle Times newspaper. I covered celebrities, car crashes, community events and climate aberrations. Reviewed the arts. Skewered buffoons. I even leaned to fly planes, train and show horses, shoot guns! Though not at the same time. Cue polite laughter and loud crickets.

I came to writing modern West stories of separation, struggle, reunification and hope— brightened with humor—almost from the start. Why not? I am, after all, an offspring of westering pioneers, who needed grit and hope and humor to survive. I like to inspire adventurous, preserving and hopeful attitudes in readers.

Horseback riding and writing five days a week, and aligning with Spirit, help me keep it all together. Pay it forward. Enjoy.

There are dark days. Oh yes. There are family, aging or work challenges that I must persevere through. I hate these times!  But I also realize they can make me stronger and teachable. and  hopeful. So I keep riding, writing, working on love. And on coming “In From the Cold.”

Thank you for reading! I appreciate the chance to toot my horn, on P&P.

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Happy Holidays, and beyond!


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48 thoughts on “Carole T. Beers Presents New West Mysteries With Heart”

  1. That is such a wonderful question. I wish I had an answer. The reason for the season is the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. My Mom became ill on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. She is now in a rehab center, but will have to return to the hospital for further care. This is the first Christmas that we will be apart my entire life. I am blessed to have her still with me at 82 years old. Due to Covid, we are not able to have in person visitation. I am holding on to this is not a normal year. I am blessed my Mom is still alive since there are so many who have lost loved ones during this pandemic. I just want her to be pain free and able to function on her own again.

    • Oh, Debra, what an awful time for you! I wish I could sit by you through some of jt. But you are blessed with faith and gratitude. Hope is harder to come by but I see its flicker in wha you say. Your situation reminds me of my dark times before my mom we t to be with the Lord. (She was proud I was a writer; she LOVED books so much) i just looked for peace or joy in small things, embraced who I had, and prayed as I know you are doing

  2. For us, not a lot is really changing that much, so it won’t be hard to keep the spirit. Of course, we won’t be able to make some day trips or go to a Christmas Eve service in person, but the rest will still be alive and well.


    • Sounds like a winner, Denise! Your plans and your attitude! I, too, don’t have much of a Christmas whirl with close relatives gone and friends doing THEIR own thing. When I lived in Seattle I would go light looking, decorate the house like mad, go to Christmas Eve services, have people over. In rural southern Oregon now, and older, and with COVID all around, my husband, Rich, andI are keeping the holidays simple: reading Scripture about Jesus’ birth, playing carols on the piano, having a special dinner on The Day, and riding my horse. And I always write some words!

  3. Your book sounds so heart-warming! Good to see Brad, too! Happy Holidays, Carole! Since we’re still unpacking boxes from the move, our house won’t be festive (can’t find the decorations!), but I’m sitting in my office with a cat on my arm (forgive typos), and listening to Christmas music!

    • Hey, Laura! Nice seeing you and your cat here! Wish you ease with your continuing move-in, and can’t wait to see more photos on Facebook and your other virtual homes. Hope your writing is going well. I’m wrangling several projects now and feel like I’m walking in deep doo-doo, uphill and backwards!

  4. What a beautiful question!!! I plan to keep the reason for the the season close and up front. Our Dear Savior. Thank goodness for modern technology, it allows us to stay in contact with our loved ones who live far away. I am hoping to get to go home to Stephenville, TX., but I also don’t want to take any sickness home to my parents since I live in KS and have to travel so far.
    Your book sounds amazing, uplifting, and special. May you have a very Merry Christmas and we all have a much better 2021.

    • Good morning, Tonya! I love your attitude and gratitude. It’s the only way to fly, especially with clipped wings. Small good things and people and nature restore my heart such times. I know Jesus and my true friends and animals walk with me no matter what, so I have all I need. Ever all I want, but ever all I need!

  5. I am focusing on joy this Christmas. I have a cancer journey ahead of me so I decided to meet it with joy, no matter what. I am a believer in God so this Christmas my journey is totally faith bound, prayer focused, and joy. I choose joy. I love the story line of your book. And, I’m always smitten by horse pictures. Beautiful! Thank you for visiting P & P today. Merry Christmas!

    • Katby, thank you for your kind words. They bring joy! I send love, hope, hugs!. And peace. I hope you have a loved one near, whether critter or human. And that your energy is refreshed as needed. I find lighthearted books and music helpful at all times. Friends like you are peiceless.

  6. Carole, I also came to fiction writing from journalism. while some of the skills are transferable, it’s still a different dynamic. I covered the same stuff you did, but for really small towns in New England. I did okay at it, but there was always this yearning to tell stories on a deeper level. Thanks for a great post. Please enter me in drawing.
    Kathy Bailey

    • Oh good, Kathy! A fellow journalist AKA ink-stained wretch wanting to tell her OWN stories instead of others’s. Excellent. Isn’t it a blast? Even though it’s also tough as hell? Writing, even in a journal or social media post, is so freeing, empowering. My book characters become friends. I get to talk to them almost daily! Sometimes for good. Sometimes not. But at least we talk!

  7. Oh good, Kathy! A fellow journalist AKA ink-stained wretch wanting to tell her OWN stories instead of others’s. Excellent. Isn’t it a blast? Even though it’s also tough as hell? Writing, even in a journal or social media post, is so freeing, empowering. My book characters become friends. I get to talk to them almost daily! Sometimes for good. Sometimes not. But at least we talk!

    • You lucky duck, celebrating the wonder of Christmas through a child’s eyes. I have no children or children’s children. So I always look, when out and about, for small vignettes of adults with children, or young people at play, and wonder, what if? I have taught writing at private schools, and always loved seeing kids bloom, and learn to express thoughts and feelings through the written word, Thanks for prodding these memories, Debra!

  8. Good Morning! Thanks for dropping by P&P today! You couldn’t be more correct, P&P is like a family, a place we all drop by daily to see what the Phillies and their followers are up to.

    My holidays are up in the air thanks to Covid. I’m hoping to go home to my parents with my girls and spend the holidays with my family. Between the issue of the possibility of taking Covid home to my elderly parents and my oldest and I traveling with lowered immunity I’m not sure what we are doing yet. I’m ready for 2020 to be over it’s been a terrible year for my family.

    WISHes to you and your family for a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! You book sounds wonderful! I’ve never read one of your books and a giveaway is an awesome way to find a new author to add to my go to authors list.

    • Yes, let’s all rear back and give 2020 a hearty boot! But only after we’ve searched our souls, reached out to strangers and embraced loved ones, if just virtually.
      Thank you for the good wishes. I am warmed by your interest in my books. I write both to entertain and inspire. Drop facts about the West old and new. Rekindle hope—in myself as much as in others.

  9. I am hoping to get together with family this Christmas but not sure just yet. Thanksgiving we did not get together as usual because of the virus. So we are hoping to get together at Christmas. At Thanksgiving my mother in law, brother in law, and sister in law all had the virus so I stayed away from my family at the time. So hope to get together with them at Christmas.

    • It’s a jumble out there! I hope you can safely celebrate with your family, love.
      In my novella, “In From the Cold,” set in modern southern Oregon (y’all), we had to restore hope and romance in Jack Pennington and his ailing wife, as well as in his adult foster daughter, her estranged fiancée and their disabled child. AND rescue that old horse on the mountain.
      Happy to say I got ‘er done.
      Here’s to a happy you.

  10. Happy Holidays Carole and welcome today. This is a good post. Yes times are tough right now, but if we dont look at the hope and glory of God daily we will become depressed and down in spirits. Thanksgiving on my side, we still got together (at least those of us that felt like it) and we will be doing the same for Christmas. My husbands side, none of them got together. They were not able to. My mother in law lives in a retirement home and no one is allowed in our out. No one is allowed out for thanksgiving and christmas. too many employees and residents getting the virus. My sister in laws husband is a pilot, so just the two of them will be together. She watches things really closely. BUT I saw this: and it makes me think that God is showing us another sign of hope. On Dec 21 in the night sky, Jupitar and Saturn will align to create the first “solstice star” or “christmas star” in nearly 800 years. God is with us and He is watching over us. He is is total control. Us humans just keep messing it up. Sigh. Have to keep going back to Him. I am so glad He continually takes me back.
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

    • Thanks again, Lori! I did not know that about the Solstice Star. You will have to put that in a quilt. I love how quilts can tell stories, with fabric, thread and whatnots.

  11. I am Hoping to be able to spend Christmas with My 5 children and their families this year I Love seeing the grandchildren’s faces on Christmas morning Jesus Is The Reason For The Season Blessings to You and Merry Christmas!

    • Thank you, Sarah. I wish you and your family a happy Christmas no matter where and how you celebrate. All roads go,out from and lead back to God, though, so we’ll always be connected whether in flesh or in Spirit.
      I am glad so many folks here recognize the source of love, strength, peace and joy!
      For another kind of connection. I’d love for you to sign up for my thankfully occasional author newsletter: Visit

    • Good for you, Anne! I agree on all points. I hope you are snatching a few moments to read for yourself or to a child. My love of reading came from being read to by my mother. It’s a priceless gift to them and ourselves.

    • You got it, Laini! It sounds like you will do both. Stay safe, eat well, enjoy Nature’s gifts. (And a good book!)

  12. Carol, welcome to P&P. Your blog sure made me stop and think about how I settled on Western Historical Romances when began my writing career. Thank you for coming over and visiting us. Loved your blog.

    • Thank you, Phyliss. My pleasure! And please excuse the typos. They have a life of their own, sometimes appearing just as I hit “send.” Goofy AutoCorrect?.

      Why and how we settle on Western Romance, contemporary or historical, ‘tis sometimes a puzzlement. I guess we write what WE like to read. And I wish we could sub the word “Relationship” for “Romance” in labeling our genre. So much of what we write is not about romantic love, but all kinds of relationship—community, family, friends…and, of course, enemies. Or perceived enemies, maybe even ourselves.

      However “Relationship” is a heartless clunky word. So we use stay with “Romance.” What’s a writer and reader to do?!

  13. Thank you, Phyllis. My pleasure! And please excuse the typos. They have a life of their own, sometimes appearing just as I hit “send.” Goofy AutoCorrect?.

    Why and how we settle on Western Romance, contemporary or historical, ‘tis sometimes a puzzlement. I guess we write what WE like to read. And I wish we could sub the word “Relationship” for “Romance” in labeling our genre. So much of what we write is not about romantic love, but all kinds of relationship—community, family, friends…and, of course, enemies. Or perceived enemies, maybe even ourselves.

    However “Relationship” is a heartless clunky word. So we use stay with “Romance.” What’s a writer and reader to do?!

  14. I plan to always have a smile on my face and be positive.

    Your book sounds really good. I am always looking for new authors to read. Thanks for visiting at this site.

    • Smiles and positivity, Joye! Always a winning combo, in my book, LOL. It is a pleasure being here and meeting such good people. Enjoy my books!

    • Attagirl, Jackie. Let’s all take a vow and do just that. It sure can’t hurt, and certainly will help. Peace, everyone! Thank you all for a wonderful day. Delighted to make your acquaintance. TTYL!

    • Taking it one day at a time is how things get done, Alicia. And how we stay sane, do what all needs doing.
      I also recommend holiday books, hot bubble baths and relaxing beverages of your choice.
      Here’s to you and yours!

  15. It will be hard not having family home for the Holidays this year. We were a military family for 24 years, so this won’t be the first time we weren’t all together. We will have Zoom calls with those who live far away and leave gifts on the doorsteps of those who live nearby. It will be just my husband and I at home for the holidays this year.
    Instead of giving each other gifts this year, we are sending extra money where it can do some good. The Food Bank in our area, like most, has had its resources strained. We will be sending them a donation as usual, and also have adopted 2 children from the Angel Tree at church and are getting clothing and toys for them. We sponsor a 12 year old boy in India through Unbound and will be adding a Christmas gift donation for him again this year. Several years ago, our oldest daughter started substituting gifts for us with buying for a child or two from the angel tree in her area. Works for us. We are usually involved with hands on activities with a couple non-profits we volunteer with, but this year that isn’t possible. Instead, we will just have to make sure to help with the money and supplies they need. We found out a long time ago that we get satisfaction giving. In a way it is a gift to ourselves. We are so glad our children feel the same way and are doing what they can.

    • Thanks so much, Patricia for you and your family’s service and gifts—military and otherwise. You are the bread and butter of our great society. It’s heartening to hear that the satisfaction you get from giving, is a gift to yourselves. Simple yet stunning!
      I feel the same about my writing, though comparison may seem ofd I spend hours, days and years of tine and energy crafting and sharing stories that entertain in a wholesome way while affirming truths of history, loyalty, friendship, courage and faith. I want people to feel good and empowered reading them. I lnow I do!
      Thank you for your comments. What a marvelous group this is!

  16. It is so wonderful to meet you, Carole. This will definitely be a different holiday for many and traditions may get put on hold. For me, nothing much changes. I see my granddaughters every day as I help take care of them and we will all be together on Christmas. They are super excited!

    • Jan, it is a treat to meet YOU! I like your idea of a simple Christmas—almost like the very first one 2020 years ago! I bet your granddaughters are delightful. And that you read to them, or give them books. Merry Christmas!

  17. Welcome Carole and Happy Holidays! Your question is something that affects everyone of us in how we try to survive. How are all of us going to survive these hard times? We must help each other keep the Christmas spirit alive by trying to realize that it’s not you it’s about all of us. Praying that we can help each other through anyway we can whether it be money, clothes, a place to stay or food. We must believe in the Lord & do his work to help, not only at Christmas but throughout the years.
    Have a blessed Christmas & New Year!

    • Thank you for your good wishes and inspiring words about us being in this together, Lois, and being tasked with helping each other. That is one “good side” of the pandemic. I also find I am more aware of nature, and other living things, although I always spent time in nature and with my animal friends.i am more sensitive to everything! Take more time to reflect. And henerally am more thankful. And that’s how I get through these times!
      Blessings and cheer to you and yours.

  18. Thank you for reading my post and commenting from the heart, everyone!: I’’ve enjoyed hearing a bit about you and your holiday spirit. And thinking about how I handle things. It’s really just the human spirit, isn’t it? That’s something to celebrate, anytime.
    Special thanks to Karen Witemeyer for facilitating our session. I hope you all will take a look at my books. And good luck in the giveaway contest!
    I will check back Saturday to respond to any late comments or questions. Don’t forget to check out ny website There are fun blogs, videos, and photos of people with lampshades on their heads!
    Meanwhile keep reading, and making our world better in your own way. Merry Christmas! And a Happy 2021.

    • Good for you, Diana! Keeping it sweet and simple is my way, too. I have no energy or inclination for otherwise. I do send cards with personal notes to special people in my life. And put my lighted Snoopy decoration on a timer on my porch to welcome visitors—and my husband and me coming home from out and about.
      I may away have “A Charley Brown Christmas” soon on TV. Make almond-bark treats like frosted pretzels and popcorn with nuts. I love holiday “littles” since I no longer do the “bigs.”
      Lastly, I’ve begin working on a Christmas novella for NEXT year. This really helps pump up my Christmas spirit. The story is a secret, like the best gifts. Let’s just say it concerns a couple spending Christmas in a family cabin on the Oregon Coast!

  19. I love your positive attitude. I am taking it one day at a time here. It will be a quiet holiday season but as long as we have electricity and heat we will survive. New adventures await

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